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    Hello, welcome to my thread you may call me Egolegume. I am older than you, live in AB Canada, with a diploma in Graphic Design, and work as a school bus driver. In my free time I run an independent let’s play team of six people called Noble Ranks (#nobleranks) releasing three videos weekly. I also write, read, and most applicable roleplay.

    This thread is my permanent search thread where I will be seeking one on one partners. Specifically I am seeking partners who roleplay over skype. My setup for skype roleplays is the following:

    • I create a new group chat for our in-character.
    • We use a normal chat for out of character.
    • Google Documents is used to organize notes, information and characters as they develop.
    FORTRESSSpace Pirate Captain (posing as male) / Captive
    Female / Female

    She is taken captive after being caught attempting to stow away, the thinks she is valuable and could fetch a price. When the Captain catches wind of the kerfuffle on deck they approach to find the woman. Deeming it unsafe to leave her to the crew, the Captain locks her away in the their cabin. Only to later reveal their secret the the young woman.

    FETTERED MEMORYKing (alpha) / Queen (omega) / Prince (King from another land - alpha)
    Male / Male / Male

    A King and sovereign of the Empire. His Queen, heart of the people. And their Pup, a princeling, Wolf King from across the sea turned personal guard dog to the royal couple.

    MERMAN NERD BBYSMerman Gang Leader / Human Drug Dealer / Merman Lieutenant
    Male / Female / Male

    A tiny shark merman gang leader meets and falls for a female human drug dealer. While the tiny merman’s, bigger shark merman boyfriend gets all grumpy that the boss is hanging out with a strange new lady friend. WHO IS SHE!
    My name is Egolegume I'm a cis female, pansexual with bright pink hair that runs a Let's Play channel called Noble Ranks (with 5 other people) and drives a school bus to make me the money!

    My work does split up my day this is my current 6 week schedule.

    • Monday - Sunday
    • 3:00am - 8:00am (first shift)
    • 8:10am - 9:00am/10:00am (time I take a nap, if I need one)
    • 9:00am/10:00am - 3:30pm (usual rp hours)
    • 3:50pm - 7:30pm (evening shift)
    • 9:00pm (bedtime! might get a post in before bed!)
    If you are interested in roleplaying with me you may contact me on skype (princess.power.dynamic) or post to this thread. When you contact me please tell me the following:

    • Which setup do you want to RP? Each pairing is titled so for ease just use the titles above each pairing!
    • Which role you want to play? If applicable choose which of the roles you want for the pairing, some I’ve already dictated who plays what, since I personally want a specific role. Otherwise, you are free to pick who plays what based on your preference.
    • Any kinks you'd like to play out or kinks you'd like to double check I'm into? Don’t be shy if you got something you’d like to incorporate (now or later in the rp) or have a kink you simply want to double check if I’ll RP it, please let me know.
    • Ask any questions you have. Seriously you got question, inquiries, suggestions, whatever have you let me know.
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