The March of 1000 Yokai

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    The March of 1000 Yokai!

    Welcome to the beginning of a crafty Kitsune's story. Her life is Long and her Path will come to tangle in the trails of many others; but for now she is still Young and Weak. But rumors tell that she has started on a Quest weaved from the Lore found in the Book of Hell, an ancient demon text that is protected by the fates, and moves to collect her 'Pieces' needed to accomplish a goal most grand. "To Breach the Gates of Heaven, 1000 Yokai in Arms, Would set upon the Mortal Lands Hell for 1000 Years." She sets up shop on the edges of a young Osaka City. But what will happen now? The War Lords of Heaven have heard rumor of her. She seeks to find a companion whom once turned will be strong enough to protect her.

    And so begins the March of 1000 Yokai


    PIC 1 = THE LUCKY KOIN - A Play on the word Koi and Coin Kasaisoru is able to create a 'TEMPLE' which is pretty much a home base. Being an S Class Yokai born this one of her first abilities she realized. Now her 'Temple' can look / be anything, can be a bar or a little shop or even a temple! Lol. However it is considered an ILLUSIONARY STRUCTURE if she ever were to die this struture would vanish and being a structure composed by her mind is COMPLETELY under her control. This Building will normally have a barrier projected around it to keep out Yokai NOT of her family as well as Priests and Excorcists. Though it does take a good amount of energy for her to Construct a 'Temple' and she will be weak for a few days and cannot just RE- Make it or rebuild it instantly if a fight does ensue. Currently the 'Lucky Koin' is a Tavern Grill and Inn.

    PIC #2 = KOE - one of Kasaisoru's FIRST turns. He wished for money, and thus turned into a Neko - Gama with abilities surrounding Fortune, Fame and Luck. He is Idolized in many taverns, bars, grills and food shops as a God of good Faith and Fortune. How silly they are if they knew the greedy bastard truly worked for Kasaisoru in the Lucky Koin Tavern and Inn.​

    I will use this page for the NPC FAMILY of the Hikiru Family. Those 'Turned' by having Kasaisoru 'Grant' a Wish of Morality. THis wish Transforms them into a yokai related to the wish they made. Once the wish is made and the deal is done. Your soul belongs to Kasaisoru. You are part of her family, you work for her, and you can think of this family as a Gang Family back in Feudal Era Japan. So many faces may appear here. Many of them are MUCH LESSER DEMON. But she is trying to collect a family of 1000 super powerful Yokai so she can storm the gates of heaven here in Osaka Japan.

    #1 - Koe - Lucky Neko - Gama -Luck demon, some times considered to be a god. But in truth he's a devious lil fucker who likes to play games on people.

    #2 + #3 - Nychi & Dyshi - Red and Blue Oni demons - Twins actually and odd that they became the exact opposite side of the same race LOL. More info on them soon.

    #4 Lobo - A Mysterious Tengu -crow demon- Who remains in the shape of a crow more often not. No one remembers what his wish was.

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    Name: Rune Setaree
    Nickname: Iron Horn
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 15
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Hair: shaggy black hair
    Eyes: Green
    Attire: Light armored when in combat when out wears wore out jeans T-shirt and hoodies

    Other: Has a tattoo of a bull skull on his back

    Personality: To begin with, Rune is perverted. He would be found extremely tempted to peep into a girls' locker-room or twitching to grope a woman's breasts, but he has it under control to a point. To counteract, he's very caring of his friends and family. He would be the first to offer a hug when it calls for it. There is a protective attitude if the people he loves are in danger.

    History: Rune is a Minotaur that's life was distorted by a monster of the sea since this meeting and since then seems like the gods them self's enjoy the clash they play them like toys reincarnating them every time to see if anything changes. Through time though he has met different people learned new skills and with magic he first learned to turn himself human to blend in learning from the humans learning to love them and wanting to protect them.

    Physical: His magic can't get rid of his horns just make them small nubs his hair does fine covering it, but when people see them they think he the devil himself.
    Mental: breaks down when losing someone he truly cars about. And some times there a moment when in battle he'll snap and go berserk

    Physical: He built pretty well able wield a battle ax one handed or two
    Emotional: He a caring person willing to do what it takes to save a friend even at the cost of his own life.​



    The wind was whipping up a storm of snow flurries, as the chill of dawn creeped away to the warmer rays of the sun. A full moon still blossomed on the horizon beaming it's energy down as the task was finally complete! What looked like a young woman stood on a old shambled dock on the small river that ran through the Early Beginnings of what was to one day be Osaka Japan. Long sakura pink hair floated and cast about her as the wind played through it's length. Bright crimson eyes glared out across a short yard to the steps of a newly constructed 'Temple'. Her Home if you will, was complete, and she could already feel the 12 demons that were her family walking the halls of the grand Tavern and Inn, scoping it out and enjoying the facility laying claims to various parts of it even.

    The seemingly young woman standing out front with bare feet in the snow lowered her hands into the folds of the long sleeves of her JĹ«nihitoe before starting to walk across the yard. A darkness seemed to follow the young woman as a shadow, it twisted and turn, twitched and swished in very much the way the shadow of various tails that were 'Unseen'/ Her pink eyes and hair a strange enough oddity her skin wasn't as ochar as others from this nation, she was a Pale skin, strange eyed beauty. Many had already considered her an Exotic. But if only they knew her true tale.

    The front door of the tavern opened and with a flourish of her hand a Sign was born to the arch of the door as she entered that read "Lucky Koin" and in Subscript - Tavern of Lucky and Fortune. Just past the doors Koe stood watching her. His golden tabby ears flicking to and fro trying to gauge his mistress he looked BARELY 17.But his devious violet eyes screamed intelligence. She smiled and gave one of his ears a Tug.

    "Mistress... you mean to make me a waiter don't you... " She giggled at him and giving a waggle of her finger in his face said "No my sweet little kitty you will be our Bar Keep!" She smiled mischief danced her face. "You can't be serious... " She giggled "I am very much so. NOW.. You two! " She pointed at a Blue and Red pair of Oni demons whom had already found some casks of wine and were turning up the spouts. "Dyshi! Nychi!" (DEMON FORMS) Kasai barked "you two will be Waitresses..." Her eyes cut a mean look and the pair gave her a sad expression. "Lobo..." She called and a black crow flow to land on her shoulder "You will head into town and spread the word my dear." She smiled and gave his beak a tap and off he flew. She finally released Koe's ear and twirled. "Such a Wonderful day!"

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  2. A blacked hair man looking to be 20 having pale skin wearing destroyed samurai armor also wearing a half destroyed Oni mask with one horn poking out of his hair was walking the streets of Osaka wounded. "I Failed to kill that monster again" spoke the man as he coughed up blood as he falls onto one knee. "I need more power" he try to stand up with his battle ax he looks around. "I don't want to die yet I need to kill him and the gods for this curse I'm forced to bare" he coughs more as his body feels heavy as he falls onto the dirt road looking up seeing a building. "I want to live" he trys reaching out to the building with his free hand as the world got blurry (I hope this is ok? ^///^)
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  3. Kasai had been contemplating this wonderful and joyous night. Her plans were going on just wonderfully it seemed. And yet she was so much more the happier when suddenly something caught her attentions. Someone YEARNED for something with the deepest depths of their Soul's Mourning. She could almost ... Taste the scent of this failing spirit's need to be granted a Wish... Kasaisoru stood her robes drifting around her the snow swirled about the hem as she did so and pale pink eyes turned to look across the small river and down the road. She started to walk slowly and directly in the direction of the Need she felt. Burning desire like this must be quenched she considered. Perhaps she had enough in her to grant a Wish this evening. It would be a cherry on her cake!

    As she reached the water's edge blue flickers of flame cast from her suddenly and the tails of shadow at her feet welled up to engulf and swallow her form down into the ground. The shadow then ran and crawled, racing suddenly from spot to spot until it reached the other side of the short and skittered swiftly up the way. This shadow would jump and saunter, twitch and fidget as it moved like some alien creature until finally stopping just up the road from the fallen soldier. To far for him to see did the shadow raise back from the ground, growing and twisting shifting and pulling until finally like a strange black blossom about to open her hand would peel through it's fabric and stepped through the black energy trailed the base of her spine and slowly turned back into the shadow beneath her hemes.

    She walked bare foot still towards the maimed main on the road up the way. Her pink eyes studied his disheveled and wounded form taking in the need of his soul. She could feel his spirit trying to slip from it's mortal coil. She reached his side just as the last of it clung with a desperate need. His reaching aimlessly up in a desperation that could not be filled by mortal means. Not anymore. If he wanted to live... he would have to contract with her. Her dainty hand slipped from the end of her robes to grasp ahold of his hand. Her other hand came to cup the free side of his face and turn it upward to give the last of his sight the view of her face as she knelt in the snow beside him.

    "What is your name..." She asked her voice was absolutely stunning and soft, king gentle with the rasp of a whisper and the touch of innocence any truly feminine voice needed. Pink eyes studied him as she gently removed what was left of his Oni mask and then brushed bangs free from her face and continued to ask whether he'd said his name or not "What is your Soul's Wish in this Moment Now as you are Slipping Away. I will grant you any wish that is within my power to grant. Quick though you are fading. What is your Mortal Soul's Desire?"
  4. The man saw as this women who looked perfect as if an angel came down to take him to the other side. "My name Is Rune" he spoke as he hears her say something about a wish as his eyes widen. "I want to live to grow strong enough to take out the gods" He spoke as a fire lit up in his eye as he looks into her eyes smiling weakly. "Are you an Angel?" he asked only seeing this women now while everything else was getting blurry even his hand this women was still perfect to see. "Or are you a Godde.." was all he could get out as he fainted his heart beat getting faint. *All I want is a family* he though in his final hours as he smiles ready to great death once more.
  5. Kasaisoru leaned over his form as he whispered his name what a strange name here in the far east she contemplated. Then he spoke of power and asked if she were and angel. She sat back and giggled the chime of a bell could be heard from somewhere on her person. "Oh dear me... I am no angel," Her smile grew a tint of devious mischief then as he started in about if she was a Goddess. His words slipped away and she could just barely hear his heart now. She listened for the area surrounding them. They were completely and totally alone. Not even a window peeper. She smiled "Now a Goddess.. I do aim to be..." She said her pink eyes suddenly flaring to glow a lurrid black light purple hue about the magenta cores.

    Suddenly her ears stretched and tappered at the end while her hair became brilliant white with crimson tips. Yellow slashes above and bellow her eyes appeared as well as a gem resting just over her breast bone. The shadows trapped at her feet suddenly picked up and lifted free from the ground behind her like inky tentacles lifting to to blossom behind her once completely free they broke the shadows and beautiful pristine white furred fox tails, 12 in all danced behind her. She tilted her head down as her fox ears compelted their transfomration atop her head. Her pupils were like cat slits now.

    "Tonight is your lucky night good sir" She said lifting the 'Star Ball' - Hoshi - no Tama - from her chest. This crystal orb was the source and very tether that kept her alive. All kitsunes had a Star Ball and they guarded it with a furious passion. It was also there that their energy could be brought in and focused if needed. Their bodies could sustain ungodly amounts of damage as well. But she more often than not tried to grant wishes with her power. "Your wish you shall walk and attain yourself. No rise up! Rune Hikiru if the Kitsune Fox Light Clan..." Suddenly those 12 beautiful tail arched back and around her body like needles and in deadly persision each struck forward and pierced into the man's heart. Unimaginable energy flowed into him and suddenly the blue fire that was her's to control revitalized his body, compeletley healing him and mending him whole again.

    She knew he may change immediately, then again, he may not transform for years to come. But as he woke his life would be anew, he was being reborn after all. It was time for him to awake in his life as a Yokai.
  6. Rune looked around seeing nothing he was in a white space. "I failed again dammit" he clenched his hands into fists. "You'll always fail Rune" Rune turned around seeing what looked like a shadow of a man. "You" Rune sneered. The man chuckles. "Yes me Hades the only God that backs you up" Hades chuckles as he walks around Rune. "Seems that beast of a Leviathan did a number on you" Hades chuckles. "What do you want I made a deal with you and cause of that I can't know peace nor freedom of death" Hades chuckles. "Indeed you can't after losing your only loved one to him you made a deal with me now lets get you a new life" Hades places one hand on Rune's shoulders as Blue flames shot out of Rune's chest pushing the God away. "What the hell is this!?!"

    Rune laughs as he heard the chant and the voice of that women. "It looks like someone else is betting on me today God of Hell" he smirks. "No your my vassal my pawn to toy with" Hades roared as the flames pushed him back. Rune awoke looking up seeing the moon and the girl. "Where I'm I?" his chest started to hurt as he lifted hid hands to his head feeling his horns have grown. "What happen to me? and who are you?" he asked
  7. Just before Rune started to wake the energy was lightening from the young woman's skewer like tails. They retracted slowly and then with a flick each as they seperated from the man would be clean once again, the blue flames rippled up and over her fur never harming her, no fire could hurt her. She blinked and opened magenta eyes as she felt the man was Waking. His spirit whispered just barely into her own mind. She allowed him privacy for now and lengthened the connection thinning out the tether of his soul so she would hear only strong emotion pushes from him. His first questions was where was he and then who was she what had happened to him. She gave a kind a gentle smile to him.

    "Be still now..." She slowly petted his head twirling her fingers through his hair while he rest. As he still lay in the snow he had yet to notice her tails from his angle her body mostly blocked their view. "You are healing swiftly but you are not finished yet..." She slowly took her hand again and her pink eyes studied him carefully before she finally continued "I'm not really sure what happened to you. However, You are however, in a City - Township called Osaka. I am a local Tavern Owner, though you will come to learn I am much more than just that. Her tails curls about them in the snow suddenly snaking about them their warmth and soft texture was luxurious.
  8. Rune looks up into the girls eyes. "I see then I have you to thank" he smiles weakly his body feeling less numb as he felt her fingers playing with his hair. "Your the first person not afraid of my horn in a long time" Rune noticed the tails feeling there warmth and soft texture. "I see your not human as well" he laughs weakly as he coughs up a little blood. "Then your the second women I have met that stopped to save me and for that I thank you Miss" Rune trys to flip onto his back wanting to look up at the sky seeing the moon. "this is a weird country I'm in" Rune looks up at the women smiling
  9. Kasaisoru continued to admire her new family member a devious gling on her eyes as he thanked her. She should thank him. She felt a deep connections withn this man that aligned him to the Westerners' Realm of Hell. Apparently she had barged contract from someone in that district of the Hades plain. She smirked still though as he explained she wasn't afraid of his horn. She ran a finger along it's length and her pink eyes seemed to turn crimson after her noticed her tails. "I was Human once... " She seemed disconnected at the thought of being human, something extremely troubling from her past. She looked down at him however on his next remark. "Second woman... Whom else has helped you today Sir Rune?" She allowed for him to turn over and stare up at the moon. Her pink eyes turning upwards as well to gaze at it's face.

    "This country is home I suppose, and Strange as it may be, if we are seen at current state, we will be hunted by Excorcists. Come now. Your wounds should be well enough for movement by now. " She slowly slid back and out from under his head her tails pulling away she turned away from him and allowed them to drape slowly behind her until finally they faded back into the wriggling shadow tentacles they'd been before she'd revive him.

    Her words Come now seemed to have power in them suddenly over Rune and though they didn't make him suddenly jump up and follow immediately it would echo about his min relentlessly like a bad song one tries to forget. A pressure also built inside of him that grew for every second he didn't do as she'd asked. Something was definitely not right here. Turning from Rune she called to him over her shoulder "Home is this way now." Her hands were clutching the spherical crystal that was her hoshi No Tama.
  10. Rune heard her words in his head as he slowly gets up using his ax as an ad and pulls himself up. "Home.." Rune smiles hearing those words made him feel warm as he begins to move as the pain in his body started to vanish as he walks towards mass of shadows. Feeling the pressure in his body go away and the sound of her voice in his head faded away he looked at her. "It wasn't today that second women it was a long time ago in country called Greece she was a fairy I loved her sadly a monster took me away from her and time has broken our bond and she moved on, but she was the first to show me kindness even with these horns, but your the second women to show me such kindness and I thank you for that Mistress" Rune smiles weakly as he begins to walk faster his wounds healing completely. "You still haven't given me your name my Mistress" Rune spoken blushing a little realizing he called her Mistress not meaning to, but felt compelled to call her so.
  11. Kasaisoru felt the rush of warmth compelled by the idea of home. She smirked he wanted a home and family it seemed. She had been told those characteristics often made for a powerful Yokai, and now he continued to add to her glee by explaining his past so freely. She had wished all her other's had been so Easy, Lobo still would not change from animal form. But this Rune, was so open and warm with her and so quickly to. To explain freely was a nice change for her. He was ancient it seemed, just how had he stayed alive so long ... She decided to leave him his privacy and simply listened to his past.

    At his blush Kasai turn pink eyes on him they were about half way home already. Were they moving faster? It didn't seem like it but they were. Demons moves swifter and some times had a problem controlling their speed when first made. But seeing Rune move so easily gave her more hope. She digressed "Do not be misled into believeing I have done a kindness for no return. This is after all the world the Night Walkers you just entered and everyone pays their Due." She titled her head and looked at him simple human looking by now she appeared barely 20 years of age. "Mistress is a good naming for me. I will tell you my name when I believe you have earned it" Her eyes danced with michief and she lifted her right hand, the sleeves of her robe slide back and revealed her hand palm up with the floating crystaline ball floating just over it. it's black surface reflected almost to well, and it's sheer color seemed to dark as flashes of light within it caught the eye.

    "This now keeps your Soul's Heart" She purrs to him. "This object belongs to me. I have granted you wish, You will now have a Family and a Place to call home. So long as you serve my every command, or until I bid you leave my side." She stopped in the snow and turned to him seriousness on her face "I can also guarantee you that in time, with the Yokai Soul I have given you now will grant you unimaginable power. You almost smell like an A Class more than enough power to slaughter the one man you wish to kill" She giggled then finished "Do you agree to my arrangement?"
  12. Rune looks down at his hand. "Do I have the power to kill the sea" he spoke softly as he clenches his hand into a fist. Rune looks up at her seeing the crystal looking ball floating about her. "Mistress what is that thing?" he points to it as he carries his ax his human from vanished showing his true from that of a Minotaur his magic still weak as his feet turned to hooves and his horns grown bigger as his top armor broke. Rune looks down at his ax looking at the dark crystal embedded in his ax blade seeing the glow was faded. "I need rest my Mistress" Rune spoke as he looks up at her seeing the building coming more into view. "Is that a tavern?"
  13. She glanced back at him when he whispered about the sea. She couldn't help but smirk at that, oh the sea was his enemy... She would have to talk to him about the sea soon enough but for now his form changed to the Taurus he was a strong and able soldier he would be able to protect her well. She had done good by him she decided pleased by her new family member. His question on her precious object got him a sharp and sinister look. A look that studied him closely for a moment before finally seeming to relax if only just she replied "This is my Hoshi no Tama. You could call this my treasure. You must never allow anyone to take it from me... Ever " She said and then sighed looking back to the tavern. No patrons seemed to be inside any longer. It was getting rather later after all and Osaka was still new comers to Night Life.

    He asked if this was a tavern and her devious smile grew. "It is currently a Tavern yes, but beyond that human facade in place within there is a pocket of reality that belongs only to me. Only I can control who enters and leaves and what shape it takes. This is called a Temple. Yokai, demons - who are not of my stature do not have Temple's of their own. This makes them much more vunerable, and it is why we Yokai and demons build families the way we do." She smiled and placed a hand on his cheek "You will rest now..." Suddenly the world around him shimmered and he was teleported inside of the tavern, a guest's room within the human facade if he would have guessed. Kasai would have to build an addition onto the 'Temple' hidden within the tavern for Rune. And the others would have to meet him first before he would be allowed to roam freely through the temple. It was how it was.

    But now... Kasaisoru lifted her Hoshi Ball and with pursed lips blew across it's surface, causing blue shimmers and flecks of the fire to swirl and spin just past the ball's opposite side. Those embers twirled together an collected until she stopped. Lifting her free hand she molded first a fairy out of the embers and flame and then grabbing it's tiny legs and pulling to a swirled end she had created what looked like a fairy with mermaid legs. A poke of her finger had the tiny blue fire creature squeak alive, it's wings moving so fast one could barely view them in bursts. "Go Wisp O'Will to the God that held claim on my Taurus... Tell this god he holds no claim on my Rune's Soul now. If he wishes to reclaim Rune... he will have to tear him from my cold dead hands. " The paused and pink eyes focused on the tiny messenger she'd created "Be a dear now and run along" She gave another gentle blow and the spirit creature she'd crafted turned about and whirled away off to find Rune's former master and to give Kasai's message. Her pink eyes followed it's trace until it was no more in the night. Then turning she decided to call it a Morning too and vanished in a kaleidoscope of shadows.

    - - -

    It would be the next evening before movement happened in the Tavern itself, all the Yokai slept in their secret rooms within the Temple itself and no one knew just were Kasai sletp. But by the early setting sun hours of winter Kasai was awake and in the tavern itself with Koe as he worked about cleaning the tavern. The young man looked barely 17 and yet he spoke as though he'd been around for years. "i don't understand why I am not enough for my Mistresses' protection..." Kasai was sitting, perching rather, on a short stool by a table close to his hosting seat where he greeted customers and showed them to tables. Kasaisoru was already drinking deeply of a sake bottle and a thin and near flat but wide brimmed cup. It almost looked like a sun visor's straw hat turned upside down and made of porcelain. Kasai sighed "Koe I have told you, You're only a Neko Gama surely you are luck enough for me. But we have enemies far and wide. The Hiruki Family is not large enough to simply do as we please. " Koe sighed and rolled his eyes "And Mistress does love to do as she so pleases" He said and then finally asked "So when do we get to meet this new member of the family.

    Kasai's eyes seemed to focus on something distant as she smiled "He is coming down now I believe..." and Koe would turn to glare at the stairwell.
  14. Rune looked around the room seeing a bed as he walks towards it lying down in it looking up to the ceiling. "I have something to protect again" Rune smiles warmly as he turns back to his human from with out realizing it as he closes his eyes. "Goodnight my Mistress" Rune whispers as he falls asleep.


    Rune yawns softly as he walks down the stairs wearing his broken armor his chest plate was mostly gone showing his chest and scares that looked like three huge claw marks going down and his back was showing as well showing off his tattoo of the bull skull as he has a bracelet around his wrist with a black gem on it. He see the girl and smiles softly. "Good Evening my Mistress how did you sleep?" he takes a seat at one of the tables as he looks over seeing Neko. "I didn't know cats got that big in this land" he pointed at him.

    Hades sat on his throne in the blank void his throne was pure white with cracks and spikes coming out of it as the shadowy man looks at his hand that was caught in the blue flames. "I thought I was the only one with this power" he shacks his head. "This pisses me off we made a deal his soul for eternal reincarnation so he can fight that monster" Hades stands up as he sensed something coming as he saw the little fairy creature. "What are you?" he asked opening his hand as he aimed at the beast creating a blue fire ball in the palm of his hand. "Speak"
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  15. Kasai would return quietly to her drinking and smiling silently as she was address and asked of her rest. She turned up the saucer styled up once again and emptied it of the last of it's fiery liquid before responding to Run "I hardly rest but well enough yes..." But his comment of Koe's species caused her to lift a sleeve hand before her face to mute a snicker. Koe on the other hand seemed... preturbed glaring at the seemingly human, newly turned Yokai he hissed "What it you smell as though YOU belong in a Barn" Koe simpered and seemed to be a bit of a damsel himself. His head turned and his nose shot up and he stalked out of the main room his pride was tender it seemed.

    Kasai couldn't help but laugh now and turning to Rune petted his cheek "That is your First Brother Koe, and the first I changed for our family. He is actually a Neko-Gama and someone you may want to be on your good side, he's quite the lucky one that Cat Boy is." She smirked and poured herself another saucer as well as him. Breakfast of champions in her book, but perhaps he didn't partake she was unsure, nor did she seem to care as she poured him a cup and then turned hers up once more while pushing his cup to him.

    - - - -

    The tiny Blue mer-fairy gave her message and giggling came to swirl about Hade's head. "Silly God of Hell there are so many Gods in this world, did you think you were the only one to control the Blue Fire of Souls? Lady Kasai will deal with you if you come to seek Rune's soul once again. You have been warned..." And just like that the fire spirit had served its purpose and passed from existence. Vanquishing itself so to speak.
  16. Rune chuckles at Koe's remark about the barn as he saw his Mistress pour him a drink. "Thank you Mistress" he lifted up the glass and took a drink of the sake finishing it. "Aw that's good Sake" Rune spoke as he sighs in comfort as he looked around the place. "I should go say sorry to Koe then I didn't mean to hurt her feelings" Rune spoke thinking Koe was a girl by his built and by his voice. "Or is there anyone else I should meet?" Rune asked as he looks at her smiling warmly.

    Hades watched as the creature vanished as he bring his hand down and clenching it into a fist causing the ball of blue flame to explode in his hand as he coughed from the smoke as he walked out and sat in his throne. "Lady Kasai hmm what sort of God are you to be getting in my way" Hades anger was rising as his body started to get covered in blue flames. "I need to speak to my brother Zeus about this" he sighed as he lowers his head raising one hand to his forehead. "How I hate talking to him, but if anyone knows about this it's him"
  17. Kasai couldn't help but to stifle another giggle as Rune mislabeled Koe's gender. His gracious attitude was enjoyable this early in the morning compared to the others of the family who were all boisterous and loud normally. Koe was an exception his feline-ish ways had endeared him to her. She liked cats to say the least. Which was so strange for a fox...Returning to the present she still his departure as he questioned who else he should meet. Her hand rest on his and her magenta eyes burned "No no ... In due time you will meet them all. Just have patience for now. Many of them are... Shy," She laughed full hearty this time. Her head tilting back and her hand tried to stifle this laugh but failed miserably. Finally returning to her senses she sighed "Koe will calm down he holds grudges, but don't worry we all irritate him. He is a cat after all." She sighed and poured yet another drink and sighed again.

    However, in that moment a rather large and dark black Raven floated through the window high on the wall of the tavern, dragging snow flurries by his tail feathers he would light to land upon Kasai's shoulder. She cuddled into his feathers and he gave a rowdy and angry squawk! She then poked him in the chest and then pointed at Rune. "This is your new Brother. Rune this is the Tengu Lobo. He doesn't say much, he's only just your senior. I turned him three falls ago." Lobo crooned and bobbed his head as if in agreement. "Though he refuses to take human or demon form and preffers to be a bird brain.." She gave a harder poke at him and he came down on the table with a CRAW~!
  18. Rune saw as the Raven came in landing on his Mistress. "A Tengu..?" Rune asked. "It looks like a plain old raven" Rune got up from his chair and walks over to the Raven as he looks down at it. "Well anyway it's nice to meet you Lobo" Rune chuckles softly as he took a seat at the same table the Mistress sat. "Well is there any work that you need done Mistress" Rune asked looking around. "Any heavy work you need done I feel like I should at least pull my weight around here I still owe you a great lot for saving me" Rune chuckles softly as he poured a another cup of sake and one more for Lobo. "Do you drink Lobo? Sorry I should have asked if you did before I poured you one" Rune chuckles softly as he rubbed the back of his head. "I mean this sake taste way better then the wine in Greece stronger to"
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