The Masquerade

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    "The time moves forward endlessly with each tick.
    Our lives move on and we live without regrets.
    There is but one thing that holds us together in this world.
    That is love."

    -Princess Penelope-


    The History of the Masquerade Balls and The Royal Family

    Axiehu.full.1153633.jpg Each year the queen would hold a formal event. This event was known as The Royal Dance. The event was
    held in order to bring the people of her kingdom together. The events were based solely on the purposes of entertainment, fun and culture. Each event was based on different cultures that was mixed with the essence of the music of the culture, as well as foods were cooked to fit the setting. Queen Esmaria was the head of the events that played out. Along with her daughter. The Queen's purpose for doing this was to teach her daughter Penelope how to be a sophisticated leader. Of course, Penelope's shy nature always turned her away from the crowd of people and hidden behind her mother.

    The Queen was always weary of Penelope's actions for fear that she would not be able to rule the kingdom when the time came for it. Though her daughter was only 8 years of age, the queen thought that it may be more suitable for her daughter to take rule on her 13th birthday. Penelope however, cried at the thought of ruling people that she did not know or see on a daily basis. Only time would tell if Penelope would mature in her age. Her daughter did not understand the responsibilities of keeping the Royal bloodline, or how important it was. Esmaria was left to rule the kingdom after her late husband King Charles fell ill to a sickness.

    Esmaria was aware that she would not live as long. She had not to long after her husband come down with a heart disease that was slowly eating away at her life. She had kept it a secret from Penelope. The Queen would lay awake most night shedding tears. Tears of sadness.It was not for herself, but for her daughter. The Royal magicians had tried ever method, but none seems to have worked in curing her disease. The Royal court could only watch as their Queen writhed in pain. Finally, on the day of her daughters 13th birthday, the queen slowly slipped away. Her last words to her daughter were that she loved her and that she was sorry for keeping her illness a secret from her.

    Penelope was now alone to rule the kingdom. She had no idea what to do or how to even run a Royal Dance. Many people had come from far and wide for the dance they had heard so much about. But, all ended in disappointment when they found that the ball was closed, due to the princess not taking on her duties as she should have. Many of the workers of the Sinclair House would try and get her to cheer up and to hold the event once more, but to no avail, the young ruler did not budge from her room. Everyone feared that she may suffer death as a faith of her lack of eating. The young maid of the House of Sinclair had enough of the young princess's moping and reminded her of what her mother wanted for her. Soon after, Penelope finally agreed to take on the part of the new queen and reinstated the Royal Dances.

    The reinstatement and beginning of the New Royal Dance
    Here is where our story begins.

    Artist.Request.600.981720.jpg On Penelope's 23rd birthday, she was made into a sophisticated and fine queen. She ran the dances and hosted them just as her mother had done when she was a child. She had started out by trying the cultural theme. It was very successful, but she felt that she could do much more than just bring everyone together as a culture. For many times over the years of her growing up, the kingdom had fell into an array of violence and chaos. People fought among themselves and many died in the violence.

    She finally had enough of it all. Though she did not use violence to rule her people, she thought of a way to bring them together. The theme that she used for the next Royal Dance was called The Masquerade. The event would be formal and people would dress in formal attire and wear mask. At the ball, they would interact and mingle with each other.

    The royal guards and magicians would keep watch out for anyone who would try to use their magic for trouble. Since there were many of the people who studied in the art of magic within the academy that opened up in the kingdom. Her guards were spread ordered out with the invitations to be delivered to the houses of the people. Any and everyone was invited to the event and she had hoped that it would turn out to be a memorable, yet entertaining event.

    The event will be held in the Royal Ball Room.
    It will reside one week after the date of January 30.

    You start out at home and receive your invitations from the guards. You then have a week to prepare for the ball.

    Plot Breakdown:

    The queen had always hosted formal events based on cultures. She would have her daughter attend the events, so that she could learn to be a strong and proud queen. The only issue was that Penelope was always too shy to even interact with people. Esmaria was very ill, but kept it a secret from Penelope. Later, after Penelope was 13, her mother had passed away, leaving her to run the kingdom alone. Penelope locked herself away in her room and refused to eat for many nights. The maid, who was very close to Esmaria and Penelope, tries to convince Penelope to take up rule. After a few days of talking to Penelope, she was finally able to get Penelope to rule in her mother's place. During the time of her growing, the maid trained Penelope. On her 23rd birthday, Penelope had become a sophisticated queen.

    Around the time of her growing up, the people of the kingdom felt that without a strong ruler, they would do as they pleased. Violence broke out and people fought among themselves. Penelope had devised a way to get everyone together by holding a formal event that would bring people closer together and to show them that love can conquer all, rather than the use of violence.

    1:No God-modding.
    2:Respect other players characters.
    3:Post chats in the OOC only or group (If one is made)
    4:Try to post at least two paragraphs.
    5: Allow other players to post a reply before you make another.
    6: I'm open to any and all ideas for the plot!
    7: Just have fun and enjoy yourself!


    Character Sheet:
    Name:(Place your character name here)
    Age:(Age of your character)
    Gender:(Male or Female)
    Magic(up to three spells, keep powers at a minimum)
    Weapon(s):(What weapon(s) does your character use?)
    Personality:(What is your character like?)
    History:(Purpose or reason for coming to the dance)
    Appearance: (what does your character look like?)

    (If you have any questions, feel free to ask!)
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    Character Sheet

    Ian Jeffery






    • [*=center] Petrification Spell : Ability to turn the intended target into stone until the castor disabled the spell. Not used unless necessary.

      [*=center]Spontaneous Combustion: Ability to make the intended target turn into flames. Usually not deadly unless castor decided to.

    One katana and three pocket Knifes that he hides on his waist belt, normally covered by the cloak that he wears. He doesn't use them unless necessary or for self defense purpose.

    Ian is quiet and collected by nature, he prefers to keep his silence out of fear of offending people. He can be sarcastic at times and his sense of humor is rather dry. He maintains his bushido code at all times but is eager to spar with anyone who's capable to fight against him. He is not interested in the party, his topic of interest was the queen whom he'd heard about.
    To see who the queen was and how she would conduct herself. Secondary mission is to find worthy opponents to fight against and to improve his fighting skills.

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  3. May I join? I'll try to get my bio up tonight but it will most likely be up at some point tomorrow though. I hope you don't mind.
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    Name: Lady Victoria Pendragon
    Age: 24


    Spell 1: Truthful Spell: Forces the victim to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth until the spell is lifted.
    Spell 2: Blood Flowing Spell: Stop the person in question from bleeding, usually used after a serious accident or injury
    Spell 3: Agree Spell: Forces the victims of the spell to get along until the spell is lifted.


    Weapon(s): Victoria is never far from her trusty 9mm, it is usually concealed within her bag or the lining of her fur coats. She is also known to carry a simple blade which is also concealed from watching eyes, usually resting on her hip though it depends on the outfit she's wearing.
    Personality: Victoria can appear cold and unwelcoming, though it's all a mask. A mask that's rearly removed. After having her heart broken once, she isn't about to allow it to happen again. Her guard is up and she struggles to trust people. She will make common conversation with you, that is if you're of a high enough status for her. Though under all the coldness, glamour and beauty is a scared young woman with an uncertain future.


    History: Victoria, as her title suggests, is the daughter of an Earl and is almost always invited to balls and events held within the palace grounds. She has also met the Queen on a number of occasions before her mother died but has not seen her since the tragic event.
    Appearance: Victoria's dark hair falls down her back like waves in an ocean. Her skin tone matches that of a porcelain doll. Her trained eyes are a dark brown colour and stand out greatly against her pale skin and rosy red lips. Her cheekbones are defined and her eyebrows are done in a perfect arch.

  6. l_2e574e85fce542ecb4202b5a5a27b537.jpg Name:

    Leon Vanhart






    Soothing Touch: A small healing spell is cast in a barrier. It guards against damage, while healing a bit of his of his allies health. The spell last for about 10 secs. After, he needs to wait about 5 minutes in order to use it again.

    Natures Call: A tiger is manifested from the powers of his staff. He can command the tiger to attack and to defend his allies. The spell only last a minute, so he dishes as much damage as possible, with physical attacks along with the tiger. The spell takes 2 minutes to cool, but if used to much, it drains the wielder and leaves him defenseless for at least 6 minutes.

    Divine Strike: The staff is thrown into the air/sky and a spell is chanted. Upon the spells completion, 6 bolts of lightning rain down on the target. The downfall is that it gives medium damage to an enemy and the caster has to wait 30 minutes before the spell can be used again.


    A crystal blue staff. The staffs handle it white, with blue trimmings that hang around it. The head of the staff is a clear crystal, surrounded by an oval ring that triggers the staffs power. It is used to cast Royale's magic.

    Royale is often very quiet, but can spark up a conversation rather quickly. When it comes to a sense of right and wrong, he often tries to stay in the neutral zone in a conflict. He has a love for nature and everything about. Just as much as he loves people.


    Leon had always heard stories about the ball and the things that went on in the dances. There were many times that he received invitations, but he declined them many times. Dances were never really his preference, but he decided that he should give them a try at least once. Upon receiving his letter from the guards, stating that the new queen had an upcoming dance, he decided that he would give it a try.

    His whole purpose for going to the dance is to enjoy the fun of the festivities, mingle and see what the dances are all about.
  7. Name:
    Carlene Deschenes



    Basic Fire Ball; a basic fire ball spell; only used as needed.
    Floating Lantern; creates one (or multiple) balls of light; not harmful to anyone who touches them, they just move

    Generally, only a dagger she hides on her person, whether it be on her hip or thigh. She prefers to use long-distance tactics.

    She is curious and generally optimistic, though she can be quite critical. She does love to laugh and can be quite witty and sarcastic at times.

    She wants to see what the famous dances are all about. Hearing stories about them as she grew up, she is quite curious.

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  11. Name: Freesia Del'mar

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    -Animation: A simple incantation she learned from an old book that can bring life to anything inanimate. Is really only used to help her with chores, especially when the shop is particularly busy. Can only animate a few things at a time.
    -Blessing: A birth given gift, Freesia has the ability to grant increased luck to anyone she truly feels deserves them. Many people visit her shop daily to receive her blessings. She never charges the people who she grants them to, because she will only share her gift with the people she actually feels are in need of a little luck. She will turn away anyone with malevolent or greedy intentions.

    Weapon(s): Freesia does not carry any particular weapon on her person. In times of self defense she will animate an object for protection.

    Personality: Freesia is a kind and happy girl, thanking the heavens everyday for the life she was given. Her kindness radiates through her and acts as a magnet to attract all those around her. Her gentle and caring nature make it very simple for others to unload their emotions unto her, and she never hesitates to sit and listen. Never angry, never selfish, Freesia only brings forth positive energy around her. Her only flaw would be that she is a bit naive, and being as innocent as she is, she can be very gullible. She also assumes the best in everyone, making it easy for her to miss any evil motives a person may have.

    History: Being the oldest of 8, Freesia has a lot of work on her hands. Originating from a far away country, her family migrated to the kingdom to start anew. Her parents invested all their life's savings in a few acres of land, and since then have become farmers. They've managed to keep themselves ahead by living off the produce they farm and selling homemade knick-knacks in a shop they attached to their home. Freesia is constantly busy doing chores, taking care of her siblings and helping to run the shop. Despite living the low class life, Freesia was never burdened, for she felt blessed being able to live happy and healthy with her entire family. Which is why she was not used to the sadness she felt when receiving the invitation to The Masquerade. She felt it was not her place to attend such an event where the most rich and glamorous people would be present. Her family, wanting to make her happy, scrounged up what little savings they had into making Freesia proper enough to fit into the ball. Freesia burst into tears of joy, and agreed to go in place of them all. She will now be attending to live a day in another person's shoes, and see what it's like to live a high class life.

    Appearance: As a result of being low on income, Freesia's attire consists of simple, ragged clothing that she patched together with the scrap cloth left over from making quilts she'd sell in the shop. This, however, is not enough to hide her inner beauty, for Freesia is a lovely girl on the inside and out. She has a bright, plump face that always holds a cheery and beautiful smile. Her blushing red cheeks clash well with her light skin, and her long-lashed pinkish purple eyes twinkle when she looks at you. She has long sunshine blonde hair that coil into big tight curls, but usually holds it back in a bun. Being 5'1" and 104 lbs she has a very delicate and petite frame. This, matched with her innocent disposition, give people the common misconception of being much younger than she actually is.
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  19. Name:Issac Winterfield
    Magic:Very Simple levitation(nothing more than 13 lbs) Torch (can make a light source)
    Weapon(s):Whip and a short sword he call Excesmyr
    Personality:Overprotective and Ambitious. He sometimes looks at the goal and less about the journey. He also bears the consequences of every mistake he makes never really forgiving himself
    History:He grew up in a small yet trade heavy town. He grew up with some of the rascals and learned some bad ways like stealthing and general mischievous ways. That was later changed when a white knight caught him and started to take him as an apprentice. He grew up with him and learned the ways of the sword but used the whip and short sword for agility purposes. in the way of magic he hadn't learned much. He always wanted to go to one of those parties that the royal family held but that stopped at some time but when he grew up he saw that they resumed. The white knight, being close to the royal family secured him an invitation and so Issac goes to the party with stars in his eyes to see how the upperclassmen live. He goes there with his enchanted cloak that is as light as cloth and strong as steel. He also took his whip and sword. He travels alone to the palace in the nicest clothes he had and prepares to attend the party.
    Appearance: tybalt= perfect ninja.jpg
  20. I know that you guys have been waiting for this group rp to start and I am anxious to start it as well. I was hoping that we could get one more, but it seems that we aren't going to get one. So, I guess that we can start it up. ^^