The Masquerade Dance.

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  1. The masquerade, is meant for people whom have needed to find love. Even if they are married, engaged, single, etcetera. This ball happens once a year, it was created the same night as the 'Purge'. Yes, the purge does in fact exist. The ball is on the same exact night, causing things to be a bit tricky for people. No one is allowed to bring weapons within the building in which the ball is held, but they are allowed to wait until they get outside or somewhere more.. Secret. You, have been invited to attend. Make sure to protect your loved one, as they will be protecting you too. Make sure not to die, and don't let your partner die. You have twelve hours before the purge, and ball is over. If you, and your partner have survived the night, then you're allowed to take your masks off- Yes, the masks must stay on until the clock reaches 7:00 AM. Everything starts at 7:00 PM, make sure to be there on time. The ball doors are locked, so if you're late.. Must you find a window to crawl in? Or just wait for your un-fated death by someone who hates you.

    We thank you for your service.

    - The Contenders.


    Okay, so this is something I'd like to try out. It will be a MxF type of Romance because I'd like to give that couple a chance once more!, and it'll be a Brother/Sister type thing because.. I'm just so evil.:D So, if you're interested. Please, in the Comments area, post your CS and introduce yourself. And tell me what type of cookie you like so I know you've read this. Or you can PM me everything. Please make sure to have some amazing plots and twists come into the RP, for I have planned the most splendid night of your life! ;3

    If you'd like, this can also be a FxF or MxM RP. But it will stay Incest, because I haven't done that in a long time. MxF, I will be the female, and submissive. For MxM, I could be Dominant or Submissive. For FxF, I don't mind being Dominant, or Submissive, but I'd prefer Submissive I guess?~

    Thank you!

    ~~~ Cromical.
  2. What kind of information would you want for the CS??
  3. CS (open)
    | BASICS |
    Full Name: (( First, Middle, Last. ))
    Sexual Orientation:
    Nationality: (( Scottish, English, British, Etc. ))
    Current Relationship Status:
    •Date Of Birth:
    •Zodiac Sign:

    | LOOKS |
    Body Structure:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Tone:
    Hair Color and Style:
    Distinguishing Marks:
    Usual Clothing Style:

    Usual Demeanor: .

    | BEFORE |
    Childhood Fears/Traumas:
    Any other things?:

    | AFTER |
    Where do they live now?:
    Any other things?:

    Pet Peeves:

    So, that's basically it. The • Means that they are not needed, but I'd prefer to have them because I'm just that weird.​
  4. And is this a 1x1 or group??
  5. It's a 1x1.

    The only reason why the Character Sheet is so long is because I liked looking at it * Kitsune created it. * I may narrow it down, but not by much. Most of those are actually basic necessities for information I need.
  6. | BASICS |
    Full Name: Rayan Rose Thornton
    Alias(es)/Nickname(s): Ray, Red
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Nationality: Australian
    Current Relationship Status: Single
    •Date Of Birth: June 4
    •Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Crush(es): None at the moment
    | LOOKS |
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 112
    Body Structure: Petite yet curves in the right places
    Eye Color: Grey
    Skin Tone: Fair with a slight tan
    Hair Color and Style: Bright red styled in layers down to the middle of her back in waves. It's pinned half up with an aquamarine brooch, her bangs framing her face
    Distinguishing Marks: A scar on her left shoulder
    Health: Fit and Perfectly healthy though she's allergic to pineapple
    Usual Clothing Style: Skinny jeans and a tshirt that she styles herself with a pair of scissors.
    Hobbies: Horseback riding, playing piano and singing, reading
    Strengths: Her intelligence and drive
    Weaknesses: She gets scared easily and hyperventilates
    Quirks/Habits: She stutters when she gets nervous.
    Likes: Animals, especially cats, music, dancing, dressing up.
    Dislikes: Mean people, bugs, being scared
    Usual Demeanor: Calm and collected but a bit jumpy at times
    | BEFORE |
    Hometown: Sydney, Australia
    Childhood Fears/Traumas: Spiders, the dark
    Relatives: Mother, father, and sister
    Any other things?: She had a pet cat names Tabitha.
    | AFTER |
    Where do they live now?: Charlotte, NC
    Fears/Traumas: Spiders, the dark, snakes
    Relatives: Mother, Father, sister
    Any other things?: She had a new kitten named Macie.
    Pet Peeves: Constant noises, people that don't talk correctly
    Talents: Plays piano, sings, and very flexible.
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