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  1. The Masks


    Now, don't panic.

    We don't need your name. We don't want your backstory.

    You are welcome here, though. Everyone is welcome here.

    We are outcasts. We know what you must be going through.

    We aren't as scary as everyone says. All we do is commit crime, as leader says. We'll listen to you and chat with you as long as you want.

    You can make new friends. You can create a second life.

    You just need to remember to wear your mask.

    Because if you don't, you aren't welcome here.

    We only know your mask.

    Limit: One girl and One boy. I would prefer there not to be a thousand girls and two boys.


    Picture of your mask, none of your face yet.
    Nickname: (Your real name is not revealed yet.)
    Personality: it can be a few words. You don't have to describe your character full-out yet.
    Relationship Status:

    It might seem like your resume is very half- effort like, but that's the point. We figure out who you are.

    •Please, no Mary Sues/Gary Gus. Basically don't make it this out-of-this-world character. They can't always be perfect in every aspect of life.
    •Please be polite.
    •Please post more than 4 sentences at a time and have correct grammar.
    •Have fun

    My Characters:

    Nickname Shade
    Age 23
    Gender Male
    Personality Loner, he doesn't talk much but listens to every word people say.
    Likes Wolves, blood, fire
    Dislikes Talking, innocence
    Relationship Status Single
    Other He owns a G2 Wolfdog

    Nickname Thorn
    Age 17
    Gender Female
    Personality She talks but only when she has something to say
    Likes The cold, burning things, knives
    Dislikes Guns, the idea of magic
    Relationship Status Single
    Other N/A
  2. images-2.jpeg

    Nickname: Sage
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Shy, unpredictable
    Likes: Keeping quiet, lurking and watching from a distance, hanging around his sister
    Dislikes: loud noises, humans that don't accept him
    Relationship Status: single
    Other: He adores the horse head mask for it hides what he likes.


    Name: Dasil
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Loud, loves making herself known
    Likes: Knives, danger, attention
    Dislikes: cute things
    relation: single
    Other: Sages big sister. The fox she finds beautiful so she hides behind its beautify.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Nickname: Rose
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cheerful and flirtatious; she loves flirting but she shy's away from actual relationships.
    Likes: flirting, flowers, horror stories
    Dislikes: commitment, romance stories, and (hates) fire
    Relationship Status: single
    Other: While her face is covered, when she does wear short sleeves, which is rare, people can see scars up and down her arms from old burns.


    Nickname: Ace
    Age: 21
    Personality: A jokester; loves playing pranks and tries to be everyone's best friend.
    Likes: pranks, jokes, board games,
    Dislikes: somber moods, bugs, the color red
    relationship status: single
  4. [​IMG]
    Nickname: Haze
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She comes over harsh and cold but she just doesn't know how to say things right.
    She often dreams of as well
    Likes: Dark colors, Rats, Her own fantasy world
    Dislikes: loud people, Big animals and reality
    Relationship Status: Single
    Other: She owns 1 black and one gray rat she often keeps them on her shoulders,


    Nickname: Baron
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He's a snob and sees himself as royalty
    talking about himself, royal things, Gold
    Dislikes: Most animals, Anything that comes over as "Useless"
    Relationship Status: Single but doesn't like to admit it
    Other: He wears a lot of rings that look value but they're fake
    He doesn't admit it though.
  5. Thanks for joining, I'll start us off soon~
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