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  1. Alexander is a tall lithe figure of a man with long slightly curling hair that hangs loose to his waist. His chiseled features male it very clear what clan had embraced him. His eyes are a light amber color and his skin tone is a light tan in color. His outfit here in Elysium is reminiscent of his outfit when he was human. He was slated to take up residence in Ireland and is looking forward to it but traditions must be observed so he waits to meet those who will be commuting with him and living under his rule.

    This portion of Elysium reflected the Newgrange area. The ruins as well as the fog that seemed to roil on its own like a living thing. The colors were a little duller than real life but still they gave off the feeling of old power yearning to be brought to light.



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  2. Comparing what he sees before him to a picture held in his gloved hand, Reza gives a small nod of satisfaction. This must be the place, he thinks to himself as he crouches behind a low rock wall a short distance from the actual site of Elysium. His green eyes doing a quick once-over of the surrounding area, watching for any signs of other Kindred approaching this location.

    He is well aware that it would be far less suspicious for him to just waltz on into the place like he truly belonged there, but his training encouraged caution. Survey the location. Take note of entrances and exits. Get a rough idea of the numbers of other people in the area. Stay alive.

    It doesn't seem like many others have arrived yet, however, and Reza eventually rises from his crouch. He brushes a few wrinkles out of his shirt, feeling self-conscious now that he's no longer hiding behind a wall. Thankfully, the black longcoat over his shirt doesn't wrinkle. He closes and fastens some of the lower buttons, the material hugging his slim frame like a comfortable glove.

    "Guess I should go in," he mutters aloud. "And hope no one panics."

    He strides toward the entrance of Elysium, eyes peeled for any ghouls or Kindred manning the door. Probably there to check to make sure the arrivals are unarmed. Understandably for a place meant to be a peaceful gathering site, weapons are heavily frowned upon. Only the Sheriff is usually allowed to openly carry a weapon at Elysium, and that's because he--or she--is in charge of law-keeping. Kindred causing violent trouble at an Elysium tend to end up ashed by the local Sheriff, Reza has heard.

    He's determined to not meet his Final Death tonight.

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  3. As the Assimite appears every Kindred in the place freezes. Some move in between him and the Prince others run for their lives. Alexander calmly looks up from his chess game. He does not rise but crosses his legs, places his elbows on the table the chessboard is on and rests his chin lightly on his hands that are woven together. "Ah so you have caused a stir; at least someone responds to summons. We did not think that your clan would be the first to show, Young One. We hope that you bring good tidings rather than poor ones for us. Do know that We are not above shooting the messenger who bares bad news."

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  4. Reza enters Elysium with far more ease than he had anticipated, passing through the doors and finding himself in the presence of a fair number of Kindred. All of whom have some manner of fearful response to his presence. It's beginning to seem likely that he might be mobbed and murdered tonight, expect for the fact that the apparent Prince is speaking to him with a decent amount of civility.

    All eyes are on him, though, and he visibly gulps.

    "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, sir…" he answers the Prince quietly, his body language just about screaming how much he doesn't want all of these people staring at him.

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  5. Alexander smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. "So tell Us why you are here Young One. Have you come to kill Us? Or do you come to Us for a different reason all together. As you can tell no one currently in this room could manage to touch you save for...well...Us of course. Relax Young One. Tonight is not a night for peace and planning."

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  6. Reza is a bit confused by the Prince's way of talking at first, but then he realizes that this vampire--a Ventrue, probably--is using the "Royal We." He's speaking of himself as though he's more than one person, and with that figured out, Reza's mind moves on to the other things the Prince said.

    "I… I come here in peace, sir," he says, taking a moment at the start to pull himself together. The eyes of these people on him is just about tangible, and he begins to sincerely wish that his sire could have come here with him. Tariq would talk to these people without flinching.

    Thinking of Tariq gives Reza a little more courage, reminding himself that he's doing this for his sire and for the ultimate good of his clan and Kindred society on the whole. He has a mission, and he's here to carry it out.

    "I've come to make myself of use to the Camarilla," he declares with a little more confidence.

  7. This time the smile reaches Alexander's warm amber eyes. "That is good news. Come join Us for a game and tell of your plans to make yourself useful to the Ivory Tower and most assuredly the why." He motions for you to sit across from him as he resets the game which you notice was two moves away from white winning, which he was playing. He looks up and seems to realize that there are others in the room. He waves lightly and says "Kindred skip hence." quoting Shakespeare to fit the situation and audience. "We need not your protection from this Young One and you are no match for him." The remaining Kindred dissipate and you are truly left alone with the Prince. "Black or white Young One?" He smirks at you as if to say that the choice will say something about you.

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  8. Reza couldn't help but think to himself that this Prince is grossly overestimating his abilities. Sure the young Assamite is a force to be reckoned with…when he's appropriately armed. As it happens, he has the comforting presence of only one knife on him at the moment. Compared to the usual comforting presence of a scimitar sheathed at his hip, that knife feels awfully tiny and insignificant. Unfortunately, the scimitar is a lot more obvious of a weapon. Even beneath his coat, it could be noticed. The knife…not so much.

    He hesitates for a moment before moving to sit across from the Prince, his emerald gaze sliding over the chess board briefly before coming to rest on the Prince. It surprises him when he's asked what color he wishes to play, and the fact that this is some manner of test is not lost on him. That makes the decision a little harder, but he knows which color he prefers.

    "White," he answers after that period of thought. "And I'm sure my skills can be useful for the Camarilla. I don't think I need to tell a Prince what my clan is best known for…" It was pretty clear that everyone in the room knows that Assamites are believed to be assassins. "As for the why… That's a little harder to answer… It's my sire's dream to bring my clan into the Camarilla. And his dream has become my own." That last part is finished a bit awkwardly, Reza's eyes slipping away from the Prince's. Almost sadly, one might notice.

  9. Alexander smiles at the boy and they start their game. "So what can We call you rather than Young One?" The Prince asks as he moves his pawn forward.

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  10. Victor, the son of Sorin, the current head of the clan Lasombra, casually strolled up to the doors of Elysium with his ceremonial katana sheathed and kept on his belt. His hair was kept neat and tidy in a samurai top knot and his blue and white robes along with his black shirt, all trimmed with gold were clean. However, the male associated with the sword of Cain looked ready for battle should one arise. The sword he carried, while cerimonious, was still a lethal tool of war. The gun he had hidden in his robes was loaded and ready for use alongside his katana. The sword However was tied into it's sheath with a simple piece of twine. The kindred already there prepared to defend the diplomats already there until the swordsman held up one hand and shook his head, indicating he wasn't there for needless violence and walked up to the prince before he took a knee and pulled the sword, sheath and all, from his belt and held it horizontally in a closed fist and kept his head bowed. The son of Sorin was a man of few words. Believing words carried false meaning, but action carried the truth. His actions spoke volumes. First, showing up with a sword of all things let alone the gun that was concealed in it's holster within his robes next to the flask of bourbon he carried. On the other side of his belt, opposite of where his katana usually rested, was a pouch of tobacco and a pipe, two of his favorite past times. Drinking and smoking. He often made it a game to see who could beat him in a fight while he was drinking, choosing a cheaper drink he cared little for to show that even while drunk he was a force to be reckoned with. Then taking a knee before the prince and holding his sword out in a closed fist.

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  11. Reza is quick to move a pawn of his own, seeing as that is the usual first move that people make in chess. The game isn't going to become challenging yet, with just the opening setup moves being made.

    "You can call me Khan, sir," he answers the Prince's question. It is his surname, which his sire advised him to go by when around other Kindred. They don't need to know his full name, since Reza's human family is still alive. Best not to make it too easy for anyone with ill intentions toward him to find the people he loves.

    He is startled when someone new enters Elysium carrying a very obvious sword. Weapons are generally forbidden at Elysiums, so far as he has heard. To see someone come in with one as obvious as that is a bit of a shock. But it seems like he doesn't intend to use it on anyone.

    His gaze flicks to the Prince, asking the silent question of him: should I do something?

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  12. Alexander ignores the man kneeling in favor of the game. "You dare enter Our presence with a weapon? How long do you want to live?" Speaking to the kneeling man but looking at the chess board.
  13. Victor motioned to the twine keeping the sword in its sheath. He was telling the prince no ill intent was meant. Just that those of the sword of Cain do not go without one, at least his clan did not. "To carry a sword in a place of peace is not a sign of disrespect. To draw a sword in such a place is." Victor replied "If i draw this sword, ash me unless it's in the defense of the meeting." he said bluntly his voice deep and rough sounding.
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  14. Alexander reached out and grabbed the pistol un-holstering it pointing it at his sternum and cocking it all at once. "Did you think We couldn't smell gun powder on you, fool. And you call yourself the head of Lasombra. Even the Assimites know weapons in Elysium are forbiden. And they carry weapons every where. Your arrogance blinds you. How, pray do tell us, are you to be trusted in the mortal world?
  15. "I'm a bounty hunter. An odd one to be sure carrying a sword in this day and age, but you can always run out of bullets." Victor said simply "you may have smelled the gunpowder, but the safety is on and there isn't a round in the chamber. Tell me, have I made one hostile move against anyone here or have I simply set myself up to defend the meeting should an attack come? Besides, i was finishing up a job while i was on my way here." he asked as he reached into his robes and pulled out the flask "care for a drink?" he wasn't flinching from his dual barreled 1911 being pointed at him.
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  16. Reza sits as still as a statue as he watches what he can only consider to be a disaster waiting to happen, especially since the swordsman is apparently a Lasombra. What the bloody hell is a member of the Sabbat doing at a Camarilla Elysium? By all rights, he should be ashed on principle.

    But then again, Reza himself should be ashed on principle, too. Strictly speaking, his clan isn't really allowed to be out and about in the world. Part of a deal with the Camarilla some decades ago, or something.

    He just watches and waits for now, hoping he won't have to start off his time here by killing someone at an Elysium.
  17. Alexander smiles but it doesn't seem to reach his eyes. "Lasombra you will wish you had divested your full weaponry before entering a place of peace between the clans. How you grovel will be up to you but grovel you will." The mere hint of disappointment within his voice is enough to fill you with thoughts on how you must offer your penance. [Presence - Unholy Penance]
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