The Maison de Magical Beings

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  1. In a way, I'm loosely basing this off the anime, Inu x Boku SS, and I wanna see if anyone is interested in this idea before I head over to the Modern Fantasy Forum and post a thread for signing up.

    The Maison de Magical Beings is a high security apartment building where humans with magical ancestors reside, each guarded by their own Secret Service bodyguard.. but those who lay inside are not always safe. Welcome to our mansion.. And welcome to the chaos that resides inside!

    Some pieces of the above has been taken from the official Inu x Boku wikipedia page, I did not write that portion but instead added on and or changed parts of it.

    It'll be a mix of comedy, romance, supernatural, and drama, all taking place in a modern fantasy setting.

    Once I get enough memebers, I'll edit this post and include the link to the character sheet.

    If you have any questions, concerns, problems, or suggestions, please feel free to comment them below and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

    Here's the link to the CS anyhow...
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