The Marauders: Sirius Black & James Potter

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    Sirius Black

    Sixteen | Pure Blood | Gryffindor - Qudditch Beater | Animagus - Black Dog

    Dueling & Defensive Spells

    Potions, Herbology and Charms

    - The younger son of the Noble Black family, Sirius is considered to be the lesser son in comparison to his elder brother, Regulus. His entire childhood, everyone in the noble family looked down at Sirius and it wasn't until he finally enrolled in Hogwarts that he gained a friend. James Potter, a fellow Pure Blood and yet so different than what Sirius had expected.

    - James and Sirius quickly became best friends, faithfully loyal to each other and always there when the other needed them. Sirius joined the Gryffindor Qudditch team as a Beater when James was selected to be the team's Seeker. They made an impossible pair, but worked marvelously together.

    - Although never jealous of James and his loving parents, Sirius often becomes victim to depression every now and again, understandably. When Sirius turned sixteen he got into a massive argument with his mother and decided to leave the house of Black, forever. His spot on the family tapestry was burned, by the very same woman that had given birth to him.

    - With nowhere else to go after his abandonment, Sirius sought shelter with James. To his surprise, the Potters welcomed Sirius in with open arms and basically adopted him as a member of the family. Now it's Sirius's sixth year at Hogwarts and he's actually happy to be alive for once.

    * * *

    Amelia "Amy" Rodrick

    Fifteen | Muggleborn | Gryffindor | Oracle - In Training


    Defensive Spells, Flying & Potions

    - Although she is Muggleborn, Amelia has always been gifted from a very young age. It wasn't until she enrolled at Hogwarts that Amelia fully began to understand just what she was capable of. As a little girl, Amelia would frequently complain of Déjà vu and often could be heard speaking to others, even while in complete isolation.

    - Originally, her parents, believed Amelia to be mentally insane and considered having her committed. However, they were assured by Hogwart's headmaster that everything was alright, explaining that their daughter is just blessed with the gift of Sight.

    - Amelia's visions or trances happen randomly and she cannot, in any way, control them. She becomes locked in a state of mind, unable to break away until the vision or trance has completed. Oracles are very rare among the Magical Community, but after some investigation, it became knowledge to the Hogwart's headmaster that the last Oracle was an ancient ancestor of Amelia's paternal family. This means that somewhere in her father's family, a Squid (a Pure Blood with no Magical abilities) was married into the bloodline. It is not unheard of Squids being Oracles, Metamorphmagus or even Veela.

    - At Hogwarts, Amelia was sorted in Gryffindor and she easily became friends with Lily Evans and the two are often seen together all the time. Both of them being Muggleborns, Lily and Amelia get along quite famously. Amelia is a talented young witch, but is often teased because of her Sight. She is training alongside the Divination's Professor to learn how to master her abilities and use them properly.​
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    Mako Yukimura
    Sixteen | Half-Blood | Ravenclaw | Nothing Special

    Herbology, Charms

    Offensive Spells, Divination

    - Mako has always had a love for all things earthly. When she was younger she always managed to make the most dreadful looking plants come to life. Her mother thought it was because she had a green thumb. However her father knew that she was a witch.

    - Her mother having never been informed of the families magical lineage let shortly after Mako came of age. Her mother has not been seen or heard from since the faithful day she left aside from a letter every once in a while saying she would expose the wizarding world if she was not compensated. Not having the heart to erase her memories Mako's father sent money to her heartless mother.

    - Despite her main abilities being with plants, Mako has an incredible ability to bond with animals. Almost as though she can speak with them. Her favorite animal is the dog. The incredibly misunderstood pit bull is her patronus.

    - At Hogwarts she excels in Herbology and Charms. Despite trying her best she has always been rather bad at Offensive spells and Divination.


    James Potter
    Sixteen | Pure Blood | Gryffindor- Quidditch Captain - Chaser | Animangus - Stag

    Defensive spells, Hex's, Flying

    Herbology, Potions

    -James Potter was born into a pure blood wizarding family of considerable wealth. Both his parents were elderly, even by wizarding standards, and both died under normal circumstance.

    -Though more mischievous than diligent, James was a very clever student. At some point, he became Chaser for his house's Quidditch team, and he was entirely aware of his talent.
    - In his fifth year at Hogwarts he perfected the transformation into a stag and became an animangus.

    - James has a bad habit of hexing younger students and picking on those he finds inferior to him. He is a bit of a bully.

    I hope Jame's was okay. It's shorter than the other one.​
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  6. (Just one thing, James's parents don't die till after his graduation from Hogwarts.)

    Another year at Hogwarts. Usually the morning before he left for school would be occupied with a boring family meal or perhaps a not-so-compassionate hug from his mother, but not today. Those memories, along with a few of his belongings, were now banished from his thoughts. The family he'd been born into wanted nothing to do with him and for Sirius, that was perfectly fine. His new home, with the Potters, was everything he had ever wanted.

    When he originally came to their doorstep, soaked from the rain and holding only a small backpack, he'd been certain that they would turn him away. How foolish of him to think such a thing. They welcomed Sirius in and within a few days had adopted him into the family as well. Sirius couldn't be happier, living alongside his best friend and fellow housemate.

    "James!" Speaking of whom, Sirius needed to get the lazybones wizard up for breakfast. "Get up already, mate!"

    * * *

    The Rodrick household was quite busy this morning, packing and anxious nerves causing a rather stressful panic for the young witch awaiting her new year at Hogwarts. While her father was downstairs drinking his freshly brewed tea, the girl's mother waited patiently at doorway.

    "Do be careful, Charlotte."

    The elder woman smiled warmly to her husband adjusting the bag hanging from her shoulder. "I always am, dear." She could understand her husband's concern, though. Escorting their daughter to the train station is always a tad uncomfortable. Being Muggles, themselves, and not well adjusted to the magical world just yet, they felt nervous stepping foot onto the platform.

    "Amy!" The mother called, overhearing their daughter's shuffling upstairs. "We need to go or you'll miss the train, dear!"

    Forcing her trunk closed finally, Amelia came running down the stairs with her trunk lolling behind. "I'm ready, mum!" She grinned, blond curls a mess and robes sloppily put together. Nevertheless, her mother smiled and escorted her daughter to the car.
  7. ( That is just what google said. I couldn't remember much so I had to get a refresher lol )

    James let out a a loud groan as he heard his friend yell. He had stayed up rather late the night before wanting to make the best of his last day of summer and was now really too tired to get up. He let out a puff of breath then heaved himself up into the sitting position. He rubbed roughly at his eyes to get the gook that was caked there from too little sleep. He gently tousled his mess of brown hair, then turned and placed his feet firmly on the ground in front of him.

    He turned to Sirius and glared at his best mate. " Why do you have to be so loud in the morning? I was trying to sleep! "

    He grabbed the pillow off his bed then chucked it at his friend. After which he scratched his chest while he stretched then made his way over to his closet where he grabbed his Gryffindor uniform and put it on. The dress code said his shirt had to be tucked in, but he really never did it. The teachers loved him so what did it matter?

    After he was dress James turned to Sirius as he put his glasses on bringing ever thing into view. " So, what's for breakfast?"


    Mako sat silently awaiting her father to come down for breakfast. She had just finished cooking it so it would be warm when he woke up..if he woke up in time to see her off that is. Ever since her mother left he hardly got up out of bed. She had been forced to grow up fast. As the clock hit nine o'clock Mako let out a loud disappointed sigh and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote out a message neatly to her father. I had to go catch the train...write me if you get a chance...Love Mako.

    Mako knew very well her father wouldn't be bothered to write he was to busy trying to hunt down her mother and make her understand their lifestyle. She let out a sigh and made her way down the busy streets of Lodon until she reached the train station.

    Once through to platform 9 3/4 Mako made her way onto the train leaving her luggage out in the designated area. Not wanting to see her Ravenclaw buddies just yet she found herself an empty cart and hoped no one would need least not for a while.
  8. "Come on!" Sirius had successfully dodged the thrown pillow and reached for James's arm, tugging the lad, less than gracefully, down the stairs. Much in likeness to his Animagus, Sirius was bountiful with energy and easily ran to the kitchen with James lagging behind.

    The Potters had been so kind as to prepare a modest breakfast for the two boys. This included bacon, eggs, toast with assorted jams and jellies and of course, Sirius's favorite, buttermilk pancakes. The overly excited young man sat himself down and eagerly began consuming one item after the other.

    "Pace yourself, Sirius." James's mother scolded, her voice never capable of sounding harsh or authoritative.

    Sirius nodded, swallowing the thick mass forcefully down his throat. "Sorry, ma'am."

    * * *

    The Platform was familiar territory for Amelia, but not her mother. Already sensing the waves of tension rolling in waves from the elder's aura, Amelia suggested that her mother go back home. "I'll be alright on my own, mum."

    "Are you sure?" As if sensing that her mother was going to ask that already, Amelia merely waved and walked off towards the train, getting herself boarded. Amelia left her mother in a total state of disbelief, yet once she recalled her daughter's rare gift, everything returned to normal and she left the station without another word.

    Conversations with Amelia almost seemed pointless at this time. The young girl could basically read another's thoughts, predicting their speech long before the words are actually spoken. Even still, that's not to imply that Amelia doesn't enjoy conversations. She actually does socialize rather well and quite frequently whenever given the chance.

    Speaking of which, when Amelia happened across a free compartment with just another girl inside, she eagerly knocked on the glass window to get the occupant's attention. "Do you mind if I join?"
  9. James did his best to stay on his feet as he was tugged down the stairs. He may have been captain of the quidditch team, but dealing with Sirius Black was an entirely different story! As they reached the end of the stairs he felt Sirius's grip loosen then completely disappear. He watched as his friend ran over to the table then completely gorge himself.

    James couldn't help, but let out a snort as Sirius was scolded. He gave Sirius a look that said serves you right then sat down and ate his breakfast."Great food mum, but we really need to get going. "

    James stood up from the table and grabbed his luggage then pulled it to the door where he sat it down for a moment. He gave his mother and father a quick hug then headed toward the train station. This time it was his time to drag Sirius....which he did...all the way to the train station.


    Mako was startled by the sudden knock on the window and her eyes went wide. She was a rather jumpy girl when it came to people. She had never been much of a people person. In her opinion animals and plants were much better friends than actual people. She bit down on her lip gently then gave the girl a small nod.

    Mako sort of scrunched up in the corner waiting for the girl to come in. Her eyes never left the girl though. She was rather curious. Perhaps this one wont be as bad as the rest.

    Mako ran a hand through her red hair then gave the girl a weak smile " I am Mako Yukimura...5th year Ravenclaw. "
  10. Once they arrived at the train station, Sirius and James were quick to get on board. The two Gryffindors were well known among their fellow students, quite popular and not only their looks, but personalities as well. Although, a few of their admirer's would confess, the boys could have a rather nasty habit of bullying others when seeking amusement.

    However, what else is to be expected of to be expected of teenage boys?

    "James!" Sirius called out into the hallway of the train, "I found a compartment!"

    While waiting for his friend to join, Sirius made himself comfortable. Tossing his bag underneath the bench, legs propped up on the opposite seat with ankles crossed and his arms folded behind his neck. He'd almost fallen asleep by the time James came around.

    * * *

    Mako, as she had identified herself, seemed to be very sweet, albeit nervous. Trying not to come across abrasive, Amelia kindly returned the introduction with one of her own. "I'm Amelia Rodrick, but you may call me Amy, if you'd wish." She sat on the opposite bench from Mako, not wanting to invade the other's personal space. Amelia shifted her bag off the vacant seat beside her and smiled, her sea-green eyes curiously inspecting Mako from a distance.

    "So you're in Ravenclaw?" The coloring of Mako's robes made it painfully obvious, just as Amelia's placement in Gryffindor was known by the ruby and golden coloring of her own clothing.
  11. James followed the sound of Sirius's voice over the hustle and bustle of people catching up with each other after a summer of not seeing each other. As he was making a way towards the compartment Sirius was in James noticed a pair of girls sitting in the same compartment by themselves. They were both very pretty girls, but looked like they were polar opposites. One with fiery red hair and the other calm blonde hair. He gave the girls a cocky smolder that would have made most swoon then continued to his compartment.

    When he entered the compartment he kicked Sirius's leg. " Why didn't you go in the compartment with the two very attractive and alone girls...they looked like they could use some company "

    James gave Sirius a cocky smile and then sat down. " We should go in there in a few minutes and bless them with our presence. "

    Most girls absolutely loved James and Sirius. It was incredibly rare for them not to flaunt themselves when they were around...after all who could resist two incredibly attractive men who had the favor of most everyone in school. Any girl would be lucky.


    Mako relaxed a bit as she stared at the other girl and did her best attempt at a teasing smile " I just said that didn't I ?"

    Mako giggled a bit then looked at the compartment door hoping no one else would come through. Just as the thoughts had crossed her mind James Potter came around the corner looking as full of himself as ever. Mako frowned effortlessly giving him a rather dirty look. It was rare for Mako to openly show distaste for someone, however James Potter had been mean to her ever since first year for being so shy. She wasn't entirely sure if that was his way of trying to help her come out of her shell ....or if he was just a complete and utter jackass. Either way she didn't like him.

    Mako let the frown slowly fade from her face as she relaxed once more and he was no longer in her line of sight. She looked at Amy apologetically " I-i'm sorry that must have been a nasty look I just had on my face...James has never exactly been nice to me..."

    Mako's words came out as a nervous squeak as she silently hoped she didn't scare off this new girl who seemed nice...then again Mako wasn't a very good judge of character when it came to humans. Magical creatures and animals? Easy...but humans were an entirely different story.
  12. "I thought you had your sights set on Lily Evans?" The stubborn red-head from Gryffindor, one of the few women that refuses James's approaches no matter how desperately he pleads. "What happened to your determination, mate?" Sirius yawned, apparently finally feeling the fatigue grabbing hold. He doesn't sleep much during the night, preferring to wander around aimlessly instead. "Finally given up on her, huh?"

    Lily Evans is beautiful, smart and friendly to everyone aside from James. She will even humor Sirius with a conversation every now and then. "You know she gets really annoyed with us teasing ol' Snivellus." Lily's friendship with Severus is not one that people tend to openly accept. A Gryffindor and Slytherin do not exactly belong together.

    * * *

    "James is very self-centered and doesn't anticipate people's reactions to his bullying," Amelia spoke absentmindedly. The prideful boy of Gryffindor, someone that Amelia knew quite well. Not personally, oh no, but through his constant attempts to woo Amelia's best friend. "He is always after my friend, Lily. Do you know her? She's a red-head, very pretty and often seen with Severus?"

    Amelia, unlike a majority of the school, doesn't protest Lily's friendship with Severus. The boy is odd, she'll accept, but he truly cares for Lily and that much is obvious. "Anyway, just ignore him and if he gives you any further trouble..." Amelia broke into a grin, "I'll have Lily deal with him. That's how I got him to stop bullying me about" Amelia suddenly broke off conversation, looking out the window with slightly clouded eyes.
  13. James game Sirius a sly smile then leaned back on the seat as he crossed his arms over his chest. " I can't get anything past you can I Sirius?"

    James tapped his head all-knowingly then glanced at Sirius out of the corner of his eye. "I do indeed still fancy Evans...but since my charm does not effect her I figure I can make her jealous. " As he went on with his devious plan his smile grew wider. He leaned forward as if telling a secret.

    " One of those girls in that compartment is Evans best friend, Amy I think. And the other one was that weird red-headed Asian who prefers plants and animals over people. " James paused for a moment then rubbed the back of his head. " she is where I hit a bump in the road. It's no secret that she doesn't like all "
    James frowned at the thought of a girl not liking him. It was so strange and unheard of. After his pause he gave Sirius a smirk " That's where you come in. I need to be able to get into Amy's head so she won't stop thinking about me...make her like me. With the red head there that will be difficult. So I need you distract that one. Besides you're a dog and she likes animals."

    James laughed teasingly for a few moments then got quiet " So what do you think? "

    Mako's eyes went wide at the mention of a talent. Was this girl like her? Did she have unique abilities? Mako's shocked expression turned into one of excitement as she sat up a bit. " You have a gift he bothers you about too? " Mako had never told anyone about her ability to speak with animals and creatures. The only reason James knew was because he had found her speaking to Owls. Originally he thought that she had been crazy, but Mako had told the owls to stop him. James never told anyone of her ability to speak to animals, but he continued to poke fun at her about her social skills. His favorite thing to call her was a freak.

    " I have a gift too....." Mako paused a moment worried she would freak out then decided to continue. " I can speak with animals and magical creatures. " Mako blushed a bit then decided to change the subject. She felt that telling the other girl too much more would scare her off. " Y-yes I um know Severus....He helps me in potions every once in a while. He doesn't treat me like a freak either "

    She rubbed the back over her head then turned shocked as the door slid open.
  14. Sirius smirked, "So you want me to transform into my Animagus shape just to distract the poor girl?" Not exactly the more devious of the pair, Sirius wasn't so sure if he'd feel comfortable taking advantage of a girl's connection with animals just to aid in his friend's plan. "Have you gone barking mad?" He snickered to himself, flashing James's a sly wink. "Barking? Get it?"

    Sirius would go along with whatever James happened to construct, but that doesn't mean he'd do so without a bit of teasing and stressing his dear friend in the process. Haha, dear....deer friend, get it? Oh yes, Sirius is a comedic genius, ladies and gents. "Listen, mate, I don't mean to ruin your scheme or anything, but what makes you think Amy will even be attracted to you in the first place?"

    The shaggy-haired male joined James in the hallway, walking just behind him as James approached the girl's compartment.

    * * *

    "That's amazing!" Amelia complimented, wearing a large smile. "I don't exactly have a gift like that, but I'm an Ora-"

    Suddenly the door to their compartment opened and two boys, definitely not company Amelia was pleased to see, stood in the doorway. "What do you two want?" Not usually someone to be so callous with another person, Amelia's frown did not fit her face. However, she felt protective of the red-haired girl and refused to allow James to bully anyone in her presence.

    "Whoa, relax, Amy~" The younger male teased, stepping inside from behind James and greeted her with a dazzling smile. "We're just here to chat."

    Amelia stepped back, not comfortable with how close Sirius had gotten. "Not to be rude, but you're not welcomed here." She declared in annoyance, crossing her arms and turning away.
  15. James smiled and slipped in as Sirius had distracted Amy. He sat in the empty seat across from Mako. He shuddered a bit at the evil glare she was giving him. He was sure the girl was harmless, but if looks could kill he'd be long gone by now. He did his best to smile at the girl, but he knew fully well that once Mako was at Hogwarts she'd have a forest of animals ready to leap at her command. He shivered at the thought.

    James then turned to Amy and smiled. " You two looked lonely so we thought we'd give you some company..." He did his best to look genuine, but he was still a bit afraid of Mako. He was pretty sure she had not blinked since he got there. James shook Mako from his mind then turned to his target and gently placed his hand on her arm. Most girls would have loved to be touched at all by him, but this one would be a challenge.

    James knew of Amy's talent so he did his best to keep his plan from his mind " Besides I want to get to know you."


    The moment the two boys entered the cabin Mako had tensed up. Not because she didn't like them....well maybe a little because of that, but the main reason was there was something different. Like they had somehow changed over the summer. She just couldn't put her finger on how. She bit her bottom lip as the boys sat down and moved as far away from them as possible.

    When James smiled at her it made her sick to her stomach. How dare he call her the things he did then act like over the summer the pain would suddenly vanish. She had spent many nights crying herself to sleep because of the way he treated her. A lot of people had started ignoring her as well when he started bullying her. If James didn't like you most people didn't since he was such a great person. She did have one or two friends, but none she trusted with her secret. Except for Amy...if she could be considered a friend yet.

    Mako turned her attention to the window and did her best to ignore James as she watched mountains and fields pass by in the window.
  16. "That's not true," Amelia protested. She firmly removed his hand from her arm and given access to his inner thoughts from the prolonged contact, Amelia was able to view a snapshot of his memories.

    "I do indeed still fancy Evans...but since my charm does not effect her I figure I can make her jealous. "

    "So you want me to transform into my Animagus shape just to distract the poor girl?"

    Amelia knew his motives were entirely selfish and fueled by his own desires, she wouldn't assist him. When Sirius began chatting with Mako, the compartment immediately grew tense. The incredibly suave Animagus merely flashed his trademark smile and sat down beside the lovely woman, striking up a conversation about their impending arrival to Hogwarts for another year. At least Sirius was the more respectful of the pair. Either way, Amelia was not willing continue sharing a compartment with the two Gryffindor males.

    Despite being the youngest of the group, Amelia had no trouble shoving James aside, politely, and reached for Mako's hand. "Let's go find somewhere else to wait out the train ride, Mako."
  17. James began to panic as Amy asked Mako to leave. He must not have blocked his thoughts from here. Why is she so damn good. He grumbled to himself then sunk back into the seat. He looked to Amy and then sighed " I am sorry...I should've known you would've figured out." James didn't want to get Sirius in trouble even though Amy probably already knew he would do anything to protect him.

    James glanced over at Sirius and saw that Mako was doing everything she could to scoot away from him, not because she didn't like him, but because she was nervous. She's probably never been so close to a guy at all. He smirked a bit when he noticed the rising color on Mako's cheeks.


    Mako scooted towards the window of the train. She tugged at the hem of her skirt nervously then looked up toward the boy. Her cheeks turned bright red when she looked into eyes. They were incredibly pretty. " C-could you possibly scoot over. " After she spoke she turned her attention to the floor hoping her cheeks would turn back to a normal color. Why am I blushing. I have been around guys before..

    She let out a huff of air then lifted her head when she was spoken too. She bit her bottom lip. Mako didn't like James, but this Sirius character seemed genuinely interested in her. Besides....the train was moving and she didn't want to fall in front of everyone. Mako didn't want to upset Amy so she got up . She was not a graceful girl..nor was she lucky. Just as she took a step the train jerked and she began to fall.
  18. Happening to have the quickest reflexes of anyone in the compartment, Sirius leaped into action when Mako began to fall. Catching her at the waist, his arms wrapped around her small and seemingly delicate frame, Sirius held her closely and waited until she finally regained balance. Witnessing Sirius' kindness at the behalf of her new friend, Amelia wasn't about to force Mako away now. However, she did wish to have a few words with James in private. Without explaining herself, Amelia grabbed onto James' arm and pulled him out into the hallway.

    Behind a shut door, although they remained visible through the window, Amelia and James' conversation was unheard. "I know you're planning something, James." She didn't know all the details just yet and honestly, Amelia didn't care to find out. "Lily is sick and tired of you always fawning after her and she would't appreciate you using anyone else as a method of gaining her attention."

    Apart from his friend, Sirius turned all attention onto Mako. She truly is a beautiful woman. "Are you alright?" He didn't want any harm to come to her. While James and Amelia continued their conversation in the hallway, Sirius was left with only Mako's company. Not that he was in any way complaining about that, though.
  19. James was shocked by Mako's sudden fall. He was even more shocked by the fact that Sirius caught her. He couldn't help but laugh at the face Mako was making. She looked like she had no clue what to do. Kind of like a fish out of water. He was just about to say something when he felt something warm around his wrist.

    James's eyes went wide as Amy grabbed hold of him. He was rather shocked at the sudden change of heart. He had a sly grin on his face as she lead him to where ever it was. As soon as she began to speak though his smile began to fade. His smirk turned into a frown and then a glare. He knew fully well that she was right about Lily not liking him, but he just couldn't get over the fact that some girls didn't like him. Especially a mud-blood.

    He let out an incredibly frustrated " Fine I will stop.." He paused mid sentence and his smile returned " If you and Mako go on a date with Sirius and I. He seems to have taken an actual liking to her " James jerked his head in the direction of the two then looked back at Amy and mumbled under his breath " I don't quite know why though."


    Mako let out a small squeak as she felt Sirius's arms around her. She immediately felt the heat rising to her cheeks. Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell slightly open. " I-um-i-er-yes, yes I am fine " she looked up at him her eyes still wide like a scared puppy and gently pulled away. She let her gaze fall to the ground as she fidgeted with the hem of her skirt.

    As soon as Amy and James left the room she felt even more nervous. She spent the next few moments talking herself up so that she could look him in the eyes. Come on you can do this. He is just a person. An incredibly attractive person. Mako took a deep breath then looked up at him. Her eyes met his then she did her best to smile " Thank you. "
  20. "Sirius is actually a nice person," Amelia praised the son of Black. "He's noble, generous, kind and opens his heart to anyone that shows him acceptance." He is nothing like James and that's why he is more popular, although he doesn't abuse his popularity like James. "A date?" Amelia scoffed at the very idea of accompanying James. However, glancing back into the compartment through the window, Amelia had to accept that Sirius and Mako were getting along quite well. If Mako was to have a potential relationship with Sirius, the pair would need the opportunity to spend time together.

    Reluctantly, Amelia agreed. However, she had conditions. "You have to stop bothering Lily completely, James. I don't like how much stress you make her deal with." Always looking out for her best friend.

    Meanwhile, back inside the compartment, Sirius wore a smile and listened to Mako's unsteady voice. She was absolutely adorable. Sirius allowed her personal space on the seat, having scooted himself further away. "No problem, you looked to be in trouble and I didn't want you to get hurt." As Sirius' Animagus form might suggest, he's very loyal to those that he feels are worthy. This includes Mako.
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