The Maiden and The Street Blood

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  1. Chapter 1: New Blood

    The room stood silent and still with the light sound of popping firewood. Near the center of the room were two couches facing parallel to each other; between them both was a Griffin pelt rug. Paintings were placed elegantly to each wall of the room as it set a comforting mood with the windows showing a night sky filled with stars. The air was warm; the halls were empty to this side of the school, with morning bringing another surprise. As the time of peace went by, two new surprises were coming to Parthalan: Academy and Home for Mages. Peace will come and go due to these “New Arrivals”, it may even end. But, regardless of what may happen, there shall be a new day for them both.

    As he came to his senses and stretched out his limbs, he let out an obnoxious yawn then removed the covers from over his head; letting his scarlet red hair caped across his back and touching his waist. His eyes looking dead as they cracked open at the stroking sound of birds chirping… only to then shoot a dart of fire out the window to silence the bird, followed by a pain-filled tweet. “Damn, birds… It’s too early for such noise...”

    Erick ‘Draco’ Westbroke, underdog of the Kingdom of Lazarus, orphaned at birth, and ‘Street Blood’ of Parthalan. A quick extension and crack of his bones to loosen up and he hopped from bed, he paraded past the bowl of hot water left at his bedside to wash his face; plunging a hand in and rubbing it about to wake himself from slumber wholly. Erick yanked open his drawers and pulled out his clothing: A ruby-red sleeveless vest, robe-like leggings with an armored base, and two clawed red gauntlets with gold trimming. Draco slipped them on and looked over to his window; outside he saw multiple carriages pending through the front gate. He remembered Head Master Corvo discussing this with him— Spring Entry. Every fourth spring the highest graded students are rounded up and perform the Rite of The Phoenix: a rite based on the ascension of a phoenix, the graduates, and the new mages, the ashes.

    Erick had known the oath several times, including now. At this very moment he knew it by heart. After the ceremony is over, they bring introduce the new bloods. Corvo found it important to tell Erick he was to receive something special for this spring…. A tutor
  2. Chayan was helping Cosette dress when they saw a lick of flame jet out a window of another part of the school. It wasn't out of the ordinary, not here. Anywhere else, it would be a cause for alarm. [Inevas,] She motioned out the window, then questioned, [Which wing is that? Failing Commoners'?] She smiled darkly. [They can't all be useful and pretty like you.] She turned to allow Chayan to finish dressing her. She stopped signing, as she was facing the other way, and couldn't speak while she was being "strapped in", as she referred to it.

    Chayan finished and moved closer, her arms around Cosette, signing as if they were Cosette's arms. [You're too nice, my lady.] She moved away and waited for Cosette to turn. [May we please have breakfast?] She held her arms down, palms toward Cosette, afterward, their sign for "I will submit to your will." The both used the sign occasionally, whenever they were either unsure, or feeling they were imposing too much on each other. She kept her head up to wait for a response, but Cosette didn't respond. She had turned her head in the middle of Chayan's question. Breakfast had been the second sign, so she knew the general idea. She just wasn't paying attention afterward.

    Instead, Cosette walked toward the door and took a step. She made no attempt to shift her weight to that foot, only to step loud enough to create an echo. A few seconds later, Isla ran through the door, up Cosette's robes, and onto her shoulders. [Breakfast, Inevas.] She nodded as she signed, while nuzzling Isla's upper half. Chayan nodded back and walked out of the room, Cosette's guards watching her as she walked.

    (*Note: Square brackets represent sign language. In most cases, this is their private form. I've also converted to standard English grammar, since sign language has different grammar rules. Words in italics are words from other languages and I don't want to translate for story reasons.)
  3. Dressed and prepared for his day, Erick was called by an audible voice in the halls. Lazily dragging himself along to its origin, he finds that it is Master Corvo—Head Master Corvo. Ever since Erick was brought to this school from the streets, he noticed how the Head Master kept himself close to Draco’s attention. His progress in class could be disappointing and all Corvo would do is laugh, slap him on the back and say “Next time, my boy. You’ll have your day next time!” Corvo waved him over and carried on to walk down the Halls, along with the other masters of Parthalan. He murmured and sighed—he wanted this day to simply be over; he saw no point if he knew he wasn't graduating.

    Now exiting the sanctity of his room and into the all-seeing eyes of his school, always a drag to him, he began to catch up with Corvo. One he was at his back they were quickly conjoined with another group—along with his favorite of teachers Madam GaiaShe is known with the duty of training all new and advanced students in the art of destruction magic. What made her his favorite was how her age was no further from his, but only by three years-a small difference yes, but still a difference. She played in the casual light as a teenager, but becomes a serious adult when in class.

    “I was wondering where my favorite student had run off too!” she chuckled, and then cuffed Draco on the back playfully. “You were going to be late for the ceremony.” She added. Draco turned his gaze from her and looked down at his feet, shamed when she uttered of the ceremony. Gaia noticed his change of face and punched him in his shoulder, gaining a quiet “Ow!” from his lips. She tiled her head and smiled, “Don’t worry; you’ll make it next time. With the surprise Corvo has planned for you, you’ll have no choice!”

    His brow propped up as he smirked—she too knew of this surprise? What was going on? He had well-deserved reasons to know, but would find out at the end of this ceremony.
  4. Cosette stood still as the stoat passed on its visual and aural memories of the past 24 hours. She could easily have done more while the memories were passing, since it didn't take long, and it didn't require any effort on her part (or on Isla's). She did, however, hope that Chayan wouldn't take long, as they had to eat before the beginning of the ceremony. People were already starting to gather; she could hear them outside in the main courtyard. She had hoped it would have been indoors this year. She didn't like the sun much, and it looked like it would be really bright today. With any luck, something would happen to cut the ceremony short and they could all go back inside. She's personally seen enough of these ceremonies. Her own was quite some time earlier, but she didn't care much for it then. Her parents, the Counts Thorne, didn't make their appearance until near the end, and only because they had chosen to attend a "nearby" Duke's ball. That didn't bother her in the least, by the way; she actually found it...comforting. She didn't want to be there, so didn't see why they would, either. Worked out better for them that way.

    All this thought reminded her that Chayan wouldn't be gone long. She opened her eyes and turned calmly toward the door, where Chayan was standing with a tray, perfectly calm, as if she'd been preparing this for hours. That always seemed to be her way, too. Cosette had found it unsettling when they were children, but has since gotten used to it, and finds it jarring when Chayan doesn't do it. [Someone was peeking into rooms last night. Quiet. Isla didn't follow.] Cosette signed. [They didn't seem to want anything in here. Maybe they got lost.] She sat on the heavy wooden chest at the foot of her bed, and motioned for Chayan to sit beside her. She knew already that Chayan wouldn't sit on the chest. She never did. Instead, she placed the tray gently on the chest, and sat on her knees on the floor. Cosette reached forward and lifted Chayan's mask just enough to expose her lower lip before feeding her from the plate. They alternated on who fed whom after each serving until they were finished, as they had done since they were children. Each still sipped their tea on their own, however. They'd found it impractical otherwise, and Cosette didn't like to see Chayan punished for ruining clothing with tea. And they only had a few minutes until the ceremony began; not enough time to change clothes for either.