The mage war

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  1. Ipswitch was in purgatory. Stuck between the human world and the demon realm. He was sent there by the kind of all demons for in his eyes “misbehaving”. All he wanted to do was try on the crown! He wasn’t going to keep it. It was extremely dull living in purgatory. Nothing to do and no one to talk to. He had heard stories about this place but never thought he would be put into it. The stories said it made demon go crazy and lose their minds but he wasn’t feeling any of those affects yet. Although there is no way to tell time in purgatory so he could have only been in here for a day or two or a month. He then noticed a white circle appear around his waist. Just as he started to really look at it everything changed. He couldn’t see anything everything was black he spun frantically trying to get some type of baring, and that is when he saw it. A faint blue glow. The glow represented the magic of a human the stronger the glow the stronger the magician. He switched his vision through the different plains until he found one where things seemed to make sense. The air was thick and with black smoke, however he couldn’t smell anything burning. He took a step forward and felt his foot fall upon something cold. He knelt down and picked up what seemed to be a metal bracelet.

    That paragraph is that starter to a new role play that I have in mind. Quick summary of the general direction i want to role play to go on is that your character has just summoned my character, Ipswich, into the human world. By doing this they have knowingly or unknowingly entered themselves into a war. This war consists of other mages/conjurers that have also summoned a demon into the human world. Winning this war you are granted a wish from the grand mage Ariston. The role play will follow the adventures that the characters have trying to win the war!
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  2. this slot is already taken isn't it? if not I wish my character Velvet to join Ipswich on an adventure and try to win the war. ><
  3. Actually it's not! I would be more the happy to rp with you! Message me and we shall go from there!
  4. ok But can you please give me a description of Ipswitch or maybe a simple character sheet too so I can get familiar with him ^^
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