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  1. Endrae looked at the clock on her bedside table. 9:37. Only been five minutes since you called him, Endrae, she thought. Calm down.
    She had called her best friend, Carle, to come over so she could talk to him. What had happened last night really freaked her out. Specifically the person that had happened last night really freaked her out. Carle was one of the few people Endrae confided in. Hopefully he didn't think she was crazy. . .
  2. After getting out of the shower and dressing, Carle notices a missed call on his phone. "Endrae, this early? I better get back to her..." Thinking to himself as he begina dialing her number, waiting for an answer.
  3. She was sitting on her bed when the phone rang. Endrae didn't even have to look at the screen to know who it was. She picked it up and answered. "Hey, Carle," she said anxiously. "Is it cool if you could come over? I need to talk."
  4. Sensing the anxiousness in her voice as he doesn't even get a chance to say hi. "Yea Endrae, is everything alright?" Asking worried, a calm tone in my voice to try and help you relax. "I can be over in a few minutes."
  5. Relieved, she replied, "I'll tell you when you get here. And thanks, Carle, you're awesome." She was hopping he wouldn't notice how anxious she sounded, but then again, this was Carle. Of course he would. She said bye and hung up before he answer. Throwing her phone on her bed, Endrae walked to the kitchen to get some water, images of last night flashing through her mind. All of them were of him.
  6. Right in the middle of responding he hears the call get cut off. He knows Endrae well enough that he shouldn't dilly dally, knowing if she needs to talk that it is important. Skipping breakfast, figuring he can grab a bite with Endrae, he grabs he heads out the door and hurries along as he makes the short walk to her place. Once there, knocking on the door before turning the handle to realize its open. "Endrae, I'm here!" He calls out, shutting the door behind him.
  7. Hearing Carle's voice, she realized that she must have left the door open while getting the mail. Endrae walked into the living room and hugged him. "Thanks for coming over Carle," she said, liking the solidity he radiated.
  8. He wraps his arms around her tightly, pulling her close to his chest. Running his fingers through her hair, knowing that always calms her down. "Anytime...but whats going on?" A bit of confusion in his voice as he is still unsure what is causing all of this.
  9. She pulls away. Shifting from one foot to the other, Endrae relates to him what happens last night. "You see, last night I had woken up, and I could swear I had heard someone walking right outside my doorway. I got up to go see who it was and when open the door, there was a kid standing in front of me. Petite little boy with curly, black hair. Yet, he seemed older.
    "Before I could say anything, he covers my hand and tells me to be quiet, that he wasn't there to hurt me. Oddly enough, I believed him. After that he just talked to me. He told me everything about my past, as if he where the one to experience it instead of me. When he was done he told me he'd be back tomorrow night and left, just like that"
    Endrae watched him nervously. His expression was blank an unreadable.
  10. At first what she says is hard to believe, he takes a step back and looks curiously into her eyes. Any other person might call her crazy, or say it was a bad dream, or even say she was on drugs. But Carle has known Endrae way too long to know that she wouldn't freak out like this over nothing. He then pulls her close once again and hugs her tight. "I don't know why, but I believe you. And I'm going to be right there with you tonight when he comes."
  11. At first she surprised by his response, but relief quickly flourished inside her. Endrae knew it was a good idea telling Carle. She hugged him back tightly. "Thank you for believing me. Have I ever told you how great of a friend you are, Carle?"
  12. "Yup." He says simply, a smile across his face as he hugs back comfortingly. Planting a soft kiss upon her forehead. "It does seem a little hard to believe, but...I don't know...I feel something eerie going on here..."
  13. Endrae pulled away and said,"Okay, cool. Let me just call my Mom and tell her your staying the night." Though she was slightly reluctant about this, because of how overly-protective her Mom could be. Hopefully she wouldn't mind Carle of all people to stay the night over at their house.
  14. Endrae's mother was at work in a corporate building, she ran the business known as Micro Technology which was a computer and technology merchandise. Running a buisness usually kept her away from home. She was going through an e-mail someone sent her about how one of the products was faulty. This upseted her since she hated to hear negative things. While sitting around going through some things, her cell phone started to play an old country song she use to love. Checking it she realized it was her daughter.

    "Hello sweetie. Is everything OK?"
  15. "Hey Mom, I'm fine. Just wanted to call and ask you something?" Endrae responded on the other end. She shifted nervously, hoping her Mom would say yes. Endrae didn't like asking for things, fearing the possible rejection she would receive.
  16. Rustling of papers could be heard in the background before she responded. Her mother's voice now had a more of a serious tone to it. She didn't mind when Endrae asked questions or favors but something sounded off.
    "Sure, what is it Endrae?"
  17. "Well, I was wondering if Carle could spend the night?" Thoughtful silence was the only thing that pasted through the line for a few seconds. It felt like and eternity to Endrae.
  18. The question slapped her like wild winds on a humid lifeless day. A man staying with her daughter alone was a crazy idea.

    "Carle spend the night with you...alone!? Are you nuts?"

    Her mother was outraged to hear such thing.

    "Guys and girls go one n' one like a plug and one plus one equals two! No way Endrae what a foolish question. Why did you want him to spend the night?"
  19. Well this is going great, thought Endrae. Sighing, she said,"Mom, it's not a big deal. Carle's a nice guy. He doesn't have any bad intentions." Then she added."We have a science project to do, and he thought it would be better to do it at my place."

    It wasn't a complete lie. They did share the same science class, and they did have a project to do. Although she had finished her's already.
  20. A sigh could be heard through the phone from her mother. But she was in no mood to argue.
    "Very well.... I..." There was a pause. "I trust you. Now I have to get back to work. Bye, love you."
    She hung up the phone and stuck her face back into the computer solving issues along with managing stock. Her mother was nervous about tonight. Maybe she should call later.
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