The Magicians of Pensgate

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  1. ReservedI'm reserving this spot for some fancy shit about the roleplay. Once I find the time, I'll start getting stuff put up here. Until then, just enjoy the fancy fieldbox and the following pictures.

    The Following Pictures (open)

  2. Reserved AgainThis one's reserved as well. This post will contain news about the roleplay (both IC and OOC). Make sure to check back often once it's up and running. I don't have anything for you to enjoy, but that doesn't matter. The pictures on the first on should have been enough. (They will be migrated here once the intro post is up. Once this post is active, they will be gone.)
  3. The Fallen Lion was rowdy, like was normal at night. A great fire was roaring in the hearth, warming the whole room. I glowed with a warm golden color. The room was lit by both the fire and candles, which were located on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.Patrons were all over the place, taking part in the many activities that went on in the tavern. They gambled, drank, ate, sang, and a multitude of other activities.A few men were standing with each other on the top of a table, singing drunkenly, mugs in hand. One of them stumbled forwards, causing the whole table to tip forwards, depositing the sodden heap on the floor.

    A cheer went up from the hyunai fights in the corner as one of the participants was beaten. Money swapped hands and a man was dragged out of the crowd. His body was bruised and blood ran from his face. He was deposited in an empty chair near to the fireplace, where he proceeded to fall facefirst onto the table. More cheers went up from the fights as a new fighter entered the ring. There were taunts, suggestions, and words of encouragement shouted to the newcomer.

    Rena Sunalli Corvil
    Rena leaned against the bar, watching the crowd in the corner as the cheers went up. She turned and poked her head through a doorway behind the bar. "Lucille! Could you take over the bar for me? The fights are getting interesting!" she shouted.

    An older dark-haired man looked up from where he was washing the dishes from the dinner crowd. "Shirking duties again, Rena? You're gonna have to start working more if you keep this up," he teased good-naturedly.

    Rena looked over to him and smiled. "I already work the most out of everyone, Elaijah. And you know it. I'm still working off the repairs that had to be made from the... incident last month."

    Elaijah laughed, setting a recently cleaned plate aside. "I've already told you that it's fine," he said, "It wasn't completely your fault." He looked up at the sound of feet racing down the stairs. "Sounds like Lucille's on her way."

    Rena looked towards the staircase as a red-headed girl stumbled to a stop. She was a pretty little thing, around the age of 22. "Sure thing, Rena!" she said, practically skipping over to Rena. She slipped past and took up post at the bar, immediately starting to help those there.

    Eliajah laughed again, shaking his head gently. "You rely on her too much. She looks up to you, y'know. She'll do whatever you ask. Better get on out there, now. Sounds like the fights are picking up." He turned back to the dishes, resuming his washing.

    Rena smiled and slipped back out to the bar, herself. "Thanks," she whispered to Lucille as she passed. She hastened over to the fights, slipping through the crowd until she was at the front. Once there she turned her head to the man next to her. "What've I missed?" she questioned.

    "Not much. They've just started," he replied without looking at her.

    She nodded and turned her attention back to the two competitors, waiting to see how it would play out.
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  4. [color="Royal Blue"]
    Alistar Alistar hopped down from the roof of the Fallen Lion and walked in the door. The first thing she does is walk over and grab a drink, putting it up on her tab, promising to pay next time she was around.

    She walkes over to the crowed gathering for the hyunai fights. As she watched the fights progress, while she was drinking, she didn't throw to much money into the pot, not yet at least. She finished her drink, not supprised to finally figure out that they noticed she was almost of age and gave her something, stronger.

    When a guy was dragged to a chair, they looked around for a new contestant, and after observing the pot, decided to step in and pay off the tab. She looked at the guy, much taller than her, stronger looking, and generally looked like he belonged in a fighting ring, unlike her. She took her time to slowly, and carefully, tie her hair behind her head, leaving her ears exposed. "So I want to apologize before hand, but I have a tab to pay off."
  5. Name: Esmerelda Rhett
    Location: The Fallen Lion
    Interactions: Rion Shadowheart (@Rion)
    Mood: Curious, Intrigued

    Looking around the bar Esmerelda wondered what it was again that she was doing here, she turned to her assistant to open her mouth and ask him but then remembered that they were here to place bets on the winner of the hyunai fight. She was sure to win, she never lost. The stars and constellations guided her with her win and her ability to win over others.

    "Rion my dear, to win or to not to win. Which do you believe to be more important? To win when one is weak and the foe is strong is that considered stupid or courageous? To win when you are strong but the foe is weak, is that cunning or is it unworthy of even being called a heroic deed? My dear Rion one must think of these things when fighting, fighting may or may not be fun. But to myself as a matter of self opinion these throws and punches are meaningless, but not as meaningless as empty words...."

    Looking at the crowd again she noted that a male was dragged up into the ring and tilted her head to the side as a female made her way up to the ring as well.
    "this poor young girl, what in the world is she thinking? To fight such a foe does she not understand the fatalities that may cause? Not that it is my problem, I am here for the money."

    Eyes glittering as she spoke Esmerelda turned her attention to the card in her hand - fight - and then pressed the centre of the card down slightly. Closing her eyes she knew that no one would be able to tell what she was doing and as she opened her eyes she looked at the female curiously.
    "It seems my dear Rion that appearances are not what they seem."
    Placing down her bet she looked back at the female and the male in the ring waiting for the tournament to start.
  6. Rion Shadowheart
    Rion was sitting neatly on his seat by the bar, dressed in his dark open jacket and white shirt. His golden hair was a tad messy, though one would expect that from a wandering traveller. But the young boy stood out with his charming face, and even got the attention from a group of three local girls sitting in the other end of the tavern. Rion however, only had his attention on his Mistress. She had taken him in when his father had thrown him out, and honest to his feelings, she was like the mother he had never had. But those feelings tended to be locked deep down, like his father had painfully instructed him to since little.

    The young apprentice carefully listened to his teacher's words, but he wasn't really interested in the gambling. He had however, prepared a luck charm for the occasion. Rion took a nip of his piece of bread, and took notes in his head as Esmerelda answered her own question. 'Fighting huh? I can barely control my cards...' He thought to himself and watched the said girl make her way to the ring. He looked down on the item in his hand and then on his Mistress. Closing his hand into a fist, he felt the fabric from the item and closed his eyes in concentration. Rion mumbled a few words and when he opened his hand again, a beautiful golden butterfly had replaced the luck charm.

    Rion made a small smile as the butterfly tested it wings before it took off. It moved above the mob, moving in a few circles as it made its way to the ring. Most people didn't see little golden creature as it slowly descended and landed on Alistar. With the luck charm's purpose fulfilled, the butterfly took off again and disappeared. "Luck is all I'm good for" Rion mumbled, the memories of his miserable skills during training yesterday still fresh in his mind.
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  7. Agravina Synon
    It had been a long time since Agravina had performed a scam such as this. Hustling a group of drunks? If they were caught it would get violent quickly, but success meant a lot of money. Worth it. Agravina gave the girl her dark charm, a charm of strength and speed, more than enough to win any bar fight.

    Agravina stepped into the bar just as the girl she had spoken to earlier was about to start the plan. She smiled from under her black hooded robe. As she approached the group, she took out a sac of coins. Agravina dropped it in and a loud clanging sound was heard as the heavy bag of coins hit the pot. She called out.
    "Eighty Gold on the girl!"
    She smiled as she said this. Shooting the girl an affirming gaze as her charm jingled on the girls body. Agravina made her way to the bar and sat, watching the ensuing fight.

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  8. Moth
    Moth raised his fists into the air, cheering along with the crowd around him. He had just beaten down one opponent, the guy was being cocky, and he was waiting for another opponent to step up.

    He looked behind him as the crowd cheered in a new competitor. A young girl had stepped into the rough circle formed by the betters. Upon closer inspection, the girl had features of a cat. What was the name for them again? Werecat? No that was a different thing. Oh yes! They referred to themselves as nekos!

    His eyes scanned over her and he began to laugh. This girl didn't belong in the ring. Even if he went easy on her, she couldn't win. "Shouldn't you be in bed by now, little girl? The fights are only for grown-ups." He spread his feet, raising his arms loosley, ready to counter whatever attack the rookie went with first. "Guess I'll just have to tell your parent's then, huh?" He watched silently from then on.
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  9. A cloaked figure looked at the ongoing situation. Some elf dude fighting a cat lady. Alright then.

    The cloaked figure then took a sip from her drink, which appeared rather milky and... non-alcoholic. She chuckled a little as the fight was about to begin. She then looks at the person beside her and comments, "man, this is quite the ruckus huh? If you can't stop it, I guess joining it is an option."

    She steps up, noting that the big man was underestimating the little cat lady. "Would one-on-two be a fairer match, big guy?" she speaks.
  10. Alistar

    Seeing the behemoth in front of her, she knew that the plan was going to go smoothly. On the air, she smelled a dog, but didn't think much of it, because as far as she knew, the last dog she saw was on the other side of town. As she was getting warmed up, a cloaked figure popped up and got in the ring, claiming a call for a two on one. "No offence to you, but I got this. I am a lot stronger than I look, that and everything has a weakness, you just have to find it." With a wink, she slightly pushed the figure to the sides, and turned to the opponent. "You know, I'll tell you what, leave the purse off to the side, and I won't get it dirty as I show you what the floor looks like." Everything better be in place, I will need to grab and run, I know some are ready, but will my amplification of them be taxing on me? She began questioning herself as she allowed the charms that were given to her to increase, but not enough to have any feeling of it in the air to any that are sensitive to it.
  11. Moth
    Moth laughed as the cloaked female entered the ring, as well. She wanted to have a two one one. He was okay with it... Then the neko in front of himself turned down the girl's offer. Shrugging, he turned his gaze towards the cloaked female. "Sorry. The girly says no. But you can fight next. I'll make this quick so you don't have to wait long." One of the tavern workers reached out and pulled lightly on the female's arm, pulling her out of the ring. Once the girl left the ring, he lunged towards the neko while she was, hopefully, distracted.

    Rena Sunalli Corvil
    Rena rolled her eyes at Moth's bravado. When he was out of the ring, he was actually a nice guy. A cloaked girl had entered the ring and asked if two against one was a fair fight. Rena raised an eyebrow at this. Moth had once taken down five full grown men in one fight. Two little girls were no match.

    After she was turned down by the neko and Moth, Rena stepped forward and gently pulled the girl back. "You sure you want to fight him? He's the best fighter in the Lion." She looked at the girl, awaiting an answer.

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    Sorry I took so long. I thought I was still waiting on people. I am not letting this die.​
  12. "Well, I'm determined," the cloaked one replied, "but I guess it's best to see the outcome of the current fight before determining how fun it would be to challenge him. Or if she wins, her. Maybe."

    Looking at the challengers, she smiled.

    "If she's a match, there'll probably be a little collateral damage, unless this place is built for everyday fights."
  13. Alistar

    The second the cloaked figure moved away, Alistar could feel the man flying her way. I guess I can toy with a new pet. As soon as it was within connection space, she rolled backward and allowed the force of his lunge to send him away from her. "Oh come on now, wouldn't it be sad if you were to lose to a little girl? I think you would lose face off of that one." Using the distance between the two of them, she ran forward, and jumped, attempting to hit the back of the 'moths head. I should end this up soon, so that way I can run with my pay.

    [Sorry for there not being much detail, I will try to get my next one with more.... but I just needed to get something up]
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