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    ARC 1 - The March of a Thousand Yokai
    Opening of the Seishin Hikari Temple?!?

    •• The citizens of Osaka continue about their lives as one day in fall suddenly a Shrine that was little more than a run down shack one day, over night has turned into a Brilliant Shiny and Prosperous Temple! Fully staffed to! What is more strange is if you ask anyone they'll say "The Temple has Always been there didn't cha know that?" What's more there is a festival being rumored to come soon to the temple to officially celebrate the arrival of their newest Head Priestess, lady Kasaisoru Seishin-Hikari - niece of local millionaire Kaza Noruyama, has taken her position at the young age of 17? HA! Little do the people of Osaka realize for the first time in centuries a Troupe of Yokai have come to settle in their prosperous city. Let the Games Begin! ••

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  2. Kasaisoru - GRAND HALL + INNER COURTYARD - within the hidden part of the Shrine.
    Dawn was coming, and the strength of night was slipping away, she could feel it in her bones her job had been done the day before but she’d only returned to human form a few hours ago. Holding time suspended while she worked her manipulation complete the moon was falling finally and as if a skip in time had happened dawn was set on track and the creature sat admiring her work through the various eyes of her subjects while seemingly gazing at a ball of red yarn clutched between dainty hands.
    Hazy almost ghostly pink eyes gazed endlessly at the red fabric of the yarn while her soft pink hair lay like lace across her shoulders in two tails while the mass of it was still loose down her back. She looked bedraggled, somber and calm this early morning, while a pair of ghostly koi floated about her. She was just considering them as a early sunrise snack when suddenly the walls to either side of her Grand Hall shimmered and in stepped a pair of twins, one with crimson eyes the other with bright blue but after that their human appearance were dopple - gangers, flawless mirrors to one another. They approached their Mistress slowly before taking a knee to either side and before her.

    | Nyshi - Blue Oni || Dychi - Red Oni |

    The thrown of shadows swirled about her and curled about in tendrils to lift her a bit higher her position never shifted as she asked “What do you two want this early in the morning?” There names were Dychi and Nyshi, a Red and Blue Oni respectively they were twins and being opposite ends of the same race had spoke Worlds of their true lineage … None – The – Less she’d taken their wish and soul tab’s and ended up with a pair of fine servant class Yokai. They’d never betrayed her yet at least. Dychi the more boisterous of the two spoke up first, for even though they were a mirror to one another in human form their personalities were the absolute opposites, just like their Oni race.

    “Mistress, it is the first true day here in Osaka, the Ceremonial bell will toll at dawn and the Shrine already has a line of Humans stretching the block outside." She looked up giving a small smirk “I believe we may gain some new wishes today don’t you think?” Kasaisoru’s pale eyes blinked and finally lifted the thrown slowly loosened from around her lowering her feet to the ground so that she could stand before slowly the shadows themselves vanished from physical status and returned to sweeping about, 12 slender tail like shadows that were always present in human form, sometimes twining about to form as her overall shadow to deceive the humans, but they were always there wriggling about like some ghoul that haunted her.

    “I’m aware of this Opening Ceremony, I assume the pair of you are here to ready me up then??” She stood in a simple black dress that seemed made of black swan feathers… but with a sigh she turned away from the twins as they both stood. Nyshi finally speaking “Ma’am we think the outfit we have prepared for you will be magnificent for today.” As always calm and happy Nyshi tried to soothe her Mistress’ inner loathing of work of any kind. It only two the pair a matter of moments and when they stepped away her hair was pulled into a single tail while the two sides had been tidied with red ribbons and they had dressed her In a white thing with red design and a rope of magnificent pearl yin crescents. ( outfit ). Stepping back from her the twins conjured a mirror between the pair of them for Kasai to look at herself better.

    She didn’t nod or agree with them but she also didn’t snap or growl or throw fire at them so they took this as a good sign when she turned from them and started for the entrance. She was Not looking forward to today and had already found a means for escape, but she had to at least make an appearance. Silently she called out to Isamu Fuki, holding on to the wish he held within her mind he would feel a tug on the strings of his soul a sudden yearning to be near his Foxy mistress would overwhelm him from her call.

    She reached the doors to the Grand Hall and they slid open away from her as she stepped through. Ghostly pink eyes blinked as the morning rays filtered into their illusionary home, built upon the material of the forest this place had been constructed by magic and pocket space manipulation. Even those at the shrine’s back doors could not see into the forest behind the Shrine. Only those with High spiritual energy and the training to use it could enter this space. Other oni and Yokai could if they were from her Troupe but those without connections to her would set off an alarm the moment they passed the thresh into this place.

    She stood in the inner courtyard just outside the GrandHall her eyes looking at the rainbow of sakura trees she’s cast here. No two trees held the same color of blossoms as the next and each seemed to glow in the pre – dawn dimness that clung here. As early as it was however, there seemed to already be activity within her Family.

    (( NOTES: DYCHI & NYSHI are my lil npc servants please don't kill them. I'm going to work on their profile soon and they are always played together. Only on EXTREME circumstances when Kasaisoru needs to get information or whatever to two places at once she will separate them then. You may play with them in you posts if you so wish ^.^ Just don't break their CHaracters please.))
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  3. Isamu Fukui
    Seishin Hikari Temple - Inner Courtyard

    "Why do you even bother calling upon me when I am always near you?" asked Isamu who was right before the doors, with a completely straight posture, to the Grand Hall and has been since about a few hours ago, as soon as his dark brown eyes gazed upon the beauty that was his master. For 500 years he has held in his manly urges in order to strictly remain as Kasai's right hand man and Guard. If there was anything he learned throughout the centuries, it was the fact that boss-employee relationships did not end well. Isamu kept a small smirk on his face as he shifted his gaze from the boss's pink eyes to the two servants behind her.

    “I am starting to think that you treasure these two more than your oldest friend, heh” commented the swordsman, who’s smirk turned into a huge grin as he turned around to walk towards the middle of the Inner Courtyard, being able to see the displeased looks on the look-alikes' faces before they were fully out of his view. His right hand was now on his sheath, always prepared for any trouble that found it’s way to the Kitsune. The way he dressed didn't really seem like the proper way a guard would, with a black hoody, black undershirt, black jeans, black sneakers on, and a green vest-like cloth over the hoody, but he was ready to risk his life for his boss nevertheless. The Ceremony that would be going on today would invite several humans to their front door, and demons were able to blend in with the crowd, so there was no telling how many attempted hits on Kasai’s life there would be today. The good thing about being able to train the body for 500 years was the fact that even in human form, Isamu could slice down demons with his trusty katana, not needing to rely on his actual powers. Demons had to lay low after all, because once a human spotted one, it would be very hard to convince them that it was all just a dream.

    “Did you just call upon me as a bodyguard, or is there something that you would like to discuss?” Isamu asked Kasai as he had his back to her, glancing around the courtyard one last time to make sure there were no intruders about.

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  4. Wahyu - Seishin Hikari Temple – Manor rooftop

    Wahyu lay on his stomach, leaning on his propped up elbows. His half transformed wings fluttered happily as the rays of the first morning sun touched them. In his half transformed state the tengu’s wing color was closer to bronze then the black of his full yokai form. The tiles of the roof didn’t seem to bother him even as his hands dangled a bit over the edge. The device they were carrying was clasped tightly.

    Beside him a monk staff lay under the half mask that he usually wore. Wahyu’s face was left exposed for once showing the terrible scars that ran from his cheek bone up around his head and down to the back of his neck. The left side of his head had no hair; instead the skin was a leathery texture with deep abrasions on his cheek bone and eye.

    The quiet morning was split by a curse as Wahyu glared at the Nintendo 3DS in his hands. Beeps and alarms came from the tiny speakers. “Shut up you stupid fairy,” the tengu cried heatedly. “I’m trying to beat the boss.” A small voice from the speakers cried – Hey, listen – and Wahyu let out a huge breath of frustration. His wings twitched in irritation even as his fingers flew across the console.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Yoichi Yamada
    Seishin Hikari Temple: Entrance | Eating Manju


    The red sky at dawn was something that never ceased to amaze the black-haired man. Other than sweets, of course, nothing can beat that. However, with the combination of the beautiful scenery in front of him, the silent air of a seemingly empty shrine, as well as the manju that sweetly enveloped his mouth, Yoichi Yamada seemed to feel that he was having an opportunity of a lifetime. While seated on the arc of the temple's entrance, the man nibbled on his treat while swinging his feet to and from, with a ecstatic grin plastered all over his face like he was a child from a candy store. As he finished off his treat while the daybreak began to make its appearance, Yoichi can't help but feel enthusiastic for some reason. Was it from eating too much sweets that a sugar rush was triggered within him? Or perhaps, was it because the stage for the ceremony was now set and its curtain was now rising?

    Yoichi licked his sugar coated fingers with a smirk forming on his lips, "I guess we'll see about that."
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  6. Asha ~ Seishin Hikari Temple/Rooftop.

    From within the silence of the temple laid a woman, young looking with dark brown hair clothed in a more casual looking kimono. As the rays of sunlight beamed, creeping in through windows and openings, her body gracefully arose from the floor to her feet. The silence was broken by cracking bones as each limb and each ligament was stretched to its limit. With one last roll of her shoulders, she grabbed the wooden katana like weapon from the floor and held it sideways with one hand, running the fingertips of her free hand down the length of it before giving it a sharp swing.

    The movements the woman took from there were as a dance, sparring elegantly with an unseen partner. This continued for several minutes before she froze in position, then lowered the weapon. There was a sharp sigh that came from the woman's nostrils as she placed the weapon back into its proper place, seemingly dissatisfied as sge bowed. The calmness that had remained from outside so far started to fade with a growing commotion. It was almost time. Without further thought, she quickly headed towards the large doors that lead outside away from the crowd of humans that was now gathering at the front.
    The temple had always been a mostly peaceful place that the woman often enjoyed walking around, especially more towards the forested area where some attempted to venture off into whether or not they had the ability. More times than not though, she frequented the rooftop where she could usually find isolation as she conversed with the endless sky. The normally quiet and empty place she took refuge in often was different today, as everything else would be this day. The sounds of action type music, footsteps, artificial swishing sounds of a swors and impact could be heard as she got closer to her destination. It was a game, one that she knew from the past.

    As the familiar sounds caught her ear, there was a twinge of nostalgia that tugged at her inside. Her attention was brought to the male who held the source of familiarity not moments after she set a single bare foot on the rooftop when he cursed and argued with the helper within the screen, a frustration she understood all too well. A shiver of remembrance danced up her spine as she changed not only her gaze but her attention to the horizon, redirecting herself to the other side of the roof to sit.

    Violet eyes stared at the hues of orange yellow and blue as the day began to break, dangling bare feet off the edge. A soft hum escaped from the woman's nose as she exhaled, gently leaning forwards as if to get a better feel. The commotion and calamity would only increase from here on out as more and more of the humans gathered around. Their voices could be heard all around as their curiosities raised and it approached the time they were all waiting for. "It won't be long now.." she reminded herself aloud of the coming event, more in anticipation for the end than the beginning that hadn't even been reached yet.
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  7. Ryo - Seishin Hikari Temple Rooftop

    Looking over at the rising sunlight was the nicest view. To him it looked like a future where you can leave all your troubles behind and a way to pose majestically in front of the sun to take a selfie. Thinking about the sunlight, he realised that he was in his semi-yokai form and that he wasn't even bothered enough to go into his full human state. He honestly thought there was nothing wrong with being in his full tengu for around humans, but for their sake he had to be human around "fellow" humans. Getting almost bored with the rising sunlight, the tengu decided to jump down. What if he falls? ... He decided to stay for a while.
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  8. A peculiar thing was present. A teenager-ish looking fellow in rather modern clothing. His head was topped by fluffy orange hair, and his eyes were amber-- just dark enough to not match. He sat curled up on the ground for the moment, rays of sun soaking into him freely. It was a battle between his body wanting rest and his mind snapping awake, that'd just gone down. Two pointed dog-ears nestled in his hair twitched, followed by a loud groan. He started to stretch and yawn loudly, producing a cacophony of popping sounds ringing through from his back and neck.

    He started to work up to a sitting position, sniffing around for a moment. Nothing felt out of place, but something felt different. It was the courtyard. He never passed through here before, and it was unbelievably tranquil. The air tasted clean, and the grass had a soft curl-- yielding under his semi-canine form. Akota yawned once more, standing upright. His tail seemed to sit low, drooping between his legs. "Reporting for duty. I must be here for a reason..." He said, eyes shifting around. He had no idea that he'd been called, or by whom.

    Kasaisoru didn’t even look at Isamu as he seemed to materialize near her from his already relevant position near her very path. Pale and ghostly Pink eyes were focused far away as he asked his first question, and gained no reply out of her because he was right, he’d been a constant shadow to her for so very long. He was her eldest and dearest friend too, or at least as close to one as she’d ever had. She finally blinked her cat like eyes and looked over at him as he told her she treasured the twins at her back. She quirked a brow giving a critical gaze at Isamu, the twins were simply down right irritating one of her worse Deals ever made in her own opinion. But they were … useful she supposed.

    There disappointment shifted quickly when Kasai glanced their way. Then the moment she looked back at Isamu they both pulled an eye lid down each and stuck their tongues out at Isamu. Kasai ignored them again to answer his questions. “Would I honestly need to have a reason to call you to myself?” Her critical look was back but a small play at a smile was tugging at the neutral mask she wore most often when around the family. “But yes you are right I do have intentions with you today. I believe it is time to go and pay a visit to dear old Uncle Noruyama today. I did send that letter out to him yes?” She asked a devious glint in her eyes. “Regardless… After this ceremony I believe we should go pay him a visit… I need to be clear with him to our new arrangement after all.” They would know Kaza her ‘Uncle’ was a human in which she’d been ‘Helping along’ all his life. She knew he’d NEVER make a wish, but the mere threat of her kept her in good public Relations. “Besides Isa, we must Thank him for helping us find this most beautiful of homes yes?” She asked a cheeky grin growing.

    About this time however she caught on to the sound of HIYA and animated sword slashes, she tilted her head as if she were a dog trying to find the source of the sound but she’d already found him “Wayhu you’re Still playing Zelda?” Cocky grin displayed her various teeth as she looked up at him, “Perhaps you should come along to see Uncle?” She smiled at her feathery friend “Seeing as you are having no luck with Link today” She giggled the sound emanated like a set of bells chiming their gentle brass chords. She hadn’t noticed Asha though having kept her distance at the opposite side of the roof she went unrealized for now as Akota suddenly approached looking tired and a little worse for the wear. She smiled at tis puppy like looks and reaching out gave a ruffle of his hair “I Didn’t call you but You should come as well” She smiled then turned giving little to no other interaction she turned and made her way through the courtyard, her slippered feet made barely a whisper as she moved to the other side.

    Dychi and Nyshi were distraught to see the lovely robes dragging about her and then seemed to scamper to catch up to Kasai. Upon reaching the second set of doors in the courtyard they too would open, but between this set of doors in the gapping width of their threshold was a semi translucent sheen it shimmered in the morning sunlight just barely there and yet still so very tangible, This was the TRUE GATE into the Shrine from the temple. Stepping through here you would have one appear in the Prayer Hall’s back chambers. This was the only true entrance to their little pocket of space that she had so carefully placed in this place that had once been Holy Worship.

    Stepping through the door and into the room was a bit disconcerting for some but Kasai gave barely a blink as she stepped into the traditional room rice paper walls and wooden furnishings abound from every direction. “Dychi …" The Red Onii smirked and jumped to the lead so that she and her sister could open the doors before her. Inside the Prayer hall they were greet by a ring of applause and welcoming from the local humans. Here and there scattered about the crowd were some of her own Yoka, acting like human servants tending to the needs of the humans and making sure the Shrine was kept in order with them all there.

    Kasai would step through the doors and give a gentle bow to the public. She didn’t rise up and the crowd grew quiet waiting once they were all still Kasai would lift up and announce “Thank you all so very much for coming to the opening day of our Pheonix Festival; I will perform the Dawn Break ceremony for you all this morning… I ask that you stay and enjoy all that our Shrine as to offer,” With little else said she bowed again and started to walk to the platform in the center of the room. Nyshi walked behind her only to hand her a staff made from false silver, several rings jingled about the staff as Kasai planted it’s foot on the ground beside her.

    Pink eyes slid shut and she would do a very short dance, that was in fact the very replica of one of the first Dawn Break Ceremonies. Tickled her to think just how silly this all really was. She had often disguised her families home. But never as a Shrine before this was truly one for her records. To have humans worship a Demon how silly they all were.

    At the end of her dance she would give a bow and smiling gently as if so very sorry she would say “I must attend to matters this morning with My Uncle. I would ask that you please excuse my absence from the temple today.” She said and once again moved on with her business as though she’d said and done nothing at all. She moved back towards the entrance of the Shrine and hailed Yoichi a pressure on his conscious told him that his Mistress was hailing him just before a soft voice cut across his mind ~Please Ready some mode of Human Transportation for us We’re heading to see Kaza…~ She said nothing else until their little party was now outside the front of the prayer Hall. She paused to run a hand over one of the foxy statues there and smiled waving to the lovely humans all running about. She wouldn’t like she was hungry.. but their Wishes would be much more satisfying for her.

    Glancing back at Isamu whom was surely her shadow still she asked “Do you think we should bring along any of the other kids?” Meaning any of their other Yokai family.

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  10. Haruko - Seishin Hikari Temple

    Haruko watched as Kasaisoru danced, it took his breath away. He felt almost calmed by it, how beautiful it was. It was just as his mother always said, the devil would be in a pleasing form. Once assembled with the others outside, he watched glanced around nervously. Unsure of what was to happen or where he should be, he tried to shuffle silently to the back of the crowd. Haruko, is not the most graceful being, as he proved when he stepped on several different people's feet. "Sorry.." He muttered nervously, moving along until finally on the fringe.
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  11. Isamu Fukui
    Seishin Hikari Temple

    Something told the old swordsman that his master didn't like the idea of treasuring the twins at all, as if she despised them, yet gave them credit for their usefulness. Yep, it was definitely that, Isamu thought, having been around Kasai for 500 years. They could read each other very well when they wanted to. As soon as that critical look on her face shifted just a bit to show a faint smile, Isamu's grin turned into a curious expression, since he expected her to shout at him or something like that. Nyshi and Dychi looked a bit disappointed with him, changed their expression to straight ones once Kasai glanced at them really quickly, then couldn't help but poke their tongues out at her right-hand man when those pink eyes came back to him. He would deal with them later, but for now he was to listen to the boss. Once she mentioned her uncle, Isamu knew exactly who she was talking about. Kaza was someone that she Kasai had been helping for quite a while, and in turn he did some things for her as well. A millionaire was a good thing to keep under one's pocket in this world after all. Isamu always thought that they could do better than him though.

    "Ah, yes, him. Alright, sounds like a plan. Please and Thank you is what we were taught to say before we could even walk, after all," Isamu smiled, following his master around the temple after their quick talk. Wayhu was on the rooftop playing with that damn game console as usual. "How about you do something more productive than kill virtual enemies, Wayhu. I could always use a Kendo sparring partner," advised the 8-dan in the very martial art he was talking about. It was then that Akota appeared near the demons. "You too, instead of sleeping so much that you didn't even realize you fell unconscious here," Isamu looked at the two back and forth with a disappointed expression on his face.


    "Not this again, ugh" Isamu commented as he walked through the True Gate that lead to the back chambers of the Prayer Hall, which was a bit hard on the eyes, but he would live. The demons then went through that room to get to the Prayer Hall, where all of the humans would be expecting the head priestess that Kasai took the role of. Isamu stood near the door as she did a special dance for all to ooh and awe and, all the while looking for any suspicious characters that would attempt to attack her. Fortunately nothing like that happened, and before he knew it, the ceremony was done as quickly as it came, or at least the main portion of it. Now they would leave the crowded area and visit Kaza. Once the party got to the front of the Prayer Hall, Kasai asked Isamu if there was anyone else they should take to Kaza's place of residence aside from those she already invited.

    "Well, I would assume that if anyone else wanted to come along, they would have asked. Give it a few minutes. In my opinion however, Kaza isn't even worth the appearance of any demon above Nyshi and Dychi in terms of relevance, heh," Isamu replied, just needing to get back at the two for their childish facial expressions. His grin only made them angrier.

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  12. [​IMG]

    ( Current location: Seishin Hikari Temple )

    The coffee cup was raised to the ravent's lips as he found himself captivated by Kasaisoru's dance, all too aware of the meaning behind it. With the dance slowly coming to an end, he merely nodded his head at her words. There was no reason for him to consider speaking up and indicating any interest in tagging along. After all, that meeting with her uncle could very well be a private matter. Besides, Isamu was accompanying her it seemed.

    Just as he turned to leave, a small noise escaped the male's lips as he was stepped on. Cerulean hues flickered over to the offender only to notice a familiar face. If he was correct.. the male should be someone who often frequently the temple- based on his scent, a demon as well. However, he wasn't too certain on what he was yet. "- It's fine. No harm done." He muttered, releasing a small breath. With that exchange, Ren turned away from the small crowd before him as he decided to head elsewhere. There was nothing else keeping him here- at the moment, anyway.

    Releasing a small huff, Ren strayed far from the dispersing crowd of humans. He wasn't too keen on sticking around and hearing their meaningless chatter. In a sense, one might say the kitsune was looking rather bored today. A fact that would change in the following hour if he found something to amuse him.

    @Link Loftin

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  13. [​IMG]

    ( Current location: Seishin Hikari Temple )

    Naomi could only roll her eyes at the abrupt disappearance of the kitsune demon, Ren. That man always had a tendency to run out on her, especially when things suited him. A small huff escaped her parted lips as she shook those thoughts away. It was better not to focus on that now. After all, Kasaisoru was about to begin the dance for the Dawn Break ceremonies. Her noise wiggled slightly as she caught the scent of other demons lingering within the crowd of humans watching Kasaisoru's dance. Perhaps she wasn't the only one who had taken an interest in her dance.

    "Ah.. and it's over." She murmured to herself, lips pursued in a thin line. A part of her was considering asking the higher level demon if she could join her, but that might be out of line for the wolf demon. After all, she wasn't in a high level position like Kasaisoru was. Perhaps it was better for her to simply stay put for the time being. Slender digits lightly combed back chocolate locks while she tried to decided where to go from here.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Kotaro Mogami
    (Location - Seishin Hikari Temple)

    A young man holding an umbrella and lantern while wearing a white scarf watches the dance which ended pretty well.

    "I have heavy doubt that the clan leader would just help me find education just like that. I'll have to look for a High School by myself," Kotaro was a little busy talking to his Tsukumogami comrades.

    "Don't be like that," the umbrella spoke, "I'm sure she'll understand."

    "I believe that she uses her time for other matters of her priority," Kotaro speaks, "my matters are of top priority to me. That and the orders the clan will issue. I will continue tomorrow. The objective is to find a High School, and I am not forgetting it."

    "At least get a bunch of friends to join you. First day of school is kinda lonely," his scarf speaks.

    "Ever since we arrived here, you all were my only friends. Until now, I still find this place rather alien, as if I don't belong," Kotaro responds.

    The umbrella seemed to pull him towards a certain someone. "Come on Kotaro, talk to someone! Start a conversation with 'hello' or something."

    With that, Kotaro soon found himself before a young, chocolate-haired woman. "H.... hello..." the human boy stuttered as a result of social awkwardness. "S... so how was the festival?"

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  15. Haruko was still lost. Being on the edge of the crowd was calming, but a little uneventful. Or maybe Haruko was impatient. He wanted to leave, but didn't want to leave by himself, that would look rude. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the poor man he had stood on earlier. He was straying away from the group. In a split second descion, Haruko elected to follow in his direction. Maybe it would be quiet where he went. Haruko could pretend he was with him, not look rude, and leave all these people.
    A few steps in, he started to panic.
    Oh god, I'm secretly following an unsuspecting stranger, thats not creepy or weird at all. Maybe it was, but hey, it bet awkwardly standing around the edge of a group. Now he could awkwardly stand all alone by himself.​

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  16. [​IMG]

    ( Current location: Seishin Hikari Temple )

    At first, Naomi could've sworn the male was addressing someone else until she felt his gaze on her. From what she could tell he was human- no need to mention anything involving yokai business to him. Although, she couldn't shake off the thought there was something odd about him. However, the brunette couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly. Naturally, her lips were pursued in a friendly smile as her chocolate hues settled on him. She did keep him waiting for a few seconds.

    "Hello. The festival is going great so far. I have to say.. the decorations are looking rather good this year." She answered, eager to converse with someone else. After all, it had been awhile since she had a proper conversation. "What do you think of the festival so far?" Naomi questioned before surprise briefly settled on her facial features. "Ah- I'm Naomi, by the way." It was better to introduce herself, right?


    @Crow // I'll reply later- almost 1:30 am here.
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  17. [​IMG]

    ( Current location: Seishin Hikari Temple )

    Ren wasn't blind- he knew he was being followed for quite some time now. The only question was how to approach this matter. Taking another quick sip from the coffee in his hands, he slowly came to halt in his walk. Cerulean hues flickered behind to peer at the male he saw earlier in the crowd. The same one that stepped on him it seemed. Perhaps he could provide some form of amusement for the kitsune? It was plausible, after all.

    "- Hey, you might as well just walk beside me." Ren called out as he turned to face the male. Seeing as how the other was following him, the kitsune had only come up with two conclusions. The male was either lost or he was looking for a fight. It wouldn't be the first time for the male considering his rank. Nonetheless, he ignored the latter of his thoughts.


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  18. [​IMG]

    (Location - Seishin Hikari Temple)

    Her first name when they first meet? This is pretty extreme.

    "I guess I'll introduce myself as well," Kotaro manages to smile. "Please call me Mogami. It's nice to meet you Naomi-"

    The lantern he held in his hand was shaking a little as he felt his hand being pulled.

    "I mean... Kotaro! My name is Kotaro! Not Mogami- wait no... my name is Kotaro Mogami. It's nice to meet you Naomi," Kotaro seemed to panic a little, but he swiftly calmed down. "Sorry about that, well anyways, this is actually my first festival ever since I moved here about less than half a year ago. I'm still trying to get used to this place. I guess I have to say that I enjoy the festival."

    Thinking for a bit, he wonders what to say next. Conservation was hard work!

    "Want to get something to eat?"

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  19. [​IMG]

    ( Current location: Seishin Hikari Temple )

    Maybe Naomi should have held off on her introduction for awhile longer- not that it mattered now. After all, the wolf had already gone ahead and introduced herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you t-" Her speech was cut short as she heard Kotaro correct himself, almost leading her to believe he was rambling a bit. "No worries. It's nice to meet you though." She finished her earlier sentence.

    "Really? Hm, there's plenty of places here to keep you entertained. I'm glad you enjoyed the festival- Lady Kasaisoru should be pleased to hear that." Osaka City was brimming with various locations that could easily catch anyone's eyes. Of course, it did make one question how many inhabitants were in the same position those in the temple were. Before she could grow distracted by her thoughts, his question lured her back into the conversation.

    "Oh? Sure, that would be nice."


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  20. [​IMG]

    (Location - Seishin Hikari Temple)

    With that, the two headed towards the other parts of the festival grounds, aligned with what one would expect of an average festival.

    "Pssst..." his scarf whispers to him, "you don't really know how to do this, do you?"

    "What is this place," Kotaro whispers back.

    "My point exactly," his scarf then continues, "try cotton candy or something. Strike conversation."

    That was a good plan. Go by instinct. Cotton candy. The heck was cotton candy? What was this place even? They looked like stalls but... some of them looked a little odd.

    "I guess I'm a little unfamiliar with festivals, but they seem to be pretty popular with this crowd," Kotaro comments in an attempt to strike a conversation up. "I never did have memories of a festival. I guess this'll be my first memory of the festivities."

    He looks around for a bit. "Why not we have some cotton candy?" Afterwards, he closes and sheathes his paper umbrella, before grasping Naomi's free hand. For a few seconds, he pauses and realises his action as his face turns slightly red.

    Withdrawing his hand, he bows and apologises.

    "S... sorry about that. I was a little excited."

    He realised that that wasn't very appropriate on someone he had just met.

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