The Magical World of Cabellus

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  1. This is a brony/pegasister rp thread, if you are not either, it is probably not for you :( But you are welcome to try and partake in it :D

    Long ago, before the name Celestia had ever been uttered in the far off land of
    Equestria, a warlord of a pony created a simple military base on an unknown
    coast. He named this base Cabellus, and it became his base of operations as his
    destructive and violent rule spread over the entire continent like a plague. For
    several centuries his bloodline and thus his expanding grip on the land
    continued, with each consecutive ruler being just as power hungry and malignant
    as the next. There came a point when their entire known world had fallen to the
    bloody hoof of tyranny and there was nothing left for the cruel dictators to
    conquer. The once tiny military base had become a massive city, and as you would
    expect, there was a harsh line between luxury and poverty. A select few, namely
    the families of generals from the past wars, had the wealth of all the defeated
    nations, being as uncaring and relentless as their predecessors.

    and all of it's underlying nations continued to live under this demented rule
    for a thousand years, and nobody expected it to change. The poor died, the rich
    prospered, and the world survived as it always had. But one day, a miracle
    occured. After a thousand years, a small, red-maned filly was born to the Royal
    Family... Princess Ustrina had been born.

    Ustrina lived her life unlike
    any of her predecessors. She tried to care for the peasant and the common-mare,
    although her brutal family disapproved of it. She seemed to be empathetic and
    kind, and the citizens of Cabellus loved her. She knew that one day, she'd be
    able to do something more than give petty gifts and charity to her downtrodden
    country, and although she was barely seventeen, she didn't want to wait for her
    parents to step down. She couldn't allow this horrid squalor to continue, not
    after she had seen what had happened to a poor, talented gentlecolt named Orbis.
    Seeing that he could do nothing except barely survive, even though he was an
    extremely gifted unicorn, jolted her to do something unheard of in times

    On her eighteenth birthday, Ustrina spoke to the world, and told
    them that she wouldn't allow a cruel tyranny any longer. The world responded
    with vigor, and at that moment, a rebellion started. It began with the main city
    of Cabellus and the overthrowing of Ustrina's mother and father, and spread
    outward, wiping out the heartless rule across the land. The world was free, and
    Cabellus began to thrive in to the magnificent country we now know.

    under the gentle rule of Princess Ustrina, we have a prosperous, equal city,
    where anypony can shine, and everypony is given the chances they deserve, the
    chances they need.

    I am Sunrise Glow, I have lived in Cabellus a large portion of my life. I've also travelled my fair share of the lands, for I have had a rough and secluded life. My past will become known to you, should you so chose to hear it and become my friend and my family will be friends too. So, tell me, will you join me and the other ponies of Summerbreeze and go on the grand adventure that is life in Cabellus?

    *This portion is out of character, so I cann assist you with the quick requirements we have in Cabellus. You do need a pony name to play in this thread, and if at some point later join the home forum, which I will not advertise here (But in the proper threads I will), you will also need a picture of your pony, and cutie mark to go with it. A background story will also be needed for the home, but here, its optional. There is no murder or anything that involves that kind of stuff. It is peaceful and we tend to like the quiet side of life. So, just have a name, a background if you want and keep it PG please. It is My Little Pony afterall, not Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory...*