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  1. The year is 2275 and the world is still at war over resources. The world's population has died out, and only the ones with magical potential have survived. In this day and age, the more magical power you have the better the job, meaning a better life for not only you, but your family. In turn, the more magic you can use, the more desirable you are to the world.

    Magic High is one out of the six scattered across the country to educate our young magicians in the field that they wish. There are wide ranges for careers, anything from an engineer to people in the military, to even the people that design the magical Activator's (the item that allows you to activate your magic).

    There are people that aim to over throw the magic using Government. Their first step, to take out the schools with the future of the Country inside. Eventually, they hope to over throw not only the Military, but the Top Ten families in the country. The Top Ten are ten different families that are some of the most powerful people in the world, having not only the magical capabilities but the connections as well to do almost whatever they wanted.







    Year in school:


    Relationship status:


    Back story:

  2. Name: Lilliana Miazaki (formerly Lilliana Kashiwazi)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Likes: Fire, ice, magic, sweets

    Dislikes: bland food, being bored, rules

    Activator: A blue butterfly clip in her hair, turns into horns in her activated mode

    Year in school: First year

    Class: First class

    Relationship status: Single

    Personality: It may not seem like it due to her attitude most of the time, but Lilliana is a truly caring person. In her family if you show emotion that's a sign of weakness, so she's done her best to build a defense against showing personality. If you want to see her true colors the best way is to observe her activated modes, in which there are two different people you'll meet. The ice form is sweet and kind but isn't afraid to get the job done. She's mostly the main activation form she takes on. The fire mode is when she's truly desperate and is her hail Mary. The fire mode is the most dangerous; her speed is triple what it should be, her power is overwhelming, and she seems...almost unhuman.

    Back story: Lilliana grew up in the Top Ten group of families in the top household. She was the most powerful even as a child, even having tapped into two activation modes when people are lucky to even tap into one. She was being trained by the families to be used as a weapon, and their attempts were successful. Any enemy that she came against was killed in a gruesome fashion, though she remembers nothing afterwards. She doesn't like violence and doesn't see the need for it, since her brother went MIA in the Great War. The family told her that he died, to not make her scared for what happened to her beloved big brother.

    However, due to her different view on the war and the terrorists (the people trying to kill the magicians), she left the house to go live with a distant family friend who works for the Military. Though he is rarely home, he tries his best to make her feel comfortable, even enrolling her in the top Magic High in the country. She's changed her name to his so that no one could find out that she was part of the Top Ten blood line, which would make her an even bigger target than she is already. Now, she's starting her first year as a new person.


    Normal: [​IMG]

    Ice mode:

    Fire mode:



    ~First Post~

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Lilliana smoothed out her new school uniform, taking a deep breath. She was dressed in a white button down shirt with a black jacket around it. Around her neck was a red tie, and on her chest was the symbol for a first class student. Her skirt was a red plaid and went to about her mid-though. Her black stockings went all the way up to her skirt, and her shiny black shoes tapped against the pavement as she headed towards the gates. With her long blond hair up in a ponytail and her blue butterfly clipped in her hair, she felt like she was ready. No, she knew she was ready. Ready to start new, to start as Lilliana Miazaki. Daughter of Miko Miazaki, high ranking Officer of the Military. Wait! No, what did he tell her to say if anyone asked again? Right! He was just an engineer. That's the story. Her mom died giving birth to her, and it has been the two of them since day one...stories that weren't true were hard to keep up with.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]In all actuality, she was Lilliana Kashiwazi, daughter of the first ranking Top Ten family. It was a prestigious title for someone that cared about those things. She didn't care for such a prestigious title though, especially considering they wanted to obliterate anyone who disagreed with them. That wasn't the way to do it...people could be negotiated with. She was bound to prove it to her family. She'd make it on her own without her family's help, and would put an end to the war. End to the terrorism. The was ridiculous. Everyone had a line in the sand, and she was bound to find the line for everyone. Peace was far away, but she one day hoped to achieve it. Of course, a couple people would probably have to die on the way, but sacrifice would be made by all parties. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]The thought pained her heart, thinking about her brother. He sacrificed himself to protect not only the family but the country as well, and he payed with his life. He's the one that taught Lilliana that people could be negotiated with. Not everyone, but most. Everyone just had different views, and that made them blind to see the opportunities in front of their face. Their job as part of the family was to help people see the opportunity with whatever is necessary. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Before she knew it she reached the gates of the elegant school. Her icy blue eyes gazed up at it, watching as students walked through the double doors. From the looks of it, second class stuck with second class, and the same with first class. They seemed to stick with their own people rather than socialize with the others. It was only a quick observation, but people didn't seem to socialize with the other people from the opposite class. Hm.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Taking a step inside the building she opened up a small locker and placed her keys to the house in it, locking it afterwards. Since it was a magic school they practiced their skills, not wasting much time on studying other things at home. The information they received in class was more than sufficient, and people were satisfied with that. After all, they learned all the school stuff in in Elementary and Middle School, being forced to take advanced courses to be ready in high school. Here, they practiced magic abilities, used magic in research, yada yada yada. The usual.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Lilliana went to take a step towards the stairs but stopped, realizing that she forgot her water at home. With a small sigh she pulled out her wallet from the jacket pocket and went to a nearby vending machine, putting in the money and getting a water in return.[/BCOLOR]
  3. Name: Zavier Shaw

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Likes: Kana, the rain, drawing, flowers/gardens.

    Dislikes: The upper classmen that have a tendency to bully him, sweets

    Activator: His collar

    Year in school: First

    Class: First

    Relationship status: Single

    Personality: He's very silent, except around Kana who is the large dragon who accompanies him in every battle. he keeps to himself and tries to avoid the bullies

    Back story: Keith is a very wealthy child. His family took second place in the top ten most powerful families. He hated all the attention that came with it so he instead kept himself locked up in his room and played with Kana. Growing up together, Zavier refused to befriend anyone else. When the top ten families had their meetings the other kids would play and Zavier was found stuck somewhere else, by himself, and that's how he liked it.

    In the Shaw family, only a select few come out of the mother holding an egg. Zavier was just one of those selected few. His egg was bright baby blue with a darker blue highlighted vines with a single blue rose on the tip. Thus born, kana. The female dragon that can shrink in size as she please. She has her own special power that she wields with Zavier and together they are one. Kana's abilities is water vines that act as whips. Blue flowers sprout from the vines and attack its target by spraying then with its poison. Their animal is the source of their power. Without Kana, Zavier has the power of lightning.

    Appearance: Zavier in his normal form. He gets into trouble a lot he is bullied and often stuffed in the girls locker room when no ones around. He always carries his sketch book

    In the transformation form, Zavier appears much different, with kana around he grows the look of confidence. He sticks up for himself whenever an enemy approachs.

    In the transformation if Kana is no longer usable, Zavier appears to be much meaner. Almost like the evil side to him.



    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]Zavier honestly couldn't do it alone. With the wind pushing past his dark brown locks, he looked around before entering the gates to the wealthy looking school. He took a deep breath then nodded and his eyes shifted to his hand. His baby blue eyes glistening into a darker color blue as the choker around his neck lit from white to blue. He tilted his head back and there was a bright light for a half a second coming from the middle of his choker. When the light subsided and his eyes turned back to its normal color, he looked down at his palm and there sat a tiny dragon with its scales and over all color mixed in with the varieties of purples, blues, whites, and blacks. All mixed into one beautifully colored dragon that was no bigger than a 1 letter bottle of soda. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]She gave a screech that sounded soft and kind. He laughed as she circled him, leaving tiny, blue rose pettles in her trail that eventually disappeared into nothing. He laughed and hugged her, pressed her tiny form against his right cheek. He looked around, assuring that no one had seen him, and pushed his shoulder bag from his back, around the side to rest now on his right hip. He unzipped the large zipper on top and watched as she flew in the bag with her head sticking out the top. He smiled down to her and nodded. He turned to face the gates and looked up at the large elegantly designed school gates, that was already pushed open, with her. He sighed and walked in, dragging his feet along, his bag sat his hip and his sketch book was held tightly within his left hand. He looked around at the students that had stayed outside was showing power off to their new friends, a rule that was granted by the school board he had guessed cause of the teachers that walked around wasn't saying anything, merely supervising he supposed. He looked forward as he walked down the long path to the school the stood tall in front of him. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]Zavier wore the required school uniform; A white button up and a black jacket over. The patch on the right side of his chest, letting the staff and everyone else know his was a first year, first class student. He wore the required red tie tightly around his neck and the black slacks. His hair hung messy and wavy around his face and above his baby blue eyes. the nicely cleaned dress shoes clacked against the pavement as he made his way up the steps of the school that led to the doors[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]The walked through the double doors of his school and made his way around through the halls in search of the lockers. he felt as if he was getting lost because it had been a few minutes and he had yet to find them. Upon turning right, down the long hall way was a set of vending machine, one held snacks and the other held drinks. A blonde haired girl was in front of the ones that provided drinks. He looked down to Kana that didn't have her had against his arm anymore, she had shoved her head into the bag. He looked from her then up at the two sophomores that had made him back up some, scaring him into the wall. he pulled his shoulder bag around in front of him so Kana wouldn't get squished if they were to do anything too harsh. Zavier closed his eyes and waited for impact of the first beating of the school year.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]Zavier was never really popular with the kids. Because of his silence and icolation, most kids made fun of him. he was scared of everyone that looked down on him. Even at home, he never associated with his family members. He came home from school then went straight to his room after grabbing a snack. For the second place within the top ten families, he didn't like the idea. The only good thing that came out of being within this magical family, was that he had Kana. Other than that, he wanted no part of this. He had no choice. His father was scary and his mother was even scarier. If he didn't go, god knows he'd get yelled at. On top of hating the school and magic, the same boys that stood above him today, picked on him all throughout junior high till they graduated and went off to high school. In the 8th grade, after they left for high school, he had a year to himself. He loved it and he had totally forgotten that this year, that would all be gone once he transferred into this high school. He wanted to hide. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#3366ff][BCOLOR=#000080]Zavier grunted as he fell to the ground. his sketchbook and school bag sliding across the floor of the hall. The guys stood above him and laughed. "Fucking loser man" one said. The other held out his hand, palm facing Zavier and before Zavier knew, he was levitating off the ground. He closed his eyes as the other that made him levitate approached him, his lips leaning into Zaviers ear. "Welcome to high school loser" He chuckled and threw the boy into the snack machine that stood beside the machine that the blonde happened to be using. Zavier grunted and closed his eyes tighter upon impact. The students that watched winced as he slammed into the machine He grunted and slid down the machine and to the ground. He opened his eyes, his vision blurry as he watched the two high five as they walked out of the school. Zavier pushed himself up off the ground, holding onto the machine behind him for leverage. His back was messed up but that didn't matter. He stumbled to his school bag and his open book that wasn't to far from the crowd that had gathered around the vending machines. He picked up his bag first and opened it, looking into it at the shaking dragon. he sighed with relief at her okay. "It's okay Kana..." he whispered, looking up again in the direction of which the guys that had already left in. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]​
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  4. [BCOLOR=#800080]Before she knew it someone was being slammed into the vending machine she was by. It all happened so fast, and it wasn't like she could do anything about it. What she could do was report the kids to the disciplinary team, for it was illegal to use magic for violence without being in battle. She mentally made a note to report the incident if they didn't come looking for a report themselves. Allowing her eyes to wander she found the same boy next to his backpack, so she stuck her water in the small pouch on her bag and walked to him. He looked...almost familiar. She never really hung out with him, but he looked like someone she did hang out with. She nearly ran when she realized where she seen him from. All of the Top Ten families had pictures of their families, and he was in one of them. The second family, right? [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Still, she never recalled seeing him, so she assumed he didn't pay much attention to the other families. She knelt down next to him and blinked curiously. "Are you alright? That looked like it hurt." She held out a pale, delicate hand to him. "Lilliana Miazaki. First year, first class. Specialty is both ice and fire, both attack and defense magic." She was always so formal with people, even though she didn't need to be anymore. "I intend on reporting this to the disciplinary comity. It's illegal to use magic for violence, especially on school grounds. I'll see to it that they're punished for their deplorable acts against you." [/BCOLOR]
  5. [BCOLOR=#000080]The sound of the female voice was heard from behind him. Kana stayed inside the bag and Zavier stood up and turned to ignore her but her looks caught him by surprise. He found that his face was growing hot. He put the strap over his one shoulder and held it in place. His head hung out of embarrassment. he shook his head and then nodded "R-right...They've been doing after school since the 7th grade... it's fine...I'm kind of use to it" He said lifting his head and looking at her one more time, only to look away. He knew her. Their fathers hung out a lot and on the days that he had brung her, Zavier merely looked at her from afar, never to dare face her. Even though she had said her name, he knew it but he didn't say that. he merely nodded. "Zavier... Shaw... First year, first class as well...Uhm.. " He opened the bag after she said her power, he really couldn't explain his. He looked into it "Come on's fine now" He whispered. He looked up when the baby dragon climbed onto his arm and sat on his shoulder. "This is Kana...Shes kind of hard to explain..." he said. He nodded to his dragon and a single flower popped up on one of her wings. It was a regular rose that was a bright colored blue. he picked it off her and gave it to her. "Usually it would be poisoned but this one's fine..." He rubbed the back of his head after she took it and at that he walked away to find his locker, leaving his sketch book on the floor. Where he once stood[/BCOLOR]
  6. [BCOLOR=#800080]Lilliana looked at the small dragon and let a small smile creep on her lips. How cute. Definitely a Shaw. But she didn't say that. That would have meant that she knew of his positioning in the families, and a normal person wouldn't have known that. She took the rose and twirled it in her fingers, her cheeks turning slightly pink. It was truly a beautiful flower, and even though it was a rose she'd never seen it in blue. She gently tucked the rose in her hair next to her butterfly. "Thank you-" But she noticed that he had practically ran off. Was she intimidating or something or was he just shy? Probably a bit of both. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Her eyes settled on the sketchbook at her feet and she knelt down to pick it up, placing it in her bag. It was rude to look at someone else's things, but she had to return it. She couldn't let it get destroyed. With the bell ringing overhead, she quickly walked to class. Once there, she settled in her seat and waited for the day to get over with.[/BCOLOR]
  7. [BCOLOR=#000080]He sat in the back of the class, eyes looking out the window and Kana curled up at the corner of his desk. Her eyes closed and drifted off into a deep sleep. The students piled in one by one, filling the classroom and the desks till there was no more. He hand't even noticed that his homeroom was the same as Lilliana's till he had seen her walk in and take her seat towards the front. He cursed to himself and turned his head to look out the window, attempting to avoid as much eye contact as possible. "Zavier! you're here too?" A boy chuckled. Zavier looked up at the familiar sounding voice and thanked the gods that his classmate was blocking him from view of Lilliana. Once studying the boy closer, Zavier smiled slightly. It was Ken, the teleporting, black hole user. He was nice and for some reason him and Zavier had the same class for 7th and 8th grade and now here he was again in 9th. "K-Ken.." Zavier mumbled, watching him take the seat beside him. Ken was very well looking. He had jet black hair, bright green eyes and a nice smile that made the girls fall for him that happened to be strange to Zavier. They were complete opposite. he was outgoing and Zavier was shy, he was popular with the girls and girls found him gross. ken didn't get the chance to answer cause the teacher had made her way into the classroom, beginning the day with attendance [/BCOLOR]
  8. [BCOLOR=#800080]Lilliana sat at the front of the class because, well, she didn't like to get distracted during class. She was there to study and become a better magician, though she probably outranked even the teachers when it came to magic. That was the sad part. She held back on the exam but still managed to blow everyone out of the water. The people around her when taking the test were both impressed and scared...she was tired of that reaction. It was always the same. That's why she didn't have many friends. With a quick glance behind her she seen two kids talking before the teacher walked in. It turned out to be Zavier. At least he had a friend. With a small sigh the teacher started to call out names, and Lilliana focused on waiting for her to call out Miazaki. After sixteen years of responding by one last name it took a while to respond by anything else. When it came to her, she slowly raised her hand and looked up at the teacher. "Here," and the teacher moved one with the list.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]After class she stood from her seat and quickly made her way over to the guy from this morning. "You dropped this." She pulled out a the sketch book, her cheeks slightly pink. She didn't want to seem like a nice person, but she couldn't let him go without something like this. [/BCOLOR]
  9. When zaviers name was called it took a minute for the teacher to take notice of him cause he didnt say anything. He raised his hand and when she had she shook her head "speak up" she called out, causing a wave of chuckled, even ken. Another embarassing moment to add to his firat day. He sulked in his seat and sat through the rest of the day with kana by his side. He often found himself staring at the blonde girl across the room. She was well known, most kids whispered about her power before class had started. Apparently she was strong, something he could never be just because of his lack of confidence.

    After class he tried all ways to avoid her, he didnt know how well he could keep his cool and just as he was about to exit, she had stopped him. He hung his head nerviously, staring at the ground as kana sat on his shoulder. upon her saying something about his sketchbook his eyes widened and he looked up, snatching book from her embarrassed like. "I-" he started out only to be interrupted "ZAVIER! zavier I forgot to ask if you wanted to sit with- oh,. Haha sorry I didnt mean to interrupt. Ill find you at lunch Z" ken said as he came into the class just as fast as he went out after realising they was alone talking. " no I-" zavier went to speak up to no avail. " I hope he doesnt get the wrong idea.." zavier mumbled to her
  10. [BCOLOR=#800080]Lilliana blinked a couple times when he snatched up the book, even more so when he seemed so shy at the fact that they were talking. "My apologies for embarrassing you. That wasn't my intention." Before she knew it a couple girls walked around her and took her pale hand into their hand. "Lilliana, would you like to walk to our next class with us?" They giggled cheerfully, practically dragging her out of the room. Once out of the room they let her go and smiled at her. "I wouldn't socialize with him if we were you. He's super weird." Weird? Another girl piped in as they walked to their next class. "We were in middle school with him. He was always talking to someone who wasn't there, and he never really talked to anyone." He was talking to his dragon, but they must not have seen.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]With a small sigh Lilliana shook her head, looking down at the ground. "There's always two sides to the story," she mumbled quietly, but no one seemed to notice. In their next class they forced her to sit next to them, but she couldn't really pay attention during class. They wouldn't shut up. So, until lunch she was being dragged class to class with the three annoying popular girls. What had she gotten herself into?[/BCOLOR]
  11. When luch time came around he found gimseof out in the courtyard, Kana was flying around up in the tree that zavier wad leaning against. His back against the trunk his knees was against his chest. His right hand moving quickly as the pencil jerked in all directions, creating a drawing. A drawing if a couple that stood under the falling rain. He picked up the pencil after drawing the skirt to the girl. He bit the side and studied the picture as if something was missing. " what do you thunk kana..." he mumbled as the dragon hung from one of the leafs. It screeched and at the sound of the school door opening, it went to hide in the tree and zavier looked up.

    Ken ran over with a smile, a group of girls following him, his new fan club maybe. "Zavier. I was looking everywhere" ken smiled. Zavier closed his book and narrowed his eyes questionably. It confused zavier as to why ken was so fond of him. He stood, listening to the whispers of the girls "ew....why does ken wanna hsng with him," "look at him hes so gross..." the whispered.
  12. [BCOLOR=#800080]At lunch time Lilliana got a turkey sandwich. She ate it quietly, walking with the girls across the courtyard. The comments towards Zavier, however, just annoyed her. Why were people so judgmental? Did they not know his place? He deserved a little respect, at least. Stopping in her tracks she felt the butterfly clip in her hair move, the wings fluttering slightly. As it did that, an ice shard appeared in front of all of the people that were saying cruel and mean things. It floated there for a moment before it popped loudly, like a fire cracker. It was just a visual, something that wouldn't hurt anybody but certainly scare them. The girls looked back at Lilliana, who nonchalantly took another bite of her sandwich. "Stop being rude to people you don't know." The girls that were hanging out with her seemed afraid, so they quickly ran away from her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]With a long sigh she walked over to a tree and laid in the shade, covering her eyes and drifting off to sleep, waiting for the bell to ring to signal lunch time over. [/BCOLOR]
  13. [BCOLOR=#000080]"I-im sorry Ken...I hope it didn't-" He jumped and the girls that surrounded ken screamed, startled, then ran away. Zavier blinked and looked at the burnt ground then up at the blonde female who was walking away and eventually stopping a way away to lay under a giant shady tree. Ken dusted his shirt off, looking at her also. "Geeze, whats her problem" he mumbled before turning back to Zavier, who was still looking at her. Ken did a double take and smirked. "Someone has a crush" He teased. Zaviers head shot forward again, eyes widened he looked at his 'friend' and shook his head violently. "N-No! Please don't get the wrong Idea!" He looked down. "Shes just not like other girls that find me gross" Zavier mumbled. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000080]Ken laughed and threw his left arm around Zaviers neck and dragged him back into the school. Kana peeking from the trees, she flew to follow them, diving back into Zaviers bag. [/BCOLOR]
  14. [BCOLOR=#800080]The warning bell rang soon after she had fallen asleep, causing her to stir slightly. She sat up from the grass and put a hand to her head, letting out a small sigh. "Already?" Slowly standing up her short body gave a long stretch and a yawn. Instead of staying up late on the internet she should probably have slept more...yeah, like that would happen. As she went to walk back into the school a tall guy ran up to her, looking at the paper in his hands. "You're Lilliana, correct?" "Depends." He seemed taken aback by her response, but he continued none the less. "I'm the vice president of the disciplinary committee, fourth year Haru. The disciplinary committee elects a couple new people each year since our seniors left. After we've seen your test scores, we'd really appreciate it if you'd join us." He handed her the paper, Lilliana walking past him. "I'm not interested." Haru had a panicked look across his face when she blatantly refused. "W-Wait! It looks good to colleges if you do! It almost guarantees you a good college if you accept and join us for your years at Magic!" [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Her feet stopped moving and she thought for a moment. She liked the sound of that. Turning on her heels she accepted the piece of paper, looking down at the envelope with her name on it. "...I'll think about it." With that, she returned to her class to finish up the day, managing to walk into the classroom just as the bell rang.[/BCOLOR]
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