The Mansion of Horrors.

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  1. Violet Sight panted as she stumbled up to the double doors of a large mansion. "Hello?" She asked hoarsely, her hand hovering over her pistol. Her black hair was draped over her back, but her bangs hung across the right half of her face. She knocked. No answer? She opened the door slowly, revealing a lit-hallway. "Um..c-could I come in?" She asked, now leaning against the doorway. If she had to go any further, she probably would collapse. I should have left earlier.. She thought to herself tiredly. She bit back a yawn. "Hello?"

    Mansion (open)
    Hall: [​IMG]
  2. Martizio Vendlur sat in his library, the faint glow of the candelabras shined through the windows. Martizio had lived in this mansion for 4000 years, 1000 years short of the day he was born. Martizio was a very....subtle demon, when he wanted to be anyways. He had been sent up to earth for trying to rule hell and push satan off his throne. However Satan seemed to win that battle and cursed Martizio to be forever alone in his little mansion.

    He heard the small echo of a girls voice. Martizio disperssed into thin air his book falling in the chair he had been sitting in. as his ghostly self went down the hall the canalebras went out. He found himself not far from the girl, but unseen in a dark corner of his house. "Hello fair maiden, please enter." His voice was loud, martizio threw his voice so that it sounded like it was coming from a balcony up a stair case that was too her left.
  3. Violet stumbled forwards slightly, looking around. "Uhmm..h-hi." She said tiredly. "I'm V-Violet. I go by Vi." She bit back a yawn and smiled slightly to the unknown presence. "Thank you." She added. She felt her knees shake slightly, but didn't react. She slid her hands in her pockets.
  4. Martizio watched the girl walking behind her still throwing he voice he spoke again. "No problem young lady, people always stumble" no longer throwing his voice. "Here" Martizio chuckled and disappeared before she turned around.
  5. Violet looked around a little, wondering if she was imagining things. "Uhh..o-okay." She yawned slightly and criticised herself mentally for it. She stumbled around a little, sitting in a chair by a window and resting her hand on her hand. "D-do you have a name?"
  6. Martizio was shocked at how relaxed she seemed. "My name is Martizio." Martizio lit up the candelabras with a snap of his fingers and he appeared by a door in front of her with a silver tray and a small cup on the tray. He approached her slowly. "Would you like some tea. M'lady?" Martizio bowed before her a devilish look in his eye's. After she took the tea, Martizio stood straight and twirled the tray on his finger until it disappeared. "Now we should get you warm. Please come with me." Martizio put out his hand for her to take. "I have a fire place you can warm yourself by."
  7. Violet took the tea, taking a small sip before reaching up, holding his hand quietly. She figured that the tray disappearing was her imagination, and decided that she should be careful as not to offend him. Standing up, she kept from yawning and took another sip of the tea. "Thank you." She said quietly.
  8. Martizio lead her to the fireplace and sat her in a large hair. It was an extremely comfy chair as well. like sitting on a cloud. "and here my a blanket." Martizio said as he wrapped a blanket around her. "don't be afraid to fall asleep. I will make sure no harm comes to you. You are actually the first to come to this mansion in a very long time." Martizio said smiling at her and lighting the fire with a snap of his fingers. "So what is your name my lady?"
  9. Violet sat down, curled under the blanket and sipping the tea quietly. "Really? Huh." She yawned slightly. "Cool. I'm Violet, but you can call me Vi for short." She said, smiling at him lightly. "You're really nice..thank you."
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