The Magic of healing

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  1. Terms was his name, a tall male with black hair and solid green eyes. his eyes looking at the world around him in the church where he worked in. he was a preacher and thanks to his time in hell he could show humans the importance of being part of heaven and to repent for their sins. he came to the church today and sat down looking at the cross slightly, being the antichrist he could walk into churches and other holy places.

    "forgive me father for my family sin and for my sins i had once condemed myself upon. i know I am justa demon to your eyes and a forgotten mistake but i ask to be forgiven i shall help this world that full of love and joy" he said and stood up slightly and walked out of the church area and behind the church to get ready over looking the part of what he would be reading.
  2. Elisabeth drove from her nursing practise, it had been a long day of hands on study and practicals. She was very exausted. But thankfully it was friday, and she was happy for the weekend. As she was driving she past her church and smiled. She noticed a single black car, and wondered who it could be. The evening bible study didn't start until six, it was only five. She took a turn and drove into the church car park.
    Lisa stepped into the church and saw a man praying to the Father, she closed her eyes in respect, but heard none of what he said. As he stood up she slipped into a cue and ducked, afraid he'd think she was spying.
  3. Terms had heard footsteps and smiled looking at her slowly "hello who are you?" he asked his voice was odd as it had many different voices inside it. He gave a grin that was slightly crazy and scary but was nice. he looked at her slowly, she seemed nice for a human being "i have seen you around but never got your name" he smiled sweetly and sat down slowly looking at her once more. His eyes deep green color.
  4. "I'm so sorry." she felt so stupid that she had not noticed he was the preacher, although she was still new to this church, "I-My name is Elisabeth." She hated looking into his eyes, but she was so fixated on the beautiful colouring of them, "My family call me Lisa." she blinked for the first time in a minute, "I've been coming here for a month."
  5. "nice to meet you then Lisa" he said peacefuly smiling and looked at the cross once more slowly. he blinked gently and watched as people started coming in and smiling gently as church began and he preached and all and when Church was ending he came forward and said .

    "I am starting a program called STW Save the world its project where me and a few people go around and find people who need medical and support and we go and help them out. it will start next week on saturday and we shall meet here next tuseday for a meeting. I want anyne who wants to join go to James Saint Church where I work as thw owner. Bye and have agreat week" smiles and watched people leave and went to his car.
  6. Lisa always felt great after the study, and today she felt even better, finally a real project and in her line of work, she wanted to learn more about it. But she would have to wait. Lisa hopped into her beat up car and turned the key, "Please start." she begged. Thankfully the car did start. She looked in all her mirrors and pulled out to turn onto the road.
  7. Terms went to his hospital that he owned smiling as he was given a file and nodding he filled it out and ave the nurses some directions and they nodded walking out slowly.
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