The Makings of Who We Are.

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    The pool party was always the place to be, even if the snow which fell caused all kinds of havoc to be wrought to the guests. The three story house which was owned by the Vendolin family had stood there for nearly a century now, once being the home of the late royals who held the Vendolin name high. The fortune they left their grandchildren was always going to leave something to be desired, as they transformed the antique relic into a place for even the younger people.
    Emily, with her long coat made of a blue thread and bikini that had style, strode along with the wedges she had just purchased - not that she needed them. She was already at least half a head above all the other girls, but clearly this meant she demanded obedience whenever she walked along. Regardless of this, everyone at this party was here to have a good time, and it certainly wasn't hard to see the appeal of this place.
    Now that it had been renovated for a younger audience, the parties were less annual, and closer to a weekly event which was all the talk within the town of Ÿvtra. Even those who admittedly should stay away from venues such as these came around, if only to see the view. Emily, it seemed, had to play a game of attrition for now.
    The tall girl was known for something she keeps well hidden, her ability to remain out of sight, as though she could not be seen by any eyes. Of course, many had their eyes on her, but none knew the extent which she kept her cover so very real. Secretly being in the police force while at this age was certainly something to behold in someone.
    For now, though, Emily threw off her coat as she neared the warm pool's edge, removing her wedges too as a servant came around to collect that which she had removed. A quick dip saw the delight in her face reveal itself, as she lowered herself gently into the water, soon her entire body submerged in the rather deep end she had entered from. There were maybe four or five more people within the waters, and none seemed too appealing, and thus, Emily remained as she was, closing her eyes for but a moment.
    Perhaps her entire existence would mean something more, after tonight.
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    The sounds of laughing and screaming could be heard from the distance, fading just as fast as they came. Miranda looked out the thick window down to where the sound had originated from. It seemed some teens had turned an ancient house into their own private party. That just showed the difference in the people who cared and the people who didn't. More like the adults from the children to be honest. "Miss Reynolds. He will speak with you now." The secretary that sat across from her in the pitch black room. Of course he would now. It had only taken hours for him to even acknowledge her fucking presence. She looked out side of the inter-mountain complex once again before heading off down a dark hallway to an office at the end. She opened up the door slowly to see a chair turned around. There was a mirror off to the side which she stared at, seein it gave the reflection of the mans suit.
    "Miranda...There isn't anything I can do to help with you very delicate...problem. Men like me with all of the power have problems. I can not waste my time to one individuals needs even if it is of a supernatural level. Please just now this now, so you don't use them against us, or the country." He finished his small speech with a deep intake. Miranda looked over to the nametag on the desk. Edward Hoffman, Prime Minister. Of course the man was too fucking busy to help her. She looked at the chair again, but in the glint of her eye she noticed something. Just at the corner of a trophy used for decoration had a tad bit of blood dripping from the corner. She then noticed the slight putrid smell in the room. She got up and slowly walked back. This wasn't the real man...
    "We can however, cure it!" Edward screamed causing her to turn around, the mans face split into three parts like a pie chart and he screamed wildly at her. She pulls out a small device from her denim jacked and throws it at the ground. "Timer set 10 seconds. She told it an sprinted off to the window she had seen earlier. She ran at it and broke through, and explosion blowing through the new hole in the window thanks to her and the device. She was free falling, just looking down. He looked over at the pool and groaned. It wasn't that far away...she turned her body tol the side, and focused on an area above it was. "Please...just this time." It was thing that hardly ever happened, but she go to go soon otherwise she wouldn't come back from this. "Please..." She felt herself move, not down but horizontally. She opened her eyes and looked down, seeing the pool was approaching fast. "Thank you." Miranda said to no one in particular, and braced herself before hitting the water. It hurt like hell, ya, but she would live.
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  3. Emily found herself floating on the pool, using her swimming skills to not need even a floatie to keep herself afloat. The way the day was going, even with the cold, it seemed as though it would end as boringly as it had began, her eyes almost glazing over with a distinct kind of annoyance. Soon, though, she got sick of the floating, and sick of the party in general, and thus, she began to get out of the pool.
    Her height gave her an advantage over everyone else, being able to simply step out rather than gaining the momentum to jump up somewhat from the water. Though, as she did this the weirdest thing happened... As though she had the breath knocked out of her lungs. She struggled to breathe under the water, as she clenched her mouth shut and tried her hardest not to drown.
    It felt so odd, being so close to death right now. As though it was the right thing to happen at that moment, she lost all motivation to fight back. Maybe now she would...
    Then, the feeling of arms against her own shocked her as she was pulled out of the water, hardly breathing, hardly even alive. Any time wasted on anything other than getting her completely conscious was going to kill the poor girl.
  4. Miranda looked down as she hit the water, curling herself into a ball. She hit the water on her front side most likely breaking a few bones but she would live. The slight feeling of something touching her that was fleshy was felt as she did. It was most likely a person...but she would deal with it later. The water enveloped her, pushing her towards the bottom of the pool. She let herself slowly fall out of her ball, but felt a massive pain in her right arm. Ya...she had broken something. Whatever. Ain't nothing that couldn't be fixed.
    She held her right arm to her chest and swam up to the surface of the pool, rubbing the water out of her eyes while treading with her legs. Oh...she lost her glasses. Damnit. The woman looked over at the mountain side in which she had came from and noticed the fire starting in that area. She knew that it most likely hadn't seriously hurt anybody inside. That damn monster probably had the reaction time of a freaking fly.
    The girl looked over to her side, seeing a tall girl being pulled out of the water. Damn...That must have been the person she hit on impact...She then looked around her to see a few people staring. Well. It looked like she had crashed the party. She made her way over to her and stepped out of the water. She didn't look like it was just being sucked under there was a bit more than that going on here. She placed her hand (left of course) on the girls cheek. It was obvious that she was unconscious, and most likely on the verge of death. If the girl had been drowning...there was only one thing she could really do. She spread the girls lips and took a deep breathe before placing hers against them, blowing air into her mouth. She then moved up, and pressed her ear against the girls chest before repeating the process.
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  5. The lack of consciousness had truly hit Emily with such a force that she could not possibly wake from this. No, being underwater for that long, there was no way she could have survived that. Now drifting in a plane of existence beyond life and death, all she saw around her were old memories, as though there were infinite television screens showcasing her life.
    Suddenly, as though ripped away from this seemingly feelingless place, there was the sudden realisation that someone had almost literally breathed life into her again. So close to a death which seemed entirely plausible, Emily jerked awake with a cough. This cough did not stop for at least a minute, and afterward, she saw the crowd of people dissipate, as though knowing she was fine was either relieving or very wrong. She sat herself up somewhat, before sighting someone so beautiful that she couldn't possibly be in reality right now. Her perception aside, she attempted to speak.
    "... Was it you who, saved me..?" She spoke gently, looking toward Miranda, but of course, she could not know for sure. Perhaps a feeling inside urged her to know this as truth, as a debt to be repaid, but now she had to focus on getting all the water out of her lungs. Her pale skin was kissed with the cold, and she suddenly shivered rather profusely, holding herself to try and stop it.
  6. Miranda sat back as she saw the girl cough for a short while, watching over her. She just wanted to make sure she was good before feeling anything "... Was it you who, saved me..?" The voice rang through Miranda's ears...a feeling of relief passing through her body. She was glad that the girl had come back...and that she hadn't inadvertently caused her death. She took the moment to get a good glimpse of the girl...her skin was almost pure white with the level it was pale at...but that was only most likely the cause of the near death experience. She looked like she would be tall if she stood up...her long legs were well...just that. She wasn't that curvy around her midsection, but still had nice hips...Miranda shook her head a little. Now really wasn't a time to be thinking about those sort of details. Especially since it was her that had caused her to nearly drown after all...Something she would try to keep to herself. It would take some explaining for why that was...
    "Yes...I helped but one of your friends dragged you out...I only did the rest." She told the girl in front of her, looking around at the dissipating crowd around them. She didn't understand why they would be out here having a pool party...yet it was still happening. She noticed a boy, around the age of 17 walk up her her and hand her two towels. Miranda gave him a thankful look and gave her both of them. Yes, her clothes were soaked but the girl needed them more...because at least she had some clothes on out here.
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