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  1. [​IMG]


    "Being born with magic isn't a choice, but you can decide if you'll embrace it. Either way, you're a dead man walking. I can change that."

    Due to an unknown phenomenon in the evolution of man-kind nearly 30 years ago in 1986, humans all around the world began exhibiting magical abilities. At first the appearance of the magically adept, officially dubbed as "mages", was considered a huge step for the human race. The use of magic allowed for advancements never thought possible. The world entered a Utopian state where both magic was used to make the world a better place. Seven schools of magic were created for the seven types of magic the humans knew and a group of peacekeepers known as Templars was established to protect mundanes from any mages gone astray.

    For 15 years, being born with magic was something to be celebrated because for the most part it was a great thing.

    But it all changed when mages began to want more power. The search for more possible schools of magic was common but the discovery of human blood's ability augment the strength of one's spells or "Blood Magic" was the catalyst of the persecution of mages.

    Blood magic was simple. You used blood to strengthen your abilities through rituals. Some mages chose to use their own blood, slitting their wrists to make their next spell stronger while those who were extremely hungry for power began group sacrifices of the mundane and magical alike.

    The sheer horror brought on by blood magic as well as a blood fueled magical terrorist act known as "Exodus" that resulted in the mass death of millions of innocents and the destruction of most of the east coast led to the officials around the world declaring THE MALEFICARUM PROJECT born. Taking its name from a treatise written on the prosecution of witches long before, the project branded all mages as "Maleficar" and promised that no act like Exodus would happen again as all mages were to be executed as soon as they began showing signs of their abilities. The executions were to be done by the templars.

    This called for war between the templars and the mages, each fighting for their safety. But the war ended shortly, the templars anti magic weaponry as well as their training on hunting mages, left the mages unable to cast magic and unable to runaway.

    14 years have passed since the mages were executed in masses because of what they could do. Now templars are everywhere, they serve as guards, soldiers, government and there are few mages left. Kids who are born with magical abilities are taken away and never seen again and mages are hunted down relentlessly. Those who do not resist arrest are imprisoned in state of the art anti-magic prisons and those who do are killed.

    But quietly a force rises, taking pride in what they've been branded. Calling themselves The Maleficar Resistance these mages skirt along the country liberating imprisoned mages and children intent on teaching them to not be ashamed of what they are.

    Your character in this story can start off as many things.

    • They can be a teacher of a school (listed below, limited spots, you will get a PM from me about their school :3)
    • They can be a brand new member of the Resistance, either liberated or an apostate (a free mage without any affiliation). If you want your character to already be a member of the Resistance prior to the starting of this RP, PM me so I can tell you what you need to know.
    • They can be a mundane who is helping the Malefiar Resistance or even more interesting; an ex-templar.
    • Eventually going to need Templars but right now the demand is not that high.
    Hiya! I'm BearEnthusiast (obviously). This is a roleplay that has major elements of Modern Fiction and Fantasy! It's deeply inspired by the Dragon Age series as the conflict of mages and templars is adapted from that series but not everything in DA is in this RP (things like Lyrium and the Fade for example, are not included.)

    1.] All of Iwaku's rules apply.
    2.] Be respectful among the different writers here! People have opinions and opinions differ. Maturity is a must~
    3.] No real post length requirement BUT your post needs to Move The Plot Forward . I'd personally prefer a paragraph or two per post, but as long as whatever you type advances the story and isn't fluff, it's fine with me.
    4.] The OCC thread is for discussion! Ask me literally all the questions (that pertain to the story or universe of course) and don't be afraid to add your input!
    5.] Romance in the RP is a encouraged but sex needs to be fade to black or done through private messages (provided both parties are in the same age group).
    6.] You can have up to 3 CHARACTERS, just make sure you can keep up with them equally!
    7.] HAVE FUN. It's literally the most important thing, if you aren't send me a PM and we can talk about what we can do. :)


    Magic Schools /Emotions Associated/Teacher
    Fire - Passion - Leona Tallis
    Ice - Despair - Sebastian Rutherford
    Wind - Contentment - Bankei Chinshu
    Electricity - Justification - OPEN
    Force - Determination - Jedediah Bennet
    Spirit - Compassion - Sammuel Louissenbarn
    Death - Solitude - Nyx Garner

    > Magic naturally manifests when a mages emotions are at a high. This is how many often realize they are mages to begin with it is known as the Awakening Moment. During the Awakening, raw magical power surges through a mages entire body, filling them. (the school of magic depending on the emotion).

    >The school of magic your character experiences during their Awakening Moment is the one they are most potent at and recommended to dedicate themselves too. But mages can learn all types of magic with time and with the falls of the formal schools mixed mages or mages who chose a different school are not odd.

    > Magic can be cast either through one's hands or a staff.

    > In terms of the roleplay itself there isn't a specific spell book with a list of what can or cannot be cast. I trust that whoever join is modest with their character's magical abilities and spells (basically nobody is calling damn meteors from the sky right off the bat) The 7 Schools are just meant as guidelines as to the types of magic there are known (for now)

    >Due to the Maleficarum Project, all the schools have been shut down so one cannot formally attend them. However, the Maleficar Resistance house two strong mages who serve as both recruiters and teachers. Sebastian Rutherford, an adept Ice Mage and Leona Tallis a skilled Fire Mage.

    >An official type up on what each school specializes in will be made but for now PM me about the school you are interested in and I'll answer~

    >More questions or I missed something? Tell me, I'm willing to answer all the questions c:
    The Maleficar Resistance is small, albeit growing group of mages who's goal is to find equality for their people as well as free those mages who are being imprisoned by the templars. The Maleficar Resistance are not the most wealthy or supported group however and is far from perfect. Regardless The Resistance is split into three different units. Combat, Liberation, and Defense. All three units work with one another in order to both survive and progress. The Combat Unit is often used as a distraction, assaulting the front of a stronghold with powerful displays of magic while the Infiltration Unit sneaks in through the back. Afterwards any rescued mage is brought back to the various Resistance strongholds where they are kept safe by the Defense Unit.

    • Members of the Combat Unit are the mages who combat the Templars head on. Those interested in this unit receive the most non-magic combat training and are allowed weaponry such as assault rifles and shotguns. Most of The Resistance's ranks are in this unit.
    • Members of the Liberation Unit are the mages who have been trusted to execute covert operations that involve discreetly making their ways into Templar prisons/strongholds and extracting imprisoned mages. They are also the unit sent to retrieve children who have started showing signs of magic.
    • The Defense Unit is the only unit in The Resistance to not be made entirely out of mages. Members of the Defense Unit remain at various Resistance strongholds hidden throughout the rubble of the East Coast cities. They are responsible for keeping the hideouts hidden and protecting the mage children/teenagers too young to be deployed. This unit is made out of few mages and mostly non-magical volunteers.


    The Leaders
    The Resistance and its units are headed by two mages equally, Leona and Sebastian.They both choose to lead directly, heading different units personally in order for the highest chance of success.
    The Teachers
    Aside from Sebastian and Leona, there are other talented mages who have joined the resistance. Each one however are specialized in a different school of magic. They use their talents both to help the Resistance as members of either the Combat Unit or Infiltration Unit but are also expected to teach new members about their school of magic.
    The Initiates
    After the teachers come the new members.They are the mages who are liberated from the Templars or apostates who believe in mage equality. They are trained how to effectively use magic by the teachers and are also trained how to fight without magic by Leona. When they are ready, they get a choice between becoming a member of the Combat Unit under Leona or the Liberation Unit under Sebastian.

    • Leona's raw natural talent in fire magic has made her the prime candidate of a teacher for all aspiring, passionate fire mages.
    • Sebastian's solemn and serious practice regiments are a staple must for any mage wishing to utilize the power of the cold.
    • Chinshu is the prime example of a wind mage. Both a free and kindred spirit, his wind magic is unparalleled by any Resistance mage and naturally that has made him a mentor.
    • TBA
    • Jedediah Bennet, or informally Jeb, is the quirky but talented teacher any force mage must follow. Though he seems an odd fit for the Resistance his title as a teacher is well deserved.
    • Samuel, titled the Grand Sage at the age of 22, is one of the few Spirit Mages who haven't been rounded up by the Templars. Any mage who wishes to learn the protective techniques of the Spirit seek him.
    • TBA




    • Image Here
      (Preferred realistic artwork like the GIF on the top of this post but do what you gotta do. Any image format is fine. :3)

      Full Name: (Your character's name)
      Ranking: Either Initiate or Teacher (The former being a brand new member)
      Gender: (Your character's gender)
      Age: (The Maleficar won't deploy a mage any younger than 18. Remember magic has only existed for 30!)
      Appearance: (Description of what is not included in the picture provided if any)

      Personality: (How does your character act)
      Biography: (Can include as much as you'd like but it needs to have the moment their magic is awakened and what emotion they were experiencing at the time. )
      Primary School of Magic: (What school your mage is best at)
      Secondary School of Magic: (If your mage has dabbed in a different school)
      Preferred Weapon: (As anti-mage weaponry exist and the Resistance has not found a counter, all members are trained how to fight without their magic.

    1. @BearEnthusiast
    2. @QuakeUPSB
    3. @Wolfsin
    4. @weird.
    5. @chaosheart13
    6. @Neobach
    7. @Miranda Sage Barnard
    8. @Ythania
    9. @EpitaphQueen

    Note: The posting order is only used if the Maleficarum members are on a mission. During times spent in strongholds or bases there is no posting order.
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  4. Glad to see interest. ^^

    I'm thinking about implementing a player limit, at least initially. Say 6-9 players to start, then if more characters are needed sign-ups will open again. I'll see.
  5. [​IMG]

    "The Children are more than the future...they are our salvation."

    Full Name:
    Samuel Louissenbarn

    Title: The Grand Sage

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Personality: Samuel is a kind person. He cares for children and the defenseless, and is not a big advocate for violence, although he does recognize that sometimes it is unavoidable. As a goodhearted young man, the safety of others is his number one priority.

    Biography: Samuel's Magic awakened when he was nearly an adult. Growing up in an orphanage for most of his life, Samuel took over the orphanage when the main caretaker, whom they referred to simply as Mother, grew sick and died. On her deathbed, Samuel promised her he would look out for the other kids. For most of his teenage years, Samuel did whatever necessary to provide for the children under his care. When Samuel was eighteen, he was returning from the market when he noticed a large cloud of black smoke rising from where the orphanage was. Running as fast as his legs could carry him, Samuel turned the corner to see the children's home on fire; the children being captured and taken away. Fearing for their lives, Samuel rushed the Templar, throwing punches and yelling loudly, begging for the children's lives. His cries for mercy were quickly silenced with a swift and violent beatdown.
    As the Templar turned to leave the scene, a battered Samuel staggered to his feet, tears flowing from his cheeks. The children were everything to him. They were all he had. His life was meaningless without them. His love for them was the only thing that kept him standing, willing to fight for their lives.

    "On my life...You will not take them."

    Suddenly, power surged through Samuel's body. As Magic engulfed the young man's body, Samuel noticed his wounds healing, a new strength rushing through him. His heart was full of love and compassion for his kids.
    Realizing Samuel was a mage, The templar quickly turned to kill Samuel, firing upon him from all directions. As if by second nature, Samuel cast a protective spell with a flick of his wrist, resulting in the bullets being absorbed into an invisible barrier. Moments later, they shot out rapidly, laying waste to the Templar around him. Walking up to the prison vehicle the children were being held in, Samuel was just about to open the back door when one of the surviving Templar guards fired an RPG at the vehicle, causing it to explode into a ball of flame and throwing Samuel back against some debris, impaling himself on a steel frame of the now destroyed orphanage. As Samuel lost consciousness, his last thoughts were of the children.

    "...I'm sorry..."

    When Samuel awoke, he found that he was still impaled on the steel debris. The Templar must have assumed he had died, and as such had left his body there. Despite the massive bloodloss, the steel bar had avoided any major organs. In furious agony, Samuel pulled himself off the debris and collapsed on the ground, a gaping hole clearly visible. As people began gathering around the area, Samuel turned and stumbled away down a dark alley. After escaping the area, Samuel dropped to his knees, tears flowing from his eyes. It was all too much. One moment he was getting food for his brothers and sisters. The next moment, they were all dead. Only he had miraculously survived. What had happened? And what was this power? How was he still alive? Looking down at his wound, a chill ran through the young mage's body. The gaping hole in his chest was glowing a pinkish glow, and it had began closing up on it's own. Magic? Incredible. Samuel couldn't believe it. He was a mage. His hands shook violently from shock. This was the start of Samuel's life as a magician.
    Years have passed since that dreadful day. Now, Samuel Louissenbarn has become an extremely skilled and sought after Spirit Mage, known throughout the world for his abilities. He uses his magic to protect the weak, promising that he will never fail the way he did so many years ago. He has joined the Maleficar Resistance to defeat the Templar and avenge all the children that were taken.

    Primary School of Magic: The School of Spirit Magic

    Secondary School of Magic: --

    Preferred Weapon: Samuel wields a silver and pink colored Estoc. Despite his focus being on defensive type magic, He is extremely skilled at swordplay, making him both a sword and shield for the Resistance.​
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  7. [​IMG]

    "You'll be dead by midnight if you keep that pace up darling."

    Full Name: Sebastian Rutherford
    Title: Co-Leader of the Maleficar Resistance/Extraction Specialist
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29

    Personality: Sebastian much like his specialty in magic comes off as a cold person. He is direct, focused and is realistic about what he must do. He does his best to keep his emotions in check but despite how distant he might seem, no one else is as loyal as he is to the cause. His demeanor is noticeably different while on rescue missions, particularly around children.

    Biography: Sebastian grew up privileged. Both his parents were successful business owners and being the only child they spent most of their free time molding him into the perfect businessman. Cold, calculated while at the same time irresistibly charming. He didn't care much for the business but worked to appease his parents. Magic came to the world shortly before he was born but he was indifferent about it, the awakening never happened to him and the Exodus was on the other side of the country.

    He eventually got married and had a child, Lily. His marriage later crumbled and he got custody of his daughter who was his entire world. Magic hadn't affected anyone in his immediate family so he was shocked to one night find that Lily whilst crying about her parent's separation, had frozen the teddy bear he bought for her when she was young.

    Worriedly, he did his best to teach his daughter how to hide her magic from the Templars. He had never been a mage sympathizer, but his daughter was his everything and no one was going to take her from him. But his protection could only go so far - Lily while being bullied for only having a father, froze a child at her school.

    By the time Sebastian had heard of it and arrived his daughter had already been executed - he wasn't even allowed to see the body. At that moment, during the despair of a failed parent, his latent and incredibly strong powers awoke. The templars who had murdered his daughter planned to do the same thing but he slaughtered them. The ice he had manifested from thin air had turned red by the time it was over and he was labeled as a terrorist who magically assaulted a school.

    Sebastian spent the next few years of his life evading templar forces, getting eerily proficient at it all the while practicing his powers. This would came in handy as he co-founded the Maleficar Resistance along with Leona. While Leona was the better combatant, he was the better at subterfuge and now spends his time quickly and efficiently breaking mages out of Templar Prisons and bringing them back to Resistance Strongholds. Most mages who joined the effort have done so thanks to him.

    Primary School of Magic: Ice
    Secondary School of Magic: N/A
    Preferred Weapon: Sebastian carries a revolver at all times, no one has seen him fire it but it's probably best to assume he's proficient with it.
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  8. Going to work but might make 2 or 3 chars since I am an rper that plays multiple chars and usually prefer playing multiples.

    I will be pming @BearEnthusiast either tonight est or tomorrow when I don't have work.

    Just about two classes of magic that intrigue me^^
  9. [​IMG]
    Marius ???

    The Shadow Inquisitor (This will be an earned title)

    Marius is nearly 18

    Not much to note. He gets a lot more fit after joining organized crime. has some swirling tribal tattoos on his shoulder and back. Some scars. Nothing incredibly prominent.

    Personality: Abrasive when allowed, he clings to affection and acknowledgement, but quickly becomes discouraged when not receiving it. This is mostly due to his past. For the most part Marius tends to stay to himself, as it is what he knows best. He is a creative lad with a lot of ideas although most of them are much more morbid than what a normal person may think. To put it simply marius is that kid in school that everyone thinks is going to bomb the school. Not because he is angry or outwardly aggressive, but because he doesn't say much at all without being provoked, and how many people tend to look to the shadows for interaction?

    Biography: For a long time Marius has been a bit of a drifter with a reoccurring story that his mind has blocked. Someone finds him on the street, they take him in. They feed him, show him attention. This lasts for a couple of months at best, The chime of a clock and then Marius is once again alone... or being given to an orphanage... The last orphanage is where the fun really begins though. As said Marius was a very strange boy. Easy quirks like Heterochromia in his eyes helped the other kids to make fun of him and Isolate him. Marius had become quite good at ignoring his own lonliness and often turned to making pictures from shadows and hand gestures on the wall. Of course this only added more fuel to the fire.

    When he became old enough marius became a very heavy reader, and often times delved into the grandeur of fantasy whole heartedly. His mind was buzzing with ideas and concepts that when he would read a whole book in a single sitting he would look up dazed, in a stupor searching for someone to converse with about the happenings of the fantastical land he had just witnessed. Of course, he would find no one. Marius continued like this for a long time.... simply containing himself in a corner away from the rest. Eventually even the staff stopped trying to include him and merely left him to his own devices... it wasn't until a new boy came to the orphanage, Jacob Heinz was his name. Of course the other kids did their utmost to paint him a pretty little picture of how things worked here, but that was when Jacob surprised Marius.

    "Oh boo on that. He can't be that scary, you all are just a bunch of scaredy-cats."

    Marius looked up from his book, not that he'd been consumed in it entirely already at that point. He nearly fell back when he was greeted with the warm smile of the new boy offering their hand towards him. "Hi there, I'm Jacob whats your name?" Marius looked about him anxiously, not sure whether to expect a cruel joke to come from this or to hope for genuine happiness. The other kids were hanging back waiting fear obvious on their eyes as they beheld what they perceived a greeting with the devil and an angel. Maybe they had already plastered the boy a freak too. Marius didn't think about it anymore though and instead took the boys hand. "M.. Marius is my name." That was the beginning of Marius own happiness the little that he'd ever known. It was also the trigger for the fate the poor boy knew best.

    A week passed and two others followed the new boys lead, associating with Marius. Things were changing quickly and though he was terrified, Marius accepted it. laughter, Playing, sometimes even sneaking a single dirty magazine and sitting around gawking at things at their age they hardly understood made for the best times Marius had ever known.

    "Alright guys I am off to bed. Marius don't stay up too late... with that dang book." Marius chuckled and waved his friend off. "Oh I only have like 5 chapters left... if you stop yapping I may finish before the sisters find me and i get my ass tanned with a belt aye?" The two of them shared a laugh before Jacob closed the door behind him, leaving Marius to his own devices.

    Marius was just about finished with his book. His eyes grew heavy and only the softest hum of the same song that put him to sleep each night rang loud in his mind. A soft whimsical voice coaxed him to sleep. "My little Marius sleep now... Everything will be alright..."

    A cold chill ran down Marius spine as a familiar tingle buzzed through his body and black mist seemed to creep from around him. Marius was not a kid anymore though and this time he could see it. panic, fear ran through him and he tried to hold his breath, afraid to wake anyone else as the reminders of his past came flooding in. Body parts, limbs... faces all being controlled like a marionette doll. he could see them clear as day. "Marius... it's past your bed time dear boy... Sleep now and I will take care of everything......." The last words of the mother like voice came out as a drawling almost serpent like hiss... and then the mist darted across the room... "Sleep Marius it will all be fine in the morning... Sleep." The voice continued to coax him, but Marius could feel it... the way his body writhed and darkness stemmed from him like tendrils looking to constrict prey. That was what they were doing. he could feel the resistance, as futile as it was, as what felt like his own hands stretched around the small throat of someone he already knew was cursed the moment he'd talked to him.

    Tears fell down Marius face as he buried himself in his knees and just waited for the final whimper from his friend, before the sharp sound of snapping bones held true to every other memory he'd blocked for so long. Silence followed... Silence that he longed for in comparison to the hell he'd just witnessed. it was short lived however when he felt his own mouth move, not in the way he wanted it to no, it wasn't even his voice that he heard. And when he looked up... it was Jacobs face that stared back at him. He spoke to him. "Oh darnit Marius.. you killed me... but I guess this means we can just be friends forever right?" Marius couldn';t hold back the tears, as he behld the mangled blue face of his friend, the bleeding lascerations all over his body.. and the way his arms dangled loosely at his side. When Marius hand moved tight black strings pulled at Jacobs and Jacobs arm moved.... Horrified.. Marius screamed out in wretched terror... The sisters didn't take long to find him curled in a ball with Jacobs corspe and blood sprawled out at his side.

    "Oh oh... now they have seen it too... You always wanted a girlfriend right Marius?"

    The voice rung in his ears again and through his sobbing, he begged to it. 'No please don't. I just want to be alone... just leave me alone.. No more.."

    It was too late, and the nearest of the sisters heads rolled towards him, severed from its body. The other was a sickening tree of twisted and contorted limbs against the wall... Marius broke, his eyes went blank, his heart could have stopped and he might not have known it. Tears stopped not long after and finally came actual silence. The kids hadn't come and for that he was thankful. Marius didn't take much with him, only a few treas from the fridge. blankets and basic needs. Again he left a home. Again an unexplained crime was left behind him. he knew now though. He couldn't control it and so he couldn't get close to others. Marius took on small jobs but only with the stipulation that he worked alone. This eventually placed him in a very bad crowd. A mob of sorts as an enforcer and extortionist. What better way to live than with people that didn't give a rats ass about him? After all maybe if he hadn't gotten close to Jacob....


    Primary School of Magic: Death
    Secondary School of Magic: None to speak of.

    Preferred Weapon: Right now Marius uses his fists and other mob related weapons. he has not chosen an archaic type yet but will.​
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  10. Yikes apologies I was literally in the finishing parts of this cs when you posted... Although the teacher for death isn't taken so there is that.
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  11. [​IMG]
    'Pfft. You couldn't hurt a fly, let alone a person.'

    Full Name
    Jodie Forrest

    The windy wanderer.



    There's really not much to know, besides the few scars that litter her body (Which are mainly from her accidentally stepping into fights when she shouldn't have). She's not as fit as some people, but she at least has some muscle and a lot of stamina. Otherwise, not really anything special. Jodie is usually seen in casual wear, such as: Flannel shirts, Skinny jeans, Boots, and anything else that she's deemed comfortable to wear. Though, it really just depends on what's clean most of the time.

    Jodie's very loud- In her own way, to say the least. She can't speak, she uses music for her words. It's unknown to why she can't talk, but it doesn't bother her as much now that she's figured out other ways to express her feelings. She's sensitive and tends have her heart on her sleeve. She's also very loyal when it comes to people she cares for, and somewhat reserved when she meets someone new. If someone she loved, or cared for were in danger, she'd most likely do everything she possibly could to help them. Even die if needed. Jodie lacks knowledge of the true dangers of the world, therefore causing her to believe that everything around her is good and deserves more than one chance. Even if they killed someone, she'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt without question. At times she could also be very stubborn too, though people usually mistake it for a tempter tantrum.

    The Forrest family had always been middle class, they were never too wealthy, nor were they ever poor. Then one day, they had a baby girl whom would soon- Without them knowing, bring much more to their family than they would ever have expected.

    As Jodie began to grow, her parents began to spoil her. Maybe not as much as some parents, but whenever they gave her the occasional toy or book, she'd be ecstatic. Even if she couldn't read, she'd still give her parents that big goofy smile of hers and hug them tightly to show her appreciation since she couldn't verbally show it. There was one very special teddy bear that they'd given her though, and that almost had made her cry, only because she'd always wanted one and she knew that it had been over their budget but still got it for her made her the happiest that she'd probably ever been at the time.

    Her heart had been pounding as the tears poured, and something seemingly snapped inside of her. It wasn't painful, but seeing as she was only seven years old, she was frightened. First, a slight breeze moved throughout the house, and then it got stronger. To the point where vases flew off the shelves and broke, where it was hard to even keep their feet on the ground. Jodie wanted to scream, but she couldn't, and as she stared at her parents... She realized that they were afraid.

    Had she been doing that?


    Once her parents realized that, it wasn't just the wind from outside, but from their only child, they slowly- But surely made their way over to her and hugged her tightly. They had hoped it would calm her down, which, thankfully it did. How they realized that it was her was beyond her knowledge (Or how she even found out that she was doing it herself too), but the fact that... They hadn't pushed her away. They still had fear in their eyes, but they loved her nonetheless. Despite being seven, Jodie knew how to read people, what they felt usually.

    The bear that had made her so happy had one ear that had accidentally been ripped off, but she still adored it as she cradled it in her arms. How a stuffed bear could make someone so happy, is unknown, but she didn't care.

    After that certain incident, of course, her parents had tried helping their child learn how to control it. Of course, seeing as they didn't have any powers that they new of, they weren't sure what to do. Every time they tried, it failed, and after a while they just let it go. Jodie seemed to be learning on her own, very slowly, but surely.

    Every burst of wind, every slow breeze, she learned just a little about how to work with it. Of course, Jodie also knew, by the time she was seventeen, she'd have to be more careful. She'd thought about it, and assumed that it had been her emotions that caused her 'powers' to get out of control. So with that, Jodie always made sure to keep herself in check. Never feel too happy, too sad, anything that could possibly make her lose control.

    Of course, she was still happy and content with her life, even with a little bit of caution surrounding her. Nothing had changed, at least she thought that nothing had changed.

    Primary School of Magic

    Secondary School of Magic

    Preferred Weapon
    She mainly carries around a small pocket knife (though not usually meant for hurting others), but otherwise she'll grab whatever she can and use that if she were to get into a fight.
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  12. this seems interesting, I've looked, and and I would like to take the spot for force magic please.
  13. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Éclair Janvier

    Title: The Lone Ice Prince (Couldn’t think of something clever.)

    Gender: Male (Despite what the picture looks like, he is a guy.)

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Éclair wears a white long coat, a white long sleeved shirt, jeans, and leather shoes. For some odd reason, he also wears a blue dog collar around his neck. He’s very thin, to the point where his ribs are showing. There are some scars on his body that came from the fights he got with his uncle. He also has a constantly low body temperature. Another strange thing about him is that he's missing his pinky and ring finger on his right hand.

    Personality: Éclair is a bit…quirky. He can mirror emotions other people are feeling, though inwardly he can’t feel anything. He’s grown to do things at his own whim and survival, not really taking anything seriously. He keeps a smile on his face that really doesn’t reflect how he feels, which is nothing. He has a bit of an obsession with food due to his past. He can be charming if he wants to be, though usually he isn’t. He likes seeing the reactions he gets from some people due to his behavior. He doesn’t mind being hit if he gets an angry reaction from the person. In fact, he just keeps egging them on and jabbing at sore spots while taking a beating.

    Biography: Éclair, when he was known as Etienne, was born into a poor family that did less than a stellar job of keeping it together and providing things for each other. They kept being on food stamps and the like, with his father drinking away the little money they all earned. Because of that, they were always on the brink of starvation and he hated it. Often times when he was coming home from school, he would pass the local bakery and look longingly at the food there before turning his head away and reluctantly going home.

    Sometimes, when he was passing by, the boy who worked with his father and managing the bakery would give him something to eat. He came to love and, decided one day when he was 12, to ask the boy to give him some bread to give to his family. The boy obliged and he rushed back home to show his family what he got. He wasn’t met with warm welcomes when he got home. No, he was met with angry yells and accusations that he stole the food and that he should return it right this instant. Before he could protest, they took the bread away and told him he wouldn’t have anything for dinner that night as punishment for stealing.

    This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He couldn’t take it, being so hungry all the time and trying to be a good boy for them. He’d even let his little brother have his portions, not out of love, but because his parents requested it. But this? This accusation? He couldn’t stand for it, wouldn’t stand for it. He screamed, and the next thing he knew he was shivering as he stared at the frozen statues of his parents.

    He fled the area and was found a few days later on the streets. He was taken into custody and was explained that his brother, who was at the scene of the crime when the police arrived, had been executed for his ice magic. “Is that so?” he said quietly, looking down as to not let his smile show. He couldn’t believe his luck, he had magic at his fingertips and he was going to live because they got the wrong person. So what if it was his brother? It wasn’t like he cared for him.

    He was sent to live with his uncle, who worked at the morgue. While his uncle wasn’t a drunkard, he was easy to anger and he’d get beatings for stepping out of line. He didn’t care, though. As long as he was able to have something to eat, all was fine. He practiced his magic in secret, using the basement to freeze any bug he saw or going outside and freezing the animals that were around his new home.

    There was one comfort in his life while living with his uncle. Though he was a bit farther away from the bakery, he would sometimes go there and talk to the boy that had given him food. He didn’t know what to make of it, the strange warm feeling that made itself known when he saw that boy. He’d often say things that would get on the boy’s nerves, but he didn’t pay it any mind. That is, until he was 18 and the boy told him off for touching a particularly hard subject. He didn’t know what to make of his feelings then and he went back home in a daze. Everything felt surreal, coming home late and getting beaten for being late, then feeling a surge of power and found his uncle dying. He didn’t care, though, he spent a few days in his room just staring blankly at the wall before he came down and created a sharp jagged piece of ice and slit his uncle’s body’s throat.

    He called the police after that and explained that he had found his uncle dead when he came home that day, using the strange emotion he felt from the rejection the boy gave him to make him genuinely sad. When his uncle died, he changed his name to Éclair and discarded his past, not once looking back.

    Primary School of Magic: Ice

    Secondary School of Magic: Death

    Preferred Weapon: Knives and daggers
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  14. Icarus.jpg
    (best idea of an image, though he only wears that outfit when in combat)

    Full Name: Icarus Khile

    Title: The Undercover Bull

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Appearance: Icarus has a usual attire of shorts and a t-shirt. He feels most comfortable in those kinds of outfits and like to relax in them, walk around in them and even go running in them from time to time. He is also an undercover cop, and wears a badge underneath his clothing usually. He has a mark on his right shoulder, in the shape of what looks close to a bull. He determined that it happened when he realized he was able to use magic, as the color of it is a transparent dull blue. His combat gear includes his outfit in his image, except the sword in his image to recognize him by.

    Personality: Icarus is always pushing himself to get to the end of his tasks, even the simplest of tasks. His father taught him how to fight, but he still had difficulty winning against him. Even in schooling as a teenager he would strive to be the best. He wouldn't claim to be the best at everything even though he tried to be. He learned very well that he couldn't be the best, but he was determined to be great at being himself. He wanted to help people, so he decided to try and test his skills at becoming a cop. He aced it. It showed how determined he was at wanting to help people.

    Biography: Since Icarus was young he never liked giving up. He had a motto, "Never give up, and always strive for the top." So he worked his butt off in school. He never really slept at night when it came to studying, he always read the text books he always read the books his teachers had given him. Every test, every assignment he always pushed himself. And it worked, for the most part. As the kid soon started to become an adult, and he wanted to become a cop. He loved helping people out no matter the situation. Plus he though it would be a way he could help people the best he could.

    At 20 years old he signed up to try and become a cop. He soon was accepted after acing the test with flying colors. He became an undercover cop, always getting the cases he wanted, and even doing them the right way by the law. Never once did he fall into corruption. As he kept on, furthering his career at such a young age, he was recognized by the FBI and was allowed to take a test to get into to the criminal justice organization. With great precision he was able to pass this test as well. He made it through, until one fateful day.

    He was pushed back into a corner when his entire squad was in over their heads when they didn't know who their target really was. It was a mage that their target was, an experienced one at that. The mage his squad was taking on had the magical abilities of fire. Every last one of his teammates died. Once that happened it was only Icarus. The mage had cornered him, until he screamed in fear when a giant wall of fire was burning his way. The scream turned into a wall of force. Something that pushed the flames away. When he realized this his hands began to glow a transparent dull blue. The mage he was up against was surprised. But Icarus was even more surprised as an instinct took over and he used his magic to push the fire mage into a wall, levitate and throw the mage, and even pull the mage in for a KO.

    When the instinct had gone, his abilities had went away. Icarus soon took the mage into custody, but when he did Icarus was found out. The Templars were soon told about Icarus as he had to leave the FBI immediately. It didn't take him long before he was driving in his own car to find his own way to run for his life.

    Primary School of Magic: Force

    Secondary School of Magic: N/A

    Preferred Weapon: A sword (when not working)
    Primary weapon (open)
    and a 1911 Sig Sauer Spartan handgun as back up weapon
    Secondary weapon (open)
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  15. Okie dokie, it's done! It's not great, but it's done~!!! :P
  16. I had to do a little editing to my character just to make it more interesting if it works at all
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  17. @Wolfsin, @weird. and @chaosheart13 you are all accepted. I also have an idea as to how your character will be joining the Resistance. Keep an eye out for a PM!

    @Neobach, With the way magic is looked upon now due to the rise of Blood Magic and the Exodus, the FBI would've reported Icarus awhile ago. I'm fine with him wanting to be a cop/being a cop prior to joining the resistance however. Also, force magic pertains to being able to use your powers to push, pull, levitate or even slam enemies into the ground which can be useful for someone on the force provided they use their abilities discreetly as the templars generally kill mages on sight unless they surrender willingly. If you need help reconfiguring your background send me a PM and I'd be happy to help :3
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  18. @BearEnthusiast that is fine with me, personally I just thought of something interesting is all, but if it needs tweaked then by all means i'm willing to accept some help with it.
  19. @Neobach I'm gonna make those icon things for the cast and be with you right away c:
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