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  1. Name: Astonya Libertine
    Age: 18

    Astonya is a naive princess. She doesn't know how cruel the world is so she always sees something positively. Her curiosity is as big as her appetite. She loves eating so much which makes her mother scolds her for her not-so-princess appetite. She always wants to know everything, she is bold and always asking question for everything she doesn't understand.

    Astonya is extremely brave, but also extremely clumsy. She makes mistakes a lot even she has tried her best. She is also forgetful, she hates remembering names, so she tends to give people nicknames.

    Likes: Eat, food, exploring, new experiences, and new information.
    Dislikes: Princess' things, order, manner lesson, her weak body and bugs.

    Astonya spend most of her 18 years in the castle. The king and queen never let her went outside because she had weak body. Astonya was born prematurely, 7 months. Since that, she was always sick. The doctors said that she might not able to pass 20 years, but the king and queen tried their best to keep Astonya healthy, including forbiding Astonya to leave the castle. Astonya's body became better as she grew up, but the threat would always be there.

    Astonya knew her condition well, but she didn't want her body prevented her from seeing the world. She were afraid that she might not able to taste the world before she died. She never knew when will her time came, so she tried her best to live her life happily. She attempted to escaped several times, but because of her lack of skills, she always ended up getting caught even before leaving the gate.


    @bluedragon1200 Sorry it takes me so long to make the thread, post your character and we will begin the RP :3
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  2. Note: Leo has no idea what to do with women and he's an ass. His personality and opinions do not reflect that of his creator.
    Name: Leo, Leonard Adrian
    Age: 23
    Personality: He's tall and broad, which makes him appear very menacing, though he is not. He's very charismatic, with an easy smile and witty sense of humor. He prefers to be alone, but when he is with people, he's the life of the party (especially if a little alcohol is involved.). When it comes to women he has absolutely no clue. He is vulgar, rude, and rather selfish. He will do quite a few unsavory tasks if the pay is right, but he has a moral compass, even if it is slightly skewed.
    Likes: Alcohol, manly things, himself, dirty jokes, violin (which he secretly plays very pretty romantic songs on, when alone)
    Dislikes: prudish people, books, heights, snakes and lizard tongues (the rest is ok, but the tongues, man).
    Bio: He's been a gypsy all of his life. During his teenage years, he left his troupe to be on his own. His brother is the almost the opposite of him, a man who always has a plan, respects his peers, and honors his responsibilities. He currently leads the gypsy caravan, though many of the members preferred Leo's personality more. He earns money by playing fiddle on the street and taking on odd jobs.
    Appearance: (please use only anime/digital art here) Ha, he kinda looks like Rambo.
    leo the gypsy.jpg
  3. Astonya took her last pill, she sighed and looked at the table. Lot of pills were prepared for her. She needed to take those pills periodically or she would weaken. She threw her body to the bed, hugging her pillows tightly. She was bored, she wasn't allowed to go outside or did anything that required a lot of energy. Usually, she would spent her afternoon in the library, reading books so she could know about the world better.

    Today was quiet different, she was not really in the mood to read. Almost every book she already read, she might re-read it, but she didn't wanna do that today. Astonya stared at the ceiling, wondering what would happen if she could go outside. She attempted to run away before, but she always failed. Not only because of the tight guards, but also because of her body.

    Astonya closed her eyes tightly, hoping that she would fall asleep now so she could skip to night. She really didn't want to do anything this afternoon. Soon, Astonya fell asleep.
  4. Leo examined himself in the mirror. His thick hair was pulled back in low pony tail. His usual array of jewelry was removed and his face clean shaven. He didn't look in a good mirror very often and so now he took his time examining his strong features. Leo pulled down an eyelid, looking at his bright blue eyes, he pulled back his lip, snarling at his slightly yellowed teeth. After he had his fun, he adjusted the ascot around his neck. He scowled as he brushed of the silly butler's uniform he had borrowed. His shoulder's were too broad and the seams stretched slightly. His legs itched horrible in the stockings. The whole thing was altogether too hot.

    "Just long enough to get the....duchess? fancy lady." Leo said to himself as he ran a hand over his curly hair one last time.

    He walked confidently through the halls of the castle. Part of his contract gave exact detail to the route to take to appear as a humble butler. He passed few people and none seemed to take notice of his presence. He was hiding in plain sight. Leo stopped in front of a large, ornate door. He gave three solid knocks.

    "M'lady." He said in his most pretensions voice possible.
  5. It was just seconds Astonya fell asleep when she suddenly heard knocks on her door. She stretched her tiny body and moved to the door. Peeking from the side of the door, Astonya found an unknown man standing and smiling outside. She might not remember every butler or maid in the castle, but she was sure this man was totally new.

    "Yes?" Astonya let her head visible now, while her body still hiding behind the door. She blinked her eyes several times, trying to recognize the man but nothing came to her mind. She looked at the man from head to toe, he was dressed just like the butlers, "Do you have business with me, Sir?"
  6. The girl was small, tiny even. Leo could pick her up and carry her out easier than a sack of potatoes. It seemed like she should weight nothing at all. It was his last resort, however. He was going to play it cool and relaxed for as long as possible.

    He smiled warmly and bowed deeply to her, and held it for a long moment.

    "M'Lady, I've come to escort you to a meeting." He said in his rich, deep voice. He stood after addressing her. He was much taller than her, although he was taller than most people. He noticed how she looked him over, unsure of his authenticity.

    "Yes, m'lady, I'm new to the palace. Please forgive me if my manners are rough." He bowed again, this time much shorter.
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