The magic behind rainbow eyes

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    Matt sighed waking up with a jump having a nightmare for the hundredth time in years. The typical bullies turning into monsters and eating him for having the eyes he had. No one could figure out why his eyes were rainbow colored, and frankly everyone hated them at the same time. It made no sense. He glanced over at his alarm clock checking the time to see how long he had till class started. A new college in a new city where he could be whatever he could be, and here he was going to be blind. He knew how to read braille already, and he had the school notified why he was doing what he was doing. It just be the students who wouldn't know the truth.

    It didn't take long for him to dress though even though he'd be early putting on his favorite Harry Potter T shirt and rainbow converse with his favorite pair of jeans. He looked at himself in the mirror having already brushed his teeth and eating about an hour ago the last time he woke up.

    "Here we go." he whispered looking at his eyes for a moment thinking about how ironic it was his eyes matched his sexuality, gay as most people were straight. Internally he prayed that he would find the guy of his dreams at this new school, one who would like him for him not his eyes. He quickly went out the door though doubting that wish and hope. It was highly unlikely after all.
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    Kuro woke with a groan sitting up from his hunched position that he fallen asleep from. His research papers sticking to the side of his face, slowing peeling off to leave backwards pen marks from the night before. He rubbed his face trying to figure out why he'd woken up; then the annoyed howl of his familiar made him wake up. He stumbled out of his work room to the back door where his husky-wolf sat at the back door giving him a very annoyed and dirty look. One that soon turned into an amused one at seeing her masters face,
    'I think you should wash your face before leaving of school pup.' Kuro laughed at her words and rubbed at his cheek knowing it wouldnt help.
    "Sorry I feel asleep at my desk again." Kasai let out a small bark and rubbed against his leg as she trotted inside to the kitchen for her breakfast. He closed the door and followed her making sure her food was down before going to the bathroom to scrub his face and all the other essentials that his body required of him.
    He came out of the bathroom feeling ten times better and went to his room to throw on a pair of old ripped jeans and a black wife beater; he slipped on his rings and a his pair of tennis shoes. He came back out ot the kitchen with his backpack in tow and picked up Kasai's empty bowl to rinse it out as she licked her lips clean.
    'I believe you will have an interesting day today pup.' Kuro shuddered at her words and gave her a light glare, opening the front door so she could leave with him.
    "The last time you said that I ended up pushed into the campus fountain." She gave him a wolfish grin and ran off to where ever it was she went to while he was at school. Kuro sighed running a hand through his black and pink hair making it fall into it's usual flop; he hoped it was a good interesting instead of a bad one, stupid fortune telling familiars.
  3. Matt grabbed his walking stick from his bag having practiced with it for the past couple weeks making sure it was all the way out enough to bounce off the ground right to feel. He'd already put his sunglasses on to cover up his rainbows as he walked to the school with a half smile plastered on his face. He took one deep breath in seeing a rather rough bunch of kids quickly making his way along. Soon he found himself in front of the of school clinging to his cane, and bag fiddling with the side of his glasses he hoped to God that nothing went wrong.

    He sat down next to a fountain running a hand through the water with a smile just feeling the water as he waited for it to get closer to school starting and he couldn't help it but smile at the touch of the water. It had a way of calming him down.

    "Hey! You're new here aren't you?" one kid yelled at him and he simply didn't reply, "Just as deaf as he is blind isn't him." Matt froze feeling a familiar happening start all over again. "Why won't you respond!" the kid yelled. Matt put his hands up in defence keeping his head down, and eyes down. "We have a rule round here, reply when someones talking to you, especially someone older." The huge jock came at him suddenly and before Matt could stop it from happening he found himself in the fountain. He sputtered as the jerk walked off leaving him in the fountain, and all Matt could do was sigh and stay where he was.
  4. Kuro had walked to school, he only lived five minutes away; entering the campus grounds he spotted a few of the seniors surrounding what looked like the new kid. All he could think was 'oh no' before the idiot pushed the boy into the fountain Kuro ran at him and started a slid that would knock the male down on his ass. Kuro stood up and gave him an annoyed look.
    "Elliot dont make me tell the coach you have nothing better to do than pick on blind people. You know is daughter is blind right? I wonder how he would take your actions right now?" Kuro smirked down at the jock crossing his arms with a tryumphant look. There were som good points in living in a semi small town. Knowing that the male wouldnt do anything because if he hit Kuro not only would he get introuble with his coach, Kuro would probably knock him on his ass again; he turned to the new kid and gave him an apologetic smile even though he couldnt see it.
    "Sorry some idiots are just breed to be mean to different people, here hold out your hand and i'll help you up."
  5. Matt say everything and did his best not to react to it. "What did you do?" he asked knowing it would keep up the whole blind act holding his hand out keeping a straight face even though he wanted to gawk at the boy helping him to his feet. He patted himself feeling the clothing squish, and he couldn't help but groan slightly, and angrily. "What time is it?" he asked a million thoughts running through his head. He couldn't believe this was happening all over again. The bullying, and this time no one could see his eyes.

    He ran a hand through his brown hair for a moment thinking, "Run home and grab fresh clothes... swiss." he felt his way onto the edge of the fountain again putting his hands on his temple. Rubbing.

    "This can't be happening again.." he mumbled before thinking of the guy in front of him who had saved his butt, and he stood again holding his wet hand out. "I'm Matt, and thank you for doing that."
  6. Kuro smiled at Matt taking the offered hand, "Kuro, it's a pleasure to meet you and dont worry about Elliot," Kuro glanced at the boy as he hobbled off wit ha grumble, "he just doesnt like new things after what just happened he wont bother you. As for what I did."
    He shrugged, "I just knocked him on his ass for being an ass. I'm sure the fall bruised his tailbone and it;ll be an uncomfortable couple days he wont forget this cause and effect anytime soon."
    Kuro glanced up at the big clock, "We still have 30 minutes before school starts you want me to walk with you to your house? That way you have a good alibi if we end up late for school." Kuro grinned at Matt letting his hand fall from holding him; Matt was cute, he'd give him that.
  7. Matt nodded softly trying to hold his composer. "A lot of people don't like new things." he said mournfully in a way shivering a bit at the fact the water was so cold. He couldn't help but snicker at the thought of that jerk who pushed him in with a bruised tailbone. "Thank you again." he said suddenly wondering where his walking stick went. He thought back to where he'd set it down but he felt there, and looked and of course not there.
    "Do you happen to see a walking cane with the ball on the end. Its collapsable so... before we walk to get me some fresh clothes." he sighed softly in the back of his mind knowing that jock had it, "Is it in the fountain perchance?" he asked again hand going up to rest on Kuro's shoulder just out of habit.
  8. Kuro glanced around and noticed that it had rolled away from the fountain, "Nope I think I might have kicked it as well when knocking Elliot to the ground hold on a sec I'll get it...let's get you out of the fountain first." his tone held a touch of amusement.
    "If it makes you feel better my freshmen year Elliot did the same thing to me only I got back at him by glueing the hems of his uniform shut."
    Kuro chuckled at the memory, "I think he decided that he didnt want me to get serious revenge for something else he might do." Kuro clasped Matt's arms and helped him over the fountain ledge, he let him go a second to run over and grab his walking stick after looking it over he handed back to Matt.
    "It doesnt look broken but you might want to check for yourself. If it is I'll replace it." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly looking as he spoke.
  9. Matt smiled at Kuro. Glueing hems shut was some serious genius on his part. "You're brilliant." he said with a smile suddenly realizing he was in fact still feet first in the fountain. That's when he found himself blushing at how dorky he was at the moment. "Uh... yeah, fountain need out of." he happily took the help for getting over the edge of the fountain. If it was one thing Matt lacked any of was grace. "The stick shouldn't be broken though its had a lot happen to it and yet its still in one piece so no worries." he said with a smile feeling for any cracks that hadn't been there, "We should probably get to my apartment if we wanna get to class on a decent time." Matt blushed again shivering yet again as he pulled his stick out so he could bounce it in front of him. "Its not that far, five minutes tops."
  10. Kuro laughed, "Sweet I'm sure we can hang out sometime after school and such since we both dont live to far from school." He followed close behind Matt knowing that if he needed help that he would probably ask for it, "Did you get your schedule yet or did the 'welcoming commity' get to you first?" Kuro rolled his eyes at the thought, again, of how stupid his classmate could be.
  11. "I got mine already. They called me about." he said with a smile stick bouncing off the path before him with rhythmic time giving him a mental picture of what laid ahead. "Have you gotten yours?" he asked as they already were pretty much at his doorstep opening the door with a faint smile, "Feel free to make yourself at home." Matt slapped himself mentally thinking how bad his apartment looked. It wasn't exactly for a blind person. "And I'd love to hang out one afternoon, even tonight. You know some nice places to go I bet." he tapped his way over to his laundry basket full of clothing pulling his damp shirt off having laid his sunglasses aside keeping his eyes from Kuro's sight. He'd air dried for the most part on the way over to his apartment. "Thank you again Kuro. If there is anything I can do for you don't hesitate to ask."
  12. "Yeah, I've had it for a while cause I help the office out on the breaks sometimes." Kuro followed him in and smirked seeing that even blind people could be messy sometimes he watched as Matt wandered around the apartment without a shirt on. It was a nice view and worth the walk here; he leaned on the back of the couch careful not to move it as he'd done many times in his own home and fallen flat on his ass.
    "I know a few places there's a nice restaraunt in town that you might like." He chuckled at Matts last words,
    "I'm good you've done enough with just your company." Like he was going to tell him that the show was enough to keep him happy.
  13. Matt smiled faintly slipping into his bedroom to find some jeans before quickly changing out of his wet pants into his dry ones. Of course he was thankful he had multiple pairs of rainbow shoes, and it didn't take long for him to make it back out in the living room forgetting his sunglasses for a moment before his shirt. He fumbled for them as they toppled off the side of couch, and he was mentally cursing himself. "A restaurant sounds fun." he said trying to keep the color from his face as he was still trying to get his sunglasses from beneath the couch without Kuro seeing his eyes. "Do you happen to see a pair of sunglasses that fell?" he asked sitting back keeping his eyes shut tight, "I think they fell behind the couch but I can't tell." He fumbled around again feeling for them, "People don't want to see my eyes, completely scary, or so they tell me."
  14. Kuro waved his hand lightly and the glasses skid to his feet, he picked them up and put them in Matt's hands. It was refreshing to have someone that couldnt see what he did so hidding his magic was easier.
    "I'm sure they were also assholes that will get no where in life because they think the world revolves around them." He helped Matt stand not because he needed the help but simply because he liked that he simply felt nice to touch.
  15. Matt blinked once thinking that the movement was a trick of the eye but he simply nodded a thank you too Kuro. "Uh... do you wanna go after class for lunch?" he asked keeping his hands on the other's shoulders playing it up a little more that he was blind. He patted the others shoulder as if to say he was ready to walk back and go through class even at the threat of getting thrown into the fountain again. Matt yelped though at the feeling of a sudden electric current that zinged between him and Kuro making the light bulb above them pop. He curled up on the ground with his hands over his head. "What just happened?" he asked still feeling a buzz of electricity in the back of his skull.
  16. Kuro swallowed a curse, he'd never had this happen before, "I'm sure a fuse just overloaded and blew the lightbulb; good thing you have shoes on." Kuro brushed some of the dusted glass off of Matt's shirt and helped him up being sure to keep his touch light, "Let's go to school I'll come back and help you clean up this mess after school, okay?"
  17. Somehow Matt didn't believe Kuro about just a fuse overload. They had caused it. "That was weird..." he said softly letting the other guide him out of the apartment. It was as if through their touch it exploded. "Thank you again." Matt said hand patting his stuff before they went too far, "For helping me in general thank you. Not to many people help a blind kid anymore." He took Kuro's wrist for a second for his balance as they walked not in the mood to use the stick at the moment.
  18. Kuro blushed lightly grinning at his words, "It was my pleasure your company is always welcome Matt." They made it back to the school in a comfortable silence still having ten minutes to spare. "What's your first class I'll take you there; I'm sure they had someone assigned to show you but I'll do it." His voice was light and amused as he continued to grin. The place was almost crowded but not ridiculously so, Kuro wasnt worried for Matt tripping over anyone as usually everyone kept a safe distance from him after the Chemistry incident.
  19. "Uh... biochemistry actually. They've labeled everything with braille and made diagrams, and everything so yeah." he said feeling color rise to his cheeks as he say everyone staring at the two walking. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. He didn't know why but he scooted a little closer to Kuro even if he felt that electric current going again. "Thank you though. That be nice. What's your first class? And do you want me to meet you there for lunch depending on when you have class?" He asked as they neared his class. The bio nerd who was blind. It was definitely something new, but internally he understood the depth of all of it much more than being social. Physics was his favorite but it was a lot of math diagrams so it really wouldn't work.
  20. Kuro laughed, "I'll pick you up how about that? And my first class is sychology."he lead Matt into the room the teacher almost screeched when she spotted Kuro, "Get out of my class this instant! I will not have my class ruined again!!" He laughed at her words knowing she she really didnt mind she'd laughed when he'd caused the explosion and a student was the one that had to pull the fire alarm then tow others had to pick her up off the floor and carry her outside, "Oh, Mrs. Mayfield you know you miss me." He batter his eyes at her making her laugh breakin her angry facade.