The Magicians of Pensgate (Plot Discussion/Sign-Ups/OOC)

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  1. Most cities have one resident magician.
    Pensgate is about to have three. They all find this predicament disagreeable.

    Now that their apprenticeships have ended, these three talented magicians must settle in and make a name for themselves. They’ve chosen the city of Pensgate, a cultural and economic hub, in which to make the right connections and build a promising future. None of them, however, anticipated competition.
    Their initial animosity quickly sparks a fierce rivalry. Tempers flare. Rules are dismissed. Playing dirty, they find, has never been quite so fun.

    ~ Inspired by the amazing works of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studios ~

    The Setting
    ~ Pensgate ~


    Pensgate is a vibrant coastal city. Its fashions, architecture and landscape have won the envy of the country. Run errands through the bustling streets of Florent's Gallery, take a midnight stroll along the pier, or watch the ships from the Queen's Bridge. In such a populated metropolis, there are always people to see and places in which to be seen.

    There has not been a Resident Magician in Pensgate for over seventy years.

    Locations in Pensgate:
    • The Artist District
      • Starburst Street
    • The Royal College of Pensgate (aka The Castle)
    • Florent's Gallery (enormous, labyrinthine central neighborhood of shops and eateries)
      • The Fallen Lion (pub)
    • Queen's Bridge (the major bridge spanning the Avalis River that cuts through the city)
    Other Locations (open)
    Isles of Asteroth
    City of Dvell
    Town of Elyria
    Land of Yspyg
    Town of Rogath
    Land of Gearbel

    By Zone-Tan~
    By EternalMusic~
    By G3n3s1sR3b0rn~
    Rena Sunalli Corvil

    (Check with Magicians first; One apprentice to each wizard)
    By Rion~ {Apprentice to EternalMusic (Esmerelda Rhett)}
    By Cubix~ {Apprentice to Zone-Tan (Agravina Synon)}
    Mesh Blackline

    -Wandering Wizard-
    By Crow~
    Lucy Claude

    (Two spots open; This includes humans, demons, faeries, etc.)
    By Crow~
    By Shlavekt~

    Wizard/Apprentice CS (open)
    - Name -
    - Gender -
    - Age -

    . Magical Skill (the one that you can charge for services) .
    . Magic you can perform competently .
    . Magic you shouldn't attempt .

    . Likes .
    . Dislikes .
    * Fears *
    * Life Goals *

    | Appearance (Can be typed or a picture) |
    | Personality (keep it brief) |
    | Hometown (fictitious - make it up!) |
    | When you arrived in Pensgate |

    * Other pertinent facts (Relevant information about family or background, connections, quirks, anything that affects who your character is goes here.)*

    (Fields with an asterisk are optional.)

    Other CS (open)

    - Name -
    - Gender -
    - Age -

    . Species .
    . Special Abilities (Please don't go overboard) .
    . Skills .

    . Likes .
    . Dislikes .
    * Fears *
    * Life Goals *

    | Appearance (Can be typed or a picture) |
    | Personality (keep it brief) |
    | Hometown (fictitious - make it up!) |
    | When you arrived in Pensgate |

    * Other pertinent facts (Relevant information about family or background, connections, quirks, anything that affects who your character is goes here.)*

    (Fields with an asterisk are optional.)

    I give full credit to my friend Mika (who has disappeared from Iwaku) for the idea for this roleplay! I thought that it was a great idea, so I have restarted it.


    Location Details
    The Fallen Lion (open)
    The Fallen Lion The Fallen Lion is a warm and friendly tavern. It can fit about 50 patrons at once. There are dozens of maple wood tables ranging from large to small in size. The counter is polished chestnut and around 15-20 meters long. A large fireplace takes up most of the middle of the wall opposite the counter. Walking in through the front door, the counter is on the left wall and the fire on the right. A space about 8 meters wide in the corner is for hyunaifights. Patrons love to bet. Everyone is normally good-tempered and helpful, especially the waiters and waitresses.
    A few of the outstanding patrons would be:

    Looker- Looker is a drunk perv who enjoys harassing females who visit the tavern. As long as he doesn't go too far, he is allowed to drink.

    Behemoth ("Moth")- The best fighter in the tavern, so far.

    Lucille- She's one of the well-known waitresses in the tavern. She often works the bar.

    Rosa- Rena's older "sister." She took Rena in when she first got to the city and helped her find a job.

    Elaijah- The owner of The Fallen Lion, age 35, whom offered Rena a job. He is good-natured and even participates in the hyunai fights. His ancestry is unknown, but his parents taught him some words from the ancient, almost forgotten language of his ancestors.

    {hyunai- Basically means "chance" (as in betting) in Elaijah's ancestors' language.}
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  2. I shall be joining~
  3. Seeing as how I know how good you are, you are definitely accepted.

    Added some more things to the first post.

    Seeing as how spring break is coming up for me, this might possibly not be finished by the time I (possibly) leave. If it is not finished by today, it will likely not be finished for about a week.
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  4. *NODS HEAD* GOT IT GENE~!!! WHOOPS HAVEN'T TURNED CAPS lock off ^^;; Soz everyone~
  5. Okay. I believe that this is now finished! Of course, I won't be able to accept seeing as how I'll be gone.
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  6. Count me up. Haven't decided what to play yet though. Can I get a brief description of how magic works, and how powerful the wizards are in comparison to other things eg demons? Can non-wizard, non-humans use magic?
  7. - Agravina Synon -
    - Female -
    - 23 -

    . Summoning, Exorcisms, and all things Demon-related .
    . Conjuration, Necromancy, and the Dark Arts in general .
    . Holy Magic [who knows how the gods would react XD] .

    . Fire, Demons, Darkness, Sex, and all things blasphemous .
    . The light, those with no sense of adventure, the strictly holy .
    * Becoming a holy woman *
    * Marry a man [or woman] who shares her passions *

    | Nyx.jpg |
    | Headstrong and lacks any sense of decency. Quite blunt. |
    | Elyria: A town that was recently home to an evil wizard. He had terrorized and experimented on multiple town members. Agravina was actually a willing participant and as a result actually got a demon seal on her. Making her be very in tune with the darker side of magic. |
    | About a year ago. |​
  8. : : Name : :
    "What do names hold my dearies? What does one believe that names hold? Is the person themselves or is it just a mere empty vessel that one must fill with other such things and continue to contribute to the filling of this said vessel until it is full~?"

    Esmerelda Rhett

    : : Gender : :
    "Genders are a peculiar thing are they not? To be a particular gender means that others will expect one thing from you but to be the other more different expectations are palced upon you~ How does one say their gender when one knows that expectations shall be placed? Do we want to live up to these expectations~?

    : : Age : :
    "When given time to live out where those do not know where to be and how long one has been. Or do we know how long one has been but decide to ignore the length of time that has passed due to the fears that consume one~? What indeed is the question~"
    20 Years Old

    : : Magical Skill : :
    "To call on those that create the future and those that have created the past for all of us is a large part of my practice. Indeed I must say that these practices are rather enlightening and are rather fun if one would like to use such a word as that."
    She is a Tarot Card Reader and does Fortune Telling to those that seek it. Furthermore she also helps with those that have ill dreams or can see certain things, she can create illusions and also tamper with ones dreams to a certain extent

    : : Magic you can perform competently : :

    "To call the aid of those that allow me to do my job is what I can do, I am able only to call a certain of those wonderful creatures but who are these creatures you say? Well one must define them as certain spiritual beings. One can not expect to place such beings under the one name can they? Are they able to create such a thing~?"
    To call on her Tarot Cards and have them aid her is what she is able to do, each of them are able to have a physical form during this time.

    : : Magic you shouldn't attempt : :
    "To change something that has already been created must be wrong is it not? To change things that must not be changed to tamper with things that must not be tampered with who can say? We must not tamper with those things that have already happened and must also refrain the changes to the said future but how does one decide when to do what said thing~?"
    To change the course of history and the created path in front of people is something that Esmerelda won't do

    : : Likes : :
    ~ Tea ~
    ~ Her Tarot Cards ~
    ~ Looking into people's past but not touching ~

    : : Dislikes : :
    ~ People misusing her powers ~
    ~ Liars ~

    : : Fears : :
    ~ To have someone ask her to change the course of history ~

    : : Life Goals : :
    ~ To be able to summon all of her Tarot cards one day and create a relationship with all of them ~
    ~ To have one true friend ~

    : : Personality : :
    A rather strange women is Esmerelda, always speaking in circles and never giving a clear reply of anything that is asked she creates a mysterious aura around her self and doesn't change for any of those around her. But although due to her strange way of speaking she has managed to get into many different situations that have caused several problems to herself and the people that live around the said area.

    : : Hometown : :
    ~ Yspyg ~
    A land for those that are able to foresee the future and can visit the past, each family in that land has a different way of creating their visions and creating their tales. For the Rhett family they use Tarot Cards to foresee the future and also to visit the past.

    : : When you arrived in Leviton : :
    "To arrive at Leviton there were so many of the said troubles and such but the trip was pleasant to say overall. The time spent here has not been so very long, I dare say I can not say how long I have been here... A while I must say but not that long...."
    ~ 1 Month ~
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  9. sorry it took so long~ I got caught up with other stuff but managed to finally get her done~ ^^ Hope you don't mind me taking that second wizard position and also I would love for her to have an apprentice so could I have one of the six human charries as well~?
  10. Yo, GM, any update on my previous questions? If not I'll make an app and you'll have to tell me what I got wrong later on.
  11. - Name -
    - Gender -
    - Age (20-23) -
    22(ish) due to hibernation
    . Species .
    Eidolon (open)

    Eidolons are an obscure and incredibly rare species. Few people know of their existence and those who do tend to have a certain affinity for magic. How an Eidolon comes into existence is unknown, but due to their variety of forms, it is thought that they are some kind of alteration of a mortal race. Most Eidolons are capable of taking a certain mortal form, though they cannot take on more than one. If the mortal form is of a race that has a human form, they will take on the human form and will not be able to use the normal mortal form of that race. In True Form, Eidolons have only a vague shape and much of their body is patterned with constellations and stars as if they are a projection of an alternate universe, which isn't too far from the truth.

    Eidolons live primarily in an alternate dimension known as the Veiled Realm, a world similar to the mortal world, however it is constantly night, and there is an infinite amount of the magical energy necessary for sustaining an Eidolon. In the mortal realm, Eidolons are significantly weaker due to being able to survive only on trace amounts of this energy, and they must open a tunnel to the Veiled Realm before they can use their strongest powers. There are no non-eidolon races inside the Veiled Realm, and only powerful magicians can resist the sheer force of magic that exists in it. Races with less resistance, such as young humans, will be torn to shreds in mere seconds.

    Eidolons for this reason don't only resist magic but are capable of actually absorbing it, transforming it into fuel for their own abilities. On the other hand, devices that would usually silence magicians by cutting them off from magical energy will completely banish an Eidolon back to the Veiled Realm. It takes a long time to open a tunnel from the Veiled side since there are few Lodestones in the mortal realm, but they can eventually return. Lodestones are where eidolons draw the majority of their power, and they are essentially stones taken from the Veiled Realm that act like magical batteries for their power. The larger the stone, the longer it will last before being depleted. They also act as anchor points for Tunnels and scrying spells cast from the Veiled Realm.

    Eidolons are relatively passive to the mortal realm, and rarely take sides in conflicts. The only thing they need to do is assure that the mortal realm is not completely destroyed, which would also destroy the Veiled Realm. Normally if an Eidolon appears in the mortal realm, they are simply taking a holiday, however where 3 magicians gather, the Veiled Realm is guaranteed to send an envoy to make sure that things don't get out of hand.

    . Special Abilities (Please don't go overboard) .
    Inside the Veiled Realm, Sylrii is essentially a god compared to a human magician. She can warp the very fabric of reality as her power, however, so can every other Eidolon so it pretty much balances out. When she doesn't have a tunnel open, her magic is incredibly limited and cannot do any damage unless she has previously absorbed a spell to consume power from. Sylrii is stronger than a lot of Eidolons, so the lodestones she carry are used almost completely to simply sustain her presence in the mortal realm. While she has a tunnel open, which takes quite some time to establish (which i will decide on once I have discerned how fast the IC will move), she can use magic without absorbing spells first. She cannot open a tunnel while in human form, only while in Eidolon form, so she avoids doing so in public. Her damaging spells take the form of shadowy purple-blue projectiles that emit large amounts of smoke. Larger ones explode on contact. These projectiles can be controlled in-flight, so can be bent around corners.
    . Skills .
    Sylrii is talented at things involving magic. She can read most magical languages and can detect the presence of other creatures with a magical affinity. Provided she notices a spell or enchantment, she's usually able to work out what it does by reading the spell 'code', even if the spell is dormant. On the other hand, she is completely hopeless at most things unique to the mortal realm, like cooking.
    . Likes .
    What Sylrii does and does not like tends to vary a lot, though a key constant is sweet foods, like cake. She tends to entertain herself by reading books and creating new spells. While in the Veiled Realm, she often participates in battle re-enactments and a certain tournament mockingly dubbed the "God's Game" which functions rather like the Hunger Games, however with 500 participants per arena and instead of death, you simply teleport to the viewing area.
    . Dislikes .
    Sylrii doesn't appreciate stupid people, primarily, nor does she like large crowds. She can't stand people who waste time either, since she knows her time in the mortal realm is always limited by how many lodestones she can carry.
    * Fears *
    Sylrii doesn't particularly fear anything, though she tends to stay away from poisonous insects, which can screw up her ability to adopt a human form.
    * Life Goals *
    Sylrii, being essentially immortal, doesn't have any life objectives. Eidolon's lives are dedicated mainly to entertaining themselves, though certain organisations take it upon themselves to play a mediating role in the affairs of the mortal realm. Currently, Sylrii's goal is simply to guide the Pensgate situation to a desirable conclusion.


    | Personality |
    Sylrii is a serious character who doesn't appreciate emotion. Because of this, she tends to come across as cold and alienated, however in truth she is simply keeping herself detached from mortals to prevent any issues that may arise from her returning to the Veiled Realm. Despite this, she had grown somewhat fond of her human form and tends to keep it active even in the Veiled Realm where an Eidolon form can be adopted without persecution. This is not particularly uncommon, and Eidolon cultures in general don't mind which form their inhabitants take.
    | Hometown |
    Sylrii originates from a coastal town in the Veiled Realm named Arallim, however she moved inland to the country's capital city, Erumol, when she was still only a few years old. Typically, coastal towns in the Veiled Realm have less magical presence than places in land. No one really knows why, but it is suspected that it is due simply to there being more stone inland and less sand. Because of this, magicians who visit the Veiled Realm usually start in a coastal town to become acclimatised, just like a climber would start on smaller mountains before trying larger ones.
    | When you arrived in Leviton |
    Sylrii arived in Leviton only last night. She had planned to arrive earlier in the day, but the tunnel took longer to open than predicted. She had expected more lodestones in an area with 3 magicians.​
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  12. (Ugh... Making this just before Spring Break was a horrible idea...)

    I don't have good/long enough access to the Internet to deal with this. Sorry bout that.

    I'm taking the final slot for a magician, by the way.

    Now for questions:

    @EternalMusic Yes, you can make an apprentice.

    Demons will be quite powerful. One wizard is not enough to defeat a demon, unless they are very powerful.

    All intelligent creatures have they capacity to use magic, but unless they are in one of the magicians spots, they can only do a few things with magic, but only one thing well.
  13. Oh ok so my character should work fine, magic wise. Her only decent spells (in the mortal world) are a certain kind of energy manipulation.
  14. @EternalMusic @Zone-Tan

    Your Characters are accepted! Feel free to ask questions if you need clarification on anything.
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  16. Sometime during my period of absence. So within the last week or so.
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    I will get that apprentice up soon~
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  18. All righty then, I'm excited to see how this goes down. Been a while since I've been in a non-libertine rp.
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  19. I'll be joining. Any need for a specific character, or should I just grab a normal unrelated?
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