The Marali Islands

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Start on The crash or after?

  1. On the crash. Let people move in afterward.

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  2. After. Have everything for the colonists all set.

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  1. Plot:
    The Colonial Era and all things in it are in full swing as Countries are either conquerors or the conquered when a storm leads to a discovery deep in the pacific territory. A rather large group of Islands not unlike The Philippines though with strangely far more variance going in enviroment from very low swamps to jungle to forest and up to very high and cold mountains. around this island are some of your more usual plants and animals plus what the natives can do. Whil not nearly as advanced the people intruding they however they are capable of performing feats they could only dream of. Miracles, Witchcraft or as they call it channeling the spirits. in reality it is thanks to a mineral only found on the Islands that was named the communion stone and miraclite to the colonists. They have been able to get the coast on a couple of islands but can't get in any further due to native interference. with their attempts to 'civilize' them and conflict over resources tensions are rising.
    The Colonists: From explorers to miners to missionaries to pretty much anyone really. Most aren't too fond of the natives unless succesfully civilized. though there are those that like them as is for various reasons. But most hold contention on The Miraclite.

    The Natives- The people who have lived on the island far longer than most. Wears differnt clothes depending on climate. The Northern wear plenty while Swamp have barely togas. all have tattoos and/or face paint for various things. While they can be very divided a common threat can unite them like no other as they have near identical religions. Not very advanced with only a few northern tribes knowing basic metal work but all are good at using the
    communion stone. especially the shamans.

    The Civilized- Natives who have been converted to the Outsiders (aka Colonists) way of thinking they wear proper attire unlike their old kin who wear barbaric clothes. Some who converted just didn't make the cut in their old lives. Some genuinely believed what they said. some joined out of fear or wonder of how advanced they were. others were kidnapped and indoctrinated at various ages.

    The Ones Who Went Native- Like those Natives who went civilized only they became like Natives.
    Faction:( The above ones)
    Profession:(Hunter? Merchant? Missonary? Shaman? stuff like that)
    Equipment:(What do they have on them near contstantly?)
    1. Standard Iwaku Rules.​
    2. Be decent to eachother.​
    3. keep it the time period.​
    4. If necessary i can change the rules as I see fit.​
    5. Have Fun!​
  2. [​IMG]
    ((It's an old image.))

    Name: Teri Vermale
    Age: Twenty
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Faction: The Colonists
    Profession: Missionary, though if necessary, she could be a nurse assistant.
    Equipment: The bible and a small switch knife given to her by her over protective brother.
    Appearance: Above.
    Personality: Will RP
    History: Her brother and her grew up in a small orphanage. Once they were old enough, they both ended up doing whatever they were permitted to do.

    Name: Leroy Vermale
    Age: Twenty three
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Faction: The Colonists
    Profession: He is a doctor as well as a researcher. He is often using the nearby plants for research in order to find better medicines.
    Equipment: Medical tools and plants.
    Appearance: Above.
    Personality: Will RP
    History: See Teri's.
  3. accepted
  4. Name: Adrala Drunis
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Faction: The Natives
    Profession: Mix of Hunter and Shamaness
    Equipment:A primitive spear of long stick and stome and a carved staff with a communion stone embedded into it. and an emergency or skinning knife.
    Appearance: Tanned skin like a majority of her people with a fur hood and cape from her first prey. wears a smaller leather like top and bottom showing plenty of leg and mid-drift with a toned body and plenty of paint all over, usually in red,black and white. has her spear and staff strapped to her back and knife to her leg.
    Personality: Warm to her allies,vicous to her enemies, A knowledge seeker, quite the leader, can be naive about The outsiders, A skilled hunter and shaman.
    History: Grew up in the jungle dwelling Viranis tribe who dwell in the trees. she was a daughter of the chieftains on the council that rules them she has taken up the path of a huntsmaster, mixing shamanism with hunting. and she has become quite good at it.
  5. Thank you!
  6. np. think you could send anyone this way?
  7. I'm afraid not. I don't particularly know many people on this site yet.
  8. drac.
  9. Name: Oceanus Lagunaspawn Aquos
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual, but leans towards lesbian.
    Faction: The Natives
    Profession: Shaman
    Equipment: She always has a blue trident constructed from hard, solid Miraclite.
    Appearnce: Oceanus is about 1.8 metres tall. Her skin is very fair and she is very slender. Her hair is of a very dark hue of night and her eyes, sapphire blue. Her very long hair veils her bare, flat chest and behind, and her loins are covered By her long hair as well.
    Personality: She has a pretty dull personality, and is not easily impressed. She is not fond of colonist, and will choose to fight to protect her home.
    History: Oceanus was born of the Aquos tribe, a tribe which inhabited the off-shore small island Aquosia. They wore little to no clothing as a significance of being one with nature and the sea. The Aquos tribe was practically one with water and nature, and nothing has changed that for now.
  10. accepted. welcome aboard.
  11. So anyone else going to join or shall i make the IC now?
  12. Worse comes to worse, wait for one more.
  13. Name: Rhonda

    Age: 13

    Gender: female

    Orientation: none of them but she is curious.

    Faction: the natives

    Profession: Hunter

    Equipment: Bow and Arrow

    Appearnce: 904766fa93329634321d90b4fcb2eae2.jpg

    Personality: Hardened, Fierce, adventurous, refuses to shoot anything if it is unnecessary.

    History: Grew up in the tribe camps, catching on quick with a bow and arrow, being a prized weapon for her skill even at a younger age, she never knew her parents because they wanted to send her off to be trained as a hunter since they saw her promise in this area of work from her first time with a bow, shooting sticks at the trees where she had scratched targets into them.
  14. pretty good but history is a little iffy. pretty much all tribes have some sort of hunter deal among them. so unless her tribe was somehow vegitarian they would have one.
  15. She is a special hunter. I can change it if you would like.
  16. oh? how so? is she like my hunter who is a mix of that and shaman?
  17. Her skills are different from that of a normal hunter, her precision exceeds expectations and her bow is made from an ""enchanted"" wood that her mother carved from a limb of a sacred tree that was deemed to only be used for the greatest weaponry. Her bow will not break without the force of that which a human of her tribes cannot apply to her bow.
    She has always been good with a bow since a very young age and has been excelling at this skill ever since.
  18. ah i see. still the stone likely used to "enchant" the bow is fairly common on the islands. the shaman at the very least would have an implement of a sort.
  19. probably. but it's ok as long as it isn't like, all powerful, best bow ever.
    (it's not)
    So, is she ok?
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