The Mansion on the Hill Request!!

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  1. Character A is the niece/nephew of a scientist. Of course, A doesn't know what type, or even what their uncle was researching. They only knew of him because their mother told them about him. But, years later, A's uncle suddenly dies, and, in his will, leaves practically everything to A, including the huge house he owned, in a secluded area on a hill.

    Of course, being broke, A moves to the mansion. They go through all of the stuff, and find a journal, with little notes made out to them on sticky notes, and pages filled with various journal entries, which speak of their uncle and his assistant, Character B, conducting research on some unknown thing. Important information has been blocked out on the pages with ink scribbled over the words, and drawings just blotted out.

    Curious about this, A sets off to find character B and find out more about their uncle's research.


    This is an idea I'd love to do with someone, because it could turn out to be a lot of genres depending on the way it's played? And it just sounds fun to me! If anyone's interested, please pm me or post here!
    I have a few ideas for where it could go. Also, I'm totally open for romance.
  2. This sounds very interesting, I"d be up for working on this with you!
  3. Neat!! mind messaging me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.