The Mansion Down On First Street

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  1. "Welcome to the Mansion down on First street. My name is Andrew, the owner of this place." He looks to be the tender age of 16, looking a little short, with short, messy black hair and bright brown eyes."Come in. This is a place where all is welcome." He gestures you to come inside, there you meet a whole variety and assortment of other teens. A happy family, one might say. "Will you be staying?"

    The maple woods mansion. Is a place where teens can come and feel accepted from the harsh and cruel place we call Society. Everyone here has their own story, so don't be shy. Anthropomorphic, aliens, ghosts, humans, goblins, elves, homosexuals, heterosexuals, transexuals, pansexuals, everyone is accepted and there's always something new to discover within these walls.
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  2. It was one of those bright, clear nights where not a single cloud was out and all that could be seen was the twinkling of the stars. The kind perfect for stargazing, a moonlit walk, or a classic portal summoning. As if on cue a dark swirling mass of black and red seemed to stretch and warp until it was just big enough for a person to walk through. Something did come through it but not a person nor did it even 'walk'. It more or less somersaulted through the balmy, summer breeze before coming to a standstill in midair. No, it wasn't a person but Marshall Lee the Vampire King and heir to the Demon realm. If the bright red eyes and fang marks on his neck wasn't proof enough.

    "Ah cool it worked," He said to no one in particular. Marshall pocketed the dimension blood stone portal in his right pocket before floating over to a near-by bench. It seemed as though it had taken him to one of those things humans called, 'parks' judging from the trees and elaborate fountain smack dab in the middle of it all. He sat down on the polished wooden seat and strummed a random tune on his electric guitar, waiting for his sister to make it through to the 'flip-side'.
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  3. Such a lovely night it was, the stars were shining and the moon was on the horizon of the ocean. Such a beautiful moon and ocean were what the young lady Varina was admiring on an empty pier. She was sitting on the edge and wringing out her wet locks of blond hair, having just jumped out of the water. The full moon was reflecting off of her aqua tail that matched her eyes and the ocean itself. Most mermaid's tails were shades of blue. Mermaids with blue tails were less likely to get caught by fishers. However, mermaids with brown or green tails also were good at blending in with the ocean. It was the mermaids with bright red and black tails that were in danger of being caught. Varina was lucky that her tail was such a lovely shade of blue.

    Varina slowly and lightly dried herself off with a towel so that she could blend in with the humans. It hurt a little to have the rough cloth steal moisture from her body, but Varina did not have much of a choice unless she wanted to be skinned or sold or both. So she dealt with the light stinging sensation and was glad when she was done drying herself. Once she was she could get dressed in her floor length skirt and conservative blouse. Today, her outfit was different shades of pink. Varina did look nice in pink, as well as blue. The pier Varina was sitting on was run by a few mermaids and acted as a sort of checking place for mermaids who wanted to tread on land for a bit. Here, everything was paid by the queen and so mermaids were provided with what they needed. Each one would get human clothes that covered their tail, bottled salt water, a wheel chair to move around, and a map and such of the area to they would not get lost. Varina's stuff was already packed, so once dressed she hoisted herself up into her wheel chair and then grabbed her bag. She looked like a human girl in her new outfit, a human girl in a wheel chair. She was ready to go.

    So, she rolled off the pier and started to head to her destination. Varina could only spend so long on the surface, so she wanted to do as much as she could. She specifically wanted to read. Paper did not do well underwater, but Varina had an obsession with reading. It took her a very long time to read a human book, but she would never get bored while reading one. She would retain every detail and enjoy every moment. Now, there was one problem with Varina's love for books other than the fact she could not bring them under water. Although she loved to read, libraries tended to make her very nervous. She had been approached by many weird humans before in libraries so she had grown a fear of them. Instead, she got all of her reading time in at a special mansion. In this place, she did not have to hide her tail, although she still did. They had such a gigantic library with all sorts of books. The important part was that she was accepted there to read whenever she wanted, so that's where she would go whenever she came to the surface. This visit was no exception.

    The mansion was a bit away from the pier, so Varina had quite a roll to go. Her arms were already getting tired. She let out a sigh. "It will be worth it once I get there. I just have to get this hunk of metal going."
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  4. Andrew was seated on a chair in front of a large window in the Mansion. The moonlight spilled it's brilliant glory onto the ground. He sat there, looking up at the full moon. A beautiful night he smiled and stayed as still as possible, feeling like he was going to fade in with the room.

    The manor, handed down by his grandfather, stood lonely from the other rows of houses, making it look ominous and even a little magical. It was magical, for the manor had many doors leading to nowhere on particular days and staircases that lead into other dimensions. Closets that actually hid skeletons, and secret passageways that lead into different rooms of the manor. Enchanted, was what the house was. But for the still Warlock, it was just another lonely night in his humble abode.
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  5. A soft fog had developed among the streets and alleyways of this humble town. Bordered by two seas, one of water, and one of endless Evergreens, the town held a friendly, almost harmonic vibe to it. Some might argue that it was eerie, disturbing, and a refugee of the unknown, but a certain android would argue otherwise. Shifting through the darkness and grey fogs of the night, a rather peculiar young man standing a fine 5'11" emerged. He walked with an almost directive, his motions stern and unnatural at times, awkwardly twitching before continuing along. Bandages covered the entirety of his lower jaw, as well as wrapped around his very odd attire consisting of the wonderfully radiant colors of grey, black, and white.

    To an ordinary citizen, C11-D637, while unusual, would look no different than an average human. However, those of the more keen eyes or a degree in biology would note severe irregularities of an average human. Starting with the face, minus the bandages, his eye color of grey was unnaturally bright, brighter than that of contact lenses. Skin complexion looked void and paled, holding this abnormal beauty of imperfection to him. Finally, he was singing a soft chime aloud, which echoed throughout the streets and held an artificial, "autotune" pitch to it.

    You can lift your head up to the sky
    Take a deeper breath and give it time
    You can walk the path among the lines
    With your shattered Frame of Mind

    Combined with the darken skies and fog of the environment, the artificial singing didn't bode well for the scenario. If Night had not been running fully on protocols and self-initiative commands, the invitation to the manor would raise a few eyebrows. However, with his recent escape of his former benefactors, the android could think less of it, consumed with his desire to fit in normal society and not be a mechanized puppet for military contractors. Turning around a corner, his scanners pierced through the night, his grey eyes practically glowing as he spotted a rather peculiar individual on a wheelchair.

    Approaching the wheelchair girl cautiously, the robotic humanoid felt an unsung instinct within his intelligence sectors to assist the mortal. Ironically, despite being a free-willed robot, the desire to help humans still resonated within Night, which contrasted the usual depiction of rebellious, murderous androids the media shown. Walking with a gentle grace, the soft tapping of flesh and steel echoing, C11-D637 approached the struggling girl in a wheelchair from behind.

    "Hello!" he spoke sonorously and apathetically, unintentionally making the young woman probably jump in her chair. "M-My name is C11-D637, and I am a Inorganic Sentient Automatic Anarchic Computer! Or, I.S.A.A.C for short! You may also r-refer to me as Night." the overly friendly man spoke, his words stuttering a bit as he bowed before the beautiful wheelchair individual.

    "M-May I assist y-you? Whilst I am no longer constrained to orders, I find...comfort if you will helping organic mortals." C11-D637 explained, a slight nervousness in his autotune voice, chuckling lightly in embarrassment and scratching the back of his raised hood with his left hand. Awkward? Yes. Sociable and willing to serve? Certainly.
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  6. At first Marceline was a little reluctant in visiting the mortal realm since the last time she had stayed there...well lets just say she had a falling out with a certain wizard boy. In all honesty, she was glad to be rid of the psycho jerk wad but it still kinda hurt sometimes. But of course the prospect of finding something new and dangerous had all but convinced her to come along to one of Marshall's 'Dimension Road Trips' as they like to call it. Marceline has been to the human world a whole bunch of times now but its been at least a maybe two centuries since she last visited. She tries to avoid it after the whole ex-boyfriend incident that happened and distracted herself with the never ending universes floating around in the endless 'doors' of space time continuum. Then again 200 years is just about enough time to get over the stupid magic user. Besides that she was eager to see what the ever imaginative human's were up to. They always had something new and shiny up their sleeve every few decades so who knew how much they've invented in the last centuries.

    That's basically how things led up to her hurtling through a portal and up into the star speckled horizon. Her body was silhouetted against the perfect sphere of the bright new moon as she hung perfectly suspended in midair until suddenly plummeting towards the cobbled ground. With eyes sparkling in anticipation, Marceline continued her dangerous decent to the bone-shattering ground until she was about a tree length away from smacking head first into the side of a park bench. But of course at the last minute she managed to do a pull up maneuver and cartwheel through the air before floating like a feather beside her brother. As usual he was playing away on his guitar which they had both gotten custom made in Guitar and Mars. Martians were surprisingly hospitable aliens.

    "Hey there Shortstack! Miss me?"
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  7. With a final strum of his guitar, Marshall casually turned to his sister and raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.

    "Shortstack? Last time I checked I was the one four inches taller Funsized," He retorted, grinning in amusement. He ruffled her hair just for the sake of annoying his sister further before jumping up into the warm, summer air.

    The portal still swirled and stretched unnaturally in its surroundings as it continued to slowly destabilize. The thing about these floating little passages of time was that they often don't last very long and popped right out of existence if no one was there to continually replenish it. He figured that the portal had a good five to six hours at best before disappearing but that was still too much of a risk. Taking his hatchet like guitar in his hands, Marshall swung it straight through the warp opening and successfully cut off the signal to the 'other side'. Most times it was perfectly alright to leave one so high up in the air that no other intelligent life form (except for birds and the occasional insect) could accidentally stumble through but in this case the danger was more of what would come through after them then what would get inside.

    His mom at least taught him one useful thing in all his 1003 years of life. Always destroy a portal leading to the Demon Realm. It wasn't more to keep the human's safe but the fact that if hordes of demons were to come through to the mortal realm then there wouldn't enough souls left for his mother to eat. Marshall and his sister didn't really care about that though since they 'lived' primarily off the color red, sucking the delicious color from apples, strawberries, and red velvet cake. Though human souls tasted pretty amazing they didn't settle well in the stomach. Always flying around and groaning until finally being digested. He swore off the stuff when a stubborn poet guy named Poe (or was it Edgar?) refused to be digested and literally stayed holed up in his digestive system for an entire month before Marshall let the damn spirit loose.

    If he didn't really care much for what happens to humans then why would he destroy the portal you might ask? Well he came to the inevitable conclusion that if all humanity died overnight then he would lose one, what he called 1,363 wonders of the space time continuum. Marshall had stumbled upon the mansion on one of his solo exploration trips to the human world. The amount of portals holed up in that place should have made it a gigantic swirling black hole by now but it still stood as perfectly as it did a few decades or so ago. He had gotten pretty close with the owner but he figured since it had been a while that the old coot would be long dead by now. It wasn't exactly that far off either since without even using his 'demon eyes' Marshall could spot the magical aurora coming from the place.

    "Hey Marce, come up here and check out mansion," He called, hovering high above the treetops. He estimated that it would take about five maybe even three minutes of flying if they went full speed to get there.
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  8. The Mansion on First Street, the kids were saying. They described it as a big spooky haunted mansion, filled with ghosts and ghouls and demons that would snatch up anyone brave (or foolish) enough to enter. Sitting comfortably in the body of one of their fellow middle school students, Kuro was able to catch quite a bit of the rumors before the other kids shooed him away for being too creepy. Kuro was still getting the hang of the whole "school" thing, with all of its weird cliques and unspoken rules. School didn't exist in his home universe: knowledge was simply passed down from the parents or shared among friends. Or, in Kuro's case, stolen from the dead.

    At any rate, Kuro felt oddly drawn to the mansion all the kids were talking about. It was the first he had heard that resembled the magic he'd grown so accustomed to before (though he didn't understand the hubbub about demons, as Zetan demons were actually quite friendly), and the thought that perhaps it did exist here on Earth excited him. He longed to walk around without having to constantly monitor the thoughts of the body he was borrowing, to calm their fears and beg for just a little more time.

    If you're gonna go to that mansion, the boy Kuro was currently possessing huffed, can you at least drop me off at home first? Mom and Dad have gotta be worried sick about me!

    I guess so, Kuro relented after a moment's thought. Spirit and host could communicate freely through a sort of internal telepathy. This wasn't the first night that Kuro had borrowed this particular boy's body, so the two of them were uncomfortably accustomed to the idea.

    That afternoon, after school let out, Kuro walked the boy home and left his body for the night, returning to his quaint shelter hidden away in the forest. He had enough supplies stuffed in the hollow of a tree to get him through the night; he just needed to stay hidden on his way to the mansion. His footsteps barely making any sound, Kuro walked through the forest to the neighboring park.

    A voice from above the treetops caught his attention. Looking up, Kuro could faintly make out what appeared to be people floating up in the air. Nonsense. It couldn't be that easy, could it? He just started for the mansion and already he ran into what appeared to be magic. It had to be a trick. Wary, Kuro stayed hidden in the cover of darkness, behind a tree, and watched.
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  9. (It's Edgar. Poe is his last name. I think....)
    Andrew sensed a couple of different presences around the small town. What a strange bunch. A mermaid, a robot, two vampires. It was a little overwhelming for the the Warlock. Being in solitude for so long, he forgot what it's like to have company. I'll be alright by myself. I don't need anyone, was something he always told himself.

    Andrew stood up and flicked his finger, making the halls light up and the mansion bright, cutting through the fog surrounding fog. He stretched his arms and sighed before walking down the creaky stairs and into the spacious living room decorated with old furniture with floral patterns decorating it. He flicked his finger at the fireplace, making it come alive with fire.
  10. Kaito was silent.He flicked his tail and looked at his surroundings,his deep blue eyes glowing slightly because of his wolf heritage.He had on a kind of worn blue T-shirt on and a loose pair of black jean,'Where have I come to now?'He asked himself,his tail flicked again.He was quick and leaped up into a tree and saw a mansion in the distance.He tilted his head like a puppy,'What's that?'He sat on the branch,debating whether or not to investigate or to just leave it alone.

    His pitch black tail hung off the edge of the branch as it swayed back and forth.His ears twitched at any sign of movement.He sighed and stretched,"Oh why not?"his voice sounded unused but gentle.He leaned back and fell off the branch and quickly grabbed another to soften his landing.He smiled content with himself,"And they say only cats land on their feet."he joked.
  11. Varina slowly trekked along, having a little bit of trouble getting her wheelchair up a steeper slope. She was focusing on getting herself to her destination, but was also trying to be very careful. Varina was a pretty girl, was alone, and seemed to be disabled. Varina was well aware that this made her look like an easy target. She had always heard stories of mermaids that would get attacked by human men and would end up dead or injured. The human world was always one that was quite dangerous for mermaids. Many mermaids were very fearful and stayed in the water their entire life. They were too afraid to discover the wonder of the human world. The streets were generally empty tonight though, so this took a little bit of stress off of Varina. Varina took a moment to stop struggling, deciding to take a water break. She had not been away from the water for too long, but putting so much effort into getting her destination made her lose moisture faster. So, she took one of her salt water bottles and started to drink it.

    Just as she thought she was alone, Varina heard a voice from behind that made her nearly jump out of her chair, squeak, and drop her opened water bottle making it spill all over the sidewalk. Her neck quickly turned so that she could see the person trying to get her attention. This person was quite unusual to say the least. It was evident that this person was not human. He had nonhuman qualities to his body and a robotic voice, but also some human qualities. Varina had never seen anyone like him. Varina was not sure if she should be nervous or calm. Her face showed hesitation.

    Her hands were held in a defensive manner over her chest, not like that would help much if she was attacked. She slowly got less defensive as he introduced himself, though. He seemed to be some sort of free artificial intelligence. Varina could not help but think that for some reason if he touched her then they would both be electrocuted, but if he only touched the wheel chair than they would both be fine. He seemed quite friendly and a bit awkward, which made Varina giggle. She thought his mannerisms were cute, so thought that it might be safe to take him up on his offer.

    "I-I...I would appreciate help but my destination is a bit far...I wouldn't want to bother you with it...but if you would like to help me I'd be very grateful." she said with a quiet laugh. Her voice was a little higher pitched than usual since she was a bit nervous.
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  12. "Oh my! Uhh, ermm, most apologies, miss. I am not the most...ehh, what is it you organics say, 'laid-back'?" Night spoke, vainly leaning down as if was trying to scoop up the fallen water from the bottle. Realizing what he was doing was entirely stupid, as water had the wonderful property of adhesion, the android hastily arose, feeling a bit of his artifical blood rise to his cheeks in embarassament for his clumsy, awkward behavior. He could easily recite entire historical speeches and go into heavy examinations that would make a graduate of Yale spin his head to infinity, but acting like a normal human being socially was something still beyond his intelligence sectors. That, sadly, would have to come entirely from experiences of being a free-roaming, free-thinking being.

    Approaching softly behind the beautiful, presumably crippled blonde, the android began to push the girl presumably in the direction she was originally head. Something felt off about this girl judging by her appearance, and for a split-second, Night had considered using his higher-powered visual scanners to see if there was any abnormalities in the girl. The issue with such scanners is that tended not to care much for articles of clothing, and as much as Night was a naturally curious being, that field of knowledge was not heavily desired to put it kindly. That, and he was already blushing so furiously red that he swore a soft pink could be seen on the upper sections of his bandages.

    "I assume you are heading to the local mansion, correct? I've also gotten an invitation to there, it sounds quite lovely." C11-D637 questioned, trying to idly past the time as he continued to push the wheelchair gently, not even flinching or heaving a muscle when they were going up a rather steep hill. "I also hope y-you do not fear me, I m-may be strange but...I consider myself no different than any other young man. W-Well, m-minus the wiring and m-mechanical parts." Night explained, an erratic stutter in his voice beginning to emerge, unsure himself if that was his processors struggling or genuine nervousness.

    Biting his lower lip, Night paused, waiting for a set of cars to pass by, adjusting the hood on his sweatshirt. "W-What is y-your name, i-if you don't mind me asking? Assuming you have a name, I...I don't know some of you organics act sometimes. Why, I remember one who called himself the Snoopiest Doggy. That is a very strange name." C11-D637 explained with an awkward chuckle, having this almost twisted, cute innocence to him.
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  13. Varina watched all of Night's antics and behaviors silently, but with a sort of goofy smile slowly forming on her lips. Almost every word that came out of his lips sounded awkward, but in an adorable sense. She let her gaze follow him as he tried to salvage her water, but it was no use at this point. It's not as if he really had to worry about the water anyways, just to make him not worry she took another bottle out from her bag and held it out for a moment, then opened it and took a sip. It truly was not a tragedy that she spilled her previous one, but that didn't change the fact that his slightly pink cheeks almost made her want to giggle. Varina didn't know that computers could blush. Then again, Varina didn't know a lot about computers. Most technology did not do well in water. Varina had once tried to bring a cellular device back home with her, but for whatever reason it would not work once they hit the water! Varina was glad the water that she spilled did not hit Night. He seemed so kind after all. She would be careful to not do anything to harm him. Mermaids had special connections to water.

    Varina was a bit surprised that Night knew where she was headed. Normally, that would seem really creepy to her, but she pondered if that was just a robot skill. Maybe he could read her mind. If he could, that would be terrifying. If he could, he would know that she was scared of the possibility of this power.

    That fear quickly left her mind when he asked what her name was. If he could read minds, he wouldn't have to ask.

    "My name is Varina, it's very nice to meet you, Night." She began with a sweet smile, turning slightly towards him since he was behind her pushing her around. "This actually isn't my first time at the mansion, I go there quite often since most places are too dangerous for someone like me. I trust all of the people at the mansion, so if they invited you then I'm sure you are someone I can trust as well." She finished, a quiet giggle slipping from her lips. "I'm sure you will enjoy it, it is such a lovely and accepting place. You meet all sorts of interesting people, although I don't normally talk much. I prefer to spend my time reading."
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