The Manic Prince: Be mah partnah?

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  1. Yo yo yo, it's your homedog Doomy up in 'ere yo. I'm here to love your boys, ayyyeee? LMAO.

    Jesus Christ where did that come from?
    Oh you still therE?

    Like it says up there, my name is Doomy. I've been RPing here for the past 4-5 years or so and have grown a lot as a writer over that time period. I've exposed myself to various genres, sub genres, writing styles, viewpoints, and all the like in order to become a better writer, and roleplayer. I may have started out with those silly one paragraph posts, but I've MORE than grown out of those. My posts can span anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 9 depending on my mood, happenings in the roleplay, levels of interaction, and time of day. I do have a small issue with a lot of OOC Talk with my RP partners, because hey, I like being sociable!

    I'm back here in the 1x1 section to fulfill a certain craving I have gotten recently, but I'm hoping to attract a certain tier of writer. What is that certain tier?: Well, numero uno, someone who doesn't see "18+" and immediately think "sex, gore, sex;" Numero dos, someone who can contribute a lot to the story and even plot (because I'm TERRIBLE at doing everything by myself); Numero tres, someone who is very accomplished with more poetic styles of writing. Now don't read that and think "Shit! I'm not a poet!" because that's not what I'm asking. What I'm asking for is the ability to put very descriptive language, imagery, and various poetic devices to use in your PROSE.

    If you think you meet those three requirements, SHOOT ME A PM!

    Yes, this is going to be via PM.

    So, off to the story idear. But. let me warn you! This is not some big fantasy world I have dreamed up. This is not very in depth. This is not very well thought through. BECAUSE I WANT TO DO ALL THAT WITH MY PARTNER, BROTHER! So expect to do some world building, plot arcs, and planning.


    The Manic Prince

    The Kingdom of (Insert Name) is a rather large kingdom in this world. It is composed of SEVERAL providences, and by several I mean lots! This Kingdom has united nearly the whole world under its reign thanks to it's morality and beliefs, both of which that are very accommodating. But because the Kingdom is so big, we have these providences. Each providence is ruled via Prince/Princess. If the Prince/Princess is too young, mentally ill, or incapacitated, the district is ruled by a Regent Duke/Duchess appointed by the King. Princes and Princesses have their titles passed down through generations, but unlike many monarchies we know, are not in line for the Kingdom's throne.

    In the (Insert Name) providence, a small upset has occurred in the government. The next prince in line for (Insert Name)'s throne is naught but (16-19), which is considered of a young, extremely influencable age. The prince's mother has died and his father is gravely ill. Physicians believe the Reigning Prince only has a couple of months to live. The Child Prince, is in turn, the target of a few corrupt officials who seek to manipulate him to better their current goals.

    The Child Prince sees this and wishes he was not the successor to this providence's crown. In order to try and circumvent his inheritance, he feigns mental illness so his uncle will become the Regent Duke, take the responsibility, and leave the Child Prince to mature until he feigns recovery as well and restores the thrown. In on this little ruse is the Regent Duke, the Child Prince, and a (Court Wizard, Scholar, Court Jester, Servant/Slave, or Knight) who happens to be good friends with the Child Prince.

    To complicate things further, this is only the background to the story's focal point! The Child Prince and his friend are, essentially, suppressed homosexuals(Cheesy, I know, But I know someone out there just loves it). They must learn to express their inner desires in ways that will not alert the homophobic kingdom to their true selves. (For clarity, however, homosexuality is NOT practiced widely in The Kingdom, and therefore many people don't even know it's a thing, not even the Prince and his Friend)

    -Regent Duke/Duchess: Ruler over providence when Prince/Princess is unfit to rule
    -Reigning Prince(ss): Current Prince on the thrown of a providence.
    -Child Prince(ss): The next in line to the providence's thrown.
    -Royal Prince(ss): Heirs to the KINGDOM'S thrown. (Do not govern providences)
    -King: Ruler of the Kingdom of (Insert Name)

    Things to do:
    -Think of names for places and characters
    -Decide who your character is(Hint: I'm the Child Prince)
    -Discuss NPC characters used to further nation plot as well as romance plot.
    -Discuss the differences between providences (Is there an Asian-like providence, an England-like providence, and a middle-eastern-type providence, etc?)
    -Write "My Prince" in the PM you send me when you're interested.
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Not open for further replies.