The Masks

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  1. Shade
    Shade looked into the only mirror he own then placed his dark mask over his face to hide it. Tonight was a night of masks, this is what they called it. Just past the school bus in the junkyard, then a right turn into the hidden 'base' of sorts; this is where they met, all of the masked figures he had come to know. Although they didn't really know each other, just of each others masks and a few other simple things. 'Apple, leash, matches.' His agenda before he left. The dark figure walked down the stair to the kitchen to grab an apple out of the fridge, a habit he picked up from his mother. Afterwards he got the leash and called to his wolfdog which went by the name of Redrum, half the time only Red was used. His eyes searched through a drawer in the kitchen as he looked for matches, slipping them into his pocket he headed for the door.

    Thorn had just woken up, her eyes slowly opened as she realized that tonight was a night of masks and so she jumped to her feet as she checked the time; 11:30pm is what her phone said. Getting changed out of her pajamas she grabbed her mask and slipped it on; she thought she could never get used to the thing, she found it extremely uncomfortable. Her hands wandered a bit as her fingers slipped over the contours of the mask. She heard a noise downstairs and sighed as she would have to sneak out the window since someone else was awake. 'Just past the school bus in the junkyard, then a right turn' She thought to herself. These were the directions she had been given as it would be her first time attending. The window seemed ever calling her name as she grew tired of waiting for whoever was downstairs to sleep again. She sighed and stood then began to climb out the window and head towards this mysterious event.
  2. Haze
    As her pale fingers stroked past the surface of the mask her mind went wondering about the event that would take place. Her mind got interrupted by the squeaking noises coming from the cage across her room. As haze smiles she shuffled towards the cage. "it's alright" she whispered to the little creates staring at her. Never had she left her house or room for that matter without her little friends. She opened the cage and let her tiny friends walk upon her shoulders. Haze made a quick look up to her clock hanging on the wall. She didn't like to rush. The evening skies were the most beautiful of all. Grabbing the mask from the table she made her way downstairs. Her fingers once again meeting the black plastic before she put it on. "I guess I shall be going then" she whispered to the rodents and left the door into the night.
    Baron loved this night. He could get all the attention he needed right there. As he watched himself in the mirror with his golden and black masker on. he couldn't help but smile. He looked as glamorous as always, or so he thought. He went through his hair once more to set it in place. Baron reached for the first drawer in his cabinet. A hand full of shining rings were laying in a bowl.
    Somewhere real gold but not really special. Some where fake but they had diamond or ruby looking gems in them. It made him feel special. He slipped the rings on one by one. As he left the room
    made sure no one saw him. You never can be to sure that was lesson 1. After making sure no one wa​
  3. Shade
    He kept walking with Red until he reached the junkyard; as he looked behind him to see if anyone followed him he noticed a the sound of footsteps but paid it no attention as he slipped into the base that only few new of. His free hand ran along the wall as he walk down the small hallway and reached the meeting point. He tied the leach to a chair trusting the young wolf not to go anywhere, then he pulled the matches out of his jacket pocket and lit the fire. The set up for the base was designed perfectly, there weren't any corners since this was a place for hiding, and above the fire there was a hole mimicking a chimney so the room wouldn't fill with smoke. Taking his seat with Red he closed his eyes and awaited somebody else's arrival.

    She felt nervous, as if she would be judged for something she'd say or do, so since she was early she decided to wander around the junkyard for a bit. 'Great.. coming here to meet people who might have similar interests as me and I get too nervous to actually go in.' She thought she had only spoken this in her mind but realized she actually said it out loud and hoped that no one heard. She she down on the ground not really caring if her shorts got dirty, but knowing her mother would throw a fit. Even so she tried to stop thinking and calm herself so she could attend the meeting.

  4. Haze
    While staring trying to keep attention on the route her mind was already playing scenes of what might happen tonight. Of course none of them were coming true but Haze loved stepping out of reality once in a while. One of her rats sat on her shoulder as the other was hiding inside her pockets seeking for warmth. She let out a sight as she entered the junkyard. Somehow she liked this place. Not a lot happed around here so it was always peaceful. She made her way towards the base taking her time to lay a last look at the sky above her before gently knocking and entering the base.
    Cars were driving by as Baron made his way through a busy street. He could have taken a shortcut. He would have saved time that way and of course he would not be stared at. But Baron didn't mind. Of course he always made sure not to be followed. But that little bit of extra attention getting for even being weird or mysterious for wearing a mask was enough.
    As he dove into a darker alley it have him the real feeling as if he was a mysterious man appearing and vanishing in the depths of the darkness. He stopped his tracks when he was at the junkyard. It was quiet as always but he never liked the place. Probably cause it wasn't style for someone like him but he could deal with it for these night. He made his way slowly toward the junkyard over to the base.​
  5. Shade
    He took a breath and had accidentally started to drift to sleep a bit as he hadn't been sleeping well lately. He heard footsteps and tried to ignore them the way your mind makes you do when you're really tired, afterwards he realized he was dozing off and so he sat up and opened his eyes seeing another mask had entered the room. He smiled as he looked down at the ground. 'Haze..' He thought to himself as he knew this girl from a couple of the other meetings and knew the rats she carried well as Red originally liked 'playing' around with them.

    Thorn stood up hearing other people walk into the meeting as she then decided to go in as well. She turned the corner accidentally bumping into another person that had a mask on as well. "S-sorry.." She mumbled as she held her mask on making sure it didn't fall off. Looking up, she noticed the other person was male and wearing a gold and black mask. Her eyes wandered looking him over for a second on accident, she noticed the rings and his fancier clothing and thought that he liked to treat himself.
  6. Sage
    Sage sighed as he picked up his mask he knew he and his sister were running late, and he hated being late. Sage huffed and tugged on the mask that covered his entire head. He walked out the back door of his house and towards the junkyard. He liked the shadows so he stayed in them, he loved that there were a lot of shadows near the junkyard. He noticed that Red was out in front, once he reached the junkyard, he petted the pup before walked inside.


    Being the oldest, she hated being bossed and told what to do she especially hated being on time for things. She walked to her bed and picked up her plastic fox mask and stuck it on her face. She left the house and cut through the forest to the junkyard she walked inside seeing that the others were inside.​
  7. Haze
    As Haze entered the room her eyes met he mask that belonged to Shade. She know who he was because of his wolf like dog he owner. Which had happed to have an interest into her tiny furry friends. She didn't mind but she always kept an eye out, after all they were her family. After a awkward moment of going through options on her mind she decided to break the ice and speak up. "Good evening Shade. How have you been?" Haze asked as she gave a small smile off. The words got out so easily yet she felt awkward for a moment looking for a bit of comfort as she stroked over the black rat sitting on her shoulder. ​
    As He took his time he didn't look out that much. He someone bumped into him as he looked down on her. Baron could hear her mumble an apology as she looked at him. He couldn't help but leave a chuckle. "Ow no it's alright, accidents happen don't they? More important are you alright?" Baron asked as his so called charming smile came in. People seemed to like that smile even though it was more used as a power to control then anything else he has started to love it.​
  8. Shade
    He was surprised that Haze had directly addressed him since she knew he didn't talk much. He then gulped lightly and scratched the back of his head as he attempted at a smile. "I've been alright..just the life of a loner I guess" He managed to mutter then asked. "How about you?" Since that was what people normally responded with after answering that question. He could hear more people outside of the base talking but tried to ignore it as he kept his attention on Haze. He chuckled a bit when Red whimpered a bit looking up at her rats. "Hush boy" he told him then looked back at her.


    "I-I guess they do.." She mumbled as she pushed some hair that had fallen in her faec behind her ear. "I'm okay, just a bit nervous I guess." She took a breath then looked up at the guy since he was taller than her. "It's my first time here so.." She managed to pull off a bit of a smile as she saw his charming smirk towards her. She looked over at a couple of masks that walked past them and into the base without a single word.
  9. Haze
    Haze was amazed as he spoke up. She did know he didn't speak all to much. It wasn't loud but she was able to hear it. Haze smiled as she answered his question. "I've been fine." the sound of people talking outside was coming through "Looks like others have arrived as well" as took her attention towards the door expecting other to come in sooner or later.
    In the corner of her eye she saw Red look up to her rats. Haze never was fan of big animals but at the times she has been here she never had trouble with Red. With a slight smile Haze let her rats off her shoulder. They would never go to far out of sight so she trusted them walking around.
    Baron's smiled towards her as she told him she was here for the first time. "Well then it's nice to meet you. They call me Baron" He said as he slightly bowed like a gentleman. "Let me escort you inside, ow and of course please be sure to tell me what you are called" His attention two fall on Sage and Dasil entering the base. His gaze went back to the girl as he smiled to her once more "Well then shall we go?"​
  10. Shade
    He watched as Sage and Dasil entered the base and took their seats, his attention then went back to the hallway as he could hear the other two still talking outside. 'Sounds like someone new is here..' He thought to himself then turned his attention back to Haze as she let her rats run around. Red was paying high attention to them so he tried to distract the wolf by petting him and letting him sit by the warmth of the fire.

    She thought about how she was supposed to pick a nickname to be in this group since their real identities were always hidden. 'His name is Baron..' She thought as she got distracted. 'I wonder where he got that..' After realizing she had gotten lost in pointless thought she told him, thought it sounded more as if she were reminding herself. "My name is Thorn.." Her soft voice seemed to break any silence that was temporarily created as she then nodded and walked into the base at his side.
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