The Mafia's Angel

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  1. Family.

    That one word was the most significant word in the Italian Mafia's dictionary. Trust and Loyalty were in there as well, but it all came back to family.. either you were in or you were out. Being in the 'family' was the safest, and most dangerous place you could ever be. Here, in Richmond Hill New York -AKA 'Little Italy' The mafia was the authority figure, it was their domain. The cops held little power over them, and didnt want to either because the Mafia paid them to back off and not interfere with the drug trade, human trafficking, and many other things that would go on. If you were in the Mafia then you had protection, but with protection comes a price, either you were born in or you paid for protection.. if you proved to be protection worthy that is. The boss, Antonio Basilone ran the Mafia, and with a wave of his hand he could destroy anyones life within his city by putting a hit on that person.. kill them, dump their body in the sewer and they would never be seen again. Yes, the Italian Mafia was a pretty intense and cold hearted circle.. but there was something else the Mafia had

    They had an angel.


    Lia was Antonios little girl -well, she wasnt very little at all. She was 17, but in his eyes and in the eyes of her family, she was the baby. His only child. Sure they had a big family, cousins, uncles, and everything in between, but there were very few girls - she was the most protected, because any smart threat would go after her first. She was a theatre arts major and wanted to be a singer, so what did Antonio do? He sent her to the best performing arts schools, gave her the world that he didnt have growing up as a child.. yes he gave her everything, all with his 'dirty' or illegal money. Her was a beautiful blonde hair and blue eyed all american woman from California, which is where she inherited her own blonde hair and blue eyes, though her italian features would show through that. Lia had a boyfriend named Carlos -but of course he was affiliated as welll, her father wouldnt allow her to date anyone outside of the mafia or the connections he had because it was just too risky in his eyes. Her boyfriend wasnt in the italian mafia, but his dad was a Columbain drug lord whom was very close to Antonio, and their children dating made the connection that much tighter. Though Lia did like Carlos, she did it more for her dad than anything.

    Just like every other morning, she woke up today and walked out of her room in a pink robe, sleepy eyed with a messy pony tail which barely sustained her long thick hair which had been dyed at the tips a dark brown color. She liked to switch her style up a lot, and not stick to the same thing.. it was just the way she was, along with her very bubbly personality. As she walked into the kitchen she kissed her mothers cheek, who was cooking. Their house was beautiful.. not a mansion by far, but a 2 story spacious house with a pool 2 dogs and a white picket fense. The so called 'American Dream' - Antonio had other places that resided on the not-so-nice part of Richmond Hill where he did his business, but he of course kept his family far from that in the suburban community so they wouldnt be exposed to his business, but only reap the rewards. "Why do you always look like a little demon in the morning? smile.. you woke up didnt you? thats not a reason to smile?" Her mother teased, Lia only gave her an evil glare before grabbing some apple, sitting down and biting into it "Yeah I did... but I barely got any sleep last night because Daddy brought everyone over and they were making so much noise" she complained, "Its true, dont mess with a girls beauty sleep,, but he had good reason.. the Russians were starting trouble, he wanted to make sure we were safe" Her mother reasoned, before setting the food out on the table. Lia only sighed, sipping her orange juice and then digging in to her food, she knew her fathers business -and well, she just wished it wouldnt come so close to home sometimes.


    Across town in another house her father rented just for business, her father sat in the middle of a round table, puffing on a cuban cigar in a darkened room -not too dark, just dark toned. The table was bright red, and there was an ash tray in the middle. Guns lay on the table as well, as his brothers and some others cleaned there weapons, waiting for the next Body Guard to be interviewed. "Antonio.. you know Lia is going to be pissed when she finds out you've done this right?" His brother Anthony asked as he loaded and re loaded his gun. None of the guys they had interviewed so far were right for the job. The man chosen to guard Antonio's daughter had to be absolutely perfect for the job. No acceptions.

    "Next!" Anthony called out to the hallway of men waiting to be interviewed. Many had shown up because it was a well paying job -25 dollars an hour, but only one man could be right for the job.

    "Remember to state your name, your experience in this field, and why we should pick you over anybody else." Antonio informed the next man, as the main men of the mafia waited to hear what the next guy had to offer.
  2. [​IMG]The one thing you never do is disrespect the Mafia men.
    In the city of NewYork known for being the place of oppertunities there were two very diffrent kinds of choices you could make when messing with the Mafia. Either your with them or your dead. There has been two rivarles going on since the beggining of time with two diffrent mobs as resulted in many gang wars and broken treaties. The peace was never kept and argumenst on who started it raged back and forth with created even more hatred fword the familes. One man in particular, the don that was passed down through work and loyalty named Stefano Lonardo had a son named Joey. Everyone respected him and knew that he'd follow in his fathers footseps as the best mafia man around.

    Joey was something like a prince so to speak, everyone respected him but not because of his father but because of how he showed lolaty tword the familes wether it was helping out a low rank, doing some task he was asked or taking out a "hit" on the rival family. His father wanted him away from the life as much as possibe but he was easier said than done. All his life Joey was people getting shot, stabbed, hit by cars, the mafia was his life. When he wasn't with the family he was either doing boxing, swimming, or street fighting, anything to occupy him. Although his father was don he had an underboos named Rico when his father was busy with. other things

    A meeting had been called about the ongoing war with the other family and everyone sat at the table including Joey. They debated on what to do and wethier they should place a hit on the man man or should they break into war. After an hour of debating they decided to do something else. Go after Antonio's daughter. Everything was set up and was ready. Joey agreed to take the task being that he was close to her age, they agreed and he left knowing what he had to do. When he heard next he walked into the room looking around at the men as they sat down. He didn't speak for a moment just giving a cold stare at the men he wish he could kill. " Joey im well tranning and highly experienced and as in why you should pick me over everybody else is simple..ill keep the girl safe or you can choose those weak assholes outside who would rather drool over the girl rather than get the job done". He stared at them waiting.
  3. Antonio listened to the boys brief answer -most men came in and gave long essay-like reasons as to why they would make the perfect body guard, so this was a surprise to Antonio. He leaned back in his chair, stretching as he eyed the boy. "That’s it? That’s all you got?" Antonio asked before Anthony cleared his throat "I like the kid... short, sweet and to the point... not trying to sugar coat anything... he came in, wants to do the job, and says he won’t allow himself to be distracted by her. Why not?" Anthony asked, shrugging and turning to Anthony along with the others that sat at the table because after all, he was the mafia lord, and it was his daughter so in the end, it was his decision.

    He rubbed his chin for a few moments, continuing to stare at Joey before looking down at his gun "Do you carry a gun? And if so what kind of gun? know that if you dont carry a gun this job REQUIRES that you carry one.. Are the police watching you in any way? When I say state your name I mean state your whole name kid... how can I track you if I don’t have your whole name -and I WILL track you if you are picked for the job... remember this is my daughter’s life... also, search this kid will you John?" he asked a big guy in the corner of the room who came in front of Joey and patted him down. "No wires boss" He called out before going back to his corner. "Hmm... good no wires... so you’re trustworthy... but how can I know for sure you won’t be trying to get with my daughter I mean, doesn’t he look around her age? And he also looks like the kind of guys she goes for, the bad guy right?" Antonio asked Anthony who shook his head in Joey's defense "No, you’re not thinking clearly... so what if he is around her age? Does that mean he won’t be able to do his job because he is young? I mean, we were all shooting pistols since we stood 5 feet tall right? Not only that but Lia is more likely to stay by his side since he looks around her age... it won’t be embarrassing for her and she won’t try to lose him in public... And she has a boyfriend so being with him I’m sure is the last thing that’s going to be on her mind... she’s surrounded by bad guys all day... c'mon Antonio...” Anthony pleaded, wanting to get this over with because he had somewhere to be around 5 and it was already 4:00.

    Antonio only rolled his eyes; looking over Joey again "Yeah but you know how Lydia is... a big flirt." He concluded. "Fine just answer those few questions I asked, and if everything clears then... You just might be the one kid"
  4. Joey looked around the small room and then back at Antonio. He gritted his teeth and then his eyes trailed over to the big guy and then the window. He haden't expected this to take long but then again he was ready for it. It felt like a long ass audition. " What gun do i have?". He looked down near his belt before looking up[​IMG] Its nothing big nor is it small but it gets the job done without tracking noises and its deadly when aimed in the right direction. The quuestion about his name wasn't supprising and he looking the man dead in his eyes as he spoke. " The names Joey Matthews". He hesitated thinking in his head before nodding. He knew a kid named Joey matthews who looked just like him so he'd pull it off. " If your daughters a flirt i wont be turned by it my job is to protect her and not try to sleep with her". He spoke calmly as he showed no anger or fear just a straight face. " Trust me your daughter will be in safe hands sir".

    Calling him sure burned his tounge as he spoke it but he knew he had to seal the deal. The only thing left to do was meet Lydia his..princess.
  5. Antonio peered at the gun he guessed he had missed when Joey first walked in. It was a pretty reliable weapon, and would surely keep his daughter out of harms way as long as the kid knew how to aim correctly which Antonio assumed he did otherwise why would he have it? When he said his name both Anthony and Antonio wrote it down. "Joey Mathews huh?" Antonio murmured, waiting until he got nods from everyone at the table before looking back up at Joey. "I trust you kid, and I dont know why I trust you but I just do.. I have a feeling my daughter will be in a good hands with you.. and for some reason I also believe you are actually going to do the job instead of trying to do my daughter... therefore the job is yours.. how soon can you start?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.
  6. Joey just looked from one man to another as they made their decisions, he knew that afterward he would have to meet up with one of his boys and send the message back too his father that the hit was in motion. It was going to be a tough job trying to kill his enemy's daughter and it would start and endless war that would never be stopped because he knew the one thing that would break antonio to the ground and that would be the death of his only daughter. As they wrote the name down his hands rested at his side and his face was still calm for he knew that he had sealed the deal. What socked him the most was when Antonio said that he trusted him. Blinking a few times he nodded and then answered the question that was asked. " I can start today if you'd like". He looked straight at Antonio waiting for an answer.
  7. "Good. Its perfect because me and my wife have been wanting to do something together for a while now and just havent done so because we dont want Lia in the house by herself.. so you can start tonight at 9pm sharp.. 9:01 you're late 9:02 you're really late.. and 9:03 you're fired." Antonio warned Joey, as he stood and gave the boy a firm handshake. "Oh.. here is the adress.. just tell the security gate officer who you are and show I.D and he will let you in alright kid? Im going to warn you now, Lia is not going to be happy at all about this as you can imagine.. so she might give you the cold shoulder the first few days you're around but Im sure she will come around eventually.. but then again you arent there to be her friend.. you are there to guard her. Me and my wife wont be back till late so bring a change of clothes will you? you will more than likely spend the night."
  8. Joey nodded as he listened to what Antonio was saying. He had passed and that was all that mattered. Everything was set up and how he just had to meet the girl at their house at 9 o' clock sharp. He nodded one more before leaving the room and heading down the stairs. Oulling out his cellphone he called his boy Robby up and told him to meet up at the old family home in the neighboorhood. Getting in his car he drove over and a few minutes later he was ther parking his car. Robby was his best friend and also a member of the mafia. He sent messeges and reported anyhting suspicious to his father and he was well trusted. " Hey do you have the ID and clothes?". Robby nodded handing him his duffle bag and then his ID which he put in his wallet.

    He told Robby to send his father and Vince the message. It was only 7:50 and he had plenty of time. Joey walked upstairs and then took a shower and got cleaned up. He ate and by the time he was in the car it was 8: 48. He read the adress and then drove around finding the large house. Joey was sutnned but not alot, he had a huge house similar to the one he was looking ta but it wasn't deep in the bourrough. Driving to the gate he told the man who he was and showed ID an he let him in. the man offered to park his car and he accepted taking his bag out and he chcked the time 8:58, he was two minutes early. Knocking on the door he waited for an answer.
  9. "I just dont understand why I have to be treated like a FUCKING prisoner!" she vented to her mother who was sitting on her bed, watching her daughter pin her hair up, it was getting late, so her mother closed her double door balcony doors and shut the blinds. "I know, I know but you know youre father.. its not like he purposely does it to ruin your life he does it because he wants you to be safe thats all.. its just.." before she could finish her daughter sighed loud, rolling her eyes "Yes, its just the family business" she finished the sentence -since it was their excuse for everything. "What if hes like.. some old creeper dude" she mumbled as she slipped on some tiny pajama shorts that she slept in along with her baby sweater which showed off her toned stomach -she didnt work out a lot, but she did run, this was enough to keep herself in shape. "Im pretty sure your father wouldnt hire someone he didnt think was suitable for the job hunny.. just try and be nice okay?" her mother almost pleaded, putting her hands on her daughters shoulders and looking at her in the mirror, smiling. Her father walked by then, fixing his jacket and looking over at his wife "Are you ready? and put some clothes on will you? the kid is going to be here any minute" as soon as Antonio said this, there was a knock at the door and he looked to his wife who was about to go get it when Lia stopped her "No mother Ill go get it.. and no daddy you said I could be as comfortable as I want plus if you hired him he shouldnt be looking anyways right? right??" their daughter said sarcastically as she skipped down the stairs to the front door "And what do you mean kid? how old is this jackass anyways...?" she asked though her voice trailed off when she actually opened the door. She remained speechless for a few moments before a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth -he was actually cute.. cute was an understatement he was gorgeous. "... Hi?" she said awkwardly, not expecting this at all. Her father was right behind her, shoving her out the way and making way so that Joey could come inside. "Ah, here right on time.. Joey this is Lia, Lia this is going to be your body guard from now on.. Im sorry she doesnt know how to dress when we have company" Antonio pointed out, glaring at his daughter for what she had on in front of Joey and then watching him to make sure he didnt stare below face level. "Dad.. chill out its 9pm not 3pm and its not like Im going out tonight" she retorted, rolling her eyes. "Whatever look me and my wife are already late for hour dinner reservations, keep her inside -no one is aloud to come here after 10 pm accept her best friend Alyssa who visits and sleeps over all the time -not even her boyfriend, but he shouldnt be coming here this late anyways.. money is on the fridge buy pizza or whatever it doesnt matter.. call me if you need anything and stay alert -Im not paying you to sleep" He warned Joey before taking his wives hand and kissing his daughters cheek. "Good night. Dont wait up" he called behind him as Lia closed the door and locked it rolling her eyes. "First of all, I can have over whoever I want at whatever time.. second you can sleep its not a big deal, and third.. nice to meet you" she informed him with a smile. "You arent at all what I was expecting.. I thought for sure my dad was going to hire some old creep.. anyways do you want something to drink or anything?" she asked, heading towards the fridge to get herself a water bottle.
  10. Joey didn't know what to expect. He thought that mabey he wouldn have to worry because the girl wouldn't be even in his intrest. He quickly pulled out his cellphone checking the messages and reading that his father said good luck from and unknown number. The job would be like babysitting which he wasn't good at since the only person he babysitted was his little cousin. The guard from the gate watched him closley to make sure that he wasn't doing anything stupid ot touching something that he shouldn't and he wasn't. " Damn im early arent they suppose to op-". His words trailed off as he looked in the eyes of the girl who was Antonio's daughter Lia. He blinked a few times before responding. " Hey". His eyes were halfway down her body when her father stood infront of her and he looked at the man nodding lisening to his instructions. " I understand". He watched them leave and then turned when he heard Lia speak basically defying her father's order's. " Look its my first day on the job and i dont want to get fired so please listen atleast for the first few days". He hated to beg but he knew he couldn't risk being fired, the plan would be ruined.
  11. Lia looked him over and then sighed, rolling her eyes "You are lucky that youre cute.. Okay fine we will play by my fahters games but only for a little while.. then its back to how I was BEFORE I had a bodyguard.. I cant believe he did this! its like he is trying to make my life hell.. I feel like I dont NEED a body guard.. all of our enemies are scared of us and wouldnt so much as lay a finger on me.. if anything he needs to go down to his cocaine fields and protect his product you know? I have never been in any real danger before.. but whatever..." her voice trailed and a sigh escaped. "So.. he hired you so you must be dangerous.. you ever killed someone before?" she asked with a smirk -something about bad boys made her crazy -any young guy affiliated with the mafia was a friend of hers. She then bent down, getting the water bottles from the bottom shelf of the fridge and then closing it behind her with her foot as she handed him one and had one for herself.
  12. Joey blinked and nodded showing no emotion on his face. He knew that she was rebelloius and was uncontrolable, he could control her if he wanted to but that was alot of work and plus first impression were everything and judging from how she thought he was good looking it was turning out rather well. He looked around the room at the decorations and family pictures when t dawned on him that he was actually close in an emeny's home. Her voice snapped him out of his thought and he looekd at her when she asked if he had killed anyone. " Yes i have actually more than i can remember..". His voice trailed off as he thought of the men he killed, he didn't regret it at all. Joey's eyes trailed her body one more as she went to retrive them some water and he took one of the bottles taking a sip.

    Running his hands through his hair he grabbed his duffle bag. " Um so where is my room or place to sleep? Im gonna go change into more comfortable clothes. The house was big but he didn't want to go wander and find places he shouldn't not that he cared but he didn't know what Lia would report back to her father and he had to gain his permenant trust in bring with his daughter.
  13. She knew it was shallow, but something about bad boys just really enticed Lia. She smirked and raised an eyebrow "More than you can remember huh? wow you know you're really young, you look around my age.. are you affiliated with my fathers mafia or something? I have never seen you around" she continued, nodding and taking his hand "Yeah, let me show you where you're going to sleep.." she agreed, taking him upstairs and purposely giving him the room just across from hers -she couldn't help but flirt with him, he was just so cute and her personality wouldn't let her stop.

    "This is it.. its pretty cozy and the bed is comfortable.. when do you plan on crashing? " she asked curiously, not being able to tell if he was tired or not -she was sure he wanted nothing more to relax. "Im sorry if my father interrogated you all day.. I didn't even want a body guard really.." she confessed though she was sure he knew that already -anything to keep the conversation going.
  14. Joey nodded and smiled slightly as he looked at her. Damn she's fine. He thought as He looked at her and it amazed him about how she seemed to like the fact that she killed guys. " Yeah im seventeen so i guess you can say im young". When Lia offered to show him where he was going to be sleeping he geabbed his duffle bag before she took his hand and led him upstairs. The warm from her soft hand trailed up his arm and he tried to ignore if as he looked at the family pictures on the wall.

    " I dont know when im going to fall asleep, ususally it just happens but ill be awake until you fall asleep, for now im going to change into something comfortable". Walking into the room he had to admit it was nice. Even though it wasn't fancy it was something esle. Pulling out his tanktop and basketball shorts he pulled off his shirt and then froze when he realized the door was still open. Turning he flased a smile before closing the door half way. Taking off his pants he threw on the shorts and then folded his clothes and re-opening the door. " So wanna chill or what?".
  15. Lia blushed fiercely once Joey took off his shirt, explaining to her how he would be awake until she went to sleep. "Who knows? I might stay awake all night.." she teased with a smile tugging at the end of her lips once he closed the door halfway, if she could -she might have peeked in but that would make her look weird if she got caught so she decided against it. Only leaning against the doorway and waiting for his return.

    "Sure.. come with me" she instructed him, leading him to her room and closing the door behind them. "Since you have to keep an eye on me I guess you might as well stay in here with me until I pass out.. " she informed him, gesturing to to her bed, desk chair or beanie chairs. "You can sit wherever.. but my bed is big enough for the two of us" she invited, getting in her queen sized bed and turning on the tv. "So.. tell me more about you.. where are you from? you go to school or anything?.. Im sure youre girlfriend is pissed you have to sleep over another girls house huh? .." she asked with a raised eyebrow as she looked up to him before laying down on her back, her head at the end of the bed.
  16. Lia was deffinitally a major temptation. He haden't expected Antonio's daughter to be so damn beautiful, It made it hard to try not to stare. Blinking a few times he followed her down the hall in into her bedroom and watched as she closed the door behind him. Joey just shook his head slightly because he didn't know whether she was tempting him on pourpose or not.

    Looking around Joey decised it was best if he sat on the chair near the desk. Wathcing as Lia layed on the bed he listened to what she was saying. " That is true that i have to watch you so i guess this is alright. When she made a statment about having a girlfriend he shook his head. Nope i dont have a girlfriend,recently we broke up over something stupid so im single".

    Joey was debating on whether to tell the truth to some of the questions she was asking. " Ummm im 17 and no i dont go to a highschool because im home schooled, do i live around here? Well somewhat but it close by". Trying to change the subject he looked around the room. " So someone as beautiful as you must have a boyfriend around. His eyes darted down to her revealing stomach and he looked away.
  17. "Broke up over something stupid? sounds like everyone's problem these days.." she mumbled, rolling her eyes as she twirled a piece of hair idly around her ring finger. Lia watched as Joey decided he would sit in the chair instead of on the bed.. either he was a gentlemen or he didn't want her father to pop up out of no where and tear him limb from limb, either way it seemed kind of sweet in her eyes.

    "Well.. Im 16, Im not home schooled.. I go to a regular school, and yeah.. I have a boyfriend" the last of her sentence she murmured, she almost had forgotten about Carlos, which was horrible since she was with him almost every day. "So um... that's cool that you are home schooled, but aren't you kind of bummed that you have missed out on things like homecoming, or the prom.. football? anything?" she asked with a raise of her eyebrow, blushing as she caught him staring at her stomach. "The hot girls?.." she added with a chuckle.
  18. Joey leaned back in the chair trying to get himself comfortable. He listned as Lia make a comment about relationships and then that she was 16 and had a boyfirend. When she said it he wasn't surprised because she was beautiful but in a way he was kinda bumbed because he was intrested in her, even though she was the enemy's daughter. He cuckled when she mentioned hot girls and then he got up from yhr chair and decided to sit on the end of the bed, which happened to be much better.

    " Well actually i dont mind being homeschool i mean i went to a regualr school until i was 15 and thats when i choose to be home schoo. And actually i got to prom, my ex's went to school and i'd take them to prom or homecoming. I play basketball for fun but i do boxing". Pausing he thought about the last question. " Well theres alot of cute girls but the ones im into are kind ain a relationship". He spoke with a smile as he looked at her.
  19. Lia smiled as she watched Joey switch spots and sit on the end of the bed near her head, she looked up to him and listened to him talk about how he did go to prom and homecoming as well, and also how it was his choice to be home schooled -she couldn't imagine herself home schooled, but if it was what he liked then that was his choice and she respected it, maybe he just worked better that way. "Boxing and Basketball? sounds awesome.. maybe we can box sometime? I think it will let off a lot of steam I have built up.." she explained with a smirk "But you have to go easy on me .. promise?"

    Lia blushed once he talked about the girls he liked, and how they were in relationships - for some reason, she felt like he was speaking indirectly to her but she couldn't be sure, maybe he was just being nice, or playfully flirting. "Well its their loss... you're a cutie.. you know, you never struck me as the type of person who would let a guy come between you getting the girl you want.. you just look confident enough to steal her away" she continued, nudging him and laughing lightly before running her fingers through her hair "So.. you want to watch a movie or something?"
  20. Joey chuckled and then nodded his head when Lia said that she wanted to box with him. " Yeah trust me ill deffinitally go easy on you". When she said that he was a cutie and that he seemed like the guy that could take a girl away he just smirked and looked at her. " Yeah i could if i wanted to but i choose not to". Joey already knew that Lia was a huge flirt and that she was intrested in him, it didn't take a rocket scientest to find out.

    But the one thing he wondered was if he did take her away from her boyfriend, her father...te whole plan would be down the toilet. He wasn't suppose to be flirting and getting close to the girl he was suppose to simply kill her and then get to her father at his weak state. " Sure a movie sounds great". He layed on the bed and then looked at her before leaning in slightly. " Your boyfriend wouldn't mind would he". He smirked.