The Magical Girls and the Incident of the Moon

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  1. Background

    The land of Erstiria is, at first glance, a pleasant place to live, from the sprawling megacities to the quaint little villages that dot it's beautiful landscape. Every rose may have it's thorns and bad things still happen to good people, but being in a large era of peace, the everyday citizens are under the impression that things are more well off in today's age than it ever has been before.

    Although the entire continent is under the control of Queen Frieda as part of the Erstirian Monarchy, the cities themselves are often treated more like city-states under their own commands and freedoms, the Queen more like a figurehead from their long begotten history of conquering on a global stage.

    They know of ancient legends of dark beings who were the only ones who could threaten their might. However, as the saying goes, the Erstirian military pushed them far from their lands and destroyed the darkness once and for all, uniting the human race in triumph and glory. Whether these were truths, embellishments, or simple fairytales were up for debate, but the source of these tales still remains in their night sky. Their moon appears to be a jagged purple sphere of crystal; enough energy radiating downward to cast a purple hue on the world from which one could just make out the words of a book. It's said to hold untold evils trapped within it's massive form and is sending down the dark beings to rain ruin on mankind in order to get revenge, or perhaps, find out a way to free their master. Whatever the legends say, most people think that they're no threat to humanity now. However, lunar storms are occurring more and more frequently, like solar storms but radiating from the crystal. Is it a sign of things to come or just a harmless phenomenon?

    Hidden from sight in this world exists a secret war still raging with these dark beings called the Luna, who aren't given a name by the general populace. In opposition to them are magical girls who are officially called Magia. Magia are often females born with a special light within them that can come out in the form of magic that can destroy Luna where all other mundane weapons fail. Weapons can also be crafted out of Magia's Light to be wielded by normal individuals, but only Magia tend to be powerful enough to put up a good fight regardless. Some people can develop a Magia's Light inside of them rather than be born with it, and this could also include males in very rare circumstances.

    Distortions known as Lunar Planes open up all around the world and it's up to Magia, who can sense this distortion, to visit them and destroy any Luna inside who are trying to break free into the human world. If a Lunar Plane is allowed to develop large enough and open up then the world would be flooded with them and throw everything into chaos much like how things were in the ancient past. At the moment everything is under well enough control despite some losses faced by magical girls and their allies from time to time. As such, the incidents are small enough to cover up by the government and magical powers working together. Unfortunately, things are looking more and more grave with each passing day and they fear that this era of peace may soon come to an end.

    There's secret plans to use Lunar Planes to begin a counterattack on the moon, but the logistics of this occurring is mind blowing and insanely risky, so as of yet there's no known way to cut them off at the source. As such, the best they can do right now is recruit more magical girls and train an elite team who may one day change the fate that is looming over their heads.

    Magia, Luna, and Magi Wielders

    Magical powers that these Magia and Luna employ are vast and become incredibly powerful, although a single individual is often limited to one type of magic such as fire. Some Luna are practically canon fodder while others are so dangerous that they require a full team of elite magical girls to take down. Ranks E, D, C, B, A, and S are used for both sides as a loose way to judge power, with S being potentially capable of wiping out a city and are very rare. E ranks are only as powerful as normal humans, or perhaps even worse. D ranks could defeat around 10 humans. C could take on 50. B is the first of the "elite" and could take on 200, while A can be compared to as many as 500. The cream of the crop, S, is compared to 1,000 humans, making them 100 times more powerful than D ranks. However, this ranking is not down like a science and highly open for debate.

    Luna come in many different shapes and sizes, mostly monstrous but some look mostly human and can even have human-like intelligence despite most Magia not even aware of this fact, thinking them akin to mindless beasts intent only on destruction. Some of the smarter Luna have escaped the Lunar Planes on their own and try to blend in with humans for spying or otherwise.

    Magia can transform by shrouding themselves in sparkling light, which coalesces into a suit and sometimes a weapon such as a wand or sword being the most common. Their suits often look very feminine and frilly but also incorporate a bit of their personality into it to change it slightly to even drastically from the generic version. Magical girls in their basic transformation are often D rank in power to start out. This basic suit is called Suit Level 1. It's possible to achieve an additional transformation called Suit Level 2 that makes them even more powerful, but this requires a lot of experience and raw power, not something a magical girl could even use for at least a year unless she was a prodigy. There's no known limit to Suit Levels, but each one is around twice as powerful as the last while requiring twice as much energy just to maintain, making it impractical to go too high. There are also Legendary Suit Levels that are unique to the individual and don't go by this power scheme or energy maintenance, instead being more up to the individual suit what it's like.

    Transformations don't always work out, especially if they don't properly focus. Some prefer to dance while it's taking place in order to keep their mind clear from outside distractions. The transformation would last an average of six seconds but some can limit the time to a near instantaneous flash of light if they're especially gifted. If it lasts over twenty seconds then the odds of success fail rapidly and the light eventually disperses, wasting their energy. It's nearly impossible to see through the light of a transformation if done properly, preserving the modesty of the girl in question when her old clothes vanish in exchange for her new attire. The normal clothes automatically appear again once the transformation ends willingly or unwillingly (through lack of control over it, unconsciousness, etc.) without needing any additional energy.

    Magia's Light seldom lasts when cast outside of the body unless the Magia focuses on it. However, certain magical girl have a special power that allows their light to be forged into weapons to be used by others in a far more permanent state. They can create anything from swords to bullets. This power is very rare and most of them are employed by the government to equip certain elite individuals. These individuals are called Magi Wielders. Because most Magia by far are female, if men also want to participate then they resort to this method, but they are still not very common due to the cost in time and energy to equip a Magi Wielder.


    Our characters join a group officially known as Magical Team 99 (they may wish to come up with a new name amongst themselves) at the start of the roleplay. They do this for whatever reason and from whatever walk of life, just so long as said walk of life involves the destruction of the Luna and the protection of the civilians. Some may be inexperienced youngsters who need the guidance of the more mature members. Although they might no all get along, this team may be destined for great things in the future.

    Based in a massive city known as Neo Vetrice, their first assignment is to respond to claims of a Lunar Plane opening up in the Grand Central shopping mall.

    1. You may be a Magia, Luna, Magi Wielder, or even a normal civilian, but don't expect civilians or magi wielders to be able to fight on the same level of the Magia once our characters start powering up to higher amounts. You must use skill and cunning to help them because even D ranked Magi/Luna could fight 10 normal humans. A magi wielder could conceivably defeat 10 normal humans as well, but making them higher than around C rank in raw talent would be a huge stretch.

    2. Our characters should be kept to around D to C rank but if you have a really good idea I may allow you to start higher but with special stipulations so they don't overshadow everyone else and break all tension by being able to swoop in and save the day all the time. Your powers cannot be game breaking or too powerful for your rank without severe drawbacks. Otherwise, come up with whatever power you desire and see if I'll approve it or not. Feel free to be creative.

    3. You don't have to be in Magical Team 99 and can even fight against and kill Magia. However, the main plot should focus on this team.

    4. You cannot do anything to other people's characters without their permission. You can try to slice their head off but you cannot actually say, "I succeed in slicing her head off". Also, randomly attacking us when we don't want is not good behavior anyways so you can be asked to knock it off and change what you wrote. This rule includes controlling their character's actions.

    5. You should post at least once a week if we are waiting on your post. However, sooner is preferable, of course, and if you consistently make us wait the max period then this will be a problem. You can ask, with good reason, for extensions from time to time. Leaving for longer without warning will allow us to break rule 4 against you however we feel is needed to move the story along.

    6. Posts should be a decent paragraph and readable. Some shorter posts and typos on occasion is fine but we should be able to see effort in what you are writing.

    7. No rules that break other Iwaku rules and obvious stuff such as be polite.

    8. I can come up with additional rules as the need arises but will be fair. If you guys agree that a rule of mine stinks then I will not resist changing it.

    Character List

    Akemi Hisakawa - By ImportantNobody
    Lithia Devonshire - By WeepingLiberty

    Character Sheet

    (Your do not need to keep words in parenthesis in your posted sheet, these words being there simply to explain stuff to you)

    Human Sheet: (If your character is a Luna you don't need Age, Gender, or Backstory)

    Name- (Fantasy names are allowed due to being in a different world)
    Age- (Magia can be very young to upper teens before they start loosing power, although some rare ones maintain power.)
    Gender- (Male Magia are allowed, but being rare they'd be among the chosen few)
    Type- (Magia, Luna, Magi Wielder, Normal)
    Appearance- (Written or pictures)
    Transformation Appearances- (If Magia)

    Powers- (If Magia or Luna)

    (Feel free to make up certain aspects of the setting to come up with this such as smaller town names and such)
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  3. I'll fix up the background and the other stuff with more info and all around better if you guys think it should.
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  6. {Perhaps a completed CS will spark some creativity.}

    Name- Lithia Devonshire
    Age- Appears 15 (Actual Age Unknown)
    Gender- Female
    Type- Luna

    Standing at 5’5” Thia is built on an average but fit frame, modest in curves but sharp in facial features. She has pale, milky white skin that gives her a ghostly appearance in the dark, emphasized by the dark circles under her slate grey eyes. Groomed with care, Thia takes good care of her jet black hair, leaving it at a length that reaches the small of her back even when pulled up by a tie. Most of the time she wears dark but bold colors with a preference for flowing maroon fabrics.

    Transformation Appearances-
    In order to blend in with the Magia girls, Thia allows some of her natural appearance shine through as her “transformation”. This includes pure white hair, untainted by the purple moonlight, and tribal tattoos around her biceps and down the center of her torso. Her outfit consists of form hugging fabrics of varying shades of blue, representing the frosty nature of her magic. She wears a blindfold to shield her eyes from view, the demonic appearance being a dead give-away to her true identity.

    If Thia were to lose control or use the full extent of her power, her façade would give way to a demoness complete with fangs, horns and talons (though her overall image is that of a human’s).

    General Ice Magic:
    Temperature Manipulation: With settings of cold, colder and ice age (not really)
    Manipulation of air currents by changing the temperatures of nearby micro-climates.
    Ice Wings: A trick Thia uses only in full Luna state, she thinks it make her look more menacing.

    (D-Ranked Ice Magic):
    Frozen Mist: Thia uses this to refract light around her to give the illusion of a Magia’s transformation. Could also be used to disorient foes, showing them images of object not really there.
    Ice Weapon: Taking the form of a spear, sword or scythe, Thia can create weapons from condensed water particles. Not affected by normal fire but ineffective against fire magic.
    Winter Shield: A wintery mix of snow and ice whipped together to create a malleable barrier between the castor and projectile (including magic). Physical attacks (charges/weapons) will phase right through the shield.

    (C-Ranked Ice Magic):
    Snow Globe Prison: A cell that can takes on the form of a winter snow globe (thick ice instead of glass), capable of trapping up to 45 people. Ineffective if used on a group smaller than 20 people.
    Ice Tendrils: Manipulating frozen water particles into tentacle or vine like shapes, can be used offensively or defensively.

    (B-Ranked Ice Magic): Luna Only
    Ice Bomb: Covering a 5m radius, this magic will freeze all in its path living creature or building alike.
    Winter Soldiers: Summons a force of animated ice creatures that will respond to none but their creator.

    If not using magic, Thia will fall back upon a long, leather whip or two small daggers she keeps in her sleeves.

    Unlike the commonly seen beasts, Lithia is a child of the moon blessed with a form of higher intelligence. However, with this intelligence came a desire for chaos, not only to cause but to be amongst it. This drove her to travel from the Lunar Planes to the human realm, attacking small villages beside the monsters of her homeland. For a while this appeased Thia, but eventually, as time went on, she grew bored and with that… restless. Needing a new challenge, Thia thought it would be interesting to blend in with the Magia fighting against her kin, the idea coming to her after she watched a small band of them defeat a much stronger foe.

    Developing a plan, Thia changed her image with magic and began to study the warriors. After a few years, Thia figured out a way to mimic the transformations that set them apart from the regular humans. From amongst “Team 99” Thia plans to slowly pick off the Magia kind so that she herself may become more powerful (exactly how she plans to do that… is still yet a mystery).
  7. If not we can make this more suitable for a smaller number of players, more akin to a 1x1. Maybe me playing as NPCs being picked off and such by Lithia and my main character trying to investigate but being fooled by her.
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  12. Any ideas for a better team name than 99 whatever?

    Maybe my character could have been a classmate of Lithia while she was practicing blending in and mine was the class president. They could like each other so Lithia doesn't want to kill her yet? Mine doesn't suspect her because they were friends, or at least supposed friends, before they joined the magical girl squad.
  13. Sailor moon mark 5? XD jk, ummm how does Team Starlight sound? Simple but pretty. *shrugs* names are not coming easy to me today.

    And that all sounds good to me.
  14. Team Starlight is perfect.

    I'll get my character up sometime this weekend. I don't know her power yet. I feel like I should also have a Luna character to help Lithia out in scenes where they are secretly the bad guys.
  15. I got really busy with other stuff so couldn't get to my character yet. I'll try to do so tomorrow after work.
  16. That's alright. I'm a little swamped with speech planning for Public Speaking. *UUUUUUUUGHGHGHGHFH* ^.^ Perhaps I should make an actual Magical Girl though, maybe one of those rare male folk that Lithia can toy with for a while before killing betraying him. lol
  17. Name- Akemi Hisakawa
    Age- 15
    Gender- Female
    Type- Magia
    Picture (open)

    She looks mature for her age, such as her bust, hairstyle, and clothing. She's also 5'7", a respectable size for a Japanese girl, so she might be mistaken for an 18 year old if she plays her cards right.

    Transformation Appearances-
    Suit Level 1 (open)

    Powers- Magnetism, but to a limited degree. Focusing on small or medium sized objects within talking distance can turn items magnetic even if they wouldn't normally be so, but the effects wear off if she doesn't continually provide magical energy for this. Living beings must be physically touched to turn magnetic while all other things would become magnetic faster but not required. If an object is metal then it's quick to turn magnetic and looses this power much slower than other items, especially living matter which looses magnetism almost instantly upon removal of her energy.

    Making her power become strong enough to stick people firmly to the floor with little chance of moving would cause massive strain to achieve for extended periods of time. She can fire very weak rail gun-like bullets, enough to bruise people. Despite being intelligent, she's horrible with names so doesn't have anything official thought up yet for her various attacks. She might blurt out something new to see if it sounds cool.

    Weapons- She prefers making objects around her vicinity into weapons. However, she's experienced in fencing so has a foil and the far more deadly rapier in her possession that she can bring with her on missions when she wouldn't stand out carrying it around with her.

    Backstory- She doesn't have a tragic back story why she became a magical girl. She was always gifted in intellect and had a wealthy enough family to get by comfortably. With things coming easy to her she became to inevitably get bored. This began to change the more she read about the legends of the secret wars going on between magical girls and evil monsters. Around the time she got especially interested in this she began to notice strange things happening to her. Even without being transformed, hints of her power expressed itself by small objects mysteriously clinging to her body. One day she even though she sensed a strange distortion in reality nearby, instinctively, and witnessed a bunch of girls rushing by, only to be out of sight when Akemi peeked into the alleyway that they had gone into.

    Despite her duties of class president and fencing club member, she formed another club to study magical girls and other confidential subjects relating to them. People thought of her club just like any old occult club, only she was deathly serious about her claims that magical girls existed and she could be one.

    One day, a plain faced balding man in a black top hat approached her club and asked her a couple of questions, ran some simple tests, and then popped the following question.

    "Would you like to become a magical girl?"

    To the surprise of no one, Akemi said yes. She didn't necessarily care for the world at large or even other magical girls. This was more of a fascinating diversion for her own enjoyment. Magical girls interested her and she studied them just like any other subject while improving her own abilities. Despite being new to her powers and transformation, she shows a lot of promise, even if at the moment she has to rely mostly on outsmarting her foes to take them down rather than with raw power.
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  18. Yeah, I think I'm going to make a regular "Magia"... Maybe the mythical dude. XD I'll have that up shortly.
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