The Man With a Baguette in his Hand

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  1. A man walked down a street, having made up his mind that he was going this early morning to grab a snack. The street he walked on was paved with bricks, and they were snow white, along with the apartment buildings he walked by. They were also snow white, and the lights gleamed from the reflections, making the late night bright, and the early morn a good time to snack. The buildings were carved in, a stylish graffiti, with pictures of angels and gates, clouds and things heavenly, all snow white, and named Angel Street.

    The man, however did not wish to stay here. He lived in a grand building here, one of cages. You see, the man's conduct was not fit for angels, so he was stuck as a bird in a cage, so he may reform. He lived on Angel Street, but not in luxury. He stayed in the grey and dark, drab and dank.

    He lived here for a while, not for very long. The guards decided he was okay, so they let him off. He did his time, and did it good, so they opened his cage, and the man flew. The man had the clothes on his back, and a little coin, so, for his newfound freedom, he went to have a baguette, because the other food wasn't so great.

    The man walked down the street to a park. It one of his most often visited locales. It is a solace from the city. A little part of nature within. It was particularly great in the morning, few were there, and fewer came. It is quaint, with its nicely trimmed trees and lawn, with a grand blue lake and comfy benches to sit on too. The man had a friend here, a baker. He made cookies and cakes and donuts, but for now the man wanted a simple baguette.

    The man came to the park, and at first step, his nose knew. The baker was here, quite some news. He then saw with his eyes the stand, but the baker saw him too and a "Hey you jailbird!" his ears drew. The man smiled, and closed the distance between the two. Afterwards, they spoke.

    The Man/The Baker

    "Hey, my good friend! How are you today? Enjoying the morning? Lovely time this is, in my eye."

    "Hmm, yep. I did miss this, glad to be back. Your business is doing well I assume, your still going right along, it seems"

    "Yeah, things are good out here! The parks been recently tended to, so everything's neat and pretty now, perfect time to be free. Lucky you, I'd say, this would've been a mess earlier, and wouldn't last this way for very long"

    "Well, I guess it is lucky me. If I may, a baguette please, here you go, some coin. I believe it's enough?"

    "You're shy half the price, but lucky you, it's on the house friend. Now get out of here, and enjoy yourself. Freedom only lasts so long, and wasting it with me is not a good investment, no matter how great I am"

    They then bid farewell, and the man sat, and enjoyed the baguette in his hand. As he did so, a woman in black came along. She wore boots and pants and a collared coat, with sleeves rolled up, showing her forearms and a black heart tattoo. She also wore a headdress which shrouded her face, with patterns of black roses and ivy. She sat beside the man, with legs crossed, and back slouched, looking to the lake and seemingly pondering.

    The Man/The Woman

    "I heard they let you out. Neat to see it's true. I heard you were a legend, a master caper. Here I see you, eating a bread caber. You know, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I come here, for a little favor. I am new, and not very experienced, but I am quick and stealthy, like a cat. I only ask for a little tutelage, some well put faith. I may soon be a master like you, if I get a push in the right direction."

    "So, you hear rumors, come to some random man, and spill your whole life story to him? Not a smart move, definitely something to fix. As for being master, there ARE bigger fish, I'm just the most known here. You will become bigger than I, should you be smart, but, of course, a little head start wouldn't hurt either. Let me first finish this baguette I have, and we shall begin. I know of a jewelry shop, that would be best to begin."

    With this, The Man finished, and stood. There's no harm in another little caper, anyway.
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