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  1. "Welcome to the Mansion down on First street. My name is Andrew, the owner of this place." He looks to be the tender age of 16, looking a little short, with short, messy black hair and bright brown eyes."Come in. This is a place where all is welcome." He gestures you to come inside, there you meet a whole variety and assortment of other teens. A happy family, one might say. "Will you be staying?"
  2. Kuro stepped quietly through the forest surrounding the mansion, his appearance disguised by the boy whose body he was borrowing. The spirit was still highly suspicious of the whole debacle. What if it was one giant prank? Or worse, a lie meant to bring his true form into the open so he could be experimented on? Humans of this world, he found, were often rather distrustful of things they didn't understand. And was there anything less understandable than a partially-reptilian spirit boy from another universe? No, he had to scout the place out first. Make sure everything was okay.

    I don't understand why you don't just walk up there, huffed the boy Kuro was currently possessing. The two could communicate through a sort of internal telepathy, one that only spirit and host could hear, and this wasn't the first time Kuro had used this particular human child for his purposes. The two were (unfortunately) almost used to the whole debacle by now. Kuro could never remember the other's name, but he knew the boy was a middle school student living in an unstable home, and that he sought adventure beyond his hometown. This sort of thing probably wasn't what he imagined, but it was something.

    That's because you're not me, Kuro huffed back. Humans were far too trusting. They never understood.
  3. Such a lovely night it was, the stars were shining and the moon was on the horizon of the ocean. Such a beautiful moon and ocean were what the young lady Varina was admiring on an empty pier. She was sitting on the edge and wringing out her wet locks of blond hair, having just jumped out of the water. The full moon was reflecting off of her aqua tail that matched her eyes and the ocean itself. Most mermaid's tails were shades of blue. Mermaids with blue tails were less likely to get caught by fishers. However, mermaids with brown or green tails also were good at blending in with the ocean. It was the mermaids with bright red and black tails that were in danger of being caught. Varina was lucky that her tail was such a lovely shade of blue.

    Varina slowly and lightly dried herself off with a towel so that she could blend in with the humans. It hurt a little to have the rough cloth steal moisture from her body, but Varina did not have much of a choice unless she wanted to be skinned or sold or both. So she dealt with the light stinging sensation and was glad when she was done drying herself. Once she was she could get dressed in her floor length skirt and conservative blouse. Today, her outfit was different shades of pink. Varina did look nice in pink, as well as blue. The pier Varina was sitting on was run by a few mermaids and acted as a sort of checking place for mermaids who wanted to tread on land for a bit. Here, everything was paid by the queen and so mermaids were provided with what they needed. Each one would get human clothes that covered their tail, bottled salt water, a wheel chair to move around, and a map and such of the area to they would not get lost. Varina's stuff was already packed, so once dressed she hoisted herself up into her wheel chair and then grabbed her bag. She looked like a human girl in her new outfit, a human girl in a wheel chair. She was ready to go.

    So, she rolled off the pier and started to head to her destination. Varina could only spend so long on the surface, so she wanted to do as much as she could. She specifically wanted to read. Paper did not do well underwater, but Varina had an obsession with reading. It took her a very long time to read a human book, but she would never get bored while reading one. She would retain every detail and enjoy every moment. Now, there was one problem with Varina's love for books other than the fact she could not bring them under water. Although she loved to read, libraries tended to make her very nervous. She had been approached by many weird humans before in libraries so she had grown a fear of them. Instead, she got all of her reading time in at a special mansion. In this place, she did not have to hide her tail, although she still did. They had such a gigantic library with all sorts of books. The important part was that she was accepted there to read whenever she wanted, so that's where she would go whenever she came to the surface. This visit was no exception.

    The mansion was a bit away from the pier, so Varina had quite a roll to go. Her arms were already getting tired. She let out a sigh. "It will be worth it once I get there. I just have to get this hunk of metal going."

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  4. Looking down at the mansion from the tree she was in Himiko walked to the edge of the tree branch. She had launched her whole body down to the ground landing gracefully as she did so, since Himiko was in her cat form it was way more easier to do things. The woods surrounding the mansion were beautiful, there was a lake not to far from where she was and the luscious think green forestry filled the areas around the home. Finally switching back into her human form her ears lay on top of her brown golden hair as her long think tail wrapped around her waist. She was nervous on the inside, she has never been accepted into a community of people, not even her own home accepted her. Knocking on the front door softly she quickly pulled away and started at it her light lime green eyes reflecting off the sunlight. 'I really do hope that the rumors were true, it too me forever to find this place' Himiko had thought to herself as she waited for someone to open the door and let her in.
  5. ((Sorry, is it daytime or nighttime?))

    A noise coming from a nearby tree made Kuro jump. His eyes flitted to the source of the rustling sound, but all he saw was a cat leap down from the branches. He sighed through the boy's mouth. Sure, he was more of a cat person than a dog person, and it was certainly very lovely for a stray, but a random cat was hardly so worth his attention. Still, he watched it just to be on the safe side. It certainly seemed to know where it was going.

    It's just a cat, the Boy sighed.

    I'm not dismissing it yet, Kuro replied. Talking animals were fairly commonplace in his home world. If the rumors about this mansion were true, maybe this cat would be more than meets the eye. And his hopes paid off as he watched the cat transform, its fur receding and its form straightening into something far more human. Magic.

    It was the first time Kuro had seen any feats of magic since being flung to this world. Form-changing was something he was somewhat comfortable with. The Boy was just as amazed, struck silent even in his communication with the spirit possessing him. Before he knew it, Kuro was stepping out of his hiding place -- though not out of the Boy's body just yet -- and walking up to the neko girl.

    "Hey," he said through the Boy's voice. "Can I ask you some questions?"
  6. It had been 5 days since the siblings left their home. No, at this point, it couldn't even be called a home. It was simply a placed they stayed at because of relations with the owners. But now, they were free. Free to go wherever and do whatever they wanted. Or at least, thats what they were expecting. However, the past 5 days, despite that there was no abuse, had been hell. They didn't have much money and therefore, could barely afford enough food for 2 days.

    On day 6, Lairen carried his exhausted and sleeping sister on his back while walking on a path that seemed to lead to nowhere. He seemed to be exhausted himself, but desperately carried on with Syrin on his back. Soon, they came to a mansion. At the door of the mansion was a girl who looked a bit odd, but he couldn't judge. After all, Syrin was pale with bright grey-nearly white - eyes. He stood there for a moment, waiting to see what wpuld happen.
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  7. ((Oh if its night than just change sunlight to moonlight))

    "Huh?" Once Himiko had heard the voice her ears fluttered and she turned to see a boy that looked somewhere around her age. "S-sure I guess....." Himiko had knew it, she shouldnt have changed her form so out in the open where people could see her.Though as she ha waited for the boy to answer his question she had heard the crunching of leaves in the distance and her eyes landed on a boy holding another girl. "Hey do you need help!" She had shouted loud enough for the boy to hear as she stepped beside the boy who wanted to ask her a question still hoping the other guy had heard her.
  8. Kuro spun quickly to the side to let the cat-eared girl pass without stepping on the tail he didn't even have at the moment. It was a habitual action, and not one really worth breaking. He could see the girl had a tail as well; maybe she would understand? Or, at the very least, not step on his on purpose.

    You really blew that, the Boy snickered. Don't you know you gotta be smoother with the ladies?

    I'm not trying to court her, Kuro thought back, rolling his eyes. Knowing the neko would be back, probably with the others she spotted, Kuro ducked back behind the trees and watched from the shadows.

    You really are a scaredy-cat, said the Boy.

    Whatever, said Kuro.
  9. Caught off guard by the girls yelling, Lairen jumped a bit, causing Syrin to wake up. She mumbled and rubbed her face against the back of Lairen's shoulder before resting her chin on it. "Brother, who is that?," she asked, pointing to the girl who had just called over to him. He simply shrugged. "She looks harmless.... let's go. Maybe she has food... or something." Lairen sighed and began to walk over.

    Soon, the siblings stood in front of the girl. Lairen refused to talk, so Syrin did it in his place while still on his back. "Hello. Um... is there any place you know that will let us stay temporarily? We have no place to go and we haven't eaten for days...."
  10. "Yeah....that big house right over there....though I don't know if anyone is in there cause I haven't hears movement, but I know how to get in a building that isn't open..." She smiled at the girl who seemed so tired and worn out. "Do you need me to help?" Himiko wasn't always so keen on helping people, she tend to keep people far away from her. But they had seemed so desperate and in need of some help. "Oh and I'm Himiko....just so you know I'm not some typeof psycho serial killer...." She didn't extend her hand cause she didn't really like touching other people and people touching her, but she had gotten somwhere she did tell them her name.
  11. A boy with calm brown eyes and dark hair opened the door to the mansion. Who's knocking? He asked himself as he looked around. It was cold, and he had wrapped himself in a muffler that covered half his face, a huge puffy windbreaker, and some boots.

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