The Mansion Owner of Metcalf Street.

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  1. Well....This is the place...

    Sheila had never been a maid before. But she needed to have this job so she could live some place. Besides, she worked at a hotel before and had experience with house keeping. Sheila looked up at the mansion, and of course it was big. She vaguely remembered this place from when she was a teenager. Sheila had walked in the park and saw the backyard of it from where the park's path was. They had also thought it was the stereotypical Halloween haunted mansion that would be in movies. But, from the front, it looked very beautiful. She also vaguely remembered a child outside under a tree. She didn't talk to him though. But that was then and this was now, the child had probably grown up as well and long left the house.

    She decided that it was time to stop just gawking at the mansion and walked up to it, knocking on the door. She had her own belongings with her as well. Sheila had on jeans, a t-shirt and a hat on. She would only get into her maid dress once she actually began working. Pushing her black hair away from her face, she knocked on the door again and waited patiently.
  2. Marcus raised an eyebrow at the distant sound of a knock at the door. He rolled his eyes and put down his newspaper, he hated not having any servants anymore. Answering the door was just another trivial task he could do without. Before letting in his unknown guest, he glanced in the mirror and smoothed back his thick brown hair as best he could. Taking a deep breath, Marcus turned the handle and rolled his eyes,
    "Hello." he said with a nod, his facial expression far from welcoming. "Is there something you need?"
  3. Sheila kept herself from shrinking away. Not three seconds from Marcus opening the door, she was ready to say "The heck with this" and just walk away and pretend she had the wrong address. But, she wasn't going to do that, she needed this job and needed it badly. No one else would accept. "H-Hello," she stammered out. "I saw your ad in the grocery store and...Came to see if you still needed a maid," she smiled up at him, trying to seem polite and pleasant without seeming scared and nervous.
  4. Marcus squinted and gave her a hard stare down before looking her over. "I hope you're not planning on dressing that way to work, I'm not going to pay a maid to wander about my manse looking like a..." he stopped himself, deciding to be a little more gentle with the new worker. "Like some civilian." he murmered, standing aside and motioning for her to step inside, "Come in, there's a room on the second floor, down the right corrider, the last door on the left. I've prepared it myself, I can only hope it is to your liking." he said quietly, trying his hardest to soften his, often, hard features. He didn't bother to close the door behind her or show her the way, he merely retreated back to his study.

    The inside of the house was dusty, the particles visibly floating about in the sunlight that streamed through the lace curtains on the high windows. The wooden cabinets and silk cushioned love seats in the mainroom were covered with cobwebs and had no place to sit or place any decorations of any sort because they were littered with papers, wrappings and odd looking knick knacks. Marcus had lived there alone for so long he didn't notice the mess anymore. Or perhaps chose to ignore it. He was glad to be alone again in his study, and to be able to watch Sheila silently through the keyhole in the door, without having to be near her.

    Sheila cut off her thought right then and there. "I have a better work dress in my suitcase...I can put it on and start working if it is to your liking?" she asked while walking inside the mansion. Wow, this place really needed a good cleaning. But, that was of course her job. She nodded at what Marcus said about her room. "All right..." She watched Marcus walk away and sighed. She shut the door of the mansion and looked around, seeing the stairs. She avoided touching the railings as it was covered in dust.

    Once she found her room, she immediately got her work dress from her suitcase, a black and white dress sort of like a french maid's except longer and much less revealing except for it being short sleeved. "Well, if he's going to be mean to me. I'm going to clean this house top to bottom so he'd have no reason to do so!" she declared to herself as tightened her apron tight out of annoyance. She winced and pulled it a bit looser, as it was too tight. Sheila made a mental note to never tie knots or bows while she was angry. Sitting her things on the bed, she walked out of her room and went back down stairs with cleaning supplies.
  6. Marcus sat down and decided to try and finish reading his newspaper. The sound of footsteps on the stairs interrupted his thinking, he grimaced, and walked slowly, but aggressively, to the staircase. He nodded at Sheila, "I didn't realize you were so eager to get started..." he paused and gave her a curious look, "You didn't tell me your name, Miss." he frowned, raising an eyebrow as he walked up the stairs to stand beside her. The difference in height felt strangely refreshing to him, he looked down at her from his stature of 6'2", his hands clasped behind his back. Marcus didn't really bother to give her much personal space, but he did take a few of her cleaning supplies out of curtesy, to lessen her load.

    His nearly black eyes rested on her for a moment, the curious expression remaining. A faint grin appeared on his lips and he spoke softly, "I suppose I've forgotten to introduce myself as well... I am Marcus Humphrey."
  7. "Oh...Well, I am," Sheila said with a weak smile. She looked up at Marcus and realized that he was very tall. A six-footer compared to someone 5'4" was surprising to Sheila. "Oh...Uh...My name is Sheila, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mar--Master Marcus," Sheila changed her language for work, at the last job, she was told to refer to them as Madame or Master. She noticed him take the cleaning tools and wondered how he suddenly had a change of heart. Sheila also noticed that Marcus was pretty close to her. "O-Oh..."
  8. A crooked smile formed on Marcus' lips, he enjoyed seeing how nervous Sheila was. He repeated the name silently, rolling it around in his mouth like a hard candy. "Well, Sheila." He whispered, getting himself a step closer. "I'd much rather you keep it to..." he paused midsentence, wondering how to say it. Should he whisper it in her ear? Hiss it? Growl it? So many fun possibilities to keep the girl on her toes. His odd smile faded quickly, another dark look creeping onto his face, Marcus bent down and whispered in her ear, "I'd much rather you keep it to Master, if I ever hear you call me Marcus I'll fire you on the spot with no pay, is that clear, girl?"

    Standing up to his full height, and carrying the supplies down to the bottom step, Marcus didn't bother with a glance as he went back to his study to watch her again, laughing silently to himself. "Oh, this is going to be fun. Very fun indeed." he smirked, the mental picture of her nervous expression looked over again and again.
  9. Sheila couldn't keep her rising blush away. He was way too close for her comfort and it was making her very uneasy, just as Marcus wanted. She flinched when Marcus began to whisper in her ear. His volume was honey-coated, but his tone and words were definitely otherwise. She jumped a bit and looked very shocked at Marcus's demand. "B-Bu--..." she decided that living under a roof was more important and just nodded. "Y...Yes Master..." and she went on to do her chores.