The Magical Realm: A Warped Reality of Magic & Chaos (Interest)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well, let me start by saying hi. I'm Shattered, a lot of you probably already know who I am. I have this GRAND idea of a new Fantasy RP, it would be about:

    These different individuals from around the world who have never thought about or have forgotten about magic in the "real world" they fall into a mysterious sleep...when they wake up they are in a new world full of magic and exotic creatures (not your typical dragon or Orc, some creatures will be like fairies and what not, but mostly creatures from my crazy mind). They can either find out why they were put in this world (The Magical Realm), or they can start a new life, or decide to make their own reality...wait there's more!!!! Entering into the magical world the individuals will get up to four powers, nothing OP of course. While they are trying to go find out what's going on, things are happening in the Realm, like betrayal, dark magic, disappearings and other good things like that.

    This would be my first time being a GM, which is why this RP would be an Open World RP, so everyone can have an input in the story. I would love for this to be a long term RP, since it can have so many things happening and going on. Even if people leave the world, something can happen that makes them come back or vice versa for the people that stay. I will be starting on the ooc on Saturday, just wanted to see how many people would want to join^^.

    @IceQueen @Shayla @Autumn_Burns_Red (Just wanted to tag you guys here, so when I have ooc it would be easier for you to find it).
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  2. This sounds interesting.. With a lot of work from me and other people who are interested, I'm sure this would be a blast!

    I'm in.
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  3. Thank you, counting you and my three other friends that's four people other then me. Yeah if everyone works together this should be amazing. A fantasy open world could have a lot of cool stuff in it lol.
  4. I'll bite; count me in.
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  5. Heyo
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  6. Hey Shattered, are there still slots?
  7. Yeah lol, I don't have a set number yet. When I put up ooc maybe I'll have a set number of players who can have multiple chars.
  8. If anyone else joins or has questions, I will be back tonight. Leaving for work^^, I'm glad that people are joining, this is going to be great.
  9. You already know I am so in for this , Mister. ^^
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  10. Human only or can our character become another being?
  11. I'm glad u asked that, I was thinking that the longer they're in the Realm they start to turn into a magical creature from the realm of your choosing. So they can change slowly through the rp, like growing parts from the race of creature, and maybe getting a specific power, depending on the race. Working on ooc tonight should have up tomorrow.morning or afternoon.
  12. sounds like a lot of fun I'm in :)
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  13. Hmm. I might join.

    Question: Will we be able to design our own magical creatures, too? Like, for NPC's or maybe even animal companions? I'd love to put my imagination at work coming up with these things.

    Edit: Also, what posting speed do you think this will be at?
  14. Yeah you can create your own magical creature, when rp ooc is up, just pm it in detail so I can give the okay.

    I'm at work a lot in the afternoon, so posting speed would at least be one to three posts a week, as long as you get a post in a week, I'll be cool with that. I know some rps that are super strict on posting and they tend to as long as your posting in a week then okay. A fantasy rp a lot can happen, so a post wouldn't halt to much...mines would but lol.
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  15. The Ooc is up, not done with most of it, so don't post yet. If you're still in for this tell me here or like the ooc first post^^.

  16. I'm still in
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  17. @IceQueen Rofl really only you xD said not to post yet Rofl.
  18. SORRYYYYY *bows*
  19. Lol no problem, just wait reserves are up, alot to post, cses , notable npcs and notable places and what not.
  20. I deleted my post
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