INTEREST CHECK The Magic Crystal Choir

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  1. So I had this idea...Here's the basic summary~

    Legend has it that there are special treasures hidden inside mountain caves. But no one could get into them until one day, a person decided to go inside a cave and merely practicing singing. And the vibrant sound waves unlocked the door to the treasure. To this day, musicians, bards, and singers have all tried to go into those caves and unlock the treasures, but none could succeed and their voyage all for naught...

    One female explorer reads about this legend and gets determined that she'll find people whom will help her find the treasures of the Nine Caves. One by one, 5 males and 5 females come to her, willing to help, and they soon form their Crystal Choir. What the conductor doesn't know is that the choir's voices are very strong and powerful, to the point where they could cast spells with their singing.

    And that's all I have so far c: ...Kinda need a villain though but I don't know what he/she would do. Or if there would be monsters in there or not. .w.~ Whatcha think?