The mallows are eating meeeee. D: OnexOne!

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  1. [​IMG]
    I'm trapped in all dese mallows.
    And the only way to save me is to become my partner in roleplaying.
    I am looking for any kind of onexone, for the most part.
    I am quite flexible and open minded.
    Though, what I am craving at the moment, in the way of pairings, includes:

    And, of course, HumanxHuman or HalfingxHuman.
    Now, in way of genres and such.. and plots.
    I have a lot of plots that pop up in my head from time to time. I file them away in a cabinet that is neatly tucked against my membranes. So, if you are interested, we shall brainstorm on a plot until we are both giddy and cannot wait to begin.
    But, as for genres I am craving:

    Horror - I can get crazy in horror with some fucked up paranormal weird H.P. Lovecraft stuff. <3
    Romance - Your classy mushy cute stuff stuck in there somewhere. <3
    Drama - How can life not have drama?
    Action - Same with drama, it's everywhere.
    Sci-Fi - Helllllllllls yea.
    Fantasy - This is a given.<3
    Apocalyptic - Ffffffyes.
    And as for where, I prefer over the boards. Layout and formatting can look so nice and make such a different with postings. <3
    And I may even like a group instead of onexone if it seems it could work out better in that way.
    I will play either male or female or double as one and the other.
    I am perfectly comfortable with playing male. And always love playing female, because... I am one. ;D whachaw.
    Save me from this mallow pit.
    ; _;
    And commence the roleplaying. <3
  2. Hail! Seeing as you've trapped me in your pit of marshmallows, I'm certainly interested in saving you (and thus, myself!) from said pit.
    (Also don't know how to send a message yet. >.>)

    At any rate, I'm fine with pretty much all those types of RP you suggested up there, with a lean towards Sci-fi, naturally. Any of that would be fantastic, though! So, let's get to brainstorming, eh? What'd interest you most at the moment?
  3. Well, my good chap!

    I do love sci-fi, though, I'm not the best with plotting for that one. - w- heh~
    Incorporating something happening out in space always intrigues me. Different planets with different races and such, wars, all that jazz. It makes me happy.
    I also adore rps where robots and or creatures from another planet are totally destroying the world.

    What about you? What's on your mind right nao?
  4. [​IMG]

    (Heroic voice) I'LL SAVE YOU!!

    Anyways Hi!! You have mentioned many of my favorite things. Vampires, werewolves, fantasy, horror (omg HP Lovecraft), drama, ACTION, and well pretty much everything. I have been dying (drowning in a marshmallow pit if you will) for an awesome epic role play. I'm afraid at the moment I don't have some solid ideas but this is where plotting comes into play yes?

    I'd say more but I was just checking the site real quick before I dart off to the store. I'll think of different plots and what not so we can get to brain storming. :3
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  5. Chyes, plotting.
    I would be glad to brain storm with you, Zi-san!
    -hugs the mallow shooter tightly.-
    ; ^;
    Thank you for saving me, and talk to you soon.
  6. Hm... well, we can have a diverse galaxy of all sorts of creatures, aliens and the like. Perhaps there are semi-sentient machines as well.

    Perhaps we could play as traders or travelers on a long voyage from one system to another, on a ship about to be boarded by... something? Maybe they don't know, or it's just something really bad? Haha. Could be some bio-mechanical lifeform systematically destroying worlds, which is what we're fleeing from in the first place! What do you think?

    Edit; If you're still available, that is. Was slow to the pickup this time, seems. =p
  7. I would love to do human x vampire.
    I prefer to play female, but if you'd like to double, I have no problems with that.
    I like Romance, Drama and Horror.

  8. You're fine! c:
    I actually like that idea!!~

    What if a planet they have been trading on, when they leave, a "bug/virus/alien-thing" of some sort gets into their cargo. Which is super deadly to their planet, and explains why this is bad. They do not notice it, until later during the trip, and it becomes quite the rush trying to get it off or destroy it before it can breed on the spaceship or populate their world before they land.~

    Whatcha think? :3

  9. WOOO.~
    I have a vampy I can play as a male. <3 I adore using him. :3
  10. That sounds interesting to me, Stacisaur. Reminds me, of a sort, of Alien, or that one scene from Lost in Space! So, when do we start?
  11. Haha, yea. I honestly was seeing Alien in my head while I typed it. :P teehee. Busted.
    Go make a thread. 8D And I can try to start today. But, no rush on the thread.
    I think it'd be better for you to make it, since you seem to know sci-fi and can paint a good background picture for the beginning. ~
    I'm an imagery person, so I can bring it up with my first post, and continue on once I get what we're going for. -nod.-
  12. Great. I'll post it... er, post haste! (When I get the chance. =p)
  13. Of course! Take your time. c:
    I won't be here later tonight, or tomorrow mostly.
    So, I'll probably reply Monday, if not before I leave tonight.~
  14. Righto! Posted it; 'Precious Cargo.' Hope you like the intro post, left it open for whatever type of character you feel like playing.

  15. Good person, you won me over with Dragonite.
    We can chat it up.
    I'm fairly good at juggling a buncha rps at once. So, why the heck not.
  16. Thank you so much, Addy. c:
    I shall look it over and reply and such once my nails dry. o.o'
  17. Most excellent.
    Anyway, ideas... Oh yes, I has. Well, one, anyway.

    The basic premise is that there's a wizard/witch/uber-warrior, who gained fame and glory by being the pivotal warrior in many a battle. In fact, many claim that the war would not have been won, had said person not been there. But, it's been several years since then, and nobody's seen him/her since.
    And then, in some run-down tavern in a place nobody would look at twice, a person set on embarking on a quest sits with an exhausted looking man/woman, and chats casually with them about it. Thing is, it's an insanely dangerous one. So what does this tired-looking person bearing a striking resemblance to an old war hero do?
    They decide to accompany them, saying they just think it'll be fun - given their facial expression, it'd be hard to tell if they were lying or not.
    And thus begins an epic tale of two people from different worlds (metaphorically), with their mettle being tested at every turn.

    It's a bit rough, I know...
  18. Naaaah.
    Not rough.

    Are you saying the man/woman talking in the tavern is the magic person from the war?
    That's what I got.
    It doesn't sound bad at all! Sounds like the start to many movies. c: Which I totally dig.
  19. Yep, they're the veteran. And you know what killing that many people does to any sane person, right?
    But anyway, is there anything you'd like to address about it?
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