The Masked Dragon

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  1. There have been decade after decade of legendary assassins slaying diplomats and anyone that got in their way but in the recent years, the assassins have fallen silent. Rumor has it that the Legendary Seven were all brutally murdered until the past year when there have been a clutter of mysterious deaths leading to the Legendary Seven but every time they even got close to The Seven, the trail faded off.

    Now how does that lead to today? Well, a man emerged from the shadows of an abandoned school that hadn't seen the light of day in over a century. He was silent and mysterious but he rebuilt the school to its once former glory. This man announced that he would start training assassins to become Legendary Assassins and make assassins known again.

    First thing is first, the school has two warring factions called The Bloody Shadow and The Crystal Eye. When a student first applies to the school, they must choose a faction and once chosen, they cannot change their faction.

    The Bloody Shadow: Considered the darker alliance. They are a lot more loyal but are also mischievous, manipulative and irrational. A lot of them tend to get in trouble but at the end of the day, they are a strong group of assassins who will protect those that they care about. They tend to use dark

    The Crystal Eye: Considered the lighter alliance. They are a lot more trust worthy and they will even stick together in large groups but because of their hatred for The Bloody Shadow, they will risk their own reputation to eliminate the other faction. They are very competitive and will throw one of their own under the bus in order to protect their own skin.

    The school takes in first through twelfth grade but not everyone starts training at first grade. Most actually start when they reach middle school since they are pretty much signing a death warrant when they apply to the school.

    Primary school and secondary school students are separated and both alliances are separated in order to keep peace within the school and make sure students don't break the strict rules of the school.


    1. Be nice to each other out of character but can be as mean as possible in character
    2. Characters can have relations but if they have sex, they must be blacked out
    3. No God Modding
    4. If you have any questions, you can ask
    5. If you like the idea, be free to tell me. And if you have things you would like changed, I always enjoy feedback
    6. I would like at least a paragraph(4-6 sentences) but prefer more. Don't do the minimum in every post; make it interesting
    7. Stay in character
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  2. So I assume since it's a school they have to be between a teenage age or?
  3. Nope. I have decided it's first through 1299th but not everyone start at first grade
  4. So does the grade depend on the age? Er?
    - Sorry for all the questions I just want to get it right
  5. Yeah , I'm confused about the grade , as well .
  6. The grade depends on the age so first to twelfth will be 6 to 18 years of age and because you are signing a death warrant when you enroll, they won't have you on the field till you hit 13. The first 6 years will mostly be just basic training. Its why most children won't start until they reach 13 and they won't even get an option to choose a faction until 13 years old. I hope that makes more sense.
  7. Yes. In the character creation there's grade and age.
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