The Mangaka and his Creation

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  1. Dooley sighed as he scrambled to figure out some kind of new plot for the next volume of Siren. Siren was one of his newer manga, and had been a big hit with the teenage ladies, the first printing sold out almost immediately. The story centered around an albino man, with and extraordinary power. With the ability to control sound waves, him and his band shot up to the big times fast. Though, Rorick, the albino man, was know to have a bit of a harsh and rude personality if you didn't know him well. His smiles are rare and well place and he has this, bad but good boy look going on.

    Dooley finished a full body page of Rorick and sighed, "What am I going to do with you? It's not like I can get your oppinion on things. Which would be wonderful." He swiveled in his chair leaning back a bit thinking hard when the doorbell to his appartment rang. He sighed once again and got up leaving his art room to go to the foyer and see who was at the door. Without even looking through the peep whole like he should have he opened the door to a mumbling woman, who seem to be getting on in year.

    "May I help you?" he asked politely, wondering if she was lost. The old lady looked up at him and handed him a note, which he mistakenly read outloud, "Once you read this you can not stop, for if you do your heart might pop, listen to your heart sing, and know what life it might bring." He looked puzzled as he finished the little poem, but when he went to ask the lady she was gone, in her place was a beautiful rose which he picked up and decided to put in a vase in the kitchen.

    Then he heard it, a thumping noise in his art room. Was it a burgler? After putting the flower in some water, he took a knife and slowly crept from the kitchen to his art room. He opened the door, and to his surprise, a completely albino man stood before him. Dooley dropped his knife, not believing his blue eyes. "R...Rorick?"
  2. The last thing he remembered doing was finishing a stage performance then retiring to their trailer with the rest of the band. They'd celebrated another successful show with drinks and music, and he may or may not have had a bit of a romp in the bedroom with Koen, but that part was sort of hazy. And, now, not only was he very much not in their trailer, but he wasn't even sure the Hell he was. He knew he hadn't gotten that drunk, if at all.

    He looked around the studio. Was this an apartment of some sort? Or a home? Hard to tell from just one room. He considered taking a look around, but a noise from outside the room drew his attention. He stiffened and immediately turned to face the door. Whoever was on the other side had a lot of explaining to do, and he wasn't above using force to get his answers.

    The man who stepped in appeared to be close to his own age and attractive. Rorick was surprised when his name fell from the man's lips. He was fairly certain he didn't know this man, a fact that made his current state of anger only worsen.

    "Who the fuck are you!?" he snapped, "Where am I!?" He picked up on the resonating waves from his voice and amplified them, making the room begin to shake. That was just child's play though. If he didn't get some answers soon, good ones, he'd shake the entire building apart.
  3. Dooley just blinked at his creation, his pale skin, hair, and one blind eye which could see soundwaves which was pale blue. The other eye a gorgeous purple. He stepped into the room, circling Rorick at a safe distance. "You are just how I imagined you. H..How is it that my creation's come to life?" He stumbled over to his desk, looking at his manga drawings, to find they were as they had been, the drawings hadn't dissapeared or faded. But when he looked at Rorick, every detail he'd drawn, even the choker was on him.

    He crumpled into his chair, a look of pure joy and excitement on his face. "My drawing, my masterpiece came to life.." he looked at his hands. He was struggling a little with this reality. When he realized he'd been ignoring Rorick he looked up, and gave a small smile, "Hello, I'm sorry, this must be quite the start for you too, seeing as it's a shock to me as well." He stood up and offered his hand, "My name is Dooley Rolands, and.. " he pointed to the cluttered mess of manga sheets on his desk, " you Rorick, are one of my creations."

    He looked Rorick over, "I know it's a lot to take in, but it's kind of one of those things you've gotta let go. God this is amazing!" He chuckled and gave a huge smile. This was the most amazing experience!! To actually MEET your artwork. He froze for a moment, what would he tell his managers? They'd think he was a nutcase! Did it really matter though? They could believe what they wanted, Rorick was alive, he was real!
  4. Rorick eyed him wearily, watching him as he circled the room. He turned with him, unwilling to put his back to this strange man. His rambling only served to further upset him. Was he honestly supposed to believe that his entire life was a lie? All the painful nights alone, the Hell he endured during high school, meeting Koen, starting a band, becoming an idol... Was all the result of some man's imagination? Doodles on a fucking page? And he was expected to just "let it go?"

    No. This man, Dooley, was clearly lying. He was crazy. A stalker who'd kidnapped him after he'd gotten a little too drunk the previous night. Rorick took two steps back and shook his head, sneering, "You must think I'm daft. You're fucking crazy." He pulled out his cell phone and gave Dooley a glare, "You don't move or I send you out a fucking window."

    Koen would know what to do. He was fairly sure the guy had a few mental problems, but he thought well under pressure. He was smart, just a little funny in the head. No one was that nice without being off somewhere. He knew his number by heart and clicked it into the phone with ease.

    It didn't even ring. It went straight to a recording explaining that the number was invalid. He tried twice more, no luck. He went through his contacts for other friends, but all were the same.

    He panicked. He gritted his teeth and clenched his phone before throwing it across the room violently. "What the fuck did you do!?" His voice shook the room.
  5. Dooley let his arm fall to his side and he sighed. He should have known this was the reaction he was going to get. How would he prove to Rorick that what he said was real. Also, how was he going to stop him from yelling the house down. Dooley took a deep breath and thought things through as Rorick freaked out over his phone not working. He dodged the phone and didn't flinch when Rorick's voice shook the room, Dooley just held his gaze steadily.

    "I didn't do anything, I left the room for 2 minutes, came back and here you were, blind eye that see's sound waves and all. Yes, I know about that, because I made you. Not even Koen knows that secret if I rememeber how my own Manga goes. We are also not in New York, like in the manga. We are in Los Angelos, California. Don't believe me? Hollywood sign can be seen a few blocks away from here." His voice was even and calm as he spoke.

    "I don't know why it's happened like this, but I will admit, that it's a pleasent surprise for me." He smiled and sat down offering Rorick a seat as well. "Honestly though, I would understand if you thought I was some kind of freak that stole you for a randsom. But I promise you I've done nothing of the sort. I'm the guy that gives his icecream to crying kids, and makes funny faces at babies to make them laugh."
  6. Rorick took a few deep breaths as he listened to this asshole talk. He needed to keep calm, to think. His life... It couldn't have been fake... Could it? He remembered it all so vividly... it couldn't...

    He began pacing.

    How did he know about the eye? No one knew... They couldn't know... He hid it so well...

    He was starting to panic, he realized. He stopped and breathed, trying to keep himself from screaming. He'd take out a whole fucking city block if he did that in the mood he was in right now. He'd never felt so much lack of control before. He'd always known what to do, it seemed like. Always just knew that everything would work out. Had it been because his life was already set up for him? And now it wasn't? Wait, how did he even know that he wasn't still in some sort of story, being written by someone else?

    Best not to over think it. He wasn't good at drawing logical conclusions anyway.

    He felt lost. It was painful. All his friends... Gone... Would he ever see them again?

    He sighed and walked over to the offered seat. He sat down, but refused to look at the other man, "Yeah? Well, that's fucking stupid. Kids suck and you're a puss." He pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. He'd give anything to have Koen here to comfort him.
  7. Dooley just smiled and Rorick's rude comments. Tapping a foot in a steady beat. He had to think, Rorick seemed like he was closing himself up and that would make it harder for Dooley to do anything. Rorick put himself in the fetal position and Dooley had to stop himself from chuckling, instead he gave a small smile. He didn't move quickly, he just placed a comforting hand on Rorick's shoulder. His calm seeping through his touch.

    "Why don't I take you out on the town, help you take your mind off of things for a bit. Mind you, people here do not have powers like you do so you must be careful." he chuckled now standing. "You might find you like it here, more then you think." he walked towards the door waiting to see what Rorick would do.
  8. Rorick tensed slightly at the touch. He didn't like being touched. It invaded his comfort zone. He let himself relax into it though. It would be the only comfort he'd be getting for a long time, he presumed. He watched the man stand and walk to the door. He didn't want to go out; he wanted to find a way to go home. He missed his friends...

    Then again, should he go home? Home wasn't even real... It was all made-up from one man's head. He couldn't stand the thought that his life wasn't even in his own hands. He didn't have free-will at home. He did here though...

    He stood, "I guess a night out wouldn't be so bad..." He walked toward the door with the other man, but kept his distance from him out of habit.
  9. Dooley just smiles sweetly, and leads the way through the living room/ kitchen to the foyer. He grabbed his wallet and his appartment keys and walked out into the fresh air. It was nice out, not to hot not to cold. He smiled some more, taking in a deep breath as he waited for Rorick to step out so he could lock the door. Once he'd done that, he walked to the end of the hallway and walked down the steps, he had the whole floor to himself so it was relatively quiet, even when they went down it was really quiet cause most people in this appartment were out this time of day. That's why he liked it, cause he could work in peace.

    He went down three flights and they were at ground level. The sounds of the street more prevolent here, people everywhere, walking, running, talking, laughing. Busy as heck. Dooley looked around, looking for any breaks in the crowd. None, they'd have to force there way into the flood of people. But first he wanted to know where he was to be going. "Well," He started, "would you like to grab a non-alcoholic drink at one of my favorite hang-outs, or would you like to see something gorgeous?"
  10. Rorick followed silently. He wasn't too surprised to find they were in an apartment. He supposed he didn't mind staying in such a place until they could-

    ...Until they could what? He couldn't very well just hope back into his other life. Did he even want to? It wasn't real... Not like this place. This place was real, right? Best not to over think it.

    He followed the other without a word. When they stepped into the sunlight he cringed and covered his eyes. Too bright. Koen usually lent him his sunglasses and jacket for the sun. He stepped closer to Dooley, hiding slightly behind him away from the sunlight. "First of all," he started in a snarky tone, "I see something gorgeous every time I look in the mirror. Second, I don't give a flying fuck where we go, as long as it's not outside. It burns you ass, you of all people should know that."
  11. Dooley chuckled and handed Rorick his jacket, Dooley always wore a jacket, hot or cold weather, and it had a hood if Rorick wanted to use it. "It's a light jacket so you won't get to hot. And don't worry it might be a bit big but it'll keep you safe from the sun quite well."

    He found the break and quickly ushered Rorick into the crowd and across the street to the less crowded sidewalk. This way Rorick could stay as far away as he wanted. Dooley set an easy pace, feeling no need to rush on such a nice day. He was humming one of the songs he'd made up for Rorick as they walked along.

    Girls were checking them both out, squeeling and giggling. He winked at a group of girls and they all yelled at the top of their lungs. One of them even fainted and he couldn't help but break out into histerical laughter. They don't even know him and they were all googoo gaagaa over him. He played along, sinse he aimed to please. Sometimes though, he really wonders about it though.
  12. Rorick tugged the jacket on and hugged it against him tightly. He flipped the hood up and muttered a quick 'thank you.'

    He reached out and grabbed the other man's arm as they made their way through the crowd, keeping close to him. He didn't like being in crowds so much.

    When the girls screamed he frowned. He didn't like women much either. He preferred men exclusively and often became upset or anxious around women, seeing as most of the time they were either outright giving him odd looks or trying to hump his leg, depending on whether or not they liked the band.

    As they walked along the sidewalk he looked around anxiously. Too many people, too much sun, too much noise. It hurt his head. "Alright," he suddenly spoke up, "Where are we going and can we hurry? I'm dying out here."