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  1. Rorian wandered through the halls, his ears hung low from exhaustion. He had been wandering around for hours, ignoring everyone he passed. The manor was quite large, almost a mile in diameter, and the rest of the grounds covered nearly 200 acres. The land surrounding the property was heavily guarded, many enemies wished to step foot on this ground, but few rarely made it over the great river. Looking up at the cieling as he walked, he made his way to his room. The cieling was almost 12ft from the floor, and it was only the first floor of the four story estate.

    The family that had taken him in were very wealthy, but he didn't care for these things. They had given him a roof, food, water, and a nice warm bed. Not to mention, the constant love and admiration that came from them all. For you see, he was gifted. Gifted in only a way that his kind could, the gift of foresight. Because of him, they're clan name had echoed across the corners of the earth, and everyone now knew of there existence and power.

    Ofcourse, this came at a price. He would live forever, because he was the only one with this gift, he was cursed with immortality, at the young age of 24. He was handsom man, almost beautiful if seen in the right light. His skin was fair, his hair fell to his jawline, colored a deep blue. He stood about 5'10" and weighed in around 140 lbs. He had kept his gorgeous figure through constant tension. He kept his body at a higher temperature to contue the burning of fat, and the constant energy supply that he himself created kept his body solid with muscle as well.

    He laid back upon the silk sheets of his bed and stared at the cieling. Pictures could be found there, of his old life, of his old family, and many other memories. He smiled softly, remembering back upon happier times, back whenever things were simpler, before he was cursed. His mother and father were noble people, filled with respect and honor, but most of all love. They had raised him to be a fair man, atleast for the time he was with them, and he would hold onto they're values for the rest of his life.

    He then rose, and stood, stretching as he did. After yawning softly, he wandered to the window and looked out across the grounds. The sun was just setting, and casting bright colors through the clowds as it prepared to rest it's flaming figure for the night. He loved that sky, and quickly pulled a camera from his dresser and snapped a picture. He brought the camera down from his face, and soon noticed he was smiling. It had been a long time since he truly smiled, instead of simply faking it.

    He then placed the camera back upon the dresser and left his room. He knew around this time that the temperature would drop a bit, which meant prime conditions for a good hearted jog. Still smiling, he walked towards the small changing room at the back of the house, which was meant just for the occasion.

    After changing, he continued out a bit further to the beginning of his route. It started at the forest and continued for 5 miles to return back to the very spot he was standing. He sighed softly, collecting himself for a moment and feeling the muscles in his legs loosen for the long road ahead. He needed to be loose for this run, it wasn't for fitness, it was a stress reliever.

    As he started his jog, his mind began to wander to the people of the estate. Every one of them were Vamipres, he knew this from the very beginning. What was suprising was how different they were from the movies, before he was taken in he had never even seen one. He knew they existed, but always expected them to be how they were in the movies. He laughed softly to himself, thinking about how wrong hollywood was. They were idiots, just like the rest of the world.

    The main family consisted of 24 members. Most were mainly at the manor, others lived in other houses around the grounds, but then ofcourse there were the other families that lived across the land. The nobles that the head of the main family had chosen to live amongst them. There were many other species living on the land, and Rorian had never actually taken the time to meet any of them. He normally kept to himself, he was normally left to himself, besides the normal events that were called to his attention from time to time.

    Pushing the thoughts aside, Rorian quickly refocused on the path ahead of him, looking down at the past tracks, and counting each one as he went. He reached 903 before he finally decided to take a break. He decided to stop at the edge of the waterfall, and take a swim. The water would feel good on his body, and give it a must needed rest.
  2. Elyon was a happy girl. She skipped lightly down the path. Being only 15 she had the world ahead of her. She just a normal human girl.
    That morning her mother had gotten into another fight with her father.
    What a bother.
    She hated her family.
    She often wished she could run away, if she had somewhere else to go to.
    Today, she decided just to run to the forest.
    It made her feel calm.
    She was walking for a good while when she heard the sound of rushing water.
    HEr face lit up. She would love a good swim.
    She quickly ran toward the sound, but stopped quickly behind a tree.
    A man was already in the water.
    He was quite handsome infact. She let out a sigh.
    So much for her swim.
    She quickly slid down to sit at the base of the tree, and peeked out to watch him.
    She made sure her long golden hair stayed out from the wind. With her bright green eyes and pale skin, she could be considered a beauty herself.
  3. Rorian was just emerging when he heard the soft sound of twigs breaking, he didn't turn but isntead kept on with what he was doing. He was used to running into random people through-out the forest. He knew none of them were a danger to him, but he still kept an eye on them when they were around. He ran his fingers through his hair and moved to the waterfall, letting the falls wash over his body, he could feel the days stress simply wash away. Sighing deeply he let his hands fall his sides and he simply relaxed. A small rock was a bit farther back and he took a seat upon it, the water still crashing down over his back.

    He could feel the small bruises begin to form quickly, this was good, he wouldn't have to wait another hour or two like last time. He could feel his muscles slowly begin to contort from the wieght of the water, and then they began to heal themselves. He did this once or twice every couple of days, so that his body would be ready when the time came for a fight. He had never been in one, but was constantly preparing for the occasion it seemed.
    After letting his back condition for a few more moments he turned to his chest and neck. He lifted his head high and stared up at the waterfall. He could feel the water crash down around him, and felt his chest begin to tighten from the attack of water. This was good, it meant that his body was still alive, still thinking, still adapting to the situation. Which was what he wanted.

    After about ten minutes of this, he pulled himself from the waterfall and onto the bank. He lifted his shirt and wiped his hair dry with it. He hated being soaked, but the rest of his body enjoyed the small relief. He then turned towards the girl. Her scent gave her away immediately, he could almost taste her curiosity it hung in the air so heavliy. He could see her golden locks, and he immediately caught sight of her eyes. Why was a human here? Was she one of the service families that lived on the estate? He had no idea, nor did he really care to find out. He was only halfway through his run then.

    " Listen, I don't know what your doing here, but you understand what kind of things roam these lands don't you? Do you really think it's safe for a human to walk around here as you do? " , he was subtle with his words, he didn't want to try to offend her or scare her off. He just wanted to make sure she knew what she was walking into or onto. His ears twitched a bit as he heard the siren from the opposite side of the river. Instantly gaurds were lining the bank of the great rushing river, and the sirens died down not a few moments afterwareds.

    Rorian felt his body calm, and finally relaxe enough for him to finish his run, " Listen, you really don't need to be wandering around here. You should get back to your home.. ", and with those last words he turned and began a slow sprint into the woods, his deep blue hair almost shimmering in the daylight behind him. His father would be asleep right now, but when he got home he was going to surely make a scene about the little visit he had in the woods. It also seemed that the river people were getting more and more frequent with there attacks.

    As the trees passed by him, he let his mind wander back to the girl. Who the hell was she, and how did she get on the estate? It only meant one thing, she had to live with one of the other families on the grounds, they weren't in any type of power, but as he had stated earlier, simply nobles in the land. He could see the main building now, and he quickened his pace, they had always answered his questions open heartedly, but how would they react to this?
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    Marishka had never really understood why she was employed at the manor. The main building, the area she was assigned to, rarely seemed to need the care that the servants lavished on it day in, day out. It felt as though it took days on end for even the thinnest layer of dust to appear on the tabletops and windowsills. Granted, it meant a lot less work for everyone involved, but on slow days like today Marishka couldn't help but wish for something to do. She fluffed her duster uselessly along the spotless banister she was meant to be cleaning, then sighed, plopped herself down on the stairs, and threw the duster at the floor.

    "I wish they'd even just argue or something, give us something to talk about at least... Swear to god they're a bunch of robots." She kicked half-heartedly at the duster, sending it skittering along the floor to rest next to the front door. Her eyes began to wander, skipping over shiny surfaces and assorted gleaming ornaments to stare out of the window. She missed being outside more than she hated being bored. Her duties all required her to be inside, and as a relatively new addition to the staff, she wasn't about to single herself out in the eyes of her employers by asking permission to leave the manor. She fumbled absent-mindedly with one of the garters keeping her stockings up.
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    Rorian continued his jog back to the house, he went to the changing room to shower and get himself changed. Stepping into the shower he instantly turned the water on full blast and cranked the heat. The water felt amazing on his body, after the run, it was pretty tense, his muscles relaxing felt amazing. After rinsing off he stepped out of the shower and dried himself, then he changed into a fresh change of clothes that was left for him on the dresser. He then continued back into the manor, he entered through the west entrance, which was more commonly used by the help.

    As he turned to walk up the stairs he looked down and noticed one of the maids simply sitting there. It wasn't like it upset him, but more or less it was pretty interesting, he rarely saw anyone sitting around. Stopping for a moment, he turned back and sat next to her.

    " So, you look like your having the time of your life. ", he said this with a light chuckle, trying to start up a bit of conversation. He had never been really good with people, or anything else for that matter. He was a fighter, that was it, he was also used for his abilities, but he didn't care for things like that. Looking back over the rest of the house, atleast what he could see, he noticed that everything was prety much spotless. Now he knew why she was sitting here, she needed something to do.
  6. Marishka's reverie was broken abruptly by Rorian's voice. She jumped rather visibly, wrenched her hands from the garter and turned to stare at him, wide-eyed.
    "Jeez, you scared me, Sir." She sighed and settled back down next to him, casting a guilty sideways glance at her duster. A few awkward, silent moments passed as she fidgeted with her apron, then folded her hands in her lap before speaking up once more.

    "I'm just lacking much to do, that's all. The house is kept so clean it's hard to find anything appropriate to work on," She smiled at Rorian, eyes lingering curiously on his ears. "Not meaning it in a bad way of course, Sir, it's nice to know everyone's so devoted to their work, but... well, you know." She tilted her head to one side, a few strands of hair falling into her face. The young man's hair was still slightly damp; he'd been out already today. She chewed her lip as she thought of an appropriate topic.

    "Is it nice out there?" She gestured towards the window. "I'm a little bit new here, I've not been out yet. I sort of miss the smells and sounds, they don't travel this far."
  7. [​IMG] The forest guardian was doing her favorite pastime which was watching the people play in the forest if it be running or swimming she loved it. After she watched them for awhile she got bored and darted from tree to tree making not even a leaf fall from the tree. She was going to go to the vampire estate which she often used to sleep when she knew it would be cold. She was on a branch that was near a second story window, opening the window she tried to sneak in and fell flat on her face making a thud "oh dear that was rather loud i hope i didnt wake anyone i know they let me use this place but i dont want to bother them more than i have to."
  8. Elyon was surprized.
    She hadn't thought the man had heard her.
    He gave her a warning then ran off.
    She was intrigued. She quietly followed behind him.
    He went inside a large house,
    She found a flower garden and sat down.
    He was bound to come out sometime, and she wanted to speak to him.
    Making Flower crowns was a favorite past time of hers and she quickly was sucked in.
    She couldn't wait to see the man again.

  9. Rorian smirked softly as he listened to the womans words. That was all she wished? To be able to go outside? He chuckled softly before he replied.

    " Well from now on, you can go outside anytime you want, who am I to keep you cooped up in here. And if anyone gives you any trouble, tell them that you have my permission, and they are more than welcome to confirm it with me. ", he simled softly after he spoke, and then he rose. He needed to get back outside, the house just seemed way to crowded to him now.

    " If you need anything else, just hunt me down. It might take some time, but I'm sure we'll see eachother again. ", he did a short bow before he left her at the stairs, and he was on his way back outside when he heard the thud above him. He quickly sprinted up the steps and was on the location within seconds, being a Vampiric Neko helped him alot with that. He quickly found the source of the noise, and smirked softly as he watched the gaurdian rise. He had known her for a couple years now, and as magical as she was, she was rather clumsy.

    He leaned against the side of the doorway and chuckled to himself. " You know people are sleeping right? How are you so clumsy? ", he smirked softly after saying this, he didn't mean any offense by it, and the humor in his voice surely showed it. He played with a part of his sleeve as he eyed the woman. She was the epiphany of beauty, and he was surely effected by such a spectical, she was amazing in everyway. He then wakled to the window, closing it behind her and flipping a switch, dimming the light a bit, he didn't want her to have to do it herself. It seemed he was at a bit of a cliff whenever he was in her presence, it just seemed that his first priority was her needs everytime he saw her.

    Rubbing his temples, trying his best to regain his composure, he then walked back to the door, turning back once more.

    " So are you hungry or anything? Or are you just stopping in for a nap? ", he said this a bit sarcastically, just trying to keep the conversation going. It seemed it could never last long enough when she was around.
  10. "oh very funny i am just not used to windows and such no matter how old i get i dont think i will be able to understand how they have balls of light in the house that you can turn off." She was rather dumb when it came to the modern world "and actually i was planning on staying the night i know its going to get really cold and i miss the bed its rather fun to sleep in i mean i used to sleep in a tree i just dont know how i lived before that." Sitting on the bed she wanted to joke with him like he usually did with her "you know you can sleep with me if you want to i mean i get really cold at night and its no fun sleeping naked by yourself."
  11. Rorian laughed at her offer, he knew she was fucking with him, but he horribly wanted to crawl into that bed. He could feel his heart begin to race, and then his chuckle trialed off a bit as he watched her slip between the sheets. He smirked softly and shook his head, " You know, your absolutely horrible. I know it's probably been a while, but would you really want this after so long? ", he ended this remark with a wave of his hand as he showed himself off. He snickered softly as he walked to the window, he made sure it was shut and then peered into the shadows of the forest. They seemed quiet tonight, which was unusual. Normally the night life of the forest was full of noise and action.

    Turning from the window he looked back down at the goddess on the bed. Which was truly what she was, to him atleast. He couldn't seem to wipe that horrible smile off his face, he knew it showed his true intentions, or his true thoughts. It didn't bother him though, the fact that she knew what she did to him. It was actually rather common between the two of them, always throwing those little naughty jokes around as if they were toys. What happened when they stopped being jokes though? What happened if they turned into true advancements? The thought made him shiver with aniticipation. He knew deep within himself that he wouldn't allow it to go that far, he would probably tear her apart if they ever became entangled intimately.

    So, his smile widening a bit, he offered, " You know I make a good cuddle buddy, and if warmth is what your lookin for, I'm my own personal heater, and i'm sure I could share. ", he said this with a bit of a guilty smirk across his face, but ofcourse, that was intentional. Besides, after todays nice run and the physical training, he could probably use a good nights sleep, it seemed forever since the last time he had slept soundly.
  12. Elyon had drifted off into sleep in the patch of flowers.
    She felt like she was floating on a cloud.
    She had many dreams.
    Dreams one could never imagine.
  13. The forest guardian laughed and raised the blanket enough to show she was naked but he could only see her arm and side of her body "well get in here." She was trying to get him to blush as she always did but it seemed he was getting better and better at not blushing "come on you know you can cuddle with me." She started to get up she was not afraid of showing her naked body as soon as she got up the blanket started to slide off her body "come on i want to cuddle."
  14. Rorian was stunned by her sudden naked form, it was absolutely flawless. He quickly regained his composure and approached the gaurdian. " You know I can't do what you want me to.. ", he whispered to her as he crawled into the bed. Reaching over the side of the bed, he picked it up and spread it over the bed once more. He then removed his shirt and got comfortable. After arranging himself, he raised the edge of the blanket to allow her to get back into the bed. He knew this was going to be hard, it was going to take alot of discipline to keep himself in line, but he had faith in himself. He knew he would probably literally kill her if they ended up getting anymore intimate then a simple cuddle. Then the forest would die and slowly the land around it, which would kill off the great river and they're best defense.

    Looking up to her once more, he admired her form from where he laid. The light hit her body at such an angle to make it look as if she were glowing, and he was instantly in awe of her form.

    " This might be a little harder than I realized... ", he whispered to himself.
  15. These freaking grounds were HUGE. Noam(pronounced like nome} didn't know much about the people who owned this land but he knew they had to be rich. With plenty of things to steal. Noam fashioned his special climbing glove, which looked more like gauntlets, around his hands and made sure the spikes poking out of his boots were going to stay intact.

    After making sure everything was secure, Noam lifted his cap off his head and smoothed his hair back before putting it on again. He liked his hat, it was brown and had a bill that protected his eyes from the sun and it had a stretchy patch in the back that made it fit snug around his head. There were also a couple cool skulls on it. Hat secured he crouched and then jumped as high as he could and clung to the trunk of a tree and began his climb up to one of it's longer and thicker branches.

    Once he found a sturdy branched he looked toward the large manor, spying a window on the second floor that was darkened and seemed to have no one in it. Noam stared at the window and moved his hands around each other like he was making a ball of air. The air that he seemed to be working shuddered and there was a light gust. Drawing his hand back he threw that bundle of distorted air at the window. Noam restrained shouting a cheer as the air around the window shimmered. His temporary vacuum was set in place.

    Straightening up, Noam rolled his shoulders and bounced up and down on the balls of his feet briefly. He pulled up the hood over his head and zipped up his leather jacket, it was go time. Taking in fast breaths to pump as much oxygen into his bloodstream as possible, he bolted down the length of the branch and launched himself at the window. The vacuum he had placed there did it's job, he could tell because he couldn't hear anything as the window shattered. Noam hit the ground and started rolling to redirect his momentum and hopefully not cause too much noise from the landing. The sound would only travel to the adjacent rooms.

    One advantage he had in this place was that it was so big the chances of running into someone was reduced, and if he got caught he could probably lose whoever chased him and make an escape. Noam took some comfort in this as he examined the room which seemed to be filled with antiques. Not really anything he thought was worth lugging around, he'd probably have to look around at other rooms, be all sneaky like.

    Little did Noam know that there was a maid within earshot of the room.
  16. getting in bed she laughed "you know i think you just talk to me because of my body because if i was flat chested i dont think you would give me the time of day." She was about to say more but as soon as her head hit the pillow she forgot what she was going to say and quickly turned to face him without thinking and fell asleep soon after. She began to mumble something in her sleep "just dont leave me alright." Her was trailing off until she spoke the words "not again i wont let that happen ever again.
  17. Before Rorian could even respond she was asleep in his arms. He could feel the warmth eminate from her and he absolutely loved it. He snuggled up close to her, pulling her into his embrace. He could smell her scent, and it was intoxicating. He looked down, and softly kissed her on her lips before he decided to try to get some sleep himself. He couldn't lie, it was pretty hard for him to keep his hands to himself, but he thought he did a pretty good job before he finally dozed off to sleep.

    His dreams were full of the forest ofcourse, but this time it was burning, and the river was dried up. Which meant what? He instantly began sprinting around looking for the gaurdian, but wherever he looked he couldn't find her. Which was bad, he could hear the enemy getting closer, actually they were upon him.

    Rorian fought hard and long, trying his best to defend his home, but to no evail, he quickliy woke up the next morning after being slaughtered in his dream. He looked down at the gaurdian, who was still snuggled close to him, and he felt a sigh of relief escape his lips.
  18. kirk_VintageColors_1-1.jpg

    "The Fox and the Thief."

    Deep within the lavish array of wild flowers and tall oak trees. A being known only as Kitsune of frigid pale moon nested. His form obscured with the illusion of serenity provided by oaks influence of shade. Potent deep blue devil sea eyes penetrated the swarthy blanket which enshrouded his form. The local orchestra of wild life did sound; birds singing of tales of old the pages of history seem to have forgotten to record. And though man could recall not such ancient apexes, the birds of the air had nearly infallible memory. Their clamor would fall not on deafen ears. The illusion of tranquility would be shattered by the threads of several entities.

    Their souls vibrated and reverberated with one another like the strings of a harp being plucked by a fair maiden. Each frequency was unique, hinting toward their character with unwavering subtlety. And though the soul be composed of energy; which can not be destroyed nor created. It still proved to be not so vibrant in the greater picture woven by the hands of fate. From perched position; the Kitsune would rise standing proudly upon both feet. His bare chest swelling with springs spices as he inhaled; the various aromas. Some more intoxicating then others; proved to be titillating toward his senses.

    With grace much like that of a cat, the Kitsune of frigid pale moon would jump from on high. With a single flip he would come crashing toward the moisten earth. His feet would plant firmly on the ground as he wiggled his toes. The sound of leaves being crushed would disrupt the normal clamor. The sheer volume of his landing though undetectable to the human ear. Served as a warning of sorts toward the wild life. Their songs now were silence; as from nested positions within the embrace of tree branch they watched. Their eyes following the kitsune carefully as he made his way through the brush.

    Gracefully he would melt away from shadow to shadow, only to reappear briefly under the radiant sunlight which pierced the plenteous leaf ridden branches. With each step his pace would quicken as his stride widen. Moving at rather uncanny speed for that of a mortal. And though his shell portrayed that of man, that of flesh and bone. He was anything but your typical bag of flesh.

    Time would pass, as what was once many convened into one. A mass congregation filled with idle bantering from one folk to the next. An exchange of data which some would find dull while others refreshing. And though the man made structure stood out over the tree's which encompassed it's borders. The Kitsune seemed unwavered by it. He stood a few feet from the mouth of the abode. He would not knock, no sound would give away his location. Instead for a moment he would watch and observe. His eyes infiltrating the influence of the walls thought to provide security.

    For a brisk and fleeting moment in time he would observe the others. As if trying to deduce whom if any proved to be insidious by nature or a threat to himself. After an abrupt and almost pointless distraction the Kitsune would make his way up the steps. A once solid form dissipating as a thin fog took it's place. Passing through the cracks and opening throughout the home. Rematerialized on the other side just a few feet from the main door. His dominant right hand now rubbing against his rugged face as the arches of his lips widen. A genuine yet warm smile now plastering itself on his face. His pearly white teeth now on display as if to detract from his refined facial bone structure.

    Kirk was his name; and he was here for a single purpose. Which for the moment would prove illusive.
  19. Waking up the guardian knew something was wrong with her favorite toy Rorian "Whats up you look worried." She was about to say more when the wind blew and she listened "so i could find him easier now thank you babies." She was talking to the trees of course since they told her that she could find the kitsune that she had known about but never seen. She wanted to go out to find him but she wanted to also see what was up with Rorian "so you didnt do anything naughty to me while i was out did you." She laughed and got out of bed to get dressed.
  20. He chuckled softly and was pulled from his daze when she spoke. He admired that body of hers as she rose from the bed and that pulled him back to reality.

    " Ofcourse not, you know I keep my hands to myself. ", his words were followed by a sneaky grin, but he still laughed all the same.

    He watched her turn her head, knowing she was about to leave, and rose as well. It was time for him to get his day started and he needed to check the grounds. He also needed to speak with his father. They were going to be holding a ball here soon and he needed to start delivering the invitations around the grounds. Ofcourse the doors would be open the whole time, but they're defenses were perfect, so they wouldn't have to worry about anyone crashing the party.