The Man Who Used A Never Ending Fire Hydrant

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  1. This story is going to sound weird, but I figured I wanted to try it out. Some people might be interested.

    In other words, this is about a man who fights crime using a cursed fire hydrant that NEVER runs out of water. He used to be a fire fighter, but he quit because he no longer found the job interesting. He is a total pervert and never passes up an opprotunity to spray beautiful women with his never ending fire hydrant. He is trying to stop a witch who has gone crazy with power and is trying take over the world and steal the heart of the man with fire hydrant. However, the man with fire hydrant does not want the witch. As he is not serious about any relationships as of late. So with his never ending fire hydrant, he defeats the witch's minions, slaves, cohorts and other-worldly beings. As far as fire hydrant powers go... I'm working on that.

    Story behind the fire hydrant:
    The witch disguised herself as a fire hydrant to try and catch the man off guard. This way she could get him to drink the love potion she had concocted, but a dog though it would be funny to pee on it and the witch grew angry and blasted water on the dog as fire hydrant. She then cursed it so that the fire hydrant would always spew water. The man eventually detached this cursed fire hydrant and carried it with him wherever he went, using it as a weapon to fight his enemies.

    This story is a little sketchy and it is a work in progress I may need a little help with the finalization. So if you'd like to join this please post here and if you have any suggestions, PM me or leave the suggestions here. I am open to anything really. I just wanted to do something that was open to action as well as comedy.
  2. It is sort of weird, but I also think that it's sort of interesting and fun. Hooray for Improbable Weapon Users! 8D

    Anyways, I wouldn't mind joining in on this. Perhaps there could be more than one witch, like a whole organization of them?
  3. This definitely sounds interesting, in an odd way. Haha. I think it'd be cool to try.