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    Welcome to Atelier Academy, a boarding school founded in 1842. It is a school which excels in both academic and sports. This school, like any usual school, is filled with normal students from around the world, though mostly the wealthy send their children here. Not to mention, the various kind of clubs they have which ranges from the Arts to sports, and a Magic club. Well, most of the students here are normal, like everyday kind of normal. But, there are those who aren't that normal.

    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    Heavy footsteps echoed through the empty hallways. They were half an hour late for the opening assembly but none of them really cared. It’s not like they would get in trouble or anything, right? Anyway, the reason these two males were late is because they were staying up late the past few nights, observing the new students. As creepy and stalker-ish as it may seem, that was what really happened.

    No, they weren’t looking for cute juniors to stalk. In fact, they were looking for those who were of their kind. Hence, they woke up late because of information gathering and sneaking into the school’s system because they are sneaky like that.

    A loud yawn erupted from the taller, dark-haired male. He rubbed his eyes, making the dark circles under his eyes more visible, “I think it was worth it, staying up late and all.”

    The shorter, silver-haired male nodded, pushing his glasses up. Soon after that, both of them disappeared into a portal, which was conjured up by Alexei. Both of them reappeared in the second level side balcony of the auditorium. Nikolai leaned against the rails, staring down at the front row seats which was occupied by the new first years, a predator-like grin adorned his face.

    Two pair of eyes, green and blue, searched the crowd of first years for the ones that they found. Alexei pushed his glasses up, staring at his elder cousin, “Nikolai, I think we should go to our fellow year mates before we get caught by a teacher or something. We’ll look for the first years later. In the meantime, you should prepare the Acceptance letters.”

    Nikolai looked back to Alexei, grinning a closed-eyed grin, “Sure,” he grabbed Alexei’s right wrist, pulling him towards a portal only visible to the both of them, “We shall start right now!”

    It was too late for Alexei to fight back since they reappeared in the Magic Club’s room. Nikolai released Alexei’s wrist and made his way towards the seat at the head of the table, Alexei stood behind Nikolai, looking into the trees of the forest next to the school, apparently the club room is facing the forest. “Pass me the list, Alexei. I want to get this letters sent to them as soon as possible.”

    Alexei nodded, handing Nikolai a list of students that they found. Alexei said, "I'll get ready the flying mint bunnies to send their letters, or do you want to leave them at their dorm door?"

    Nikolai thought for a moment before responding with a pout, "The flying mint bunnies will do. I'm afraid I'll scare them if I hand it personally to them."

    "Very well." Alexei nodded as Nikolai started to write with his elegant cursive handwriting that he learnt from his mother.

    Acceptance Letter (open)
    Acceptance Letter [rainbow]Welcome to the Magic Club[/rainbow]
    reetings _______,

    am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be a member of the Magic Club. It is an honor to be apart of our club as we do no accept just anyone.

    he Magic Club's club room is located at the end of the corridor that is next to the bell tower, Room #981.

    e look forward to seeing you there.


    Nikolai Vargas
    Chairman of the Magic Club

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  2. "At my opening ceremony, nobody sat down. We all stood in straight lines! Our backs were ram rod straight and our eyes were glued to the speaker! Our headmaster would have none of this side chatter and dozing off! So he would send prefects with switches through the lines and they would strike you if you were messing about!" The ghost floating to the right of Mel, said scornfully. Mel sighed, she'd been listening to Gretchen drone on and on for hours on end about how this was the site of her former boarding school (it really wasn't) and that teenagers were a disgrace to society. Of course she'd smiled at Mel, patted her on the head and said sweetly, "No offense to you, honey." Mel had still taken offense.

    When the ceremony finally ended, Mel found herself being jostled along by the crowd of eager and reluctant students until she found herself in the hallway with a new ghost. Miss Gretchen must have stayed behind in the auditorium. The new ghost, a small boy with blonde hair, bright blue eyes and an equally blue sailor outfit stood in front of her before suddenly waving his eyes.

    Mel stared at him. "What are you doing?" She inquired.

    "I am the ghost of a former student! I was killed when I--

    "No, you aren't. That sailor suit is from the 50's." Mel deadpanned before walking away. She had no patient for little kid ghosts. They were by far the most annoying. Even more annoying than Miss Gretchen.

    When she reached her dorm, her grandmother had appeared and was chattering about the 'beautiful' architecture of the school. "That auditorium was absolutely gorgeous!"

    Mel frowned. "You were there? Why didn't you come sit by me?"

    "Oh well, Mel, I just can't stand that Gretchen! She's always complaining and comparing her time and this one, she drives me nuts!" Her grandmother said apologetically. Mel nodded, she relate. Miss Gretchen was annoying as hell.

    Spotting something sitting on her pillow, Mel walked over and picked it up. It was a fancy looking envelope. She peeled it open and read the contents. Mel frowned when she finished reading. Was this a prank? Or maybe a desperate attempt to recruit by a failing club.

    "I think you should go, it sounds interesting." Her grandmother said over her shoulder.

    "Hmm...Okay. I guess it couldn't hurt." Mel murmured. "I'll go after I finish setting my side of the room up."
  3. "Hm... The ceremony is just as long as last year's ceremony... So painfully long..." Amalia walked through the crowds of students, either they were second years and up, reuniting after the vacation, or first years making some friends. She didn't really want to stand around to find out so she continued walking. All she wanted to do was go outside, she came to a conclusion that it shouldn't be as crowded as the inside. But were they even allowed outside? She shrugged, it was a risk she was going to take just to be away from the masses of people. Honestly, the amount of people here had scared her at first but she slowly got used to it after awhile, she walked out of the front doors of the school and looked up at the sky. It was awfully sunny... She spun the closed umbrella in her hand before opening it, pulling it over her head as she walked around the school, she wasn't going anywhere particularly. Maybe she would visit the Magic Club Room after she was done out here...
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  4. I wonder, Aya thought, Was it really okay for me to skip out on the opening assembly? They were the same every year, and she doubted that her absence would be noted by any teachers. She began to play with a long piece of her silky hair as she meandered on her way to the club room. She had a feeling that Alexei and Nikolai were there already, but even if they weren't, she could read a little bit. She smiled when she saw her club room door.

    "Nikolai? Alexei? Are you two here?" She asked as she pushed the large door open and closed it softly behind her. Turning around, she saw the two guys working diligently on what looked like club affairs. "Need some help?" Aya asked with a kind smile on her face.
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  5. Sophie Hayes had drowned out the ceremony half way through the entire thing. They weren't really talking about anything important first years like her should Know: Curfew starts at this time, meals will be located here, perform well on your studies to represent Atelier, teachers will always be here to help you in need. Yeah not too important. Though she wished she had brought something to do, like her Big Book to read or paper to draw on.

    Sophie's eyes wandered over the entire auditorium, looking at nothing in particular. Eventually she started thinking of the star map she was currently making. She needed to get the Cassiopeia constellation in and name the stars and she still needed to label Sirius' stars too. . . . .

    An applause and the rumbling of feet as people stood up broke Sophie from her train of thought and she hastily rose from her seat too, awkwardly clapping with everyone. Prefects were calling first years by their last initial and she approached the prefect who was calling for H, following the prefect to the first year dorms. Her roommate was already inside, unpacking her stuff and making her side of the dorm suitable for her, red hair so similar to her older sister's Sophie had almost called her by her sister's name. I'll have to remember she is not her, she thought to herself.

    She greeted her roommate and noticed an envelope lying on her pillow, a mint green bunny with wings next to it. Sophie opened the envelope to see an invitation to a . . . . Magic Club? Already she could hear the warnings her older siblings told her about: pranks from upperclassmen on first years like her, but if they are able to see and send a flying bunny to her, then that must mean they are from her world right? And it would be nice to have people who have common interests such as hers, so it doesn't hurt to see it.

    I'll check it out after I finish setting up my stuff here, she told herself, opening the window and letting the flying mint bunny free.
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  6. Aki yawned as he made his way to the Club Room. I knew I shouldn't have tried doing that last night... My energy is drained. Aki thought in his mind as he slipped his hands into his pockets. I could barely stay awake during the opening ceremony! Aki continued his train of thoughts as he yawned once more, pulling a hand out from his pocket to cover his mouth as he did so.

    Slowly he thought of all the plans his club would be doing this year. Strange how time passed so fast, that they we're already going to recruit new members. It was then that Aki thought of Nikolai and Alexei. "Hmm... I wonder how they're holding up?" Aki mumbled as he made the sharp turn to the dead end of a hallway that lead straight to the club room. Aki was free of lessons this particular morning as he was suppose to help handle the newcomers.

    When he reached the Club Room, he cracked the door open slowly and was greeted with the sight of the two boys and Aya, who he was surprised to see there so early in the day.

    "Mornin'!" he greeted, as he made a beeline towards one of the couch's and immediately laid on it. He was too lazy to mess with the boys this early in the morning. "What's going on?" he asked yawning once more, allowing a few of the mint bunnies to sit on his stomach.​
  7. As Nikolai wrote the letter, Alexei stood behind him, watching him write every word on the letter. "Do you think they'll join?" a childish voice asked, snapping Alexei out of his daydream. That's what they ask each other every year. Will anyone really join? Alexei thought for awhile. Since they established the club, they found students of their kind, yes, not many of them joined, in fear that they'll be looked down by other students. Alexei sighed, rubbing his temples, "Hopefully, they will."

    Nikolai was about to reply when someone opened the door of the club. Both looked at the new person, it was Aya. Nikolai grinned, waving his right arm enthusiastically, greeting Aya, "Hey, Aya! You skipped the assembly too?"

    Alexei greeted the Vice-chairman with a nod, gripping Nikolai's right arm, stopping him from waving.
    "Idiot, stop doing that! You could have hit me!" he grumbled, pointing to the unfinished handwritten letters that were still on the table instead of in their envelopes, "And, hurry up finish writing those letters!"

    As Alexei finished his sentence, Nikolai just finished signing his name. Soon, the flying mint bunnies that usually loiter around their club room and the empty corridors, arrived and landed next to the envelopes, in front of Nikolai. The flying mint bunnies looked like bunnies, same size, same features except that it's fur is mint green and it has angel wings coming out of its back. Other than that, it has a really 'sparkly' aura and a cute smile on its face all the time. Whenever Alexei looks at it, he gets slightly annoyed by how happy they look but in times of need, such as delivering something important, they were quite useful. Nikolai held up the envelopes, smiling happily at the flying bunnies,
    "Send this to these people, please!" The bunnies nodded, taking an envelope each and disappeared like that.

    Nikolai relaxed a bit, he lifted his legs and placed them on the table while his arms went behind his head. Though he doesn't show it, Nikolai felt really anxious about those letters.
    "I have a feeling one or two would be joining us. That's all I have to say." Alexei stated, before moving over to the mini tea station he built in the corner of the club room, away from the elixirs and cauldron used for alchemy. He was too afraid that the magical particles would go into the tea or sweets he makes. Hence, building it in a corner. "Take a seat, Aya... don't just stand there." Alexei said, his back facing her as he prepared the water for the tea. Soon after that, another person came through the door. This time, it was their teacher.

    "Mornin'!" Mr K greeted them. Nikolai greeted back with a wide grin plastered on his face, "Good morning, sir!" Alexei brought the tea set to the main table, pouring the freshly brewed tea into four tea cups; one for Nikolai, one for Aya, one for Mr K and one for himself. After that, Alexei said, pushing his glasses up, "We just sent the letters. Hopefully one or two would appear by the end of today or show up tomorrow."

    "I'm so excited!! I already thought of bonding activities for the whole club!" Nikolai was practically jumping in his seat. He looked over to Aya with a stupid grin on his face, "Aya~! What do you think of searching for other magical beings in the forest behind the school?"
  8. Five steps from the Magic Club room, Mel realized that she in no way whatsoever, wanted to be apart of a club in the first place. Joining a club would just make her life and the lives of others, miserable. She would ignore them in favor of listening to some ghost talking about something way cooler than whatever a living person had to say, and the person would get pissed that they were ignoring her. Plus, there was no guarantee that this was an actual magic club anyway. Save for the fact that they had managed to get a letter into her room without touching anything or needing a key.

    So that was weird. But they could just be really good at sneaking into people's rooms or something. Maybe they were actually the burglar club. Or the Breaking and entering sans breaking club. Either way, she was going to tell them that she wasn't interested.

    Mel opened the door just in time to see some boy and hear the tail end of his conversation. "Um," She began, but at that moment the ghost boy from before slipped into the room and blocked her path. Well...She could have just walked right through him, but ghosts found it quite rude when people passed through them.

    "I am the ghost of an exiled prince from the 50's and you will be my vessel--

    "Will you leave me alone?!" Mel snapped, using her letter to shoo the ghost away. Ugh. She absolutely despised child ghosts. They were possibly the most irritating things in the universe.

  9. "Yeah... Maybe I will go up to the Club Room and see what's going on up there... But first I wann-" Amalia stopped mid-sentence before she saw one of them, the evil creatures that always seemed to play pranks and nasty tricks on her for no reason at all, the flying mint bunnies. She didn't know why they did such things to her, she didn't do anything to them.. At least she didn't think so... She quickened her pace a bit, the flying mint bunnies, now about six of them, flying after her closely.

    "Urgh... Please stop following me you winged demons!" Amalia shouted as she hid under a tree for its shade, closing her umbrella as she waved it about like a mad men. Some of the bunnies split up, deciding to fly around her in which a fly would do, with ever present smiles on their faces.

    Amalia didn't understand, how could such creatures fly around her like annoying little flies with smiles on their faces? They were always there! Even if they were messing with her or not! When they were sad or angry, did they still have those smiles on too? Did they even have emotions?

    "So creepy!!" Amalia yelled her thoughts out loud and ran away from the flying mint bunnies.
  10. Aya giggled at Nikolai and Alexei's shenanigans and gratefully took a seat next to Nikolai. "Good morning, Mr. K! Thanks for the tea, Alexei." Tea. She had always loved the stuff. Taking the hot cup in both hands she brought it close to smell the aroma before taking a sip. "Aya~! What do you think of searching for other magical beings in the forest behind the school?" Nikolai's huge grin was contagious, "That sound so fun! I love getting new members. . . " She was going to continue but she heard a soft voice in the doorway, she was surprised to hear the same voice snap at the child's ghost.

    Standing, Aya walked over to the girl, "Hello there, my name is Aya. I am the Vice-chairman of the magic club, its really nice to meet you." She gave a brilliant smile before she continued, "I am sorry about that child, I have been working to purify him, but he is quite stubborn." She chuckled, "What's your name, my dear?"
  11. Sophie moved through the hallways of the school, the invitation in one hand as she navigated her way to the bell tower mentioned in the letter. She half wanted to take out her pen and use it as a guide while trying to find it, but such an act would attract unwanted stares, so Sophie resigned herself to asking teachers and older students, hoping none of their directions would lead her astray.

    She eventually wandered outside and heard a shout,

    "So creepy!!"

    The yell came from a girl with long dark hair running away from a colony of flying mint bunnies while carrying a red umbrella. Sophie's hand immediately went to her pocket before remembering there were people around, non-magical people as far as she could tell. I'm not in the magical world anymore. I'll have to be careful about my magic. Sophie pulled out her silver pen and pretended to write something on the letter before casting a small gust of wind in the girl's direction and shooing the bunnies away.

    After a moment, Sophie approached the girl. "I hope those bunnies didn't hurt you. They're usually harmless." She smiled at the girl. "My name is Sophie."
  12. ((Sorry, it's a little crappy))

    Aki merely laid there, slowly dozing off until he heard the sound of the tea set clink. Immediately, Aki sat up, forcing all the mint bunnies to get up from their sleeping spot and float off, a little angry but probably something they were used to. "Thank you, Alexei," Aki thanked as he took hold of the tea cup and drank from it; eyes closed as he took in the heat from the cup and was immediately feeling refreshed. After hearing Aya trail off Aki intervened. "Don't you think that's a little dangerous, Nikolai?" Aki warned, opening only one of his glowing teal-blue eye to observe his student.

    Slowly, placing the tea cup to it's original place, Aki brushed his lap and observed Aya and the new-comer, smiling in acknowledgement at the girl with Invocative abilities. "It is because he can see you that he bothers you, lovely." Aki winked, "Little children get quite lonely y'know, after not having any friends to play with for at least a decade." Aki advised with a smirk as the boy appeared sitting beside Aki with a giggle.​
  13. Nikolai smirked at the teacher's comment, "Of course, it's dangerous! That's why we have you, as our adult supervisor, to come along with us! Plus, it's good to take risks~" Nikolai winked at the end. Alexei shook his head, slightly sighing at Nikolai's behavior. Nikolai added, "And, maybe, we might find those kind of trees that have faces and can talk and move around!"

    Looking into the deep forest through the window, Alexei said, "I doubt it. We might most probably find Dryads, Centaurs, or Satyrs, maybe all of them if we're lucky. But, we can't make any noise once we're in there." Alexei eyed Nikolai specifically when he said the last sentence. He turned back and faced the whole room and continued, "Overheard from other students during my first year that it's basically the Forbidden Forest. Though I have a feeling there's a lot more weird things in there." He pushed his glasses up, "Mr K is right, it might be dangerous. But, I don't mind going in there as long as there's adult supervision."

    After Alexei said that, Nikolai wanted to respond back but there was someone at the door. Both their heads turned towards the new person and ghost. They recognized the child ghost as he usually loiter around and disturb them. Alexei felt that most of the child ghosts he had encountered were either too mischievous or just plain talkative and he would rather speak to the elder ghosts or those who have been here way before he did. For example, once a child ghost went up to Alexei and asked "Mister, why are you so grumpy all the time?". That made him annoyed since his natural look was a frowning face and he hates it whenever someone mentions that to him.

    Nikolai, on the other hand, felt that most of the child ghosts reminded him of his late sister. Occasionally, unknown to anyone, whenever he cries his heart out to the flying mint bunnies, they would assure him that his sister is in a good place, watching over both him and Alexei. In other words, to Nikolai, the topic of seeing ghosts is a really touchy one.
    But then again, Nikolai liked to annoy the young spirits that roam their hallways.

    Nikolai squinted his eyes at the newcomer, he remembered seeing her somewhere. There weren't that many of their kind here in this school. So, of course Nikolai would remember the faces. They watched as Aya walked up to her and introduced herself. Nikolai looked back at the clipboard that Alexei left with him for the letters. On the clipboard, there were pictures and names of students that they found. Looking through the list, he finally found the picture of the girl that was standing at the door.
    Melanie Dumnonos... Nikolai read the name quietly to himself before jumping up and making his way, standing next to Aya. He wanted to give her a warm welcome.

    "Hey there! And, I see you've got your letter... You must be Melanie, right~?" he looked at what she had in her hands, it was the letter. He took a step back and bowed slightly, like in a butler manner before he stuck out his right hand for a handshake, "I'm Nikolai Vargas, Chairman of the Magic Club. I take it, you're here to join us?~"

    Alexei already set up another tea cup for the newcomer, eyeing her before taking out the cakes he made the day before.
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  14. Mel frowned at the people in the room--The supposed Magic Club-- that was apparently the real deal. That didn't make her want to join any more that she already didn't. Turning to the side to sneer at the red haired guy who had oh so 'educated' her. "Obviously. And don't call me 'lovely', you creepy old man." She snapped. She could care less if he was lonely, ghost children were annoying little shits and that was that. And why was that guy calling her lovely? The last person who had called her that was a ninety year old war veteran! So gross...

    "Anyway," She said turning back to chairman and thrusting the letter in his general direction. "I don't want to join--

    "Oh Mel, but you should totally join!" Her grandmother gasped as she materialized to the right of her. Mel groaned. Whenever her grandmother got involved in any of her business, the woman always got what she wanted. "Just imagine how fun it'll be! And honestly, dear you need some friends! Why not try them out, hm?"

    Mel struggled with a good response for not wanting to join but could only come up with "I just don't want to." To which her grandmother responded, "Hun, that's no answer. Just try them out for two weeks. It'll be like a trial period!" She gushed.

    Mel sighed, and dropped the hand holding the letter to her side. "Fine. I'll join." She grumbled. But as soon as two weeks are over, I'm out of here! She thought.

    "Yippee!" Her grandmother cheered childishly, before floating out of the room.
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  15. Amalia was just about to resort to magic to turn the flying mint bunnies into crispy mint bunnies before an unexpected wind blew them away. Huh? I don't think it was supposed to be windy today...

    She turned around when she heard a girl's voice and listened to her explanation. "Hm? Oh, they don't hurt me, a vast majority of them try to annoy me to get some kind of reaction from me, and they almost had it coming to them too!" She sighed as she repositioned her umbrella over her head and looked at Sophie. "Nice to meet you, Sophie, my name is Amalia, I presume that was you with the wind right? I suppose I kinda owe you one for that... Just... Don't go around saying I was chased by such vile creatures." She grinned sheepishly at her.
  16. Aya tried not to look disappointed at the girl's attitude. If only people could be more open-minded. . . She ran her hand through her hair, "Well c'mon in, would you like a drink?" She gave a welcoming smile and lead her inside, sneaking an unsure glance at Nikolai as she did so. "So about the trip we were talking about, Mr.K, you'll come with us right?" The change in subject lit up her delicate features, and she broke into a stunning grin as she spoke. "It would be really interesting!" She laughed.

    She stopped near her tea cup to take a sip of the delicious beverage, easily holding it now that some of the heat had left. "Alexei, you really do make the best tea. . ." She spoke softly into her cup before taking another sip. Noticing the cakes that were placed out she smiled widely and grabbed a piece, "And the best cake too~! You should try some." She held a piece out to Melanie, hoping that sweets would help the girl feel more comfortable.
  17. When the girl turned to speak, Sophie couldn't help but notice her red eyes. There was only one other person she knew with red eyes and while right now they were on a complete stranger, just seeing them seemed to ebb away the butterflies in her stomach a little more.

    "Yes that was me, and I won't tell anyone, don't worry," Sophie said. She hesitated for a moment, still transfixed on Amalia's features before saying, "Sorry for staring! You just remind me of my oldest sister. You look very much like her. Except, well, shorter, and without any bandages." Sophie chuckled fondly at the memory of her oldest sister sporting bandages from her many days training in swordplay and her own style of magic.

    There was a moment of awkward silence before Sophie remembered the paper in her hand. "You seem to know about magic. Are you part of the Magic Club? Do you think you can lead me there?" she showed Amalia the letter
  18. Aki simply smirked and shrugged his shoulders taking another sip from his tea, patting the little kid's head beside him. "Let me check if I need to prepare any paperwork for the children tomorrow, alright?" Aki smiled softly at the two cousins.

    Aki chocked on his tea when he heard the girl insult him, "O-Old M-man?!" he coughed out. The little kid beside him merely laughed at the sight, oblivious to the insult. Sighing after managing to breathe again, Aki re-adjusted the collar of his shirt and tsked. Children these days... Suddenly, hearing an old woman's voice, Aki looked to the girl's direction and stared at the old woman talking to her.

    Walking towards Mel, Aki stood beside her and merely said, "A nice old woman you have there. Your grandmother, I propose?" Aki asked, lifting an eyebrow, showing curiosity.

    "So about the trip we were talking about, Mr.K, you'll come with us right?" Aki heard Aya ask. Perking up, he turned to face the sweet vice- president and smiled. "Forget the paperwork then!" Aki chuckled. "We can head over right after school, if you wish." Aki stated, clapping his hands together, "We could bring our new little members along for the experience as well!" he suggested, looking towards Nikolai, "Don't you think, President?" Aki asked, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

    "Ah, and we have to prepare a little more food." Aki stated suddenly, "We have another new member on their way." Aki smirked.​
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  19. Once the new student decided to join, Nikolai had a huge grin plastered onto his face. Alexei, on the other hand, was proud on the inside but he didn't really show it. "Come on in, sit down, drink some tea!~ Alexei makes the best sweets and teas~ You'll love it!" Alexei exclaimed, unable to contain his happiness as he ushered Mel into the room before he sat at the head of the table.

    "Alexei, you really do make the best tea. . . And the best cake too~!" Alexei always felt a tingling feeling inside of him whenever someone praises his tea and sweets. Alexei smiled to Aya, "Thank you."

    After that, he poured the tea for the new member then serving it to her. He then took a seat next to Nikolai, opposite Aya. After taking a sip of his tea, Alexei stated, "I heard, it's best to go to the forest at night. The creatures in there would be more willing to approach us. That is, if we're quiet enough. Sometimes, we might get too excited and we could scare them if we can't control it."

    Nikolai rolled his eyes, taking a bite of the cake before responding,
    "Weelllll~ We could leave ri---- wait, I got an idea!" Nikolai shot up from his seat while Alexei shook his head at Nikolai's behaviour, muttering, "This is what I meant..."

    Nikolai took a few steps away from the table, but still facing the rest. With the snap of his fingers, a blackboard came rolling towards him from the side, stopping directly behind him. He picked up the chalk and started writing out his plan for their club's activities. As he wrote, he was creepily smiling to himself, the fang-like tooth on the right side of his mouth was visible. Once he was done, he turned to face the rest as he explained his plan,
    "Sooo, I suggest that we should go next week Friday so that we can camp and spend the night in the forest since the day after that is a Saturday! Then at around midnight, we can start searching for the creatures!~"

    "Today seems a bit of a rush though, sir." Alexei said.

    "Ah, and we have to prepare a little more food . . . We have another new member on their way." With that being said, Alexei's ears perked up, standing up immediately from his seat. He took a few more sets of tea cups for their soon-to-arrive guests, he placed the tea cups on the table, not wanting to pour the tea before the new member arrives. "I always bake extra." Alexei said before taking out a few more pieces of cake and placing them on the plate.
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  20. Mel took a seat, scooting back so that she wasn't as close to the group. At the offering of tea she hesitated for a second but then took the cake that the purple haired girl had offered her. It took her less than a few seconds to gobble down the slice, and just a few more seconds to sloppily down the tea when she started choking on a piece of cake that had gone down wrong. When she was finished eating/choking Mel scooted towards the table just to set the teacup and dessert plate down before scooting back to her original position two fee away from the actual table.

    Pulling her feet up so that she was sitting on the chair with her knees tucked under her chin, Mel surveyed the other members of the Magic Club. It only took her a few minutes to grow bored of them and start looking around for just about anything more interesting. She wished her grandmother would come back, but earlier on she had met a ghost her age and they'd spent every second together flirting. It was nauseating, but Mel would much prefer their sickening company to these...people.

    "What do you people even do?" She grumbled.