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  1. Most cities have one resident magician.
    Pensgate is about to have three. They all find this predicament disagreeable.

    Now that their apprenticeships have ended, these three talented magicians must settle in and make a name for themselves. They’ve chosen the city of Pensgate, a cultural and economic hub, in which to make the right connections and build a promising future. None of them, however, anticipated competition.
    Their initial animosity quickly sparks a fierce rivalry. Tempers flare. Rules are dismissed. Playing dirty, they find, has never been quite so fun.

    ~ Inspired by the amazing works of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Sutdios ~

    The Setting
    ~ Pensgate ~


    Pensgate is a vibrant coastal city. Its fashions, architecture and landscape have won the envy of the country. Run errands through the bustling streets of Florent's Gallery, take a midnight stroll along the pier, or watch the ships from the Queen's Bridge. In such a populated metropolis, there are always people to see and places in which to be seen.

    There has not been a Resident Magician in Pensgate for over seventy years.

    Locations in Pensgate:
    • The Artist District
      • Starburst Street
    • The Royal College of Pensgate (aka The Castle)
    • Florent's Gallery (enormous, labyrinthine central neighborhood of shops and eateries)
      • The Fallen Lion (pub)
    • Queen's Bridge (the major bridge spanning the Avalis River that cuts through the city)
    Other Locations (open)
    Isles of Asteroth

    Falone (known for round-the-clock festivities)

    Kittland Green (a rural village)

    Kittland Proper (the main city)

    The Characters
    Created by Mika

    Declan Mortimer

    Declan's History (brief)

    Created by G3n3s1sR3born

    Rena Corvill

    Created by Fox of Spades

    Eliza Fern

    Other Characters (open)
    Clu, Wizard Gillborough: Declan's most recent teacher

    • Writing Level: Adept
    • Posting Frequency: Once a week
    • Rating: PG-13
    • Creative flexibility: Populate the world with NPCs and help build the geography of the city. Don’t be afraid to introduce twists, either. I’m not looking for passive partners.
    • Communication: I like to chat and plan so don’t be a stranger! Also:
    If losing interest, please let me know. I’ll neither take offense nor will I be irritated. I’d rather not wait indefinitely for a reply that may or may not come.
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  2. I am interested. This sounds like a fun idea with the potential to go on for a while. I'd like to join you, if you'll have me, that is.
  3. Hello @G3n3s1sR3b0rn! I'm happy to make your acquaintance, and I'm game to give this a shot. :)

    I do, however, see that you are under 18. This is fine by me; we'll just stick to the PG/PG-13 rating. Also, I had intended for the characters to be in their early to mid-twenties. Will this be okay for you? I wouldn't mind shifting their ages to the 18-21 range, but I'd rather not work with teenagers for this story.

    I'd also like your input about what sort of relationships you'd like to see played out between the two characters. If romance will be involved at all, my only stipulation is that it must be a slow-boiling one. None of this love-at-first-sight, oh-my-goodness-he/she's-so-gorgeous nonsense. And if you'd like there to be a romantic aspect, I prefer heterosexual couples. That being said, what's your preference of gender and would you like to see our characters "involved" later on? That will determine which character I play.

    Any other questions? Comments? Fun facts? XD
  4. Erm... "Yes" to all that apply. Before I decide what gender, I need to know the magic specifically.

    Are we focusing on just one type of magic? (i.e. Plant, Stone, Fire, Etc.) Or is it just any?

    Are there any banned magics?

    If so, are we going to listen to the ban?

    How do we use magic? By using catalysts/inner power source/outer power source/etc?

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Sidenote- If I accidentally become too passive, please let me know. -u-'
  5. Good questions! The image I had was of a vague system of magic, one of spell books and potions but not of wand-waving and mana sustenance.

    The active magic comes from external sources - ingredients and choice incantations or symbols even. But our magicians activate those ingredients by force of will (it is a physical act so one might feel out of breath or sore if casting many spells continuously for hours. It's more common for magic to be used here and there when it is needed).

    Our magicians can brew potions (for medicine, luck, rejuvenation, etc). They can craft spells (these are more unique, things like charms for a safe journey {which might look something like a dream catcher or a crude carving depending on the magician's style and purpose of the charm}, or spells for renovation {the way Howl moves and redesigns his house using pictures and symbols}). So the uses of magic are rather domestic.

    As for magical no-no's, I'd say things like human or animal transformation into hybrid creatures or other people/animals is illegal (for safety and security reasons). There are probably illegal brews that boost one's strength or agility or other physical trait (and yet cosmetic enhancers are likely legal).

    That's what I've got so far. It's a fairly open system so if you have preferences or suggestions, please let me know! But I think the magic can grow throughout the story. We can introduce new aspects or previously hidden aspects as we write!

    And I will certainly let you know if I need your help or a little more information. :)
  6. Good mornight :D!

    By any chance, are you looking for more than one partner for this idea? I see you've already found someone, but I am very interested as well.

    The premise just pulled me in, and I loved Kiki's Delivery Service to bits and pieces. I just downloaded a bunch of Ghibli films a few days ago and plan to watch Howl's Moving Castle as soon as finals are over. I'm a sucker for things that involve magic and character development and it looks like there will be a lot of room for both in this RP.

    If you're willing to take on another partner, I would love to RP with you. :bowtie:
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  7. Why helloo @Fox of Spades!

    You know, it hadn't even crossed my mind to make this a group RP. If @G3n3s1sR3b0rn is okay with having a group of three, then I'd be happy to have a fellow Ghibli fan join. Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite Miyazaki film, but Howl's Moving Castle is a close second. :)

    So, Genesis, would you mind if we opened this up to Fox? The rivalries would just be split three ways! Also, it would be quite fun to create and destroy alliances. Just sayin'!
  8. Kiki's Delivery Service was adorable, especially Jiji <3


    My favorite Miyazaki film would have to be My Neighbor Totoro :D! And Spirited away is close to my heart too.

    Anyways, nice to meet you both :)! And alliances definitely sound interesting.
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  9. @Fox of Spades

    My Neighbor Totoro was alright, but Spirited Away would be my favorite, I think. I'm going to have to rewatch Howl's Moving Castle soon.


    Yeah. That sounds great!

    Also, I don't know if you answered my question about what type of magic. Are we focusing on one element (I.e. Earth/Fire/Plant/Etc.) or skill-based magic? (I.e. Metallurgy/Weaving/Etc.) I'm probably blind and didnt see that you answered this. If so, could you point it out to me?
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  10. @G3n3s1sR3b0rn

    I'm glad all of us are studio Ghibli fans, and Spirited Away is amazing <3


    Haha, pretty much all Ghibli films are awesome. I'm going to drown you folks in gifs.

    Thanks for having me :D and I'm not sure if this is it, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we'll be focusing on spells and charms similar to that in Kiki's delivery service? Stuff that'll help the people in the town our magicians will be in?

    I think we'll be doing our best to make everyone's lives easier with our magic? Like maybe we'd make charms to help fruits and vegetebles grow larger, or cast spells to tidy up, redecorate, or fix a broken sink?

    @Mika: Did I understand things right owo?

    If not, ignore my guesses xD


    My ramblings aside, I've been getting character ideas :D. Would giving my magician an animal companion be alright? I was thinking a sly fox that delivered packages for her, I was also thinking of giving my magician a charm that would enable her to communicate with her pet, though I totally understand if this isn't alright :)
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  11. @Fox of Spades

    A few quick things:

    1- NO! The origami birds! Fly away, Haku! Fly away!

    2- I love the gifs! And your profile pic.

    3- My cat's name is Jiji. :3

    5- Alpacamon!
  12. D'aww <3 by any chance, is your cat a black cat?

    Those llamas are adorable, and now I must retaliate with more gifs :P






  13. Yes. But it is a she.

    I will not concede!

    Retaliation (open)

  14. I haven't seen Ponyo yet, it looks so adorable <3
  15. It is. Though the version I watched was recorded from inside a theater, so there was some foreign lady who just stood up sometime in the final third of the movie. Other than that, I don't think you could tell it was a theater. It was subbed.
  16. Pfffft, that sucks xD but at least the quality wasn't too bad.

    Have any of you seen the Wind Rises yet? I heard it was amazing ^w^)/! And how about Ghibli's darker film? Have you guys seen Grave of the Fireflies ;A;? So much feels.

    As soon as I leave the dorm for Christmas break, (internet here sucks v.v) I'm going to download Wind Rises and watch it with my little bro~
  17. I am sad to say that I have not seen either of those. I'm going to have to have a Ghibli night with my friends. So I can slap someone when they start trying to say what's going to happen.

    Well, I gtg for now. May be back in about 2-4 hours.

    Farewell for now, my foxxy friend!


    Other Disappearing Gifs (open)

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  18. I applaud you both! All of your gifs are wonderful. That was both an enlightening (I've never heard of Grave of the Fireflies) and visually pleasing. As soon as I get to a computer I must hop in on this animation action!

    Ahem. Down to business. @Fox of Spades, that's pretty much the gist I was going for as far as magic goes. Thank you for quoting my text for Genesis! Some magic in this RP could be quite amazing (again, think of how Howl uses his magic), but most applications are for everyday use. So, while there are laws as to what our magicians can and can't do, the actual system of magic is not very technical and open to interpretation. I encourage both of you to employ types of magical specialties that interest you! Be creative! We can always discuss whether something doesn't quite work in this world. :)

    @G3n3s1sR3b0rn, does that make sense? I hope I haven't made you more confused!

    Also, Fox, a fox familiar is fine by me! If Kiki has the ability to talk to her cat, I don't see why your character can't also share that talent, charm or no charm.

    I'll post again later (with the promised gifs) so we can discuss a little bit about the beginning of the story. My phone is having some wicked delays while I'm typing now - not ideal. Poor device response aside, I'm super pumped to get to writing with you both!
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  19. Grave of the Fireflies was full of feels ;A; and it's probably Studio Ghibli's darkest movie.

    Yesss, be one with the gifs *w* mehehehe. And thanks :) I am psyched to be here too. Definitely looking forward to RPing with you guys~
  20. Okay, guys. I realized that my vague explanations of the magic system in this RP are still lacking. I therefore present:​
    Take three! (open)

    At first I thought all our characters would be general witches or wizards, having a broad range of skills like Howl does - crafting potions and other magical concoctions, interpreting curses, writing spells, etc. And perhaps we do keep this aspect. BUT, I also love how the witches in Kiki's Delivery Service have specialties: potion making, fortune telling, flying. So, what if we have general knowledge of most magic types, but depending on our character's preferences and particular talents, they might favor or only be qualified to use an exclusive type of magic.

    For example, maybe your character, like Kiki, is an excellent flyer:


    Or perhaps she is... not so excellent at flying:

    But that's cool! Because maybe she doesn't use a broom at all. Maybe she just... strolls:
    Air travel is all well and dandy, but let's say your witch doesn't use her abilities for such pedestrian purposes. Maybe she is an elemental witch (and looks all kinds of fierce and graceful while performing magic):
    Maybe she has a particular command over the written word, manipulating the physical world with her ink and pen alone:

    Or maybe she's a master of disguise, constantly inventing new ways to alter one's appearance (Is she a con artist? A cosmetic aesthetician? Just plain eccentric and a bit paranoid? Who knows?):

    So, as you can see, the system is VERY open. Laws and limits are to be developed as we further explore which types of skills our magicians will use. Given that our characters have just finished their apprenticeships, they will not be at the top of their fields. They are not masters yet, far from it, and will make mistakes here and there. But suffice it to say they are talented enough to fly solo.

    Does that help?


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