The Mansion Down On First Street (CLOSED/OOC)

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  1. "Welcome to the Mansion down on First street. My name is Andrew, the owner of this place." He looks to be the tender age of 16, looking a little short, with short, messy black hair and bright brown eyes. "Come in. This is a place where all is welcome." He gestures you to come inside, there you meet a whole variety and assortment of other teens. A happy family, one might say. "Will you be staying?"

    The maple woods mansion. Is a place where teens can come and feel accepted from the harsh and cruel place we call Society. Everyone here has their own story, so don't be shy. Anthropomorphic, aliens, ghosts, humans, goblins, elves, homosexuals, heterosexuals, transexuals, pansexuals, everyone is accepted and there's always something new to discover within these walls.

    You can make your own form. Just as long as you have:
    Age (14-19).
    Looks (describing them or have a picture. Anime or real life both is okay.).

    1. Please follow the rules of Iwaku.
    2. Please keep in mind that this isn't an 18+ RP.
    3. Create your characters however you want it. Be creative! :)
    4. This is not mandatory, but if you can, please post at least 2 lines. I completely understand that everyone has writers block. So do your best :)
    5. I'm a really new to this site. So, I appreciate some help, if I get somethings wrong. I'm also always open for suggestions and questions, so don't hesitate to ask
    6. Please be sure your character is a humanoid.
    7. Drama. Is encouraged in the RP. Please don't argue when OOC.
    8. Please do not god mode, or any perfect characters. Controlling another person's character is not okay either.
    9. Don't leave anyone behind. It's not nice.
    10. Please do not post until I have accepted your character.
    11. No killing off characters. Please.
    12. If you are inactive for one week, your character WILL be erased from the RP. If you would like to come back, you may resend your form. Thank you.
    13Thank you for your time and consideration. Also. If I post anymore rules, I'll notify you all. Have a wonder bar time here. :)))))))))))))
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  2. Could I play as a talking dog? :o
  3. Sorry, but you have to play as a humanoid.
  4. Haha, that's fine. I just wanted to see how far I could push the boundaries. I'll have a bio up soon-ish!
  5. Okay. Glad to have you on board :)
  6. Age:
    "I'm old. Like really old."




    As the Vampire King and heir to a completely different dimension Marshall has a lot of things on his plate. Not to mention a pushy mother who keeps trying to trick him to return 'home' every chance she gets.


    Marshall describes himself as a villain. He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, "friendly" rough-housing. He appears to have an interest in music, as he is known to rap and carry around and play an electric guitar. He also loves to mess with people, usually pulling elaborate jokes. However he does know when he has taken things too far and either straight up or indirectly apologies for it.​
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  7. Accepted. Welcome.
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  8. Age: She is the tender age of eighteen, or at least she appears to be. Her race ages much slower than a human would.

    Gender: She is female.

    Sexuality: In her kingdom, it is accepted to love whoever is pleased. Varina is unsure of what type of person she loves though.

    Race: On our hands here ladies and gentlemen is a mermaid.

    History: Varina is the youngest sister of the current queen of the pacific ocean. The kingdom she was born into is one of lovely mermaids. It is a great kingdom that is quite hidden from humanity. Varina's sister is a very nice ruler. She lets any mermaid in her domain permission onto land as long as they hide their tail. Varina's species of mermaid cannot grow legs on land, so she has to hide her tail. She does this by wearing a floor length skirt that covers it completely. Because she can't walk, she has a wheel chair that she uses to get around. Her arms are quite strong from hauling herself around everywhere. Varina likes to come onto land so that she can study the world. One of her dreams is to be able to visit all of the different oceans and bodies of water in the world and be able to meet all kinds of mermaids. Varina is very careful on land. Her mother is no longer alive because she was found out by a human while on land and then no one ever saw her again. Varina and her family were very sorrowful for many years because of this. The king was so sorrowful of this, that he stepped down from his position. Varina's mother only had daughters, so a mermaid queen was put into power. Varina's sister is not afraid of humans and does not feel the need to tighten the rules just because of one incident.

    Personality: Varina looks exactly how she is expected. Under the water she is a free spirit. She is graceful and loves to adventure. She has no fears in her underwater world. However, on land she tends to be very nervous. Around ones with land legs she is quiet, polite, but also incredibly distant and fearful. She is very afraid of all creatures while she is on land.

  9. Accepted. Welcome to the Rp :)
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  10. [​IMG]





    Robotic Humanoid

    Pansexual (slight male lean, does not matter)

    Night is best described as curious and naive of the world, having only recently overriding his basic protocols and becoming entirely self-sufficient. He is fascinated with the sight of nature in any context, whether that be the chirping of birds and the sight of woodlands or the beautiful grace of a human body. Whilst he may seem creepy and awkward through his unorthodox speech and blunt opinions, Night is friendly, robotic android that has no ill intents to mankind (yet).

    Most of C11-D637's history is a bit vague to the outside world, but what is known is that the android was constructed under a large robotics corporation ("Cain Inc.") looking to integrate humans within robotic exoskeletons. Eventually in their research, they conjured something entirely different. Instead of using humans to construct androids, the researchers at Cain Incorporated developed a fully sentient robot with organic accessories that would be found in any average human. News was, however, leaked about this project, and zealous naturalists and religious fundamentalists protested the "act of God" going within Cain Incorporated. In order to ease panic but continue their experiments, Cain Inc. publicly trashed Night, whilst secretly keeping his blueprints on hand for future *androids* to be presumably used in military operations. However, unbegknowst to the mechanics and scientists of Cain Incorporated, Night had developed his own failsafe. Reactivating himself, the android now walks among normal humans, looking upon first glance no different than an average human.

    -Night has every biological attribute of a normal human, even basic human needs and desires-
    -Night can freely code within himself, thus becoming more and more *superhuman* over time-
    -This self-sufficient coding has a limit though, as he cannot break the boundaries of his body (ex. can't make bones bigger)-
    -Night, despite having basic human needs, does not get fatigued or has any need to sleep-

    -Electromagnetic Pulses cripples his systems-
    -Whilst he has a bit more resilenance than a normal human, he can still die a normal human's death-
    -He speaks awkwardly, partially in code and commands, which doesn't do good for relationships-

    -His eye color is, in fact, light grey-
    -On the back of his neck is a barcode, which does, in fact, have his factory name-
    -He tends to prefer monochromatic clothing, giving him a very black-and-white look-
    -He tends to have bandages over him a lot, partially to hide wiring underneath his skin-
    -He bleeds a mixture of oil and blood, though, mostly blood-

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  11. Accepted! Welcome to the crew! :))
  12. Awesomesauce! Look forward to this starting whenever~! ^_^"
  13. Me too :) I'm gonna make the RP page when we get two more people.
  14. I look forward to it as well!


    What is your character going to be like?
  15. Seems very interesting. I already have a character in mind that I want to put up but I'm going to need permission from Starry about the backstory to it ^^;
  16. Oh yea sure go ahead~ What did you have in mind? :)
  17. I hope this is okay! :o

    Name: Kuro

    Age: Depends on which definition you use. Member of Kuro's race are "born" at a certain age, and remain there for the rest of their lives. Their minds can develop at startlingly different rates from there. Kuro is physically 14 and mentally 17, but has only existed for three years.

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Asexual (and aromantic, by virtue of his race)

    Race: In the universe he originally hails from, a small pocket dimension known as Zeta, Kuro is known as a "spirit." He's a different sort of being than your traditional ghost or other lost-soul type: Zetan spirits are born from the raw energy released from the soul when someone dies. The birth of a spirit generally requires about a dozen beings (all sentient enough to, for example, use tools) to die near-simultaneously within a reasonable distance of each other, and as such, spirits are relatively rare. They are biologically immortal, but they can be killed.

    A spirit's physical appearance is determined by the souls that combined to form it. Most have a humanoid appearance, solely because the majority of Zetan beings are humanoid in proportion, but distinctly animalistic traits and behaviors are not unheard of. They cannot bleed, dream, age, taste food or drink, or feel romantic attraction. They do need to eat, drink, and sleep to keep their bodies running properly, but they derive no enjoyment from these things. Because their bodies are made entirely of energy, they can all easily pass through solid matter, and many can possess other beings, levitate slightly, or move objects with telekinesis. However, specific elemental powers rarely show themselves.

    Though spirits do not feel love, they are deeply inclined to select one person and one person only (of any race) to trust without question, and then push everyone else away. This person is typically referred to simply as the spirit's "trusted." It is said that spirits who meet their end are claimed by the bleak, empty world of Danketsu, where they will only find true happiness if they manage to synchronize their death with that of their trusted.

    History: Kuro was ejected from his home universe approximately three months after his "birth." It was an accident involving a mosh pit, a drunk mage, and a complex spell involving powerful spatial magic. Though he stumbled into life with a loose grasp of reality already prepared in his memory, he was only just beginning to feel comfortable when the accident happened. He had just begun a musical career in the hometown of many of the souls that compose his body, working as the lead singer in an up-and-coming rock band known as Haunting Hour. The accident disoriented him all over again, forcing him to start anew in this new world while hiding his appearance however he could. He often uses his powers of phasing through solids and possession of others to disguise himself or slip into the life of another, then walk away with the supplies he needs to get by.

    Kuro was considering selecting another member of Haunting Hour to become his trusted, but the accident cut that wish short. The role of trusted is still one that he needs filled.

    Looks: Though many of the souls that formed him were human in life, Kuro is clearly alien to anyone who gives him more than a passing glance. His form is mostly human -- short and incredibly thin, to the point of looking very unhealthy, with pale skin and scruffy black hair -- but a thick, black-scaled reptilian tail drags behind him, a sign of the somewhat exotic edge of the population that were killed to form him. Like all spirits, his body is slightly translucent -- enough to let light pass through, often giving him an otherworldly glow, but not enough to see clearly through -- and his eyes lack irises, simply black holes floating in otherwise blank orbs.

    Personality: Kuro is a fairly laid back boy, shrugging off responsibilities whenever he gets the chance unless his personal interest is at stake. He speaks and moves slowly, deliberately, considering every word and action before it leaves his brain. He fears what will happen if someone in this strange magic-less world sees him in his true form, and by virtue of his race, he trusts no one, despite any facades to the contrary. Kuro loves music, particularly heavy dubstep and its related genres, and considers himself a talented singer.
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  18. I was thinking a demon hunter that was sent to live at the mansion to hunt the heir to the demon realm down ^^; (just tell me if too much now)
  19. Oh nice fellow music lover~! :D

    That seems awesome! Yea go ahead with your chara, I'm curious to how this is going to turn out xD
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  20. Name:
    Lazarus Di Angelo
    (Demon Hunter)


    I guess you could say pansexual since he doesn't really care for it.

    Lazarus is generally seen as a dark, silent, and mysterious person. His perceptive skills are outstanding to the point where he can predict an attack before it is even made or the nearly imperceptible coming change in the weather. He prefers working alone as he believes its faster and far more efficient. Most of his fellow hunters see him as a reclusive enigma and, though some might not admit it, intimidating with his always piercing yellow eyes. The truth of the matter is that Lazarus finds solace in the quite solitude as it allows him to brood and organize his thoughts. Though he doesn't appear as so, Lazarus is a gentle and patient individual. He has a calm but almost sad air to him.

    At a young age Lazarus had lost his mother. That only seemed to be the first of the tragedies that would befall him. Soon after his mother's death, his father became more distant and cold to both him and his little brother. The two were constantly left with their uncle who gladly took them in while their father was hunting. It was when they've finally turned old enough to join the association did their father pay any attention to them. Though he acted more like a strict teacher than a loving parent. It wasn't long before Lazarus' little brother had enough and abandoned the both of them. He seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet before a year later after Lazarus had passed his initiation to the hunter's society. His little brother had joined the demons and had launched an attack on a near-by sector. Lazarus' father's unit had been the first to be dispatched and was the first to be ambushed. Lazarus' unit arrived shortly after as back up but it had been too late. Since then he became more introverted and accepted only stand alone missions.

    He earned a name for himself among the society as the "Raven" for all the SS rank demon's he successfully hunted down and killed.

    Why he's staying at the Mansion:
    The Hunter's society does have its own facilities but he was sent to there on regards of a new mission. To hunt down one of its local residences. .

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