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    Atelier Academy

    This is Atelier Academy, a boarding school founded in 1842. It has one of the best school programs in the country. The school is a ten minute drive from the nearest town, which is filled with retail shops, cheap restaurants that sells delicious and delectable foods, a few convenient stores and a supermarket. Hence, every weekend, there'll be a bus that drives the students to the town. This school, like any usual school, is filled with normal students from around the world, though mostly the wealthy send their children here. Also, it has many different kind of clubs, ranging from the Arts to Sports.

    The dorms of the students would be separated by gender. All students are required to wear the school's uniform. Though modification to the uniform is not allowed, some still do it anyway.

    Girls' Uniform (open)

    Boys' Uniform (open)

    Well, most of the students here are normal, like everyday kind of normal. But, there are those who aren't that normal.


    That's when the Magic Club comes in.

    The Magic Club [​IMG]
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to you the Magic Club. This club was recently founded by Nikolai Vargas and Alexei Lukov, Chairman and Treasurer of the club respectively. The only club in the whole school that revolves around magic, alchemy and spells. It's rather hard to get in the club as they'll never accept just anyone! They'll only be accepted through the Acceptance Letter which is personally handwritten by the Chairman of the club. Of course, those who enter this club and/or is accepted into this club has to have a Magical background. Those who receives the Acceptance letter would mysteriously find it on their beds, desk or room door.

    Located at the far end of the corridor that is next to the bell tower, Room #981. The club room is isolated from the rest of the school since the corridor that leads to their club room isn't frequented by many students, other than the members of the Magic Club.

    There are a lot of perks to being in this club... sort of. But anyway, the students from this club are usually looked down on by other students. Some would call them 'lunatics', 'freaks' or 'retarded'. 'Crazy', sometimes. That's kind of one of the biggest risk of joining this club. The other being bullied for the rest of your school life in Atelier. In other words, the members of the Magic Club are shunned by the school population as they could do magic and stuff. Hence, the members tend to keep a low profile.

    Yes, as boring as it seems. This is the Magic Club's club room, except there's a bit of books about spells and potions lying here and there. Also, a crystal ball in the middle of the meeting table. The shelves are filled with books about magic spells, potions, alchemy etc. Sometimes, tea and cakes would be served during meetings, since the Chairman enjoys it.

    Ah, yes, I've forgotten to mention that magical creatures, such as pixies and fairies, tend to appear in the club room. Also, there are many exciting club outings. Most of the club activities would involve; testing out spells on others (not the super dangerous ones though), practicing their spells, researching more potions and types of magic, conjuring magical creatures and more things.

    In elegant cursive, the acceptance letter reads;

    Acceptance Letter (open)
    Acceptance Letter [rainbow]Welcome to the Magic Club[/rainbow]
    reetings _______,

    am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be a member of the Magic Club. It is an honor to be apart of our club as we do no accept just anyone.

    he Magic Club's club room is located at the end of the corridor that is next to the bell tower, Room #981.

    e look forward to seeing you there.


    Nikolai Vargas
    Chairman of the Magic Club

    ~ Rules ~
    • No Godmodding or OP
    • All Iwaku rules apply
    • Not more than 2 characters per player
    • I don't mind a few grammatical errors but the whole post? No.
    • I'm not fussy about the posting length but I do not appreciate one-liners. At least 3~5 sentences per post
    • If you read this, put something about magical flying mint bunnies in your CS
    • Do not kill off others characters without permission... though I doubt there'll be killing
    • Swearing is allowed :)
    • Please inform us in the OOC thread if you're gonna be away for a long time.

    So, like, this is my first time making a 'magical school' kind of rp. I've been in several Magical school Roleplays, and they tend to get out of hand by allowing a lot of characters, making it into a mass roleplay. Hence, I'll make it seem like around 4 players to have their own characters in the Magic Club with another player being the Teacher Adviser. Basically, this rp only revolves around the members of the Magic Club and their everyday lives in the club.

    ** I was thinking that the members of this club could see magical creatures. Yes, everyone in the school can't do magic except the Magic Club.

    Student Character Sheet

    ***Position that is left is in bold
    Age: (Year 1; 15, Year 2: 16, Year 3: 17~18[if she/he had to be retained a year])
    Has she/he just joined the school?:
    Position in club: [Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, normal member]
    Appearance: [I was thinking anime pics] + description

    Bio/Magical background:
    Type of Magic usually uses:

    Teacher Character sheet

    Bio/Magical background:
    Subjects taught during normal school:
    Type of Magic usually uses:

    I was somehow inspired by Hetalia's Magic Trio/club during the Hetalia Gakuen episode

    ~ Characters ~

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  2. [​IMG]

    Nikolai Vargas
    Age: Year 3, 18 (He flunked a year)
    Position in Club: Chairman/ Founder
    Type of Magic usually used: Black magic and practices a bit of light magic. He isn't highly skilled alchemy but can do the basics. Though, he is highly skilled in curses.
    Appearance: He has pale ivory skin and stands at 5'11". He has black hair and piercing green eyes. The hair at the back reaches his nape while he has long choppy bangs that sometimes covers most of his eyes. He wears the normal school uniform. Usually, he would have dark circles under his eyes. A sharp fang can be seen on the right sight of his mouth whenever he smiles. He is messier and less organized than his younger cousin. He doesn't tuck in his school button up shirt even though it's supposed to be tucked in, his blazer would be worn as though it's a jacket where else his tie isn't pulled up properly. When not in uniform, he's mostly seen with a black t-shirt with a red jacket over it, dark jeans and black sneakers.


    At first glance, some might think Nikolai's a heartless, cold person because of the natural menacing glare he has on his face. Though, in truth, he is a very childish for a 18 year old. He is described as naive, oblivious and child-like, by his younger cousin. Sometimes, he can be a bit dramatic. For example. he likes having a 'dramatic' entrance or welcoming. He can be serious when he needs to be. Sometimes, he claims he's like a joker... with very lame jokes. Despite having a happy and childish mask, he is actually rather broken and depressed on the inside. Nevertheless, he tries not to show his true emotions to his fellow members, only to his younger cousin. He doesn't like being lonely and tends to depend on Alexei a lot. He has a mildly sadistic side.


    Nikolai was the eldest sibling in his family. He is related to Alexei through their mothers. Both their families have been practicing witchcraft since the beginning of time, Nikolai's family is more towards black and light magic. Nikolai would consider his childhood to be happy and 'normal', despite the fact he grew up in a magical environment, he knew this was a family secret. When Nikolai was 8, he lost his parents and beloved younger sister, Anya, in a car accident. His sister was five. This, left him in distraught as he was very close to his younger sister. Often, he would blame himself for his family's death, especially Anya's. After their death, Alexei's family took Nikolai in and raised him.

    When both Alexei and Nikolai entered Atelier Academy, they both felt bored with their environment, since they were both raised in a magical environment. Hence, Nikolai suggested forming the Magic Club, since he had a feeling there might be more people like them in this school that could do their kind of magic. Ever since the Magic Club was established in their first year, Nikolai would be called a 'freakshow' or 'crazy' by other students. Of course, he would just ignore all of those comments and carry on with his life.

    He shares a dormitory with Alexei. He had to be retained a year because of causing a lot of trouble and skipping his classes during his supposedly last year.

    • He has three piercings on his right ear.
    • To others, he may seem as though he's talking to himself but he's actually talking to the flying mint bunnies that somehow gets attracted to him. He'll vent out his feelings whenever he's talking to them.
    • He has a sweet tooth, occasionally asking Alexei to make sweets for him.
    • He hides his wand in his pants. It is strapped to his right calve. His school pants are baggy, hence making it easier for him to grab it when in trouble.
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  3. A[​IMG]

    Name: Alexei Lukov
    Age: Year 3, 17
    Position in club: Treasurer / Co-founder
    Appearance: Alexei has pale ivory skin and stands at 5'9". He has naturally messy silver hair, the roots is darker than the tips and has icy blue eyes. The hair at the back touches the nape of his neck. He wears black rimmed glasses, but it's smaller than the ones in the picture. He is usually well kept, organized and neat. He has a natural scowl on his face. He wears the standard uniform, following the school rules. When not in uniform, he'll wear a simple beige, white or blue long sleeved button up shirt with a dark cardigan over it, with jeans and grey sneakers. (He claims it makes him look smart.)
    Type of Magic usually uses: He is highly skilled in alchemy. He can do a bit of light magic.


    Alexei is very mature for his age. He is strict when it comes to school work, his magic and acts as a brother figure (sometimes a mother figure) to his elder cousin, Nikolai. He takes things very seriously and doesn't know when to relax. Even though he has a grumpy exterior, he does have a soft side, mostly for Nikolai. He is an introvert and tends to stay close to those whom he feels close to, which is Nikolai. Though he doesn't admit it, he cares deeply for Nikolai and the rest of his club mates.

    He is a neat freak and likes to keep things organized. He can be a bit sentimental at times.

    Bio/Magical background

    Alexei was the youngest of three siblings. Both of his elder brothers left home to further their studies, when Alexei was 5. He is related to Nikolai through their mothers. Both families have a long tradition of witchcraft. Unlike Nikolai's family, his family does mainly alchemy and potions. So, he's rather skilled at making any kinds of potions. Since his brothers left house when he was young, he grew up by himself even though his parents tried to spoil him, he always stayed by himself in his room, either reading or studying.

    When Nikolai was taken into his family by his parents, Alexei was annoyed by Nikolai's childish behavior despite the fact that they're a year apart. Though, he doesn't admit it, he was glad he finally had someone to accompany him but the sudden death of his aunt, uncle, and younger cousin shocked him. When both Nikolai and Alexei joined Atelier, they were both bored with their environment as they both grew up in a magical one. Of course, they knew it should be kept a secret but he'd rather be seen as freaks. Hence, he decided to form the Magic Club with his cousin, though he was against it at first.

    He shares a dormitory with Nikolai. He acts as Nikolai's right hand man by suggesting ideas and giving him advice.

    • He is very good at cooking. He makes mostly sweets for Nikolai and the rest of the club members during their club meetings.
    • He is one of the top students every year, unlike Nikolai.
    • He would occasionally watch Nikolai talk to the flying mint bunnies and sometimes sigh sadly to himself.
    • His wand is disguised as a pen, that is always in his school blazer pocket.
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  4. Ooo I would love to join, may I?
  5. Oh yay I will post my character sheet in a moment ^^
  6. image.jpg

    Name : Amalia Cadwell

    Age : Year 2: 16

    Has she/he just joined the school? : No

    Position in club : Normal member

    Appearance : Amalia has brown eyes and very unusual red eyes, which she had not inherited from her parents, so she just assumes its due to her power. When she's not in he school uniform, she usually wears a white cardigan with a purple undershirt, a purple skirt with black stockings, and white flats.

    Personality : Amalia is very polite and generally respectful to everyone and puts her entire being into everything she does. However, she comes off as hard-headed due to only wanting to do things alone and without others, refusing their aid unless she has no choice. She only wants to bring improvement for the better, but she tries too hard and ends up either letting her efforts go to waste.

    However, Amalia happens to be self-conscious and cares highly for her personal image and what others think about her. She keeps this to herself, along with many other things she happens to have an interest in. Amalia is shown to also be quite immature some of the time, but not all the time.

    Bio/Magical background :

    Amalia is an only child, and because of this, her parents always seem to force their ideals on her when all she wants to do is practice the magic arts. Her parents tried to hide her powers from her for all of life until one day, when she turned 12, she ignited a fire in their front yard by sheer force of will, when her father had gotten her angry. Ever since this incident, her parents had decided to dis-own her, but are still trying to control her life in secret. When Amalia had found out about her powers, she decided to do a little research and learned how her great-grandmother was a women who fiddled with elemental magic in her late teen years all the way up until her death.

    When her parents had enrolled her into
    Atelier Academy she was absolutely devastated, as all they wanted to do was get her out of their hair and not to mess around with magic. But when Amalia caught word of there being a 'Magic Club' on school grounds, she went on a search to find it ever since her first year, and found it during the middle of her first year.

    Type of Magic usually uses: Mostly fire magic, some water and air, never uses earth magic as she says it 'physically drains her'

    Extras :

    She has a petite frame, so people usually mistake her for a first year

    She always carries around a red umbrella, as she doesn't want her skin to get darker because she likes her pale complexion.

    Apparently, the magical flying mint bunnies dislike Amalia and she dislikes them as well, she'd burn them into chocolate bunnies for Easter if she could
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  7. Right. Sorry. Been busy with work v.v so umm.. I'll post my cs ASAP. Oh do you need a banner for this group? I could do it. If you need a sample, feel free to ask.
  8. I've never seen hetalia thus I haven't watched the hetalia gakuen, but is it okay if I join in?
  9. @Yuuki_Tatsunohi Sure~ and there was only an episode of gakuen hetalia, an AU, other than that, the anime isnt focused on school life.
  10. Sweet! I'll get my post in sometime tomorrow!

  11. [​IMG]

    Sophie Hayes

    15, year 1

    Has she/he just joined the school?
    Yes at the beginning of the year.

    Position in club
    Normal member

    Sophie Hayes has a very petite build, standing at 4'9" and weighing 105lbs. She has cream colored skin, short blonde hair that reaches just to her chin and grey eyes. During a regular school day, she wears the girls' black school uniform complete with black kneesocks and standard requirement for girls' shoes. Outside of school, she wears a white flower printed dress, black stockings, a pink backpack and yellow converse shoes. At all times, she carries a silver pen, which is actually her staff, with her wherever she goes.

    Sophie is a naturally curious person with an insatiable taste for learning all things related to magic. A very clever girl, but also slightly clumsy, and a little disorganized with most of her belongings. Having two older siblings who like to get in fights with each other often, she has often found herself as the mediator, both with her family, and classmates. Cheerful but also restless, she also has a habit of biting more than she can chew, stemming from her desire to learn as much as she can.

    Bio/Magical background
    Sophie is the fourth child of the Hayes family, a prominent family in the magical world. From a very young age, Sophie displayed a high skill level for magic, going as far as to levitate her crib off the ground. Her grandfather took her under his wing as his apprentice at the age of five and he would train her to become the family magician. He taught her everything he knew and she proved to be a prodigy in magic, mastering basic spells in a matter of days. Eventually they moved to the Big Book, an old book filled with generations of magic knowledge gathered by past magicians in the Hayes family. He taught her spells from there, but forbade her from learning Dark Magic. One night, out of curiosity, she opened the Big Book and performed a Dark Magic spell, bringing a destructive storm to the house. Her grandfather was able to stop the storm, but the amount of magic he used took its toll and he died a few days later. Even though he was one his deathbed, he still encouraged Sophie to continue studying magic, knowing how much she loved it and how bright and gifted she was. He passed the Big Book on to her and she made it her goal to fill the book with everything that she learned from now on, however she now avoids the Dark Magic section of the book, having experienced it first hand and fearing its destructive power, and losing another loved one like her grandfather.

    Sophie enrolled in Atelier Academy in order to pursue her regular studies without the distractions from her siblings. Though as per request to study one subject at a time by her family, she is now studying Celestial Magic.

    Type of Magic usually uses
    Sophie has dabbled in all kinds of magic, Charms, hexes, elemental, summoning, you name it, except for alchemy as she has never heard of it. When it comes to fighting, she mostly uses air or wind magic, as she has become a master of that kind of magic.

      • Sophie's magic tool comes in the shape of a staff called The Staff of Aodh when in full form, but most of the time she keeps it as a silver pen which she also uses to write her new discoveries in the Big Book.
      • Her Big Book is currently stored in her backpack disguised as a regular book for reading. She is currently trying to create a pocket dimension only she can access so she can pull out her Big Book and other items without having to lug around her bag all the time.
      • Magical Flying mint bunnies are very common in the backyard where she comes from, but Sophie's jealous of her older sister who has a strawberry cream flying bunny.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Student Character Sheet

    Name: Melanie 'Mel' Dumnonos
    Age: 15; Year 1
    Has she/he just joined the school?: Yup.
    Position in club: Normal member
    Appearance: Melanie is a petite girl standing at 4'7", with medium length light brown hair that she ties up with various colored ribbons or beaded ties. Her bangs are choppy and uneven and even though she cut them with the intention of wanting to see clearer, they still sometimes get in her way.
    Her skin is tan and she almost always has a cut somewhere on her due to her not paying attention to her surroundings and tripping over something.
    As for the school uniform, she wears the gray sweater in a large size, because she likes how the wind makes the top billow out. She wears the skirt, as is required, but she would much rather wear pants so the old fashioned spirits would stop calling her a street walker.
    And of course she wears the required shoes.
    Outside of school, Mel will wear just about anything whether it fits or matches or not.

    Personality: Mel is an airhead. She walks around as if she's in her own world, and really she is. Kind of. Because of her ability to see spirits and ghosts, it always looks as though she's talking to herself, when really she's probably asking her dead grandmother if ghost can see the things they eat pass through them. Because of this 'talking to herself' Mel has been the target of bullying or out right shunning but she doesn't take this treatment to heart. Instead she just smiles and goes on talking to her ghost buddies.
    Nice or mean, Mel treats everyone in the exact same manner. Ignoring them.
    It's not intentional, but Mel just finds inhabitants of the spirit world a lot more interesting than living people. She tries to keep up with what someones saying to her or at least try to act interested, but it's so hard to focus on two people at once, so she chooses the most interesting person. And that person almost always turns out to be dead.

    Bio/Magical background: Mel wasn't born to a rich family or a family know for magical affinity. She was born on a farm, to two ordinary parents, who when not taking care of Mel, took care of Mel's mother's mother. As a child, Mel was allowed to run free around the farm, getting up to who knows what when no one was around. And when she was tired with that, she would go see her grandmother and listen to her talk to herself. It's not as though Mel thought it was funny, it was that she was curious and really wanted to know why her grandmother always held long conversations by herself in her room, when Mel was right there fully willing to carry on a conversation about anything.
    But that soon changed, when one day, her grandmother had a fit and she had to go to the hospital, and when she came back she had to have this humongous loud machine in her room and had to take a whole tray of pills every day. That was the day that her grandmother spoke to Mel for the first time. She called Mel over and started talking to her about how when she was a little girl, she was never alone because no matter where she went she always had friends. And that everyone else thought she was odd and they always kept their distance from her. She told Mel, how when she was young strange creatures used to visit her farm and sometimes they were nice and sometimes they were mean, but she was always okay because she knew how to make the bad ones go away.
    She told Mel, that soon she would have to go away, but Mel would see her again because she was giving Mel a 'gift'. At the time Mel had no clue what her grandmother had meant and ran out of the room to the safety of her parents to hide from 'scary gram grams'.
    When her grandmother died, Mel understood.
    They had the funeral and buried her grandmother in the cemetery nearest to the farm, but Mel didn't understand why everyone was so upset, because her grandmother was standing right beside her. Although she did look a little different from before. In the sense that she was almost transparent and sort of glowed.

    Type of Magic usually uses: Mel can see/speak to and hear ghosts. She can also summon them from the other side to come protect her by possessing object near her. However since a chair possessed by a ghost isn't very threatening, Mel always carries a stuffed animal.

    Extra: So far Mel's only seen a few magical creatures but she hopes that one day she'll see a magical flying mint bunny or two.

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