The Magical Annihilation

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  1. Sae stood oustide the capitol city's gates, watching as the smoke rolled up from the towers of the castle. Everything had burned, it seemed, and nothing was left untouched. Bodies littered the streets, some burned, some killed by other means.

    Gently patting his chesnut-colored mare on the neck, Sae muttered, "Guess we've gotta go somewhere else...Maybe the eastern realms...I hear that they don't care where you come from." Sighing, he swung onto the horse, turning her around.

    Glancing behind him once more, frowning at the now-lifeless city, Sae forced himself to ride away, deciding to follow the road away from it until he reached the next city. If it was as destroyed as this one had been, he would ride to the east, and give up on the realm completely.

    As he rode, he found that he didn't have as many provisions as he would need, and would soon need to go hunting for game. However, he had no idea how many animals were left, given the circumstances. Deciding that he should soon find a river to follow, he let his hand come to rest on the hilt of his sword, his ashy white hair trailing behind him.

    Several hours passed before he stopped for a break, tying his horse up. Sitting down beneath a tree, he took a few swigs of water from a skin, sighing as he scanned the horizon, not liking the silence.
  2. Alice, having been asleep, awoke when her "ride" came to a stop. Melding herself away from the horse's shadows, she let out a long yawn. She surveyed the surroundings, trying to figure out where she was. Out in the distance, she coud make out out a small pillar of smoke.

    "How pretty!" she exclaimed in excitement, "Such a beautiful sight indeed." Looking over at the man, whom looked troubled, her mood lightened up even more. "Hello there!" she cried out, running over to him. Before she was able to tap his shoulder, she tripped over herself. Before landing, the demon pulled herself out of existence before the man could even get a glimpse of her.
  3. As Sae had been lost in his thoughts, he definitely heard something out of the ordinary. However, when he looked, he saw nothing. His eyes narrowing in suspicion, he pushed himself to his feet, slowly unsheathing his sword. As he was doing so, he smelled himself. Gods...he smelled like smoke and death, and it made him wrinkle his nose in disgust. How long would that take to wash off? Especially without any soap or any decent water nearby.

    Realizing he had gotten distracted, he called out to the emptiness, feeling crazy for doing so, "Come out from where you're hiding. I...I know that you're there, I heard you." Scanning the nearby trees for any sign of movement, he glanced at his horse, wondering what his odds would be for him to get back to his horse if something was behind him right now.
  4. Alice, being a cheshire, knew how to navigate in the realm of non-existence. "In order to stay in place, one must move twice as fast." She said to herself. Determing the distance she had to go to pop in front of the man, Alice ran as fast as the speed of light. Once she was done calculating the distance, she reappeared in front of the strange man.

    Giving a polite curtsey, Alice smiled and spoke in demon tongue. "Arishna ka le mink." Feeling the presence of her cat, Alice began dancing in circles, paying no more attention the man. As the cat joined in, enjoying the presence of Alice, she began to sing. "Rishna, polza, meli ana ke. Grepa, ishna, mali an ke. Brigna po nani, ashi laeme in no ko."
  5. Sae wasn't sure what to make of the girl. She certainly wasn't speaking the Common Tongue, that was obvious. The mercenary had always fancied himself as being fluent at speaking many languages, but he had no idea what she was saying. "I swear," he told her, "if you're some kind of mage, I won't hesitate to kill you. Mages destroyed everything, and I'm sure the world will be fine with one less one."

    After a few minutes, he asked, "Do you speak the Common Tongue? Elvish? What about the Eastern Common?" Frowning at her, he tried to make sense of her dancing, the cat, and what she was saying, coming up with a blank for each one.
  6. Alice, frightened at hearing the word mage, stopped dancing immediately and ran for the nearest shadow. Once she was completely gone from sight, she began to think the man was only playing about the mage. Popping out just her head from the shadow, she looked at the strange man. "That was a good one," she said with a slight chuckle. "You got me good. There are no mages around. You were just trying to scare me. I see how it is."

    Disappearing again, Alice jumped from shadow to shadow, trying to find the mans shadow. Popping up behind him, she screamed in a vile demonic voice. After she was done she began to laugh. "Boo!" she said in between laughs. Eventually, her laughter became too much and she ended up rolling on the ground, clenching her stomach.
  7. Drawing his sword as he heard a terrible noise right behind him, he spun, but soon the sound turned to laughter. Frowning when he saw that it was just the girl, he asked her, "What are you? Who? And don't do that disappearing thing if you're not a mage." He glowered down at her, not enjoying a moment of this.

    "I don't see the humor in this, girl," he told her, his displeasure apparent on his face. "Get up, before I decide to cut you open." Normally, he would be in a good mood, even after all this, but after what he had seen at the city, all his good mood had left him, probably for the rest of his life.
  8. Alice, having ignored the man entirely, switched her attention to the mans sword. "It's so shiny. I wish my stuff was this shiny. Why can't I have shiny stuff?" Alice sat down cross-legged, a frown stretched acrosss her face. Instinctively, her cat came over and sat in her lap, purring, comforting her.
  9. "I'm leaving," Sae said, sheathing his sword and turning from her. Brushing his hair out of his eyes, he adjusted his belt before walking off in the direction of the horse. Untying him, he sighed heavily before swinging onto the saddle. "Let's go," he said to the horse, urging him forwards and onto the road.
  10. Scared, lice ran after the man. Before he took off, Alice hopped into the horses shadow. There, she took a nap, tired from everything that was going on. She dreamnt of shiny things, her mind not able to comprehend much as her voice of reason and logic was locked away in her cat.

    Once she woke,. she realized she was still moving fast paced inside the horses shadow. Popping up, half in the shadow half not, shetried talking to the strange man again. "Where are we going? Why don't you ever rest? How come you have shiny tings and I don't?"
  11. Sae rode for a few hours, trying to put as much distance between him and the city. Everything seemed to be going fine, until he heard a voice behind him. "Where are we going?" Rearing his horse around, he glared at the girl, before seeing that she was inside his horse's shadow. "Why are you following me?" he asked, frowning.
  12. "Hmmph," she said, crossing her arms. Upset, she faced the other way, trying to ignore the man. "You're so mean." she said, the sound of tears in her voice. Though she wasn't crying, she felt hurt by the man's words and tone.
  13. Rolling his eyes as she said that he was mean, he replied, "Yeah, well it's not like I have a choice. Those damned mages ruined everything, and now I'm riding across the countryside in order to find some sort of safety, and here I am being bothered by a girl who's following me." Turning the horse around again, he started riding off, a frown on his face.
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