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  1. Out can either be a costumer, maid, cook, or hostess! Our maids are all kind and willing to get you what you need!

    Top maid: Hanna
    Second (Smart) maid:
    Clumsy maid:
    Adorable maid: Eleanore Summers (Kitsune )
    Serious maid:
    Goth maid:
    Badass maid:
    Bookworm maid:

    Top Hostess:
    Secondary (loving) hostess:
    • Please do not touch the maids without permission!
    • Please be kind to everyone for the maids will be kind at all times.
    • Finally, have fun and don't forget to tip your maids~!

    Hello, I am the top maid, Hanna. Today's special is our very own beverage Butterbeer!
    Our own completely non alcoholic recipe, available in regular or frozen! Have fun~~

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  2. Hanna, the top maid.

    ~Welcome to the maids cafe~

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  3. Just making sure, but are you entirely sure you know the concept of chat RP's? Charp's are live events hosted in one of the RP Chatboxes (found in one of the top tabs). If you're planning on hosting a charp, you need to set a date and a place. If not, you'll want to post this in group roleplays instead.
  4. Oh no, don't worry, I just want this to be a 24/7 type of thing so anyone at any time can come and join. ^•^
  5. I don't think you can reserve any of the Cboxes 24/7, though O__O This sounds more like a Jump-in Roleplay to me.
  6. Oh. Well then. Haha, sorry about that. I'm still new here =_="
  7. That's OK, haha. We all have to learn at some point. Welcome, by the way! \O/
  8. Thank you very much ~^•^~
  9. @Aryk Jay Ichijou

    Quick notice (because I saw your thread moderation request), when you fill out a form to have a thread moved, it's really helpful to include a link to the thread itself, not just the name of the thread, to avoid the mods having to do a bunch of unnecessary searching and worrying about whether they've got the right thread or not ^^
  10. Ah, alright. Thank you •^
  11. Well, this seems interesting~

    May I claim the Adorable Maid?
  12. But of course~~ please, make you "resume" by just giving us the looks and all that. ^•^
  13. Okie dokie! c:

    Eleanore Summers | The Adorable Maid

    Anything else you need?
  14. Nope. Just remember the rules ^•^~
  15. Okay~! This is going to be fun ^_^
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