The man in black

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  1. James Edenheart stood near the rivers edge. The waters were still. Behind him his manor, for he was a Lord. He came out here often to think. Every so often a dragon would blot the sun, but they had little interest in man mostly. The four dark emotions , hate, torment, arrogance, and chaos had taken man like form. These were dark times. He lived alone but he had loved before, it didn't last. To him, nothing ever did. Nothing but the darkness in mans souls. Life had been hard yet with each struggle, at the end of the day he had found

    He remembered her looks, those green eyes that red hair. The touch of her lips. Happiness, sadness, and then anger, swept through him in an instant. She left because he had to move and she didn't want to, so petty a reason. Maybe she never loved him at all. He pulled his cloak around himself, checked his katana and headed back towards the manor wondering if he'd ever feel those lips again.
  2. Creeps through the trees behind the huge house. Was that a man? it was rare someone had come out, strange. Jumps up into the trees and out on the limb. "Hmmmm." Jumps down into the yard and creeps around the bushes. there was definatly someone there. Raises her head in the air to catch his scent. Ducking down quickly she covers the bright orange ears atop her head with her hands. She could not be found out, it would not mean good for her.

    she was the last of her kind and wanted for studies. She had been on the run for most of her life. Knowing nothing more than combat and fighting she had found refuge in the woods. Few ventured in there since she had taken up the lodging but she found great interest in those that did.
  3. He heard a rustling in the trees and looked around. After a moment he resumed walking back towards his home. The sky crackled and thundered before rain began to fall. He cast his eyes to the sky and wondered if the angels were crying for the fates of man. He had spent many nights doing the same, before he had hardened his heart. He missed company but made do with out. His exercises and fight training were all he had, yet still the warmth if a woman's touch or even someone to talk to, he sighed and continued walking it was a lonely life.
  4. Growls under her breath at the rain, she hated water. Looks at the man still walking. Slinking after him waits for the right time to slip inside and dry herself off. "He'll never know i was there." she mutters as she starts to shake, getting cold.
  5. James openes the door and closes it without locking it. Removing his boots he sets the beside the door. He places his cost on a chair and heads upstairs. The inside if the manor is surprisingly bare. There are no pictures on the walls here and the floor is mostly granite with a few carpeted areas. Candles were all that lit the place for now and his bookshelves were covered in dust a few archaic books and items littered a table and a weapons rack stood near a practice dummy and a fire place. He went up the rod iron spiral stair case and got a shower prepared. He was a bit of an inventor most people only had a bath to draw, but using gases fire and air pressure he had found a way to take a standing bath. He edited for the water to get warm
  6. Creeps up to the door and opens it silently, barely cracking it slips inside and looks around. The bug house was surpriseingly bare. Though her foot steps made no sound she still took each cautiously. Spotting a couch decideds to take a short rest. Shakes herself quietly to dry off and curls up on the couch, gazes into the fire as she falls asleep.
  7. He removed his clothing and stood as God created him gazing outside. Long years alone here in that mantion James had no contact no communication with others and it made his heart cold indeed. He knew that the four had to be stopped. Or joined. It was not something he considered until now, still his path was uncertain. He walked to the shower room and barly closed the door why should he he was alone after all. The warm spray of water on his flesh was his only relief
  8. Half asleep flicks up an ear hearing running water. "ive got time." Stretches out on the couch and lays there thinking. Always being on the run doesnt give you much time to think, she missed sitting in a tree high above the world and just thinking. Before she knows it shes fast asleep on the couch, curled up and semi purring in front of the fire.
  9. The water fell from his long hair as he hung his head. He tried up focus on each drop as it hit the ground. After awhile he he stepped out turning off the water. Drying off he went to get dressed. Long black pants brown shoes and a white button up shirt was what he wore as he headed down stairs. What he didn't expect was company. There was a woman on his couch... Purring. He always had a thing for the cat women, but he thought they were all gone. Almost in a daze he went and sat by her his hand petting her hair softly. He didn't know why he did it but being alone for so long he just wanted contact
  10. Purring increases as he strokes her hair then stops. Eyes fly open and the throws herself over the back of the couch in one swift motion without hitting him. Peeks up over the top of the couch, ears pricked up blue eyes wide she looks at him. "p-please d-dont hurt me." she whispers.
  11. Her actions startle him out of his daze. " why would I do that? Your the first wom-person I've seen in years. I assume you got in through my door. But who are you and why are you here?" He extended her a hand " my name is James Edenheart, this has been my home for over five years." He knew it looked as he could have moved in yesterday
  12. Looks at the hand wide-eyed and curious, "I-I... I did... I... I'm TS745, test subject 745." Shakes her head in distaste at the name and shrinks behind the couch. looks back over the couch slowly her blue eyes fixed on him, "i think i need a new name..." Her ears flick forwards towards him and her tail appears behind her shoulder.
  13. He smiles at her tail " yeah that's a number you can come out from behind the couch now. Whst do you want to be called, and still why are you here?" He closed his eyes she was beautiful and he had been alone for a long time, yet she was still an intruder still a possiable threat and he was afraid his manners might slip him
  14. "I... I should go... im sorry for imposing its just." looks outside at the rain, "Cat and rain dont mix." stands up, "I guess since i should have a new name, it will be... Lily."
  15. He smiled " you don't have to go Lily I haven't had company in a long time won't you stay and keep me company? I'm not one to toss an attractive one into the rain if your hungry I can make food." It was a good mix up in his daily routine normally he might be fighting the practice dummy now he might be cooking for a guest
  16. "I- uhhh... are you sure its ok?" wrings her hands nervously. She had never really been asked to stay anywhere.

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  17. " of course I'm sure." He smiled st her and went into the cooking area. He had chicken ready to go and used a special Cajun rub to spice up the meal. While the chicken roasted he cut up some asparagus and seasoned it with garlic. " are you hungry please make yourself comfortable."
  18. "Yeah kinda." Her stomach growls rather loud, embarassed she covers it. Looks around the room spots a chair to sit in and walks over to it. As she sits she pulls her tail over in front of her.
  19. Soon the meal was ready and he prepared the stone table. " here come eat I know it's not much but hopefully it'll help." James sat at the edge of the table watched the cat girl. " where were you going out there by yourself?"
  20. Looks at the food as her stomach growls more. Pulls the plate close and starts to eat. Clears her mouth before speaking, "I guess technically im on the run." She says not looking up from the food.