The Mansion on 13th Street

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  1. Setting: Boston, Massachusetts. Present Day
    Plot: 15 year old Sarah Emerson has been called in to her High School Mystety Club to investigate disappearances of people in the 13th Street Mansion. Rumors float about that the disappearances were caused by the spirits that inhabit the old home. At first Sarah and her friend Ashely don't believe the rumors, but they soon find out everything is not what it seems.

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    Sarah and the other members of the Boston High School Mystery Club had left their usual Friday meeting in Miss Hannele's room. Sarah was the last one to leave as usual. Mainly because after her father was amitted to the hospital, she had resorted to self-harm, mainly cutting, to relieve her problems. She had received a guidance request slip for Wednesday in homeroom the previous day. Ashely looked at Sarah and said:
    "You coming or what?" Sarah looked up startled and headed out the door.
    "Don't forget to stop at my house tonight." Said Ashely. As Sarah stepped in her mom's car, she asked if she could come to Ashley's house.
    "I guess it's ok." Said her mom as she drove Sarah to Ashely's house.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.