The man who would be father.

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    Picture of Syn and Saito.

    For tendays they traversed the rolling hills of the summerset region, the misty peaks of the epitome mountain range and the rocky valley of stonehearth. They endured the frigid wind and thin air, the relentless storms and the constant horde of orcs hot on their trail. But after much difficulty and withstanding countless trials, both Saito and his apprentice Syn had found themselves looming their goal. The swamp region of myrewood, home to various settlements and innumerable beasts; the worst oul swamplands in hordes.

    As vipers they were charged with protecting the realms, exterminating all manner of monsters for a profit. Conceived through vile alchemy and dreadful sorcery they are known as unholy mutants to most. Enemies of the church and exiled from most cities, yet still they rise and defend the children of men from those whom wish to harvest them. It is a lonely life, promising great power but coming at a dire cost, freedom. As vipers they know no home, handful of friends, no family ties and are forbidden from falling in love or birthing offspring.

    Despite their stigma and their forlorn lifestyle, they carry about them a sense of unwavering resolve and pride. Standing there, on top of a high hill, they could see the land stretched out before them. The vast swamp and ghostly fog painted a picture of despair, yet a sense of awe. Awe that despite such hostile terrain, life thrived, and with it the infinite potential for hope and despair alike. With purpose in their stride the two vipers made their way down from the lonely hill, making their way west via the winding dirt road.

    As they walked down this lonesome path, a few merchant caravans passed them by, taking note of their scars, a sign of their unholy heritage they quickly averted their gaze. The act of disgust failed to affect either of the two vipers, they had developed a tolerance to such childish antics, and such was the price they paid. After traveling in silence for nearly an hour, the two found themselves entering Brookshire, a decent enough town known for its Calvary that patrol the swamp lands.

    It didn’t take long for the horse riders to meet the two strangers, spears brandished in hand as if to proclaim their authority and dominance over the land. Within minutes they circled around them, cutting off any escape as their battle harden eyes peered down at the lot. No doubt their strange attire, scars and demeanor told their story. Saito wore the long customary blacken robes of one of his rank, whilst Syn wore the revealing porcelain vest and baggy matching pants expected of an apprentice.

    “Halt!” They barked, their leader steering his strong steed ahead of his group. Its sleek muscles contorting under the influence of their combined weight, “What business do you strangers have in Myrewood?” He asked, his eyes narrowing as he began to weave their story for himself. “The roads are public last time I checked.” Replied Saito, his words as stern as ever, warranting him a harsh glare from their rugged leader. Things would have developed negatively if not for the interjection of Syn.

    “No need for the hostility…” Her words aimed as much toward Saito as it had been toward the Calvary unit. “We are vipers, contracted by the people of your fine town to aid in the extermination of the trolls…” Her calm demeanor proved invaluable, dismaying any doubts harbored toward them from the rugged man. For a monster Syn was quite beautiful, so much so that he had briefly doubted her tale. That was until his wandering, if not prying eyes drifted toward the hole above her bosom.

    Not even those deep cerulean eyes of her, or that long cascading golden hair could disguise the truth behind her unusual heritage. Clearing his throat the man quickly gathered his composure, though he wasn’t fond of the idea of using fiends to slay monsters. “I see a thousand pardons.” He promptly replied, giving his men a simple nod as they lowered their spears. Word had traveled across the four corners of the world regarding the gathering and alarming number of trolls.

    Entire towns are said to have been left in ruins, but it was not the trolls that lingered on Saito’s mind, nor on that of his apprentice. For they were merely the symptoms, triggered by an even more grandeur if not elusive foe, though such petty thoughts he kept to himself. Something was wrong with this land, a gut wrenching aroma lingered in the air, and not the unpleasant scent that is the swamp. For something unusual pulsated throughout the soil, the nature of which would later on prove beyond a reasonable doubt, terrifying.

    The willow trees cracked under a powerful gust, as the odor of swamp water hung heavy in the hot humid air. “Thank you.” Syn gracefully poised her words, following them with an eerily courteous bow. Saito remained firm and vigilant as they pressed into town. A few Calvary men escorted them pass the frail wooden walls. Though they would appear guest, in truth the purpose of this escort was to watch them, for they were more prisoners than guest.

    The once lively street had become a ghost town, as the locals fled into their homes. Having a viper was a bad omen to most, a sign that death was near, so the thought of two failed to sit well with most. Even now Syn could hear their whispers through boarded windows. A heavy sigh parted from her luscious lips, as their archers knotted, giving birth to a subtle if not amused grin. Syn loved how these humans hated her kind with a passion, but when it came to monster slaying, never once would they hesitate to contact them. Saito sensed the inner disposition within his new apprentice, casting a concerning frown she quickly brushed such thoughts from her ever wandering mind.

    “You may wait here…” One of the men stated, as they rode off toward the largest building in the town. In the town square, right outside of a shady looking bar they waited. Saito leaned against a nearby brick wall, as Syn preferred the shade of an aged willow tree, arms nuzzling against both of their abdomens. No doubt the mayor would take his time, and so they were forced to partake in their most hated aspect of their job….the waiting.
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    The mage had arrived in the small town a few days prior having heard the rumors and calls for aide to rid the area of an overgrown population of unwanted creatures. He knew more warriors would arrive as these things tended to bring in the money hungry assassins and good Samaritans alike. Sitting outside a seedy little inn across the way, Zoren watch curiously from behind the smoke of his pipe. He had not expected vipers but at the same time was not surprised. Even more so that they had been escorted in.

    He chuckled lightly as he watched the doors and shutters close and the women shoo the children inside that had been playing out in the street. The vipers as a race, the label in his thoughts used lightly, were not well received. Zoren however, didn't care either way about them as long as they left him alone. He was well aware of how they were created and the dark magicks used, the likes of which he tended to stay away from but could use if the need called for it for he was not tied to any one specific path.

    Many times he had been mistaken for a viper simply for the scar across his face and less than happy scowl he typically had on his face and his choice of mostly black attire. He watched, waited, and puffed on his pipe to see if they were indeed granted an audience with the mayor.
  3. The town seemed quiet as if frozen in a perpetual state of torpor. The locals remained hidden, tucked away within the safety of their homes. Syn’s icy blue irises noted their surroundings, locking on and fixating on the only man who seemed unafraid. “Silver hair.” She thought to herself, as she took in his fearsome visage. No doubt this man was here on business, some sort of bounty hunter seeking a lucrative contract.

    Saito seemed unimpressed, enjoying the solitude of their existence as he kept eyelids firmly shut. Raising from her state of lethargy the golden haired woman closed the distance between, shattering the silence between them. “Hello my name is Syn, I assume you are here for the contract as well?” She purred, offering the man a humble bow. The arches of her lips contorting, giving way to a subtle yet genuine smile.

    Though this man had the scar likened to a viper, his Chi was anything but unnatural. Though it was quite clear that this man was gifted in the arcane arts, an asset that may undoubtedly prove invaluable, though judging by his physique Syn doubted very much he was as squishy as most spell slingers. Saito listened to his naïve apprentices approach, shaking his head slowly knowing the frivolity in her attempts to communicate. The riders of the moor returned, in their company stood an elderly man, whose face was as aged as expected. His beard long and wild as the sun reflected brilliantly off of his bald, waxed head.

    “Thank you all for coming.” He spoke nervously, a normal reaction often offered toward one of their foul lineage. “It is no problem at all.” Saito replied, putting up a farce of sociability as his golden eyes locked with the old man’s own. “My name is Elder Tornero, as you all know we’ve been haunted by a horde of bog trolls of late. They are unusually organized and attack with a tenacity we’ve never witnessed before.” His words caused Syn to arch a brow, finding his comment toward their social behavior as a bit odd, yet a troubling sign at the same time.

    “The bounty is per head, a hundred gold pieces per dead troll.” The old man concluded, offering them a sly ol’ grin. “When we are done our agent will collect out share, if we die no coin is needed. Either way one thing is bound to happen, either your trolls bodies will float in the swamp, or our own.” Saito spoke with a frigid and stern tone of voice, almost with a matter of fact attitude. His rigid approach though disturbing was irrefutable. His logic far too sound to be easily refuted with optimism, “I assume you all will be working together?” The old man inquired into, his question aimed more so toward the mage than the vipers before him.

    Rarely did humans willingly align with their kind, and even rarer did it ever work out toward their favor. Humans by nature were ambitious and greedy, this often lead to betrayal. As the old saying goes, watch your back for too long and you’ll meet death from the front.
  4. Zoren wasn't bothered by the woman's approach, but rather a little intrigued that a viper would instigate such usually keeping to themselves. He kept his seated position an occasional puff of smoke billowing from his pipe. Syn as she introduced herself was a rather stunning looking woman but her physique was nothing shy of a warrior built to fight. He stood and nodded his head slightly acknowledging her introduction, removing the pipe from his lips and respectfully returning her bow. He was after all raised with proper mannerisms and found them useful when forming new alliances. Before he could offer his name in return, the elder of the town had arrived and began to address them all as if they had already struck such an alliance.

    Bog trolls typically were slow and unorganized so to hear the elder's comments started thoughts of arcane interference running amuck. Although, they were tedious in their ability to hide a corpse rendering the victim lost for eternity from any kin that might be searching.

    Saito's stern unrelenting logic was impressive and a true representation of everything the mage had ever heard about their kind. Their loyalty to the cause with which they were created as well as their tenacity to carry out their duty to the death if that be the outcome.

    Zoren walked closer to the group, eyeing the riders and their weapons. They may be under orders to keep watch but human were notorious for over-reacting at the slightest of flinches. He responded respectfully to the elder, his voice strong, firm and unwavering. "It would seem that would be to everyone's best interest and would enhance the speed in which the job shall be completed. Of course only of such a cooperative alliance is acceptable to you, Mr. Saito?" He offered the same bow of respect to the senior viper, undoubtedly causing the man to wonder about the mage as such acts were rarely offered.