The Mage Orbs

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  1. Over 1,000 years ago the world was overran by demons. They just appeared out of nowhere. They preyed on human, possessed us, and turned us into them. The world only knew terror beyond words. The world decided to fight back. The Mages of old created a magical orb that granted humans the power to fight the demons. The orb gave them magical armors that gave them powers like fire, water, wind and other controls of the elements, but each human was granted only one type of ability with their armor. We still don't understand how the orb chooses what powers to give to which human, but with the powers they were able to push back the demons and save mankind, but the damage has already been done. Over 75% of the human race was wiped out. Even though the humans were saved, the demons still exist and they knew it. Even now the demons roam the outer areas beyond the Mage orb boarders, some even roam within the borders.

    Mankind was able to rebuild and reproduce, but the threat of the demons still haunt us, even today. The Mage orb still exists. After the demons where pushed back and mankind could breathe easy and rebuild, the Mages of Old, created more Mage orbs within ten newly rebuild villages. Those villages our now known to use as The Ten Mage Cities. Each of the cities has a single Mage Orb that is locked away within each city and cannot leave the boarders of them.

    The orb chooses who it gives power to, so not everyone is blessed with abilities. Also some lose their powers when stepping out of the orbs boarder radius which is a certain distance out of the cities. At times the orbs grant permanent powers to a chosen few. So even if they pass the boarders, they can still use their abilities. The power that the orb give people are in levels. Level one chosen are only given element powers, two grants users both element control and magical clothing that enhance their powers, three gains both and a hidden ability. Level threes are also known as Mage Touched. It describes how powerful level threes are. There are those that even say that the spirits of the Mages of Old live within each Mage Orb. That is mostly where the term comes from. Not many find out if they are level three, but all Kings and Queens of the Mage Cities are level three and only can marry those of the same level.


    There is more to it, but can be explain during the rp. Now then let get to detail of what's going to happen. I will only accept 4 people in this rp at max. Each person is to be an active member in this rp. If you don't think you will than please do not ask to join this rp. I want you to make a simple character profile of your main character or main characters (2 Mains Max), age, element powers, and a description of what your character looks like. Also I want role players that can write a good length (no single paragraph). Also be descriptive in your posts.

    Sacred Mage City Names

    1. Markite

    2. Harenco

    3. Yu

    4. Timgir

    5. Grifter

    6. Ki-quen

    7. Oran

    8. Zertin

    9. Vivar

    10. Wingar

    Note: I know they sound weird, but I just wanted to be creative.

    I guess now I should talk about the powers. Of course from the little plot summary, you have element control abilities. All of you will be level 3 Mage Touch Permanents. What this means is that you will have both hidden ability, element control, and magical clothing. Now about the Magical clothing. You can say this is a sort of transformation. It could be anything. You can have armor, wings with special clothes, whatever you'd like. Just make sure it makes sense and is not an overpowered getup. Like anyone who touches you in this form will die instantly. Please people no god mode, but your powers will be enhanced. Also I guess I could say that element powers, won't exactly be elements. I just don't know what to call it at the moment, but it will be an ability that you have. You can have dark powers, control gravity with items, control magical swords, really anything creative you'd like to use. Just keep in mind, you only have one power, and hidden abilities won't be your chance to make up a whole new concept. It will be a small ability, not that crazy. Things like slight telekinesis or whatever. Oh and I almost forgot, only role-players 20 and up. Just like anyone who asks this, I would feel uncomfortable role playing possible romance situation, and gore scenes with people of that age range.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me, or post here. Oh and sorry if my writing isn't the best in grammer.
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