The Masks of War

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    ʇʜΦϩЄ ωʜΦ ωɑȠdЄя
    ɑȠd ωЄɑя ɑ ϻɑϩҝ
    dɪяʇЧ ɭɪʇʇɭЄ ʗʜɪɭdяЄȠ
    ȠɑuɢʜʇЧ ɭɪʇʇɭЄ ʗʜɪɭdяЄȠ
    ЧΦu'яЄ ɑɭɭ ɢΦɪȠɢ ʇΦ ʜЄɭɭ

    яΦʇ ɑωɑЧ, ϻЄɭʇ ʇʜЄ ʄɭЄϩʜ
    ωЄɑя ɑ ϻɑϩҝ ʇΦ ʜɪdЄ ʇʜЄ ϩʇЄȠʗʜ
    ЧΦu'ɭɭ ɑɭɭ dɪЄ
    ЧΦu'яЄ ɑɭɭ ɢΦɪȠɢ ʇΦ ʜЄɭɭ

    It is the year 2073, 7 years ago, WWIII occurred, wiping out 7.9/10ths of North America, and half of the rest of the world. Now all that remains of the cities here are the ashes and wreckage, and the giant craters from the bombs. Very few have survived, those who have are barely hanging on, at least, that's what I've witnessed. They say there are those, underground, the only safe place left, plotting for and against still even after all this has happened. There are many alliances that have been made, many pacts for survival between countries. There is a army being created underground as well, The Peace-Keepers are what they are called, but
    this army, isn't to help us.
    it's to exterminate us, the enemy survivors
    The Masks



    The Grinning Gargoyle

    Made from stone and ceramic
    Typically has gargoyle, Oni, demonic qualities

    The Laughing Long-face

    Made from metal or wood
    Typically the traditional theatre house mask representation with exaggerated expression

    The Twisted Rabbit

    Made from leather or metal
    Typically has large teeth and/or rabbit qualities

    The Expressionless Blanc

    Made from porcelain or metal
    Typically smooth plain white

    Half-Masked Reaper

    Made of metal and leather
    Typically has skeleton qualities

    The Gas Giant

    Made from metals, plastics and leather
    Typically a gas mask of sorts

    The Plagued Sinner

    Made from metal, plastic and leather
    Typically has a large amount of straps and/or restrains

    The masks here are only the starters. Once you gain a mask, you are now put under that of being this type and its like a name tag. You may create your own after specifying which you are as a base. Please provide a picture or description of your mask.
    Taking off your mask is like throwing away your shield, do not do so unless necessary

    ηɑϻЄ :
    ϻɑϩҝ :

    яuɭЄϩ ɑяЄ ϻЄɑȠʇ ʇΦ ьЄ ьяΦҝЄȠ ♬

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  2. Mask Type: Air Jordan Dreaded Gas Mask[​IMG]

    Name: Michael "Dredd" Wilson

    (I was hoping I could get like a starting post from you, just so I can kind of jump in instead of starting it myself)
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  3. I just finished the top post, I'm posting my own characters now ^_^
    This mask would be a Gas Giant

    If anyone needs to know and can't tell, this thread is now open
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  4. Name: Victorin Ashe
    Mask: The Expressionless Blanc
    photo (1).JPG
  5. ηɑϻЄ : Max Forge
    ϻɑϩҝ : The Grinning Gargoyle

    ηɑϻЄ : Deven Winter
    ϻɑϩҝ : The Plagued Sinner
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  6. I'll be gone most of the day so start when you want
  7. Mask Type: The laughing long face
    Photo (open)

    Name: Wahyu Wiebe
  8. (Awesome!!!)

    MICHAEL!!!...Michael I need you!!!...

    *voices jumbled together repeating the same words(

    Voices resounded in his head, driving him mad during his slumber. Something from his past he could never clearly remember. All he sees in these visions or dreams are fragments of a disaster that he, apparently, could've stopped, yet he caused it...he wasn't sure, so he would disregard them during the day, but at the moment it was not day, it was a cold night. Nightmares of an unrecognized past ran ramped in his head. He begged for it to stop in, yet he could not open his mouth...then...


    Dredd awoke calmly, as he has now gotten used to these true nightmares. All that could be felt was a cold sweat running down his chiseled chest onto his stomach. As he sat up shivers traveled up his spine. Hairs on his skin that were stood up before now rested once more. Dredd rolled his neck right before whipping out his handy dandy dream journal. He recorded everything about each dream. What he felt, how he felt, what he touched, and sometimes even what he smelled. Dredd then slipped on some clothing. A half leather half wool hoody, and some black joggers. He slipped on his infamous mask then put his shoes on. He opened the door of his mess of a room to go down and give a goodmorning to the rest of his masked brethren. As he crossed the threshold of his doorway he left his emotions from his dreams behind. He flipped up his mask as he walked down the damaged corridor to see the rest.

    "Mornin! How did everyone sleep?"
  9. The alarm went off with a shrill sound and continued for the next ten minutes. Next door someone began banging on the wall in an irritated manner. Slowly the cacophony of shouting and ringing awoke the heavy sleeper. Wayhu blinked open his eyes in a half muddled way. His hand grabbed the alarm clock and threw it at the pounding wall.

    "Oh shut up," he growled annoyed at his neighbor. He yawned and sat up rubbing one eye. Stupid early mornings... stupid pounding headache... stupid neighbor making it worse. Wayhu slipped into his full body armor. He never wore anything else. He slipped the mask onto his face. He straightened and looked at himself in his cracked mirror. The only scars that were showing were those that covered his mouth and hands. Shrugging he left the room.

    He ran into Dredd as he came out. "Why do we have to be up so early?" he whined.